894. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Benefits of cheese
  • Colonoscopies & probiotics
  • Radiation from EMFs
  • Numbness in toes
  • Autoimmune attacking joints
  • Pancreatitis
  • Vitamin D absorption as you age
  • Insulin Resistance Formula
  • Swollen ankles


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. Once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope you have a great start to your day, and we appreciate everyone that comes on on a daily basis.  I was reading our Facebook today we're over 69,000 followers. So we appreciate that. Okay. Let's get to our questions. Marilyn is asking, should we lessen the intermittent fasting times as we age? I would say no, there's no reason to do it. Now. Look, not everybody has to do what we technically call intermittent fasting. But what I do suggest, even as we age, don't eat at night, don't eat at night because it's a really good thing to let your body shut down, to go to bed. Your digestive track is empty and your body is going into repair, rest and repair. It's one of the reasons I like intermittent fasting so much because you know, your body is really in the repair mode. 

Your brain, when you're sleeping, goes into repair mode, you have your own system in your brain. We didn't even know this. I mean guys, one thing that medicine should do to every physician of any kind is humble. Them. Never proud, never think I know it all because the more we understand, the more we research, the more we, I mean, we don't know anything compared to what's out there. And when it comes to the human body, like we didn't even know this. We didn't know that the brain had its own repair system. It's called the lymphatic system. We all knew about lymphatics, but we knew nothing about lymphatics and your brain only gets rid of waste when you're sleeping. That's one of the biggest problems of not sleeping. Now, intermittent fasting at the Martin clinic. We like it. And you don't have to technically go in past 14 hours. 

But a good thing is not to eat at night and intermittent fasting is when let's say, for example, you stop eating at six o'clock at night. Okay? And you go to eight in the morning. Now you're 14 hours, no food. Technically you're now intermittent Fasting. And a lot of people, a lot of my followers here are going 18 hours, meaning they don't even eat till noon. And they like it. So every individual's different. If you find that you can't go that many hours, you've gotta have your breakfast, then do it. No problem at all. But like I said, I don't think age really has anything to do with it. I think intermittent fasting technically is good at any age. And as a matter of fact, I think as we get older, I think even more, we need less food. We eat more food, but we don't need all that food. 

And the problem in of course in our society today is what type of food we're eating. That makes a huge difference. Because most people, 93% of the population don't eat properly. They eat too much. They're over fed and under nourish, over fed and under nourish. And the problem is the choices that they're making. They're eating processed foods. They're eating foods with very little nutritional value. They are putting paper and twigs on their wood stove inside their body. Their mitochondria are wood stoves, batteries. They churn out energy. But if you put the wrong fuel in the body, your body's going to pay the price for that. But I like intermittent fasting. I really do. It's good to discipline yourself and to see how well you'll do with intermittent fasting. Marilyn. Thanks for the question. 

Another question. I don't know if it's the same Marilyn. It might be my question is that milk goes into cheese. Yep. Is it un pasturized? Well, it, it certainly can be, but if you're going to sell it in the marketplace, there's some pretty stringent laws about what goes on in the marketplace. Now I think there are some UN pasturized cheeses that you can buy old cheese that you can buy. And another thing I know there is no sugar and cheese, but I've heard and you've heard wrong, but let me just finish Marilyn, I'll finish your question, but I've heard once you eat cheese, it turns into sugar after eating. Well, look, technically Marilyn, you gotta understand this. Okay. Because here's what she's saying. Okay. Let me finish her stuff and let me pontificate after reasons for my questions are I love cheese, but not if it can cause inflammation in your body. And if you have inflammation, it'll make it worse. Well, I don't know Marilyn where you heard it and I don't doubt that you heard it because if you follow me for any length of time, at all, any length of time at all, I will give you the news behind the news. 

What you just heard there, Marilyn, what you just read is propaganda. It's indoctrination it's people. Well, there was a story out yesterday, I think in the United Kingdom where these people were in grocery stores and they were taking out all the dairy products as a protest for climate and for animal welfare. I brought you these new stories and I will bring you behind the scenes as a PhD in clinical nutrition. Let me tell you what Marilyn, you just heard. It was nonsense. Nonsense. It's people who hate animal products coming from vegans, sometimes vegetarians and it's not true. Cheese is one of the best foods you can eat for inflammation. You wanna reduce inflammation, eat cheese. Now, if you are part of the 1% of the population that can't eat cheese, or can't have dairy, then I'm not telling you to do that. And most people can't have dairy because they live on milk and grocery store milk and ice cream and all that crap. 

You know, it gives dairy a bad name. Dairy's good for you. And my motto at the Martin clinic is don't ditch dairy, switch it, switch dairy to fat because fat don't turn into sugar. Like people think well, might as well be a chocolate bar. I'm having cheese. That is nonsense cheese. By the way is one of the best foods you can eat. It is a combination of protein and fat. You see the worst combination is carbs and fat like French fries. Okay? Like a donut that is fat and carbs. That's not good, but Marilyn here's what's good. Protein and fat found in nature, especially the animal kingdom. Think about it. Cheese is a very, very high source of protein, of healthy fat. And again, people out there they've been seeing the live for years. Well, cheese elevates your cholesterol. Yeah. Good. You want high cholesterol? It's good for you. Your body's made up of cholesterol. Everything in your body has some form of cholesterol and you can't get your hormones without cholesterol. You can't even get vitamin D without cholesterol. 

So Marilyn cheese is anti-inflammatory. It's got vitamin K2 cheese are the highest source of vitamin K2 in the world. What's vitamin K2. I mean, there's a lot of vitamin Ks, by the way. There's a lot of vitamin Ks. There's about 17 of them. Think about this for a minute. Okay. I'm a big believer in God. So I hope I don't offend people, but I don't apologize for that. Now. Here's what God gave us. Think of what cheese is. Cheese is full of calcium. Okay? That's why I don't want people to take a calcium supplement because you're not meant to take a calcium supplement. You don't need calcium eat calcium. And when you eat it with cheese or butter, the vitamin K2 that's found in cheese. It's the way it's built will take your calcium. That you're eating. You're eating a piece of cheese, the calcium very high in calcium, but you need K2 in it to take the calcium. 

Don't leave it in your bloodstream and put it in your bones and your teeth where it belong. You need calcium, but Marilyn, I'm glad you asked the question. I really am. I'm gonna double down and triple down on this and it's gonna get worse guys. I'm telling you, I'm not a prophet nor the son of one, but I'm gonna make a prophecy this morning. It's only gonna get worse because the food industry and big pharma and social media most are not your friends. They're not. And they're smart because they don't try and go. After old goats like me, they're indoctrinating children. They do it right in the schools because schools today, in my opinion are indoctrination machines. They're indoctrinating kids. They're telling them don't eat animal products, cuz they're no good for you. And they're no good for the environment. They're no good for the climate. 

They're no good for anything except pat and guys, I'm telling you, it's going to get worse and worse and worse. And every day, I don't mind, by the way, it's my job. I don't mind teaching you that. I don't mind bringing you the other side of it. I don't mind. I really don't. I feel it's my calling. Okay. But guys I've been consistent, consistent. I talked to a farmer the other day on the phone and I told him, you owe me money. He said, what? I said, you owe me money. Why? He said, cuz I'm your best friend. And I'm on a podcast every day. And I'm telling you, the farmers are our greatest citizens. Cause what they produce is what we need. I said, you owe me money. He kinda laugh. Yeah. I meant it as a joke. Okay. Thanks for the question Marilyn and I got off on a little tangent and it's not against you because I actually appreciate the question. I appreciate it. Cheese is anti-inflammatory. Butter is anti-iflammatory. Steak is anti-inflammatory. 

Gene is asking, when one has a colonoscopy, is there additional supplements to be taken after the whole procedure is finished? Well, colonoscopy. I mean, here's what you gotta do. You're gonna wipe out your microbiome. It's gonna be Gozo because that cleaning that they want you to do for a colonoscopy. It's pretty traumatic in terms of your microbiome, it's gonna sweep it away and you need to replace it. That's why I'm big on probiotics. I tell people that are getting ready for a colonoscopy to double up their probiotics. And then afterwards double 'em up again for at least 10 days to a month. Minimal probiotics friendly bacteria. Okay. I mean, one thing that you may add, gene is bone broth because I love bone. That collagen with a very high in L glutamine L glutamine helps to regenerate the lining of your gut. So if you were to take two things, I say, do probiotics, broad spectrum, at least 10 different strains, get 'em all in there. And then with bone broth. Okay. Thanks for the question we appreciate you're right. It probably upsets the balance. It sure does. 

Okay. Joanne, what does Dr. Martin think that radiation from manmade EMF, electromagnetic waves is a major health threat. Well, look, I'm not a hundred percent sure on that. I've read a lot on EMFs. I've read a lot. I was asked if I would be a spokesperson against EMFs years ago. I was asked when I was in practice to sort of be a front person. But look, I was too busy doing nutrition at the time, but let me give you an overarching principle. Okay. So Joanne, here's my overarching principle and I think you'll understand this. Okay. Now I brought to you even in the last few weeks, 80% of us, 80% of the populations have wronged up in our urine, 80%, 99 point, whatever percent of us have BPAs plastics in our urine. 

Like I've always said, if you think you can get away and go to one end of the planet, that you're gonna be safe from plastic. You know, it's polluting the oceans more than anything else right now, plastic bodies. Nope. You know what it is? Plastic mouse, you know the mask that we were wearing, that's polluting the environment and then nobody will talk about that. But that's a fact waste, but guys understand this. You ain't getting away from it. You live on this planet. Look at your address. If it ends in planet earth, you're exposed. You're exposed to these xenoestrogens. You're exposed to BTAS. You're exposed to EMFs. I mean, if you think you can run away and get away from what's going on in the wifis and with all the smartphones and blah, blah, blah, you arent getting away from it. 

Whether you live in China, I've been to China. Whether you live in Korea, I've been to Korea. They got more phones there than we do. They got more wifi than we do. Listen, you ain't getting away from it. So here's the point that I am going to make. Okay? Joanne, here's the point I'm gonna make. You need to protect yourself. You need to protect yourself. And so your protection starts inside your body. First of all, what you're eating to probiotics. I know you guys think I'm a little bit crazy and you're right. I'm crazy, but I'm consistently crazy. Cuz I always tell you, one of the things you need to do is take probiotics. And the reason I love broad spectrum, Probiotics the more they study probiotics. The more they realize holy moly, how good they are for you. And there are strains or probiotics that will take out will key lake it. You know what the word key lake means? 

Grabbing on biting off the word key lake means bite off. They will bite off more than you chew. They will bite off those bad radiation, bad waves. They will bite off heavy metals. They will bite off plastic and get it outta your body. And here's another thing you need to do. You better keep your liver clean. Your liver is producing Glu to ion and you better keep it clean. And you know how you gum up your liver is when you insist on eating carbohydrates and being a carbo. Now you're gonna fill your liver with fat and now your liver won't do the job that it needs to do, cuz it can't produce Glu on the way you should. And Glu on is Velcro. Your body is unbelievably made. That's why we ought to be humble. When we think of the human body, we should be humble. We go, holy moly. It's unreal. It has its own detox system. Okay. So thanks for the question, Joanne. These are all great questions by the way. Thank you so much.

Cheryl. I've been feeling the past few months feeling numb in my toes. Well that's neuropathy. Okay? Whether you have numbness or tingling or burning or whatever you have numbness, tingling or burning, you're starting neuropathy. Okay. And usually Joanne neuropathy comes with insulin resistance. It can be a warning sign for diabetes. And you're saying that your B12 is good. Good. So you know, it's not done. If your B12, I think you said you were at 1400, right? Where I like it. I like 1400 it's B12 people sometimes say they don't like that. I go in and I like it. I like I anyway. So you're starting neuropathy. Now that could be from your spine. You could have an impingement that's possible or you got trouble. 

Your nerves are very susceptible to what your blood supply to them. That's why diabetics have so much trouble with nerves because of the blood supply, blood supply, blood supply nerves don't work with without blood supply. So those are the two things that Cheryl you need to look for. You either have an impingement in your back. That's affecting maybe your sciatic nerve and that can give you numbness. And the other thing could be, you gotta watch for an early sign of diabetic neuropathy, which is very common by the way. Okay. Thank you Cheryl. And of course, if you're low in B12, you could get numbness, but you're not low in B12. So it's not from that. 

Doreen is asking me if I can talk about autoimmune attacking joints without medication doctors insist that meds bring the inflammation down. Well look do very good question. Autoimmune. Let's break it down just for a minute. Autoimmune is leaky gut. There's no such thing as autoimmune in my opinion, without leaky gut. Okay. Leaky gut allows garbage to go into your bloodstream. Now it's all microscopic. You can't see it. I used to see it with microscopes. You see garbage in the blood that don't belong in there. Your body takes that as like an insult and your body can look at that and overreact to it. That can be the start of autoimmune. And that creates an enormous inflammation cuz your body's response to injury infection, viruses are garbage is inflammation. It's the ambulance. And it can go to your joints. That's what rheumatoid arthritis is. That's what polymyalgia rheumatica is and scleroderma and other things where the skin and the joints can be inflamed and infected. It's terrible. And doctors, I can understand they wanted to put you on steroids because steroids are like magic. 

Anti-inflammatories they are they're unreal, but Doreen, major, major side effects. Okay? Major side effects to steroids. And I've talked to you even this week about non-steroidal anti-inflammatories how they wipe out your friendly bacteria, how they are one of the leading causes of hospitalization in north America, because there's so many side effects to it. And they were meant to be temporary. Never meant to be taken over a period of time. But if you got rheumatoid arthritis, you got a lot of pain, but okay. So me, I have a protocol for any autoimmune. You gotta start with the gun. You gotta fix that probiotics bone broth at times, a very, very clean diet, very clean, no sugar and almost no carbs. You don't want anything elevating your inflammation and insulin elevates your inflammation and sugar is toxic. So food, certain supplements I'm very high on high DHA. I'm a big guy on anti-inflammatory DHA. Big on. I love Navitol. Navitol is an anti-inflammatory an antioxidant. It elevates your glut on it's a detox of the body. So, uh, yada yada yada that's me. Okay. Thanks for the question.

Good question here, buddy. It says Cheryl, but not spelt the way I would spell Cheryl, but don't matter. I hope you know who you are, what causes pancreatitis. Well, listen, listen, Cheryl on this, if you go, cuz I just thought this morning, a podcast number 8 82 fructose and the pancreas. You know what we found out about high fructose corn syrup, terrible stuff, the Frankenstein of sugars. You know what it does. It attacks your liver. We know that it fills your liver with fat. It gives you non-alcoholic fatty liver. And that is a scourge in our society today. Terrible, terrible, terrible. But here's another thing. 

It does hot off the presses. It'll destroy your pancreas. And the reason we see more and more and more and more pancreatitis, listen, your pancreas does two main things. One end of your pancreas, secretes insulin from your be cells. Okay? It's job. Your pancreas guys. I've often taught this. Your pancreas is the size of a ballpoint pen. And you know, what's in my ballpoint pen here this morning. It's full of ink. You know how I know that. This is a new pen full of your pancreas. If you don't use it too much, if you don't overuse it, you're never gonna get pancreatitis and you don't get pancreatitis, Maryland from cheese, you get it from sugar. And that's why we see so much of it. Now high fructose corn syrup is one of the worst inventions of man in its history. 

It sounds healthy. High fructose. Oh fructose. That's good. Comes from fruit. What comes from corn, but it's made in the lab and your body really doesn't know what to do with it. So it metabolizes it, just like alcohol. It ain't good. My friend, it goes to your liver and we thought, you know what happens in the liver stays in the liver. No it's not Las Vegas. Your liver affects your brain, your liver, your heart. And guess what? That high fructose corn syrup also makes another line straight to your pancreas. It'll destroy your pancreas. No wonder. We see so much pancreatitis and no wonder one of the leading cancers of today is pancreatic cancer. You know the pancreatic cancer I've been around a long time. Guess in the 1950s, in the 1960s in the 1970s, do you know that pancreatic cancer was an old man's disease. 

It was an old man's disease rare. And you had to be really old together. And today that's not the case. Pancreatic cancer and liver cancer are through the roof and it's food. It's drink. It's sugar drink. And I talked to you yesterday about Starbucks. When I see all those young kids and when I see them in the mall and they're getting those fruit smoothies, I get a headache. I get a migraine. They have no idea what they're doing to their body. It ain't good guys. Okay. I just got excited. I just got excited. Okay. Thank you Cheryl. How to fix it? Yeah. Stay away from the carbs and the bad sugars. And especially don't drink sugar. Don't drink it. Don't drink orange juice. Don't drink apple juice. God wanted you to eat fruit. Not drink it. 

Okay. Karen, my friend said, be careful when you listen to your friends, Karen. If you're over 30, you're not absorbing vitamin D anymore from the sun. Well Karen. Okay. You can tell your friend. You tell 'em. I love them. And I mean it, but they're wrong. Of course you could absorb vitamin D the best place to get your vitamin D. My friend is from Viderma. Okay? The Martin clinic's son. The sun. And when you're older, what did I say yesterday? Well, I'd bring two supplements into old age homes, B12 and vitamin D. I'd bring probiotics with me too. Cause I love them. I love old people. Why do I love old people? Cause I'm old. No, but in many medics in the sun, when you're three score in 10, like me, you still get 10,000 IUs of vitamin D. Now you wanna have cholesterol to absorb vitamin D. You wanna have good gut to absorb it properly. Okay. You guys are great. I really appreciate these questions, Karen. Thanks again. 

Jan. Cannot do the reset diet. Why? I feel sorry for you. What do you think about taking berberine to lower blood sugars? Well, look I read all about berberine. I like stuff that's better than berberine. In my opinion, for lowering blood sugar, look at our insulin formula. If you find a better one than not, let me know. But for years you see, I remember I did tens of thousands of diabetics and prediabetics in my practice, tens of thousands of them. And I had to help them with their insulin resistance. I'm big on insulin resistance. What helps insulin resistance, chromium, Pico, alpha Lappe, accountant cinnamon. I'm big on those. I put 'em all together in a formula and I don't leave any of that though. I'm big on helping with people with insulin. If you find berberine helping you. Good. I've got no problem with it at all. I like my formula cuz I gave it to my patients for years so I know it works. 

Okay. So Christine, is there anything else I can take for inflammation and eyes other than pine park? Well, she says she reacts to pine park. Well, I feels sorry for you join the less than 1%. So I saw people, I know react to water and I'm not getting you. We all got different fingerprints. We're all different. We're all unique. We're all weird. You know, like we are we're unique and that's all right. Don't feel bad about it. But inflammation for the eye. Here's me. Okay. Because somebody was asking me yesterday about eyes and I said, well, here's proof for me. I'm 70 years old. I gotta wear glasses. My eyes are better today at 70, just got 'em tested. 

My eyes are better today than they used to be when I was in the fifties. Here's what I do for my eyes. Navitol I think it's the best supplement in the world for your eyes. I really do think that. And I combine it with DHA. DHA is oil. Like I was thinking yesterday and many other times, everything in your eyes relies on circulation. So from glaucoma to macular degeneration to yada yada yada in your eyes, all of those things are caused when you got bad circulation. So you need good circulation in your eyes. That's how your eyes work. So I like Navitol because it elevates your nitric oxide. It opens those blood vessels. It protects those blood vessels, high DHA, because it's very anti-inflammatory. I would use that combination and I've talked to many, many optometrists over the years, many optometrists. And I said, have you seen the latest research on pine park extract and the eyes? Cause they like to give Luine and stuff like that. And I've got no problem with that, except that I like something even better in my opinion. Okay. Thank you very much, Christine, for that question. 

Calling last question of the day, I have been four months on the reset walk and do weights. Well, you're a smart girl Coleen. Can I tell you that? I don't know you, but you're smart. You walk, you do weights and you did the reset. You did the reset. Good for you. And here's what she drinks. Two liters of water. You're even smarter. Good for you all good things. Walk, wait. Hey, I like that. I think there's a little rhyme in that walk, weights , water and we sit, walk, weight, water. We sit the four W's okay. I'll quit joking. Now. Wondering why my ankles and feet swell. Well, I can tell you it's not your kidneys. 

It's not your heart. Those are all things. When you see swollen ankles, you always look for congestive heart failure, the heart pump isn't strong enough. The pumps getting weak and your kidneys are in trouble. But I can tell you Colleen, without even knowing you as a patient, I can tell you you're doing everything you should. If you still have some swelling in your ankles, that's micro circulation. Okay. That's micro circulation. It's your little capillaries. It's that? And so you might need to wear compression socks. Okay. A lot of people do. I like compression socks. I do. So if you're doing everything right, you get a five star with the Martin clinic. Good for you. Good for you. Okay, now guys, thank you very much. We appreciate it. I know I say that a lot, but I mean it to our 69,000 whatever and change followers on Facebook. 

Thank you. I mean it to those who are in our private Facebook group, the Martin clinic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And we love you. We'll talk to you soon. 

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