889. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Preventing fallen arches
  • Hand, foot & mouth disease
  • Itchy welts on head 
  • High lipoprotein 
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Protein in urine
  • DHA thinning the blood
  • Benefits of bone broth
  • Detoxing of heavy metals


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. Welcome again to another live this morning and hope you're having a great start to your day. Guess what it is today, question and answer Friday. We always look forward to that. Okay, Colleen, how do you prevent fallen arches? Well, real good footwear. First of all, and look, you know, you can spend a lot of money on good running shoes and good shoes. Eh, you can do that. That's all right. If you got the money, I really want to take care of my feet because I have a tendency to have very flat feet and fallen arches. And it's usually the meta Taral arch that falls near the front of the foot. And that can give you lots of problems. When you just put in a good arch support, you can get orthotics and spend a lot of money. Again, if you have insurance for that kind of stuff and whatever, and you wanna get orthotics good. But when I was in practice, I used to recommend getting a good insole with an art support. It actually lifts up your arch. So that's number one. Good footwear, a good insole. I really like that. Roll a, a pop bottle, roll a golf ball, roller tennis ball, roll, whatever. Like that's a tremendous exercise for arches. Okay. So to prevent fallen arches, that's what I recommend. 

Darlene, what causes hand foot mouth disease, a virus it's viral. It's usually not serious happens so often, especially in kids. They put stuff in their mouths and oftentimes they'll get foot and mouth disease, but it's usually not serious. It's usually cleared up and it's viral. So antibiotics are not recommended at all. I'm gonna do a story on antibiotics that just came out. Well, maybe do it on Monday. Okay. Maybe we'll do it on Monday, but that's what causes it. Darlene. It's very common in children, 

Sharon. I get welts on my head and they are itchy real bad. What would be the cause? Well, Sharon could be a couple of things wet. Are they Sacious cyst? Are they full of fluid or is it analogy? Sacious cysts. People are just prone to have those kind of cysts. Sometimes they grow to a point. You gotta get them surgically removed others where you're getting welts. Well, that would be an allergy. You gotta figure out from your shampoo to whatever on your head, figure out if something's changed or whatever, and try and eliminate that. Cuz it could be an allergy suspicious cyst or some kind of topical allergy. It's not happening anywhere else. Only on the top of your head, you gotta be suspicious of maybe a shampoo or whatever that's causing that. I like to get to the cause of it.

Melanie, my lipoprotein is extremely high, so HDL lipoprotein. Okay. And LDL, lipoprotein or LP lipoprotein. You want it to be high? It's not dangerous. And again, it all goes back Melanie to theory. And I think I mentioned this yesterday, the cholesterol theory has been around for a long time. Okay. It started really in the fifties, picked up steam in the sixties and by the early seventies, I mean it was dogma. Cholesterol is Bann watcher, lip, bulb protein, HDL L D L and LP. 

It ain't at the root of heart disease. As a matter of fact, you want high lipoprotein, you're gonna do better with high. And the only reason they scared the living life outta people is because the pharmaceutical industries has done such a job in combination with the food industry, lying to us about cholesterol and lipoprotein and look lipoprotein is carriers. HDL is a carrier. The more you have on the highways and byways of your blood vessels, the better you will do. LDL is a carrier. They made it out to be a bad guy because it's something they could lower with medication. Oh, that's good. We can lower it. Why do you wanna lower it? So I'm not too concerned. I'm not too concerned. I'm very concerned. Melanie, very concerned about your triglycerides. I am very concerned about your HDL. I wanna know those numbers and I wanna know the ratio between your triglycerides and your HDL. 

I'm gonna double down on it. I'm gonna triple down on it because that my friend is good science. It's the truth. You die with low cholesterol. You'll die with low Lippo protein, not high. I don't like it. As a reading. I focus in on triglycerides and I focus in on HDL that tells me all I need to know about where your heart's going and where cardiovascular disease comes from. I double down on it. Melanie. Those are my thoughts. 

Galen. When I sun bathe, I load up with coconut oil. Yeah. I like coconut oil. I do. I like coconut oil. It's great for your skin. It's a medium chain. Fatty acid. It's a good oil. It's a fruit oil. It's good for you on the skin. Yeah, it's very good. It's greasy, but it's good. And I got no problem with that now again, I'm just saying to you, Gillen, coconut oil gives you some protection, but at the end of the day, like if you listen to me over the years, I'm a 20 minute, 30 minute. 

And some people once your skin is used to it. You get an hour of sun. No problem at all. You won't burn. Especially if you're not eating junk. We talk about glycation. Glycation is sugar. Sugar will make your skin lose. Its elasticity. Sugar will make your skin very, very susceptible to sunburn. It's amazing when you get rid of seed oils, crappy oils, what they cook all the fast foods in. When you get rid of that outta your diet, it's amazing how much better your skin is in the sun. I have had hundreds and hundreds of people tell me that over the years. Okay. It's one of the reasons for the reset. It really does help your skin in a lot of ways and especially protecting your skin. I am big on Viderma. You need the sun on your skin. It is good for you in every way. 

It's good for you. Don't burn. So be careful about that. You can make up sunscreens. If you want with zinc and other natural sunscreens. I like Rivera. I like putting it on my skin. If you want UVB. You don't want UVA. Okay. And it helps with that. And coconut to some extent helps with that too. So share lather up if that's what you like on your skin. Good for you. And it does not block the vitamin D it doesn't. It's not a sun block. Okay? I brought this to you in the past, in the last little bit, man. Oh, men, even the FDA is pulling all sorts of sunscreens. Why? Because you put stuff on your skin and add heat. Now it's carcinogenic. You put all those chemicals, something I've been saying for years, you put those chemicals on your skin and you add heat. Even the FDA. Now finally is starting to pull a lot of product off the shelves because they're finding out that my friend is one of the biggest causes of skin cancer today. Shut the sun. It's chemicals with the sun. Anyway, don't get me started on it. 

Okay. Cindy. How old one should be to start drinking coffee? My nine year old likes to sip on it. I used to like coffee too. When I was a kid, just the smell of coffee. My grandma used to percolate my grandmother. You know what grandmothers? They never say no, right? Like my mother wouldn't let me drink coffee. My mother would make that percolated coffee in the morning. And I always loved the smell of coffee. Always, always, even as a kid, I remember it. I could see that stuff percolating. My mom would say, cat, you're too young for that. You can't have coffee. Get outta here. But my grandma, you know what grandmas are like. And my grandma used to let me drink it course. I needed about five sugars in it. It was really not coffee. It was syrup by the time I drank it.

Okay. So I don't know what to tell you. Give a little sip of coffee. Not gonna hurt. Coffee's good for you, by the way. It is good for you. And I have been consistent about that. Mr. Consistency. Coffee's good, man. Coffee's good. Okay. Now nine year old. I don't know, like you usually don't see kids drinking coffee. Okay. Thanks for that question. Cindy. 

Amelia, I have ankylosing spondylitis and my CRP is always high. Yeah, for sure. Well, first of all, Amelia ankylosing spondylitis, as you well know, is an autoimmune disorder. Okay. I've seen it many, many a time over the years, ankylosing spondylitis, you get the bamboo spine can become very rigid and the cartilage just heartens up ankylosing spondylitis. 

And yeah, of course your CRP would always be high. Okay. Because CRP is a measurement. The best in my opinion of inflammation, silent or otherwise, you've got a lot of pain. Let's say you get an infection. Well, if they take your CRP, when you have an infection, your CRP is gonna be high, not just normal. Your body's ambulance system is working. And your CRP inflammation will go up. That's not dangerous inflammation. That inflammation's actually good for you, but in a chronic condition like ankylosing spondylitis, that inflammation, of course, because you have a condition in inflammatory condition, ankylosing spondylitis that is dangerous in a lot of ways, because that inflammation makes you much more susceptible because what you don't know what that inflammation is when it's chronic like that, it can affect your blood vessels, especially. And they start to damage blood vessels. 

It's a side effect of chronic inflammation. So you're asking the question, Amelia would DHA help. Absolutely. It would. If anyone has any kind of I at the end, okay. Spondylitis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, which is autoimmune, anything that's chronic, that's the problem your body's responding. And it never stops responding. And now that inflammation, which is good in an infection, it's good and an injury acute, but if it becomes chronic, it stays there. It becomes very damaging. So you wanna lower that inflammation and you'll know it going down. When you measure CRP, you see the reset to Amelia. The is very, anti-inflammatory eating it. Lowers CRP because when you eat carbs, crappy carbs, when you eat sugar, they're very inflammatory because insulin, insulin resistance creates an inflammatory response in the body. So this is why we aim at getting down that inflammation. But like we always say, inflammation's not Houdini. 

There's a reason for inflammation, chronic disease, bad diet, leaky, gut, high cortisol, high stress. All of these things can cause inflammation and DHA high DHA. I talked about that yesterday, what it does, even in depression, what it does to lower inflammation in the brain, what it does to regenerate the brain, heart, and brain blood vessels absolutely makes your blood vessels nice and slippery. The more good oil you put in and DHA, you know, because we talked earlier about coconut oil. Well, coconut oil is good. DHA is much better. They're both good, but one is a lot better. It just because it is a high, high, high omega three. And what we have in this world is we have way too much in our diet, omega six and omega six is inflammatory. Omega six comes from all that crappy oil. I mean, our ratios are, you know, some people say up to 30 to one, people eat 30 to one, omega six over omega three. That ain't good folks. And I think it's part of along with leaky gut, part of the huge increase we see today in autoimmune ankylosing spondylitis being one of them. Thanks for the question, Amelia. We appreciate it. 

Monica. How do I get protein out of the urine? Okay, well, listen, not by lowering protein in your diet. Okay? Cause this is doctors. Here's their thinking. You got protein in your urine. You're eating too much steak, cut back, quit eating all that red meat, cut back on meat, eat more fruits and vegetables because you got protein in your urine. Folks, protein in your urine comes from stress to the kidneys. Not because you're eating too much protein. It's the opposite. You're not eating enough protein. And you happen to be a Carbaholic. So put your hand up Monica and say, my name is Monica and I'm a Carbaholic, but that's usually what causes high protein in the urine. 

I used to measure that very simple urine test. And I said, your kidneys are under stress. My dear, you're eating too much sugar. If you have too much sugar, you're gonna get protein in your urine. Cuz your kidneys don't like sugar. They like protein, but they don't like sugar. Unfortunately, medicine because they don't take more than an hour of nutrition in medical school. They don't know that, oh, you're eating too much protein. They do that with the liver. You got Fatty liver. You must be eating too much fat. No, it's the opposite. You're not eating enough fat. You're eating too many carbs. That's how you get fatty liver sugar turns to fat in the liver. It's the Costco parking lot. It's always full. When we eat sugar and drink sugar, soda juice, hard on the liver and hard on your kidneys. If you don't believe me, you ask a diabetic, diabetics have big time, trouble with their kidneys. 

That's why you see all these dialysis places popping up. I should have invested in dialysis because it's an epidemic today of kidney disease and it's food. My friend it's food. Okay. Now Monica, I said you were a Carboholic may not be you. You might have been asking for a friend. Okay. Thanks for the question and drink water. Yeah. She said you're drinking water. It's not working. Water's good. Okay. Remember my four things that damage your kidneys, sugar dehydration, lack of water, high levels of oxalates. When you insist on eating salad all that time, you're not a rabbit. It's hard on your kidneys. They create oxalates and uric acid. You know how you get high levels of uric acid, fructose damages, your liver damages. Now we know this is brand new. We didn't know this before that high fructose corn syrup, which is the syrup, which is the sugar in everything manufactured today, that sugar goes directly to your liver. But not only that, it damages your pancreas, the beta cells, the insulin producing cells in your pancreas. So it's a Trinity of things. Damages your kidneys, damages your liver and damages your pancreas. Okay? Thanks for the question. 

Monica talked to my natural path said to be careful, too much DHA can thin the blood I don't like to fight with nature path or doctors. I don't wanna fight with them. I disagreed you wanna take so much oil? You're sliding outta room. You wanna become slippery people. Can't grab you cause you've got so much oil coming. DHA, guys, listen, it don't thin your blood. I don't know where they get that. Listen, thin your blood, it fixes your blood vessel. Your blood vessels are repaired in your brain and around your heart. DHA is so stinking good for you. I just bare to disagree. Look, you're gonna get a lot of stuff out there. Okay? God gave you gray matter. Use it. 

DHA oil is liquid gold. I've shown you this in the past. It was hot off the presses. What about a year ago or whatever? In 14 days, DHA destroys tumors like makes tumors destroy them. Hey, I didn't do that research, but you hardly hear about it. It should have been one of the biggest breakthroughs in medicine. It really should have, but it'll never get any ink because the pharmaceutical industry don't want you to hear that. DHA oil, Google it YouTube. It, it don't thin your blood. I'm sorry. It doesn't work on your blood. It works on your blood vessels and it regenerates the brain. Now, when someone calls you fat head, take it as a compliment. 

You need fat and DHA is the best fat in the world. The best. Okay. I get a little excited, but that's me. Anna. She's asking about DHA too. How much is too much? so Chris and Anna, I think I answer, look, I take between four and six grams of straight DHA every day. That's me now, listen, I wanna protect my brain. It's good for your brain. It's good for your heart. It's good for your eyeballs. It's good for blood vessels. That's why it's good for your eyeballs. Cause you look behind an eye and you see the 4 0 1, the 4 0 3, the 4 0 7 and all the highways. When you drive around Toronto, that's what you see when you look into the eye and you can see the blood vessels in the back. When you wanna know, when you get trouble with your eyes, when your blood vessels are not working properly and you don't have blood supply to your eyeballs, to your brain, to your feet, to whatever. Anyway, thank you very much, Chris and Anna, you teed me up this morning. 

Claire. Is it normal for a child Thats six or seven years age to have bad odour when they sweat? Nah, that can happen. Usually though what's on the outside is inside. I would venture to say, when that's going on, I would venture to say they probably have some kind of fungus, a yeast in their body. They're eating too much sugar and they're feeding the bears. That's what generally, I wouldn't say it's a vitamin deficiency or anything like that. It's probably a deficiency in probiotics, leaky, gut yeast, candida. And that's what I would think in a small child. Claire, thank you and t's not hormones or whatever at that age. I mean, look, I've seen young ladies, for example, with high, high estrogen at eight years old. I mean it, estrogen is a dominant thing today in our society, but eh, not so much, I think in terms of odour.

Okay, Susanna, I take your chocolate bone broth every day and it's my first or second meal for four months, please. What are the benefits? Well, they're Legion the benefits Susanna of bone broth. Why do I like bone broth for several reasons? Best protein in the world is collagen protein. It's the best. It's the most complete. So, you know, when you go to a health food store or whatever, you know, pharmacies even have it today, you have these protein drinks. Okay? And you know, some are made by way, which is a dairy derivative. And some of them are soy. I hate that. And some of them are pea proteins or whatever. And I don't like that either. Cuz it's not complete collagen. 

Protein is the best protein in the world. This is why Susanna. Like, I don't know if you have any kids or you have any grandchildren, but especially grandchildren. Give them Doctor Martin's perfect smoothly. If they're not eating well, a lot of kids don't eat well, get them the bone broth protein. The way I make it. Four ounces of heavy cream, happy cream taste like McDonald's milkshake, chocolate, vanilla, protein powder. You know, you can pick your protein powder. But if you're asking me, I like collagen and here's another thing, bone broth because it's very high in a collagen protein. Guess what? It's good for your skin. It's good for your hair. It's good for your nails ladies. You know how many hairdressers have told my women patients over the years? I'm not kidding you. What are you doing? Why your hair's growing again? Oh yeah. Can't fool your hair dresser. Right? 

I've been taking a protein shake. Bone broth Oh yeah. Well it's working and then they'd come back to the office and tell me and I said, I know, it's very good for you. Plus another benefit Susanna, it's got amino acids complete. And one of those amino acids that I really like, and that's why bone broth can be very, very effective against leaky gut because it's L glutamine L glutamine regenerates your gut. It's in the bone broth. Excellent. L Aine. I love L Aine. Well that's in bone broth, but L glutamine is the one I really like because of what it does for the guy. Okay. So Susanna, there are multitude of benefits. 

Okay. Now let me just see here, Faith, what am I lacking? I have ridges on my fingernails. Looks like going to split. Look, the fibroid could be off, but usually when you have ridges like that, you do not have enough acid in your stomach. You're not making enough acid. 

That is why I love digestive enzymes. Because as we get older, we don't make enough acid in our stomach. And especially if you got a bad diet, if you're a sugarholic, you're gonna have low acidity in the stomach, you see the reason you get high acidity. You know why acid is in your stomach. Not anywhere else in your stomach. Why do you wanna have high acid in your stomach? For protein? Protein is harder to digest. And unlike a cow who doesn't eat protein, human beings need protein. You can't live without protein. That's why you have high stomach acidity. Now, if you bought the lie and you're a Carbahol and you've been eating carbs, guess what happens to your stomach? You don't get enough acidity. So guess what happens? Your body makes more protons. Proton pumps produce more acidity. And instead of staying in your stomach, it goes up your esophagus. And now you have asset reflux, silent or otherwise, but that's the reason you don't have enough acidity. And one way to find out is look at your nails and see if you have ridges. That's usually a sign of low acidity in the stomach Okay. Thank you very much Pete. 

Carol, what supplements would improve health? Been sick with a chronic cough, fatigue, and headache for six weeks. What did you get? COVID I'm just asking Carol. Well, look, I mean, I'm big on probiotics because they are so good for you. If you got a chronic cough, I'd be on oil of oregano. I would spray oil of oregano two or three times a day. Very antiviral, very antibacterial, very anti fungal. With the lack of energy, I'd be on eating vitamin S steak. I'm big on Navitol Okay. I'm big on Navitol. You might need Carol. 

I would look at getting on our blood boost a temporarily just to build yourself up again, build your immune system up. Build your mitochondria up. If it spends six weeks, it ain't normal. Okay. It'd be starting a chronic fatigue syndrome and look to our podcast cuz I give you the whole rigamarole on how to get out of it. Okay. 

Chris, you answered my question last Friday. Well, why are you asking another one about yellow from my liver with my reset? My question is how would we know if it really is a detox end of what? Rather than extra bile required because of extra meat. In fact, okay. Now listen, Chris, if you have yellow in your stool, some people get that at the start of the reset. It's not because you're eating more eggs and meat and whatever. Very few people get it. But when they do get it, it's a sign. 

Okay? Depending on whether you have a gallbladder or not, I don't know that it's a sign that your body is detoxing. The liver and bile is the result of that. When you eat more eggs, meat, and cheese, which is the reset, I'll tell you why it's a detox and not your liver because your liver that produces that bile. When you're eating, not gonna end up in the stool, it won't end up in the toilet. You need that bile to break down eggs, meat, and cheese. See what bile is made for bile is made because it is an absorber of fat. So if it ends up in your stool, you're either detoxing or you don't have a gallbladder and it would be temporary. Now if you got it every day, every time on the reset, well that isn't normal by any stretch of the imagination. 

Okay? It's it doesn't happen. I've done it in my practice for 10 years or more. So it's just not what we see. If it is there, there's usually a trouble with a gallbladder or a lack of one, which is very common today. So Chris, your liver is doing its job. The reset is meant to fix your liver. It's meant to fix that. And bile you need bile even without a gallbladder. Your liver makes bile when you're eating the right amount of eggs, meat, and cheese, don't worry about your bile at all, because it'll do its job. It's an emulsifier of fat. Okay? 

Sonya, what to do for OCD compulsive disorder, right? But look, I always look at whether it's OCD or whether it's autism, whether it is ADD or any kind of mental problems. I talked about it yesterday, even in depression or the last few days, I talked about a protocol, clean up the diet. There's nothing better you can do than clean up the diet, get them off sugars. These are usually canaries in the coal mine. That sugar turns their brain upside down. They can become compulsive. Look, these people, like I said, are canaries in the coal mine. Their systems are fragile. Their brain is fragile and you gotta give them the right food. The best food in the world is protein and fat for your brain. Second, not always easy to do by the way, to get them to conform or whatever, depending what the age is. Get them off the sugars and whatever. And I'm big on high DHA as a therapeutic. I'm big on probiotics as a therapeutic. Sometimes they're lacking vitamin D. Sometimes they're lacking B12. Look at all those things because those can be all factors. Sonia, thank you very much. 

Just two more, Catherine, how long does it take to detox? Heavy metals? While depends. It can take up to a year. I've seen it where there's so much heavy metals. And remember, remember, remember, remember you will not get heavy metals in your system. They're transported by yeast. Yeast is a carrier of heavy metals. So if you got mercury, if you got lead, if you got cadmium, you got yeast. My friend, you gotta get rid of yeast. Don't feed it. Take probiotics. You might have to get on the Candida formula, cuz that will help to detox. You see, and you empty your liver because if you empty your liver, your liver will get rid of heavy metals because that's what your liver is made for. Your liver is of tremendous detox organ and you need to empty it for it to work properly. And the only way it packs up fat. And remember one of the things that fat in your liver does is it stores heavy metals. So that's another reason for the reset empty that liver. Catherine. Thank you. Good question, 

Jojo. If carbs are the macro, you don't need to survive. Yep. So ask the Inuit. They don't eat carbs and books have been written about this. They're the healthiest people on the planet. Did you know that they don't know what heart disease is until they come and eat our food? When they live off blubber fat and protein and lots of fat, they do really, really well. Books have been written about it. I mean it experiments have been taken. They're the healthiest people. They don't age like we age. Okay. So I didn't even answer your question yet. I think Jojo, if carbs are the macro and you don't need them to survive and carbs make you sick, it sounds like you don't believe me. Why do people insist? They need to eat carbs before they go work out? Well, that's a fairy tale. Some people love their carbs. I used to work with a lot of professional athletes over the years and I'll tell you, I used to tell them don't load up with carbs. Cause you need protein. 

You need the best fuel on your furnace. You're a little mitochondria, which makes energy. You wanna put paper in twigs, in a wood stove and see how long that burns. No, no put logs, logs or eggs, meat and cheese Jojo. And I double down on it. When people tell you that I'm sorry. Carbs are fast burning. They burn too quickly. They're not the best macro you can live without them and athletes should live without them. They don't need them. 

Okay, guys. Thanks for all the questions I had my workout today already. Lots of fun. Great questions. Thank you everyone for sending in your questions. We appreciate it. Okay. You guys are fantastic. Now you have a great day. We love you. And we'll talk to you soon. 

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