882. Fructose and the Pancreas


Dr. Martin has said before how high fructose corn syrup is the Frankenstein of sugars. It’s man-made in a laboratory and your body doesn’t know what to do with it.

One of the major side effects of consuming so much fructose is a fatty liver. When the liver can no longer process the sugar it starts storing it around our major organs. What has recently been discovered is that fructose also damages the pancreas.

Join Dr. Martin in today’s episode to learn about the pancreas and why high fructose corn syrup is causing damage.


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. How are you doing? Hope you're having a great start to your day. Still on the road here. There's a couple of stories that came out over the weekend that I just thought to pontificate on. Amazing, amazing stuff. And probably you won't hear any of it. Certainly not going to hear it on mainstream media or mainstream, even social media, but I gotta bring you this because this is significant guys. 

Okay. There's a couple of significant stories that came out. One of them is they found out that fructose, okay, fructose. Now we all know what fructose does to the liver. It's one of the reasons we have so much fatty liver, even in children fructose. Now the Frankenstein of all sugars is high fructose corn syrup. That's the Frankenstein. That is an artificial. Your body doesn't know what to do with it fructose. Okay? 

It sounds oh, high fructose corn syrup must be good. Nah, it's made in a lab guys. It's made in a it's industrialized sugar. It's cheap. The food companies love it, but we always knew because fructose is different than glucose in your body. So when you eat a fruit, you get fruit to toast and God wanted you to eat fruit, not drink it. So if you're going to eat an apple or, or orange or whatever, there's nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with that. But fruit toast heads to the liver very quickly. Okay. But when you're eating a fruit or whatever, who cares, it's no big deal, but when you're drinking fruit, you're not meant to drink it. So when you see these smoothies that have, they're nothing but fruit, they're not good for you because that goes directly to the liver. And it's one of the reasons we see so much fatty liver today. 

Okay? Now here's this thing. Here's what they've come up with. Not only does fructose damage the liver and what we see today. And it's one of the reasons we do the reset. The reset will empty your liver, cuz you're not allowed any fruit, even good eating fruit. You're not allowed that on the reset. And the reason is for you to empty your liver, that is so important to the rest of your body. What happens in the liver does not stay in the liver. It's not Las Vegas. Okay? So fructose, we know we've known this for eons of years, that it goes directly to the liver. And when they came out with high fructose corn syrup, well, you know what? It damaged millions of kids. It got them started on metabolic syndrome and it's a tragedy. It really has been a terrible, terrible injustice, especially to children, the introduction of high fructose corn syrup and my friend. 

Let me just tell you this it's in everything. They don't even have to tell you that they're using it in food. But if you see any sugar added, I'm telling you it's high fructose corn syrup and that's why even keto foods, okay, they got a little bit of sugar at it. Eh, I'm concerned about that. It's not always the best quality of food. Okay? Now let me get to the story. So we know that fructose damages the liver, but here's something we didn't know. Fructose damages, the pancreas, the better cells in the pancreas. We didn't know that. And it's another reason we're seeing so much problems with insulin resistance. It's another reason that we're seeing so much pancreatic cancer, better cells are damaged by high fructose corn syrup. They're damaged another side effect of high fructose corn syrup. My friend is this. It elevates uric acid. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to give you gout, but when your uric acid levels are high, yeah, you could get gout. Most people don't, but they have high levels of uric acid. What does that mean? It's a biomarker for inflammation. Your body is overacting. 

So not only does it damage your liver, it's a scourge in society today. Now we know when you're eating crappy carbs. When you're consuming sugar, you know what's happening. You're damaging your pancreas. That even makes you more susceptible to diabetes. Beels guys release insulin. It'll make you even more insulin resistant. And you know what? The Martin clinic we talk about this all the time. Insulin resistance is at the root of, okay, let me just give it to you. Insulin resistance is at the root of heart disease. It's not cholesterol guys. 

It's not. Cholesterol is a hoax. Why? Because you need cholesterol. Your body makes cholesterol. Whether you eat cholesterol or not, your body makes 85% of it. You can have a hundred eggs in a week and that's not detrimental to your body. It isn't one of the worst things is high fructose corn syrup. Now, remember I had a radio show for 20 years. I was screaming from the rooftops, John, the Baptist, hello, listen, repent. Get away from that sugar. It's destroying your body. And now what we know, it destroys your pancreas. You're gonna become even more insulin resistant. And so when you get off sugar, you stop drinking sugar. That's the worst. Listen, I know it's Tropicana. It's Tropicana. It must be good for me. No, it's not. It's not. You're drinking fructose. It makes a beeline for your liver and your pancreas. Never under any circumstances are you to drink juice? Now you can have Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie. That's different. Why is it different? Because you can put a few berries in, but the big idea is you're putting cream. 

You can drink cream, don't drink milk, drink cream, drink it. Don't make you fat. Fat. Doesn't make you fat. Sugar makes you fat. It starts with fatty liver, but then your body will store store store in fat cells. So your body for most people have an unlimited capacity to make fat cells. That's how your body reacts to sugar, high fructose corn syrup. It's the sugar of choice of the food industry. So this sky's is groundbreaking research. When I saw this, I think it was on Friday. When I read this for the first time, it shook me up to some extent, because I always knew it was bad. I didn't know it was that bad. 

It'll destroy your pancreas. It's gonna put you on a collision course with diabetes, a collision course with cancer insulin, look, insulin will save your life. It's a two edged sword. It will save your life really will because insulin's job is to take sugar out of your bloodstream. You can't have sugar in your bloodstream empty your five liters of blood. And you're lucky to have a teaspoon in there. Your body is smart. It's smarter than the food industry because your body knows, Hey, you can't have sugar in your bloodstream. It's so destructive to your blood vessels. You can't leave sugar in. Remember it's the traffic cup. Insulin will take sugar outta your bloodstream. Secondly, it stores it. Sugar must be stored. 

Yep. And it'll put it in the Costco parking lot. And if it's full, it'll just make more fat cells. That's how you get fatty liver.  Insulin is just doing its job. It cannot keep sugar in your bloodstream. It has to park it. The other place that it parks it. If you have any are muscles, insulin would rather park sugar in your muscles than park it in your liver. Cuz you're fearfully and wonderfully made my friend. Your body is smart. It's very intelligent. It knows what to do unless you insist. Or when I say you, you guys know I'm not meaning you. I'm not meaning my audience, but the world out there, they don't understand the danger of their choice in food when they're eating sugar, because sugar's not really sugar. It's artificial today. It is synthetic high fructose corn syrup is a synthetic sugar. 

They should have a warning. This is not intended for human consumption. It's not intended for your dogs either. You don't give that stuff to anybody. That's how dangerous this is. And I know, I know there's always gonna be pushback about that. The food industry is very powerful. My friend, very, very powerful. And they wanna scrub this out so that the word doesn't get out. Oh, everything in moderation, everything in moderation, guys, you know what I like? I like peanut butter. I do. Okay. I'm an open book with you guys. I like peanut butter. Don't live on it, but I like it. But if it's not natural, just peanuts and I'm not even telling you to eat a lot of it, but I like it. Okay. So I gotta talk about it, but you know what? If you travel and you're in a hotel and they have the breakfast that they give you in the morning, and if you go look at the peanut butter that they have there, you know, whether it be craft or some other kind, that's icing sugar, it's not really peanut and butter. It is high fructose corn syrup plus hydrogenated oil. It is terrible stuff. Now we know, you know what? That stuff does. Damages your liver and damages your pancreas, damages your liver and damages your pancreas. You go get a muffin. Oh, you know what? It's carrot. Yeah. Well I know Tim Horton's carrot muffins. They put eight teaspoons, eight of high fructose corn syrup in there. Eight teaspoons in a carrot muffin. Holy moly. Do you know how much your liver, your pancreas, how they go crazy over that kind of a choice. 

Isn't that crazy guys. But that's how your body works better to know it. Better to know cookies. Unless you make them. It's high fructose corn syrup. That ain't no good for you. The damage that's going to be done. Guys. When I look into the future, I'm an optimistic guy. I really am like, I'm not a negative person. I'm not Debbie downer. Okay? I'm not as a matter of fact, I wanna pump your tires up every morning. I do guys, you guys know me, I wanna pump your tires, but you got to make the right choices in food. Food is everything. When it comes to your health, genetics are nothing. When it comes to your health, I don't care what your daddy or your mommy, or they live to 110 plus they smoke and drank and ate anything. They felt like no, that's the grace of God guys. That's not because of your genetics. The reason that we see so much, we are on a collision course. Everybody's talking about the climate. Don't worry about the climate. Worry about food. 

We got it upside down. It's nonsense. The pyramid, the food pyramid is upside down cereals and eat a lot of fiber and eat a lot of grains and eat a lot of this and eat a lot of that. And you know, red meat, like once a year, they give you, you know, on the food pyramid, like it's upside down guys. And we have today in our society, the proofs in the pudding, we have so much cancer and it's not gonna get better, guys. It's not gonna get better. Not unless we change a collision course. And I don't go after masters. By the way, I don't, I don't speak to the world. I can't, I don't have that venue. I have a good venue, but I'm speaking to my audience and I implore you guys. You know this, we're doubling down now, gotta get off those stinking sugars. Gotta get off those sodas. I see people drinking a soda and all I think of is men. That's going directly to their liver. And now I have to put this in my head. It's going directly to their pancreas, their beta cells and their pancreas. They are destroying their pancreas. 

That's why we see so much heart disease. Yeah. Heart disease comes from the liver when you're making triglycerides and they're higher than a kite and not enough cholesterol to negate the triglycerides. We're upside down in this world. So it's heart disease. It's cancer, obviously diabetes. Alzheimer's, it's crazy. Those are the top four killers in our society today. And no one, I'm not saying no one, but very few people talk about food. Very few people talk about food and we have a disease care system in Canada and the United States. It's disease care. When you get cancer, here we go. You get heart disease. Here we go. Statin, drugs and blood pressure, drugs and diuretics and whatever treatment treatment treatment. After the fact I'm into prevention, my friend, not early detection prevention because your body will, if you treat it properly, it'll pay dividends. You know, people put money away and I'm not against that. 

Of course, you know, they have their pensions they paid into it. And that's a good thing, but they never think two minutes that they need to invest in their health and investing in their health is not easy. It's not easy. We're surrounded by carbohydrates. We're surrounded by sugar. We're surrounded, especially in the media about nonsense, about food. They have it wrong. You guys know better. And we're on a collision course, craziness with bad health. I was listening to a commercial and they said, if you don't have your health, you don't have much. And that's true. You're certainly your quality of life is gonna go downhill in a hurry. So guys, here's the takeaway. 

Read your labels, get away as much as you can from sugars. That is something that you can do. It's not easy. I admit, but my, my, my, keep your sugars down to almost nothing, almost nothing. And people that have done that. Whether by starting on the reset or whatever, what a difference that makes it's amazing. Over the years, tens of thousands of my patients left my office tens of thousands over the years. And I had 'em on a food plan and it was no sugar. And I said, if you can get used to this, living your life without sugar, you are taking a huge step towards good health. Why? Well, here's a couple of reasons you're gonna save your liver. If you save your liver, you're gonna save your heart. 

If you save your pancreas, your insulin will work to help you. You need insulin. Insulin's not your enemy. It's only becomes your enemy. When you overuse it, stay away as much as possible from high fructose corn syrup. And like I said, they lie through their teeth and it's a natural sugar. It is so far from natural, my friend, but it's in everything. It's in everything from ketchup to you name it. I mean, they added to bread. They added to bagels. They added to muffins. They added to everything. It's cheap, it's inexpensive and it's addictive. It's very addictive. The other takeaway is especially don't drink fructose. Don't drink it. Don't drink it. It heads to your pancreas in a split second and destroys your pancreas in a split. Second. It starts it's destructive work in a liquid form. It's even worse. That's why I never like Gatorade. I never like power aid or whatever. I don't like that stuff. Okay. Enough pontificating for today. Okay guys, I love you dearly. We'll talk to you soon. 

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