895. Doctors Not Getting the Memo


An interesting article came out saying that some 70% of physicians are still prescribing antibiotics when they shouldn’t. It’s alarming to know that many doctors still haven’t got the memo on overprescribing of antibiotics!

The article goes on to list the top 3 occasions when antibiotics are prescribed. Urinary tract infections for women, precautionary measures at the dentist, and for children’s ear and throat infections. Some of the big players in medicine have even come out and said we're overusing antibiotics.

Join Dr. Martin as he discusses antibiotics and what to do to prevent infections in the first place. Antibiotics are a two-edged sword… they can save your life but can become ineffective if they’re overused.


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. And welcome to another live this morning. And I know in Canada, it's a holiday Monday, but I don't take holidays. I've entitled this this morning, not getting the memo. An article came out. I read it, man. Last week, 70% of physicians, haven't got the memo. So we're gonna talk about not getting the memo this morning. Okay? They're not getting the memo are not prescribing antibiotics, antibiotics. 70% of physicians serving still prescribe antibiotics when they shouldn't, when you have no symptoms, you know what? The two biggest culprits are two biggest culprits. Women are given antibiotics when they have no symptoms, but a doctor finds bacteria in their urine. So in a doctor's mind, you have a urinary tract infection, a bladder infection. They give you antibiotics when they shouldn't, you know what? The second one is dentist survey. They're giving out antibiotics before patients come in, even for a cleaning. 

When patients are coming in, before they come in, they put 'em on antibiotics. In order that they get no infection. After the procedure at the dental office, they're not getting the memo. The memo is out doctors, please stop prescribing antibiotics. You know what? The number three reason that doctors prescribe antibiotics when they shouldn't okay. Number one, women urinary tract. I'll come back to that. Two dentists as a precaution, three children are given antibiotics for ear infections, throat infections. When 90 something percent of them, they're not strep, they're viral, but they're just so used to doing it. They're not getting the memo. 

Even the college of physicians and surgeons, the Canadian medical association, the Ontario medical association in the United States. They've all come out and said, we're overusing antibiotics. Let stop doing that please. Why? Because antibiotics are a two edge sword. They're good when needed, but if you want antibiotics to work, you don't wanna overuse them. Why is that? Because we now have what we call super bugs that have built a resistance to antibiotics. That is a big problem in our society today. It's a big problem in hospitals today. That's why a lot of people die from what we call sepsis. 

Antibiotics are not working like they should because they're overused and doctors have been trying to tell doctors to stop. Don't do it. Ladies. If you have a urinary tract infection with no symptoms, if it's not burning, I ask this all the time. I used to ask it in practice all the time. You have a urinary tract infection. I used to find it when I did the urine test. I said, you got any pain? No. Okay. Well, what you need is probiotics. You need probiotics. If you're going to the dentist, then the dentist insists on you using antibiotics. Don't say a word and rinse your mouth with oil of oregano. God's natural antibiotic, Rinse your mouth with oil of oregano spray and pray. Ladies, don't take it as prevention. When you have no symptoms, don't take an antibiotic because what is recurring urinary tract infections and what sits in the bladder is really not bacteria. Yes, bacteria is there. It's really a fungal infection. It's yeast. My friend and E coli will sit on top of it. An antibiotic will just make it worse. 

And oftentimes ladies, you're low in progesterone. You have estrogen dominance and you have a yeast, literally a yeast infection, not a bacterial one. I know the bacteria's there, but it's a vicious cycle. Doctors are not getting the memo. They should get the memo. Like I said, this is a major, major issue in our society today, major issue, but the Edith has gone out to them. They're not listening. That's what this article is saying. 70% of the physician surveyed are still treating asymptomatic problems with antibiotics. People are on antibiotics for months. I talked to patients, who've had cellulitis and they, they keep them on antibiotics. I say, well, you know, the next one you get is gonna kill you, man. You're gonna get sepsis, cuz your body is gonna resist. Do everything you can to build your immune system, your own defense mechanism. So that antibiotics will be used when they should be used to save your life. 

You got a raging infection. Hey, but everybody in their dog knows that antibiotics have a shelf life in a sense that you don't wanna be taking that stuff all the time. We're getting these superbugs sea diff facil. You know what sea difficile is. It's difficult to treat. It's killing people. Look never tell the person not to go to a hospital if you need a hospital. But this is a fact, the most dangerous place is not Afghanistan. It's your local hospital. Why? Because of the presence of Superbus there. And that's a twofold reason. Well, of course you've got sick people in hospital, of course, but the reasons are they overuse antibiotics and they over sterilize super cleaners. Now you don't wanna go into a dirty hospital of course. But when you over clean, there's a balance of bacteria. Guys. I know, even in the air, you're surrounded by bacteria. You're surrounded by viruses. Your body is made to live with that. You know me, don't over clean, don't over clean. 

And so hospitals are a complete Petri dish for super bugs. And it's sort of igenic, you know what? That means? Self inflicted. Like we did it to ourselves because we're not getting the memos. Now you go get surgery and they put you on an antibiotic. Well, yeah, but you want that antibiotic to work. You don't wanna get a super bug. Cuz you've had surgery. It happens all the time. The amount of sepsis, we see the amount of cellulitis that we see. I mean that used to be rare cellulitis. I remember in the 1970s cellulitis, what is that? 

If I saw it once a year, every two or three years, but today it's so common. Why is cellulitis so common today? Cause we're killing all the friendly bacteria. It's the overuse two of antibiotics. They're not getting the memo. The memo has gone out, but they're not getting it. Sometimes things surprise me that statistic. It's sort of surprising because it wasn't me screaming at doctors not to give out antibiotics in asymptomatic patients. It wasn't me. Although I've been saying that for a long time, but it was their own colleges. Their own associations were telling them stop, but they don't get it. They're not listening. And it's very dangerous. 

They're just so used to it. And you know, I've talked to a few physicians about it and they said, well, it's what I do. I know, you know, I know it's what you do, but that doesn't make it right. Have you ever looked at alternatives? Have you ever heard of probiotics? Have you ever heard of oil of oregano they look at me like I got two heads. Well you better fix it. It's news behind the news guys. But these things for the doctors that the epidemiologists that are really worried about these superbugs, they're screaming, but people are not listening. They see down the road and they said, man, we're not gonna have antibiotics of work anymore. 

You know me in antibiotics, I've always said the greatest discovery of the 20th century has become the curse of the 21st, the overuse of them when there's no reason for it. Okay. So don't say I don't like antibiotics because I'll deny I ever knew you. I don't dislike antibiotics. Of course not. You get into a car accident. You need antibiotics. You need emergency care. You need. Yeah, absolutely. That's where medicine is. Fantastic. We don't wanna dismiss medicine first. Not we're talking about here. We're just talking about stuff that they know and they ought to know better. And I just want to inform you, look at the alternatives. Here's another memo that they didn't get. I'm sort of splitting this in two. Today. One is antibiotics, but I've read an article. The memo that doctors dietician, the general public does not getting is on diabetics. 

And pre-diabetics 93% to the population have some form of metabolic syndrome, went from 88 in 20 15, 16 to 93%. We ain't getting better. It's getting worse, but doctors are not getting the memo. They still believe in a balanced diet, eat everything in moderation. You know how many times I hear that? You know, many times I hear well, everything in moderation when I hear it, I don't always scream. I scream inside. I'm holding myself back cuz I hear it. You know, sometimes in a general conversation, Ooh, you're not getting the memo. It's like telling an alcoholic. Well just have a few drinks in moderation. Now, have you ever heard of that? Being smart? That's not smart. Right? And when you're diabetic or a prediabetic or you have metabolic syndrome, which is caused by insulin resistance, you and carbs, don't get along. You got a bad relationship. 

You have an allergy. You're just fooling yourself. When I say you, you know what I'm talking about? I'm not talking to you personally. Cause you guys know this, but when I say it to the world, no such thing as moderation. If you're in that 93% moderation, you wanna kill yourself. Insulin resistance, your A1C, your triglycerides are up. You know how dangerous that is? Your HDL is down. You know how dangerous that is for you. They're talking moderation. You need carbs because you can't live without some carbs. And sugars says who carbs and sugars have given us the problem in the first place. That's why we're at 93%. Oh, it just happened in moderation. It's funny that the same people who preach moderation when it comes to sugar and carbs are telling you that red meat is bad for you. Same people. They're not getting the memo. They're not, they're not getting my memo to them. Here's the memo. If you've got metabolic syndrome, you got an allergy to carbs. It ain't good. You got a bad relationship. I remember one guy, one guy in the office. I mean, it's just cause he looked at me like he wasn't happy. He wasn't a unhappy camper when I told them that. I said, well you gotta stop eating carbohydrates. You like bread. Yeah, stop you like cereal. Yeah, stop you like pancakes. Yeah. Stop you like muffins. Yeah, stop you like bagels, Yaya stop. 

He said, doc, what am I gonna eat? I'm gonna starve today. I looked at him. Well, you're gonna kill yourself with food that's guarantee. Unless you turn the Titanic around, you already hit the iceberg. You better get in the life boat. And the light boat is gonna take you down a path of no carbohydrates. Ah, maybe a little bit, very limited vegetables, very limited fruit, very limited you and God's candies don't even get along anymore. And I always tell people, I said, well, you sort of did this to yourself. You know? And the food industry, the cartel, the food cartel, they were in on it. The money is in carbs. The food industry, those big ones, you know, what is there about eight or 10 companies that run the whole thing. They're not into uh, steak and egg. There're no money in that. The money is in those fabricated food. 

The middle aisles of your grocery stores from cereals to whatever. That's where all the money is in the food industry. And they hired these techs to get the B point in foods, carbohydrates made with bad oil, bad, fat, and carbs and sugars. My friend, what a bad combination. This is why. And listen to what I wanna say here. I've said this before you be careful. Even with those keto foods, I know they're not that high in carbohydrate, but lot of crap in those foods, don't fool yourself. Read the labels. That's why I'm big on eggs, meat and chase Martin. Don't you get tired of it? No, none. I don't get tired of it. Do you get tired of coffee? No. 

Why would I get tired of eggs? I never get tired of eggs. I love eggs. Yeah, but you've been processed by the food industry. You've been programmed by the food industry. Oh variety. You need a lot of variety. You gotta have variety in your diet and you need to have carbs. Anding and fan. No you don't. No, you don't. Your body doesn't operate that way. Get the program. They program you with blissful points, technicians, scientists, food scientists said, how do we get to the reward center in the brain so that we can make addicts and you know, drug addicts. Have you ever met one? Yeah, I have. It's not fun. I feel sorry for them. They're hooked. They'll steal off their grandma. They're hooked, but I'll tell you. I met a lot of people that were hooked on sugar and the blissful points of carbohydrates and they live on it. 

90% of their intake is bad food. And you don't think it's a serious problem in our society today. 93% of the population. Listen to what I'm gonna say. Have a food induced metabolic syndrome. It's induced by bad food. You'll never get metabolic syndrome. Listen to what I'm going to say. Ever eating aches. You'll never get metabolic syndrome. You'll never elevate your triglycerides. You'll never lower your HDL. You don't wanna lower your HDL and you never will. You'll never elevate your CRP. You'll never elevate your A1C. If you're eating the right foods, this is a food induced disease and doctors, nutritionist, dietician are not getting the memo. 

Don't eat too much salt. It's hard on your kidneys. It's the opposite. Sugar's hard on your kidneys. My friend, sugar's hard on your kidneys and they blame salt for what sugar has done. You eat a crappy diet and your kidneys are on an enormous amount of stress. So is your liver. So is your heart. So is your brain. So is your gut. So is your hormones. They become horrors. They're not getting the memo. They're not getting the memo, but you are. You are. I love the Facebook group. You get the memo, people understand it. It's going against the grain, but people understand it. Okay guys, we got a great week coming up. it. talk to you soon. Love you. 

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