884. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Omega-3 acid ethyl esters
  • Estrogen & migraines
  • High creatinine & the kidneys
  • Swollen leg edema
  • Common triggers for acid reflux
  • Ketone drinks
  • Oil of Oregano for your teeth
  • DHA from food
  • Digestion of raw vegetables


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. Welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. The sun is out in Sudbury at least. Here's the questions this morning from K. I have a question about omega three and acid Ethel esters. My doctor wrote a prescription for it and wants me to take it well, I'll tell you your doctor. I like, because your doctor's telling you to take omega three most doctors, by the way, I remember, this is 15 years ago or more, probably even longer than that. I used to do educational conferences on nutrition for a doctor. They actually could get credits. You know, they have to put so many hours in to keep up their education. And I worked for a service in Toronto and I actually did it in Montreal, whatever they'd set up a one or two day conference, and then the doctors could go and get their hours that they needed for their credits. 

Almost every profession makes you get credits every year to keep up your license. Anyway, I was part of that for a while. For a few years, it would do educational series. I found out doctors don't know much about nutrition, but when I had them put their hands up, I remember asking a question, how many of you take omega? Three? A lot of doctors put their hands up. It was surprising. But even back then, that omega3 was well known to be good for you, especially for your heart. And cardiologists would take omega 3. I said, yeah, a bunch of hypocrites. Why don't you recommend it to your patients too? That they were taking it. So K, the answer is your doctor gave you a prescription because these are synthetic DHA and EPA they're synthesized. They are synthetic. They're not in a natural form. Doesn't mean they're not any good. 

It's like Willow bark. You know how they make aspirin, the Willow bark, but it's synthetic. It's not natural Willow bar. I love pine bark and aspirin is a synthetic form of Willow bark. They are an omega three made by the companies. Okay. And again, I don't think it's as good. I like high DHA. Ours is a natural form, highly, highly bio available and much better for you, but I'm glad K, in a way that your doctor is thinking omega three folks, don't worry about omega six. We get way too much of that. Worry about omega3. Omega six is inflammatory. Omega three is an anti-inflammatory. So when you're eating fish or eating grass fed beef, you're getting lots of omega three. I love the high DHA oil that we make. It is the highest that you can get. I haven't seen higher. I honestly haven't. 

I'm big on DHA. You know why I'm big on DHA because your brain is made up of DHA. If someone calls you fat head, take it as a compliment, the more good fat you put in your brain, the better your brain works. Okay. And the better your heart works. Imagine fat for your heart. Yep. But look at DHA the way I think of DHA and think of omega three is it's like slippery helps not anything to stick like plaque. So I'm big on that. Thanks. Kay.

For the question Cheryl's asking, would estrogen be the cause of migraines in a teenage boy? Mm. I had to think about that, Cheryl, because I'm gonna tell you something migraines in women is 99.9% estrogen dominance, too much estrogen compared to your progesterone ladies. It's all about balance. And when you get out of balance between your estrogen and your progesterone, and I don't care how old you are, you can have estrogen dominance. 

At 70 years old, you have more estrogen than your progesterone. Progesterone is the balancer. Now in a meal, it's possible that testosterone is too low, very possible in this day. And testosterone has taken a big hit today in men, men, testosterone is your dominating hormone. You should never, ever under any circumstance have more estrogen than testosterone in a male. Ladies you never have to worry about testosterone. You make some, but if you have balance, it'll be perfectly balanced in men. You never, never want estrogen to be above testosterone. And this could be happening to that young men. Now, the other thing I look for in migraines is a lack of magnesium. There's no magnesium in the soil anymore. And a lot of people are low in magnesium and that can give you a migraine. I get a migraine every day. When I get upset, when I get upset, it's not cuz of a lack of testosterone. 

It's because when I see the world telling us not to eat meat, the world telling us to be carbos such nonsense. That gives me a headache. Okay. It's possible Cheryl. And you can dim them out. Get that estrogen down by taking the hormonal formula. Okay. Lee, what do you recommend for high? Well, if your is high, you got kidney stress. Your kidneys are under stress. What stresses? The kidneys? Four things. What stresses your kidneys? Number one, sugar. Sugar will stress your kidneys. If you don't believe me, ask a diabetic. Why is there so much kidney problems in a diabetic? Because sugar destroys blood vessels and your kidneys operate on blood vessels. Okay. Got it. 

So sugar is very destructive. Not it can elevate your creatin. Two, a lack of water. Remember your kidneys are Niagara falls. I went by Niagara falls this week, water's running 24 7. That's what should happen with your kidneys? Don't let anyone tell you. oh, wait till you're thirsty to drink water. I hear that all the time. I think that is malpractice. If a doctor says it, it is craziness. You need water. You're like planet earth. It's 75% water planet earth. Did you know that? So is your body. It's 75% water and you better drink it. And only water is water. Now the other thing that affects your kidneys are oxalates. What are oxalates? When you think you're a rabbit and you're not. That's what oxalates are. When you live on veggies and fruit, they come from the plant kingdom that stress your kidneys. 

Okay? Oxalates. When you live on spinach, don't live on it. Too. Many women live on it. Very hard on the kidney. Oxalates calcify. 75% of kidney stones are what oxalates. Now the fourth thing is uric acid. 25% of kidney stones are uric acid. People think of uric acid. They think of gout. Eh, most people don't get gout, but they can have high uric acid. How do you make uric acid? The biggest reason is high fructose Frankenstein, like sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial. Very hard on your liver. We talked about it last week we talked about high fructose corn syrup and what it does fructose. No, it sounds so healthy. Doc fructose. Ooh. It's not talk about migraines. I'm starting to get one high fructose corn syrup destroys. What were we talking about last week? Your pancreas there showing that it destroys the better cells that produce insulin, insulin resistance. 

So high fructose corn syrup and even drinking fructose, never drink fructose. Don't drink orange juice. It's gonna elevate your uric acid levels, which is very damaging to your kidneys. And it's very inflammatory four things that are hard on your kidneys, sugar, a lack of water, oxalates and uric acid, which is sugar again, but it's high fructose, corn syrup. It's the sugar of choice by the food industry. And they invented it in a lab. It's synthetic it ain't good for you, got the memo?

Okay. Let's move on. Thank you very much. Lee. Norma, what causes someone's eyes to close in bright light? Well, Norma look that's doesn't mean you're deficient in anything or whatever. It's the way you're built. What are you gonna do? Don't look into the sun. You know, I would tell you Norma, get used to it a little bit because I'm not big on using sunglasses for about 10, 15 minutes. 

Let your eyes get, especially in the morning. Let your eyes get melatonin. Okay? You don't even need to be outside to get melatonin into your Pinal gland melatonin in sunlight. Now you gotta be outside to get vitamin D that's different. Can't get vitamin D from the sun. You're sitting by a window now. That's good for you. It is. You got sunroom. Excellent. I mean it because of melatonin and because of the hormones, the dopamine and the serotonin and those feel good hormones. They're good for you, but you don't get vitamin D unless you're outside and you gotta have your arms exposed in the sun. That's why in the wintertime, you're not getting vitamin D you're getting melatonin though, which is good. Melatonin is good for you. It's an antioxidant. It's powerful. Very, very important in sleep. Okay. But Norma, I'm not gonna say the word weird. 

I'm gonna say the word unique. You're unique. Nah, you and lots of other people are like that. Okay. I don't think you're gonna turn it around so much, but it's just the way your built. Make sure you're getting enough. Vitamin D make sure you're getting your Melatonin. Don't look up in the sun. Just it's a bright day out. Enjoy.

Okay. Carol's asking about her mother 81 years old. When you say hi to your mom, for me, Carol. Okay. Swollen legs edema. For quite some time, couple of years, she had varicose veins, blah, blah, blah. Well, look, I mean, here's a couple of things that can cause edema. I talk about this all the time, but it's worth repeating one. Just talked about it.

I don't know your mom, but a lot of seniors, they just don't drink enough water. They don't get enough electrolytes. They can be on medication, almost any medication. Carol will take minerals out of your mom's body and the body's trying to retain them. So now you get edema. Your mom could have. And I don't know, I'm just giving you some ideas. Your mom could have congestive heart failure, meaning the pump, your heart's a pump. Your heart's some muscle. And she, Jesus is not getting enough of the pump. And so the blood goes down, but it has trouble coming back. And that can be a microcirculation thing in the leg. So a lot of times I tell people, even with edema to wear compression, socks, drink water, put some salt in there. Oh, my doctor said salt's not good for you. Don't blame salt for what sugar does. It's not the salt. And don't use table salt. I don't like table salt because it's not really salt. If someone calls you salty, take it as a compliment. You cry salt, your blood's full of salt. You need salt. It was so stupid when they time. Oh yeah. Now that's gonna elevate your blood. The only time salt will elevate your blood pressure is if you're not drinking enough water, that's what happens in Niagara falls. If you turn off the tap. Okay. 

Carol, can you explain if the common triggers for reflux, garlic, onions, lemon, coffee, coffee, Carol. You can't say anything negative about coffee, vitamin C. Are you kidding me? I'm just teasing. I'm just teasing. Okay. Well look and Carol's saying, can you sort of talk about what's happening there? Okay. Well look, let me, let me give you what I used to call the Cole's notes version. I don't use that word too much. Cole's notes. When I was in high school, I got through high school on Cole's notes. You gotta be my age to even know what that is. Right? You had little wee book and it sort of gave you lessons in very short on the courses you were taking from history to this or doc, whatever the Kohl's notes version. Now, let me give you the Google's version. Okay. Let me give you Carol. 

The Google's version. You can have trouble with your digestive tract from the top or the bottom. Okay? What do I mean by that? I'm huge, huge guy on the upper GI. Your needs to be acid various between one and three on the acidity scale, the lower, the better, the only place you wanna be acidic. And that's your body is so smart is in that furnace, your stomach, a big problem. Like when you're saying Carol garlic and onions and lemon bothers my stomach, you know why? Cause you don't have, most times don't have enough acidity in your stomach. Your stomach needs that high acidity for a few reasons. One to micros size your food. You wanna mulch it up big time. It's going into the furnace, your stomach. You need it for protein. And here's why. Let me just give you a reason why we see so much acid reflux talk. Why is acid reflux it's off the charts today? Yep. The vast majority of people have acid reflux, PPIs, proton pump inhibitors are one of the leading prescriptions. And over the counter meds that people take, they got so much trouble with their stomach, but they refuse to change their diet. 

Don't worry about the triggers. Fix the cause you don't have enough acidity in your stomach. The upper GI. You're not making enough bio cause you're not using your gallbladder enough. Yeah, use it or lose it. I've only been saying that for 50 years, use your gallbladder or lose it. You how many people even on this program today have lost their gallbladders. And they're mostly women. Cause they bought the line of fat makes you fat. Don't make you fat sugar makes you fat. But when you buy that line, you're stinging only from fat. Use your gallbladder. Use it. See your stomach. When you don't use, bio will get in and Ize your stomach. And now you don't have enough acid. And now you're not breaking down food properly. The other reason that you need a lot of acidity in your stomach is you don't want any pathogens getting into the intestines of small intestines. 

What do we talk about? What new term did we together? Agree happens in the small intestine sea. I know medicine calls it sea big, big problem today. Small intestinal, bacterial overgrowth. But you and I change that. Small intestine, fungal overgrowth. How does fungus get into your small intestine? When you don't have an acidity in your stomach? That's how you can get bacteria. That's how you can get sea diff facil. That's how you get all sorts of pathogens. You see your body is fearfully and wonderfully made. It's made to stop those pathogens right in their tracks, in your stomach when you have good acidity. But when you don't, you're in trouble, you won't break down your food properly. And food that gets into the small intestine. Undigested are partially digested. Your body says, what is that? That's how you get food intolerances. Your body goes, what is that? 

That just came in here. That doesn't look like steak to me. And it creates antigen. And now you get a autoimmune, you get food intolerances. So for me, what I do when I go on the upper GI, I'm always trying to fix the stomach. That's why I love digestive enzymes to break that food down and keep your acidity. And that's why I like the reset. You know what the reset does when you get off sugars. And when you temporarily get off the veggies just temporarily, you're allowing your stomach to become more acidic. And when you don't have enough acidity, guess what happens? You get a reflux, you get the reflux coming in, either through the valve where the valve won't close properly, or you can damage that valve. Your body says, I gotta make up for the acidity in your stomach. And so those proton pumps release all that acid. And that goes up the esophagus. You can get a postnasal drip. Your belt is full of flam. Even when you're eating too many grains, that's hard on your stomach. They're very inflammatory. Oh, donkeys 21 grain bread. I don't care. It ain't good for you. I like it. It tastes good, but it ain't good for you. Grains are very hard on the stomach acidity. Okay. Now I got off Carol on a tangent, but that's me. Okay. Thanks for the question, 

Cheryl, what does Dr. Martin think about drinking? Keytones nah, I don't think much of it. Well, you can drink keytones right. If you make yourself a Bulletproof coffee, ah, you wanna put cream in it and butter I know Bulletproof is butter, grass fed butter and MCT oil, right? A medium chain fatty acid oil. And it goes to your liver and your burning keytones eh, don't spend any money on that guys. Don't do it. Eat eggs, meat and cheese. That's the best thing you can do. 

Okay. So Cheryl, look, if you wanna do it, do it, but Bulletproof coffee or whatever. I love coffee. I don't necessarily care about Bulletproof coffee. Okay. I'm not saying it's hurtful, but the benefits me. Okay. That's me.

Richard. What would create an excessive plaque on teeth? Well, usually because you got a fungal, if you don't have enough probiotic, even in your mouth friendly bacteria to destroy the bad, the plaque can develop. And usually when people have a lot of trouble with plaque it's because they do not have enough microbiome, good microbiome in their mal microbiome is everywhere. You live with bacteria and I'm not big on using these mouth washes and stuff like that. That just destroy. I like oil of oregano for your teeth. Okay? I do. It's the best. Okay. Thanks Richard. 

Theresa, how does one get iodine into one's diet? Well, the best form of iodine is eggs, meat, and cheese. See one of the problems with iodine. I talked about it earlier. What's lacking in the soil, magnesium iodine, zinc. It's a big problem today. Not a lot of that. If you don't have enough stomach acidity, even your trace minerals, you're not going to absorb them. You might be eating them, but you're not going to absorb them. It's really important to have good stomach acidity again. There's another reason you wanna micros size your food. Now listen, Himalayan Salt's not high in iodine, but you can take an iodine supplement. I used to give it to patients with thyroid. I have a thyroid formula with the right amount of iodine in it. If your thyroid's not working, but when you're eating eggs, meat, and cheese, it's amazing. How much better your thyroid works? You wanna destroy your thyroid? Eat sugar, eat the way we eat today. Why do we see so much? Thyroid issues? That's a lot of other reasons too, but that's one of them. 

Okay. Chris, nine days on the reset, yellow diarrhea, guess what's happening? Well, let me finish since I have no gallbladder. Uh huh. Uh huh. So what's happening. Your body is cleaning its liver. You don't have a gallbladder. Gallbladder does not produce bile. The gallbladder is a reservoir for bile. Your liver is what produces bile. And guess what's happening. You're cleaning your liver. You're emptying your liver on the reset. And you're getting a little bit of yellow diarrhea. You're cleaning out your liver. That's what's happening, Chris. Okay. Can the liver react on this severely on its own without a gallbladder? Yeah, absolutely. Don't think of it as being so negative. You're cleaning up. You're emptying that liver. The liver's gotta be empty. It's the Costco parking lot. Send the cars home. 

Rita. What do you think about pulling the tooth or a root canal instead? Well, look, I'm not big on root canals. I ain't a dentist. Okay. But when you deaden the root cause that's what a root canal is. You're killing the tooth that stays there, but you're deadening that root and the nerve. Eh, I think that becomes a reservoir for bacteria. So if you got a root canal, make sure you're using oil of oregano, brush your teeth with it, rinse with it. Tell those bacteria. Okay. I'm not telling you what to do. I'm just giving you an idea. Rita.

Bonnie, what would be the suggestion to take or to eat the DHA instead of DHA upgrade. Okay. That's a good question, Bonnie. I gotta tell you for me. Okay. See this face 70 years on the planet by the grace of God. Okay. I very think for me, DHA is the best omega three in the universe. I love it. How do you get it from food fish? Steak, fish steak. I tell people every day, because people say, doc, do you like fish? I said, yep. In the capsule. That's how I eat fish. When I see you guys fishing, I go, I love the fishermen because I eat the fish. When they put it in a capsule. I'm not a big fish either. Okay. But it's good for you. No, I like supplementing with DHA, especially at my age. Why I need to preserve my gray matter up there. I just want my brain to work. I operate like that. And I know what DHA does. The supplement of DHA, what it does. You're not getting a higher DHA in the world. Now what I offer my patients because the reason I did that is because I understand the importance of DHA EPAs. Good too, but it ain't DHA. So that's up to you for me. 

I'm into protecting my brain with everything in this world today. And Alzheimer's being the number one killer in the United Kingdom. And number three in Canada, especially as I get older, I want to protect my brain. Plus DHA protects your heart. DHA protects your blood vessels. DHA is good for your gut. DHA. The studies have shown it helps to explode destroy tumors in 13 or 14 days. It's incredible. So I leave that up to you, my friend, okay, Bonnie, I leave that up to you, but for me and I did it with my patients. I said, here's what you gotta do, man. You gotta get on the high DHA give it to kids with ADD and ADHD. Autism. It is fantastic for their brains. Unbelievable. The results I got with that stuff. 

Okay, Marilyn, I cannot digest raw veggies. Well, I'm gonna tell you why Marilyn it's the upper GI. It's your tongue. It's your stomach. You don't have enough acidity. So either you fix that or don't eat them. You cook them, cook the veggies. If you have to. Okay. Put them on your barbecue. 

Okay, Michelle. I would like to ask if he recommends, I guess talking about me. Boron supplements. Nope. I don't recommend it, I like boron. Boron is a trace mineral. You need it. You know what? The best source of boron is? I'm waiting dairy. Don't ditch, dairy, switch, dairy. Don't drink milk, eat cheese. And you're gonna get lots of boron. I put boron in our hair formula. Okay. But I'm a big guy on eating it. It's in dairy. 

When people tell you don't eat dairy. I don't like that. Cuz they don't know what they're talking about, but I don't want you to drink your dairy. I want you to eat your dairy. How do you like that? And I don't mean ice cream either. Oh she wanted to know Michelle about prunes. I guess prunes got boron in it. Do they don't eat prunes? You know how sweet? That is? Lots of sugar.

Okay. Theresa, hypercalcemia cause oxalate stones and corrosion of the bones hypercalcemia. Well you get hypercalcemia when your parathyroid glams are not working properly. You can get too much calcium. That's why I like vitamin K two. What does vitamin K two do? It takes you calcium outta your bloodstream. It'll help you. Even with kidney stones. That's why we put it in our vitamin D and guess how you get, take two in nature. God put it in cheese and butter. So you eat your calcium with vitamin K2. Cause it's in butter. Calcium K2. It's in cheese. Calcium, K2. You need calcium. You need calcium, but you don't need it in a supplement. Eat your calcium with K2. Cause it'll take the calcium and put it in your bones where it belongs. Calcium don't belong in your bloodstream. Or at least it shouldn't stay there. It'll calcify your arteries. That's why vitamin D is so good for you. 

Oh, I could go into it and spend a lot of time, but we're outta time. Okay. Those were the questions this morning. Thank you for that. We appreciate it. Don't be shy guys. Ask questions. We have our staff ready to answer your questions. Okay. We do get in on the private Facebook group. Ask your questions. Don't be shy. We're here for you. Okay. And we'll do question and answer Fridays and sometimes Mondays. Okay guys, we love you guys. And we'll talk to you soon. 

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