890. The World Doesn't Understand Cholesterol


If you went door to door in your community asking people what they thought the cause of heart disease is… 99% of the population would say it’s because of cholesterol. We’ve all been sold the lie that cholesterol is bad and fibre is good for you.

A conference on nutrition will be happening at the White House in Washington. The keynote speaker from Tufts University, who has a PhD in nutrition, has ranked Frosted Mini Wheats, Honey Nut Cheerios, orange juice and ice cream ahead of eggs cooked in butter and ground beef!

Join Dr. Martin as he teaches on why we need cholesterol and shares the history on how we were duped!


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Dr. Martin: Okay, good morning. I'm back. Let's do a couple of stories that I read on the weekend. Don't be confused, guys. Don't be confused. Don't be confused. You know, the truth and the truth will set you free. Don't be confused if you wanna know how bad nutrition, how much false information there is, this will give you a classic migraine. Just thinking about this. We sort of commented on it the other day, but there's going to be a white house conference on nutrition. I don't know why they didn't invite me. I, first of all, I'd love to go to the white house. Wouldn't you? I would be invited. I don't know if they're actually having a conference inside the white house, but they're calling at a white house conference. And the leading guy is from Tufts. T U F T S. Tufts. I don't know how to say that Tufts university, you would think he'd be pretty smart. 

Okay. PhD in nutrition. You'd think he'd be pretty smart, but here's what he classified. And some of you actually posted this on our private Facebook group. The Martin clinic, Facebook group. Some of you posted it and he's doubling down on it. He has got frosted mini wheat, Honeynut Cheerios, orange juice and ice cream ahead of listen to this ahead of eggs, cooked in butter and ground beef. Now, can you imagine what that conference is gonna be like, guys, unbelievable. Frosted mini wheats are better for you. According to the head of this conference than eggs cooked and butter. 

It shows you guys, or it ought to show us how upside down nutrition is in our society today, as you guys know, I'm a history guy. I love history. I love history, history. Nations histories. I love food history. I really, really dwell in the past in a lot of things, cuz I like to look at what in the H happened, what happened to nutrition? How did it get so crazy that someone would actually say what a PhD in nutrition would actually say, eat your frosted wheats, drink orange juice or Honeynut Cheerios, overeating eggs. Cause they're cooked in butter. How could that ever happen? How could that happen? How could someone double down on that? Well, I'll tell you how it happens. You get a phobia. 

I talk to a lot of physicians. They have phobias and unfortunately the media because they're bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry bought and paid for by not only big pharma, but big food Kelloggs, Craft, these big companies, PepsiCo CocaCola they own everything. Guys. There's seven or eight of them out there. They own it all. And then you got big pharma. You think they're gonna give up on the cholesterol, phobia eggs have cholesterol. Let me tell you something about your liver. Where does cholesterol come from? By the way, two sources, two sources, one, your body makes it. Your liver makes cholesterol 85% of it. If you decide like a vegan, not to eat eggs, not to eat butter, not to eat meat, not to eat cheese. 

Your liver will produce a hundred percent of it. It has to, your body will produce cholesterol coming from your liver. And then of course, cholesterol in food is only found in the animal kingdom. It's not found in plants. It just isn't. But when someone in their thinking and I've always showed you the history of it. And so keys said, the reason Dwight Eisenhower, the president of the United States died of a heart attack is because of cholesterol. He was eating too much butter and too much steak and too much cheese. That's what he said. What he didn't take into the equation is Dwight Eisenhower. Like my father was smoking four packs of cigarettes today. My, I watched my dad as a kid, four packs of cigarettes a day, bucking half. I remember like it was yesterday, but president Eisenhower, he was smoking four packs of cigarettes a day. 

And one day he was out golfing and he had a massive heart attack at Britney, killed him right on the spot. And there was a researcher in Minnesota. His name was Dr. Ansel keys. He wasn't a dummy. He was smart, but he was smart, stupid. You know what I mean? And he had a theory that he was working on and when Eisenhower had the heart attack, he came out with it and it hit the time magazine. Now, you know, today time magazine what's that mean? Don't mean nothing to most people. They don't read magazines anymore, but that used to be big. I remember as a kid, we had a subscription to the time magazine and life magazine in our homes. 

Those were big. That was our media. I mean, you only had one channel or whatever on TV or a couple, you know, you had magazines and time magazine went crazy. That's the problem. Medicine hook, line and sinker, the food industry. They love that. Why? Because people like Unilever, uh, were making Crisco. You remember Crisco partially hydrogenated. They found a way to make cheap oil, manmade oil. That's synthetic made for your car, not for your body Crisco. And they found out how to take that oil and hydrogenated and it became solid. And they said, well, one thing about that oil, it won't elevate your cholesterol. And guys, the whole world went stupid. I hate to tell you the whole world went stupid. The pharmaceutical companies said, well, cholesterol, we're gonna lower. We're gonna hammer it down. How did we do that? Well, we're gonna find a drug that will lower cholesterol and they invented statin drugs. 

The biggest scam, pretty close biggest scam in medical history has an even put a dent into heart disease. Not even one Iotta, it's been a colossal failure, but if you go door to door in your community, wanna try it, do a little survey, just say, go knock on the door and say, I'm doing a survey. What do you think the cause of heart disease is 99% of the population. I mean, it will say, uh, it's cholesterol. It's cholesterol, it's bad. Fat cholesterol is fat and it's bad. You see how the world got duped. You know, I live long enough. The advantage of being my age is I watched it happen right before my eyeballs, as a kid, as a teenager and as a student. 

I remember in the seventies taking 2000 hours of nutrition and I got taught the old way, cholesterol, bad fibre, fibre, fibre, you take fibre because you're not gonna be able to go to the bathroom. And you see one of the reasons that they push fibre is oh, fibre lowers cholesterol. Well, that's not good. Why do you wanna lower it? I always ask people. Why do you want low cholesterol? Well, my doctor, I know. And I love your doctor too. I'm not saying don't love your doctor. Love your doctor, but feel sorry for them. They got bad training. Butter isn't bad for you. 

Frosted mini wheats are bad for you. I don't care how much fibre they got in there. Frosted mini wheats. Oh, here's another headache and a half honey nut Cheerios, honey. Nut must be good, honey. Not so much. Not so much, honey. Nut Cheerios. Aren't good. Well, they might be good tasting but they ain't good for you. You might as well have a chocolate bar. What's the difference. At least a chocolate bar. You know, it's a snack, you know, it's not good for you, but you eat them because why do I eat that? I like it. Okay, at least you're being honest, but you're not saying I eat a chocolate bar cuz it's healthy guys. Don't be confused. You know, they tell you to follow the science. It's science fiction. Don't follow science fiction. 

It was never true. Not even from the get go. So, I wonder if they're going to invite me to the white house conference on nutrition. I'm not holding my breath. I'm not holding my breath. Wow. Here we are in 2022 and frosted mini wheats and honey Nut Cheerios and orange juice. And even listen, if you think I'm crazy. Listen to this. Even ice cream is higher on the food chain. According to these nut cases than eggs cooked in butter and ground beef. I shouldn't laugh cuz it's sad, but I can't help seeing how crazy it is. You would think in this day of enlightenment, but you see, they can't change cholesterol, medication, cholesterol, lowering medication. Can I say this, please again? Just say it then I wanna be very nice. Why do you wanna have low cholesterol? 

Your brain is made up of cholesterol. Cholesterol. Your body makes you need it. Every cell in your body needs cholesterol. Your brain needs cholesterol. Your eyeballs need cholesterol. Your blood vessels need cholesterol. You don't need it. Now your liver's working overtime to make more of it. That's exactly how your body works. You're gonna wear out your liver and never mind your gallbladder. You better use it or lose it. You decide not to eat cholesterol. You're gonna lose your gallbladder. Yeah, because your gallbladder is a reservoir for bile. Bile is made from cholesterol. You need bile to emulsify fat. Let me double down on something. You're not a rabbit. 

Rabbits don't have a gallbladder. You do well. Some of you don't and I'm gonna tell you why. Cause you didn't use it. So wasn't your fault. The world was telling you don't eat fat, especially animal fat. Look at that egg. Look at the yolk. That yolk is yellow. Oh, that can be good for you. A yellow yoke, when I go into the grocery store and I see egg whites, I get a migraine. When I see egg whites, I get a migraine. Why eating egg whites. All your vitamins are in the yoke I mean egg whites got protein. That's all right, but all your vitamins, all your B vitamins you need. It's an amino acid. Tori. It's an amino acid. It's in the yolk. Pound for pound. Eggs are probably the number one super food right in behind vitamin steak, more vitamins in the steak. Oh, I was laughing. Cuz you look for ground beef. You know they put ground beef right at the bottom of the so-called food chain and you go to the grocery store and you can hardly find any ground beef. That's not lean lean beef. Why do you wanna have lean ground beef? Tell me why. Why is that so popular? Oh, I got ground beef, but it's lean. 

They took the fat out of it. They drained the fat. The fat's the best part. The fat don't make it fat, bad fat. Those trans fats CRICO. Margarine like I said, I'm a history buff like even in food. It's interesting. I don't wanna get off topic that's too much. But I was reading a version of the history of Maragrine where did that start? By the way like margarine. And it was interesting because it started in France where by the way, today. Okay. In France, it's still the number one country for butter and fat is France. So, this didn't really take over in Europe, but let me tell you where it came from. When you wanna look at margarine that came out of France because it was the emperor Napoleon the third in 1871. Okay. 1871 because he wanted a cheaper source of butter for his troops. 

I guess he had to feed the army and the army liked butter. And he said, I'm gonna give a prize to anyone that can get us a substitute. I mean, you read this stuff and it's fascinating. I mean, this was in the 18 hundreds, 1871, but let me tell you another thing. And this is just on the side. Okay. Napoleon in the 1871, he wasn't a dummy. He wanted trees planted in the Southern part of France. I know the history of that because of pine bark extra. Anyway, he actually planted millions of trees in the, the Southern part of France. And you know what out of that came pine bark extra anyway. So he did something good, but he wanted something cheaper for butter. He wanted a substitute and he had like a concept seriously and a chemist listen to this guy's name. 

Okay. Cause he put it now. I don't know. Would you ever name your son This guy's first name was? He was a French chemist. What was his last name? Moody. He moody. I would laugh on when I read the name. I'm sorry if I've, if he happens to be in your family tree, laugh with me. Okay. He won the prize. You know why? Because he invented Margarine, you know what's going on over in the Netherlands right now. 

What are the Dutch farmers doing? They're screaming and they're protesting because they don't wanna lose their farms. Good for them. I'm with the farmer all the way. I told a farmer the other day, I'm your best friend. You owe me money. He didn't understand what I was saying until I told him about my podcast and how I talk about eggs, meat, and cheese all the time. He said, oh you do. Yeah. I said, I do. You owe me money. I've been advertising for you farmers for a long time. Let's get back to the farm. Let's not get rid of the farm. Let's get back to farming. Ooh. Anyways, this guy sold his invention to a Dutch company. What were they called? JINS JINS became Unilever. And they invented CRICO. Remember CRICO. 

Did they still sell it? I guess they do. They must. Right? Do they? Your pies and cakes and pastries. CRICO. That's the history guys. Did they ever think it would take off like it did like that people would believe the lie about butter and use margarine. Then the fast foods, of course they loved this. McDonald's in the 1960s. Seriously. They didn't use hydrogenated oil. They were using towel. They actually cooked their fries in healthy oil. And then the food police got on them. You can't use that oil and it's got cholesterol in it. You gotta get into that oil and use our hydrogenated oil because it's cheaper, no cholesterol. And thirdly, you won't have to change your oil. As often you can cook and recook and reheat and recook in this oil, you won't have to change it very often. The food police seriously, and the rest is history. 

My friend. And where are we today? We got the twin towers of D you think that just happened due to osmosis? Do you think that just happened by chance? That didn't happen by chance? My friend, as we focused in, on lowering cholesterol, we became carbos and bad oil. If I can say that word and it wasn't really until, I don't know, the 1990s that anyone was listening to trans fats and hydrogenated oil and how bad they were for you. But even today, my friend, these companies are so big, eh, good luck. And that's why for me, when I speak to my audience, I just want you to understand that don't be confused because I'm gonna guarantee you on our private Facebook group this week, I guarantee it'll probably, we won't get past today. People will be asking the question. That's all right. I want them to be educated. I want them to ask questions. I want them to think on their own. They're gonna say I'm confused because Dr. Martin tells me to eat eggs, meat, and cheese. And my dietician, my doctor, my whatever tells me I shouldn't be eating those things. I'm confused. Well, one of them, my friend is propaganda. It's indoctrination. 

It's not science. It's science fiction. Don't be confused. You know? And, like I said, I guarantee it'll come this week. People can't understand because of their indoctrination. They can't understand the reset. They can't understand it. How can that be good for me, Dr. Martin, that I am eating eggs every day? How many eggs can I eat? A hundred don't count. Enjoy. Why are you counting calories? Why are you counting calories? It's not calories. It's nutrient density. It's how good that food is for you. You don't have to count calorie. Calories was made up by the food industry. Yeah. The world dunk, their, my friend wants you to be Carbaholic. They want you to live on carbs and they want you to live on fruits and vegetables partially. They're right. I don't have trouble with vegetables. I don't have trouble with limited fruit and vegetables. I don't limited and never drink it. Don't drink fruit, but they got orange juice here on this scale way above eggs cooked in butter. Guys. I'm gonna tell you my therapy. Okay. I'm in therapy right now. You know what? My therapy is talking to you guys. 

I gotta get it outta my system. Otherwise I'm gonna go crazy. What a failed experiment. What a social experiment we've been on for how many years is that? 60. Isn't it crazy guys? You know, you know, better. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. So we got a great week. I got some good stories here. Good studies and articles and things we bring to you this week. You can send you questions in, don't be shy. And I mean, it don't be shy about asking questions. Okay. Did I tell you, I love you guys. Thanks for being therapeutic for me with talk to you soon. 

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