879. Autoimmune and the Gut


Autoimmune is when the immune system turns on its healthy cells. In North America, 1 in 12 people will get autoimmune, and if you’re a woman, it’s 1 in 9. One thing that’s consistent with autoimmune is that all forms of it start in the gut.

Join Dr. Martin as he teaches on autoimmune and the gut in today’s episode. Every cell in your body has a barcode, and your immune system checks the barcode to see if the cell is friendly or not.

When it comes to your gut, you have trillions of bacteria that are part of your immune system. When the bacteria can’t read the barcode of something, it flags it as a foreign invader. Without enough good bacteria, your immune system can turn on its healthy cells.


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. How you doing now? What I want to do is, we wrote an email. I don't know a couple of weeks ago, but the study was, and I talk about this all the time. Cuz yesterday we talked about gut disruptors. What disrupts your gut, right? That was a very popular program. Gut disruptors from food. We always start with the diet, a bad diet, crappy food. We'll give you a crappy gut. How's that? And secondly, we talked about medications, medications by and large, almost all of them that affect your gut. We talked about stress. We talked about meds infections. So we talk about C bacterial, fungal parasites toxins. Get into your gut. Over 200 toxins. The average person has 200 chemicals floating around in their bloodstream on a given day, 200 from fallates BPA, Xeno, estrogens. 

We live in a chemical world. Guys. We live in a toxic soup, good luck getting away from it. So we have to take care of ourselves. Okay? Then I talked about inadequate digestive enzymes, which happens to a lot of people, even at an early age. One of the signs that you have acid reflux, that you have inadequate acidity in the stomach and inadequate amount of digestive enzymes like lipases. And Aase protease that come from your pancreas. And then we talked about stress. We talked about the overuse of fiber. I know that's controversial, but it's true. And the reason I know it's true is because of my years of practice, I had more women. It wasn't that it didn't happen in men, but I had more women come into the office who had severe IBS. Their bowel was irritated. I said, well, listen, what gets caught in your teeth? What? Well, if you have a salad and you got spinach, what happens to it? Oh, sometimes it gets caught in between my teeth. Yeah. Well, it's getting caught down in your gut. Same thing with your nuts and seeds that you insist on living on that irritates your gut. I'm not saying you can't have a little bit of it, but don't live on it and then water. Okay. So yesterday was gut disruptors. 

Today. I wanna talk about autoimmune and the gut. Cause let me make a general statement. Gut. We're gonna make a general statement. There isn't anyone on the planet that gets some form of autoimmune. That doesn't start in the gut. That's one thing that I can tell you is consistent. One outta 12 people in north America will get autoimmune. Why is that? And if you're a woman, it's one outta nine will get autoimmune. Rheumatoid arthritis. Crohn's Sjogrens lichen planets, PS psoriasis, you name the autoimmune. Ms. Parkinson's. My friend is autoimmune and the statistics are skyrocketing. 

So let's get into that. It's a little bit of repetition of yesterday, but there isn't one autoimmune disorder that doesn't start in the gut. But let me bring you back a little bit into history. Fibromyalgia. I wrote about this 35 years ago, fibromyalgia. Where does it start in the gut? In the gut chronic fatigue syndrome. I believe fibromyalgia by the way is just a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome. Okay? It's part of chronic fatigue syndrome. We see so much of that and by the way, I'm gonna make another statement. I'm not a prophet nor other son of one. I'll always remind you of that. But here's my prediction. We are going to see so much chronic fatigue because of the way we handle this virus. We're gonna see it. It's going to be part of going forward in our society. I'm just gonna leave it there. 

Now, what happens in autoimmune? What do I mean by it starts in the gut. Okay. Now let me give you an illustration for those who are listening to this on a podcast, I am showing you here. I happen to have a book I'm reading right now. You see at the bottom, you guys can see that if you're watching live this morning, see what that is. What is that? That's a barcode. That's a barcode. Isn't it? Okay. You go to the grocery store. Anything you do now because self-checkout, right? And you just scan the barcode, scan the barcode. Okay? So put this in your head for a second. Every cell in your body has a barcode. Every cell in your body has a barcode and your immune system, your gut, mainly in the gut. 

You're still your cells. Okay? Your immune system. When cells go by and they scan the barcode, oh, there's a friendly guy. There you go. You belong here. I don't have to do anything. But what happens when the immune system doesn't recognize something that it should recognize? What do you think allergies are? Think about that for a minute. Why do some people get, you know, oh, Dr. Martin, I can't eat cheese. Bothers me, bothers my stomach. Why is that? Well, it's not Cassian. It's not lactose. Think about, you gotta bring it to a step further than that. Very little lactose in cheese. But, but why is that? Oh, Dr. Martin, I can't eat this or I can't eat that. Why is that? Because your immune system is not recognizing the barcode on cheese or on wheat or on whatever it is in food. That's why you develop a food intolerance. 

The immune system is saying, you know what? That's a foreign invader there. And I gotta take that outta here. It creates inflammation. It's an ambulance response. So for example, let's talk about environmental allergy, right? Ragweed or Pollen. Comes in, especially about a month ago in sudbury. Holy moly. That was more pollen on my truck every day. Didn't matter how many times I've washed it. It was yellow by the next morning. And I like my truck and I like to keep it clean and I didn't like that pollen, but it didn't bother me. Okay. I wasn't sneezing or watery eyes or coughing or barking or whatever. I wasn't. But a lot of people were, it was because the barcode wasn't being recognized by your immune system, they thought it was a foreign that's pollen. That's not can't handle that. And now you release histamine. 

Now, listen. That's what happens in autoimmune. But let me bring it a step further inside the gut. When you have what I called yesterday, the disruptors of the microbiome, you got trillions of bacteria and what happens? Your bacteria are part of your immune system. They're good guys. They're part of your immune system. They're part of recognizing food. Recognizing bacteria are viruses. And when they don't recognize something, they see it as a foreign invader. And what happens when you've wiped out your good bacteria? What happens there? You've created what we call leaky gut. Now things get into your bloodstream that don't belong in your bloodstream. Undigested food, viruses, bacteria, antigens. What we call antigens ordinarily wouldn't bother you. But if they get into the bloodstream, your immune system is over stimulated, it overreacts to something that it shouldn't react to. It's all part and parcel. And now you have autoimmune. And what the research is finally saying, okay, they actually wrote it up in the frontiers medical journal. You know what they said? Leaky got autoimmune microbiome, disruption. That's another word for leaky. Got microbiome, disruption, autoimmune disease. Hello. I've been saying that for 40 years, autoimmune starts in the gut. 

It starts in the gut. And this is again, another reason that I love antibiotics. If you have an infection, I mean it, the greatest discovery of the 20th century that has saved millions and millions and millions of people's lives, millions and millions and millions of people's lives. On the other hand, let me make a statement. Antibiotics, which will save your life. It's a double edge. Sword will make you very sick. If you don't take care. 

And this is what I tell people. Look, once you've developed an autoimmune, it's not easy to turn that around. It's not easy because your body has supercharged itself over cell overreacted. And now your body's composition has changed your cells, your microbiome, but you know what? You've gotta do everything you can to restore that gut restore the microbiome. 

Look, one of the first steps is taking those probiotics. Now let me tell you enough about another thing that happens when you have a response. Let me give you an example. You get allergies. A lot of people mistake, really do. Am I having allergies or a cold, right? Because the response is similar, right? You're sneezing. You're coughing. Is that an allergy or is it a cold? 

Well, really what that is is your ambulance system in your body working. That's all it is. Your body knows. If it sees a virus, what does it do? It sends in the T-cells. It releases histamine your T-cells are your Navy seals. It goes after that virus. But part of that ambulance system, that's coming to the virus. You are getting a response full of what inflammation full of histamine, full of histamine. 

So what I'm saying is you get inflammation that in a way creates another issue. Inflammation is like, I love what Tony junior described it as like the fog of war. What happens in the fog of war cells can't even communicate with each other. That's what inflammation is. So think about it. You're already getting a response and now your body's over responding. That's what autoimmune is. It's over responding. You got inflammation, your cells can't communicate with each other. 

Your body is going into a hyper histamine surge. What do I mean by histamine? Histamine makes you sneeze. Histamine makes you cough. Histamine makes your eyes water. Histamine makes inflammation. Think about that. That's why you take an antihistamine, right? Like people, oh, I've got allergies. I'm taking an antihistamine. Okay. Now I don't want to talk about that so much because there's a lot of side effects too, over the counter antihistamines or whatever. I'm not talking about that, but let me say this. This is why autoimmune starts in the gut. 

When your microbiome has been disrupted, autoimmune starts in the gut. It's really important, really important to fix the gut. You fix your gut. You seal, you create a new barrier between your blood and your gut. You need to reseal it. Let me tell you my protocol for this autoimmune. Somebody has autoimmune share this with them, share this with them and very important information. I told you why. Now I'm going to tell you what to do. This is really, really important. You must start in the gut. Ms. Parkinson's start in the gut. Sjogrens Crohn's ulcerative colitis. If you have anything on your skin, eczema, psoriasis, these are autoimmune. Somebody that you know has fibromyalgia. Somebody that you know has chronic fatigue syndrome. These are autoimmune. They're autoimmune. 

Start by fixing a gun, eliminate sugar. Cuz why sugar feeds the bears. Sugar feeds yeast. And you're going to always, always, always in Parkinson's and Sjogren's in Crohn's or whatever. I saw it every time, no exceptions to it. I saw a Canda albicans, overgrow. Every time don't feed the bears, get off sugar. I know, listen, you can bring a horse to water. You can't make them drink it. I know a lot of people with autoimmune needs to come to me. And I said, I'm gonna give you a protocol, but I can't go home with you. You've gotta do it. I can't do it for you. I wish I could do it for you. It's not a matter of just taking a supplement and it's all done. 

Supplements are part of it, but you gotta get off the sugar. I said, because you are feeding the beast. You're feeding the bears. Don't feed the bears and they live on sugar. Yeast lives on sugar. My friend and carbs become sugar in nanoseconds. Get off the bread, get off the pasta, get off the cereals, get off the rice, get off juices. Get off that stuff. No juices. You can have Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie if you want, but you can't have juices. You can have a few berries, but you're not living on fruit either. 

That's part of the protocol. One get off sugar, two broad spectrum, probiotics, broad spectrum. Now listen, if you have an autoimmune, if someone that you know has autoimmune, listen, this is a one year program. I mean, listen.  This is a one year program. It's a protocol. They'll get better. They can sometimes put it to sleep. Sometimes put it in remission. One thing I've known over the years, always improvement, always improvement, sometimes dramatic improvement, especially in ex eczema, psoriasis or whatever that won't even take you a year. But some of them take a year of a program, no sugar. And I mean it very low carb and do the reset for 30 days. No carb, it will get your body started. It will get you off insulin, which is another creator of inflammation. 

What is an anti-inflammatory diet? It's when you lower your insulin, you're not eating sugars or crappy carbohydrates. So it's diet broad spectrum probiotics. What do I mean by that? They must have at least 10 different strains and listen. This is what I found over the years. And that's why I formally listen. Every product in the Martin Clinic was formulated. Why? To get results. I had to, I had real people. They had leaky gut. Okay. How do I fix it? Diet broad spectrum probiotics. And I found a combination of, especially El Rury, El Rosis certain bacteria. I don't want to get into details too much, but just to tell you, you need a broad spectrum provider. 

You will never fix leaky gut. You will never get any results with autoimmune without fixing the gut. You know, what's another good one is bone broth. Why is it so good for leaky gut? Because it patches. It has L glutamine L glutamine regenerates the lining of your gut. I'm very big on collagen protein. It helps to regenerate. It's good for your nails. It's good for your hair. Yeah, I get that. But you know what? It's really good for your Gut it fixes the gut. And in autoimmune, you have to fix the gut. You have to fix that gut. You have to regenerate. 

Here's another one you knew. I was gonna say it. Didn't you my friend list in autoimmune. This has been my experience. You have to get your blood serum levels of vitamin D elevated. You have to get your blood serum levels of vitamin D elevate my friend. If you can get your vitamin D levels checked. Oh, I get so uptight. When people tell me, oh, my doctor doesn't wanna check my vitamin D oh, I get a splitting headache.

On average for autoimmune. What I did was 8,000 to 10,000 international units of vitamin D and k2. That's what they needed. Eight to 10,000. I use because what vitamin D does? It's the superstar of vitamins. Okay. I know, I know I'm drinking my coffee this morning. And you said Dr. Martin and vitamin C coffee. It is a superstar. We can have two superstars. Can't we vitamin D Viderma. 

Do you know what it does in autoimmune? Here's another autoimmune lupus. You know, a lot of times, those people can't get in the sun. I said, well, you need to take vitamin D. You need to take it as a supplement. And most people, I had them on supplementation, cuz they couldn't get enough sun. Here's what vitamin D why is so effective? There's many reasons. Remember vitamin D folks is a hormone. So when they tell you vitamin D be careful, you can get talks like on vitamin D oh, vitamin D is a hormone out. Your body needs vitamin D. 

Your bones need vitamin D. Your brain needs vitamin D. Your heart needs vitamin D. Your liver needs vitamin D and your gut needs vitamin D. Your gut needs vitamin D. It is probably the greatest anti-inflammatory known to men is vitamin D. In my opinion, you know what? Because in a lot of autoimmune, what medicine they give you drugs like prednisone. How many people are on prednisone for a long period of time, because they have autoimmune. And I understand, I understand why they do it because prednisone is an anti-inflammatory. I mean, with a multitude of side effects, but it is, it's an anti-inflammatory, but it destroys your immune system. But listen to this. Vitamin D is the most powerful anti-inflammatories that you can get. And I mean it, eliminate sugar. Eliminate the crappy carbs, no pasta, no cereals, no bread. What about whole wheat? Oh, no, you can't have it. Not if you have autoimmune, get off of it. Get off of it. 

Be hypersensitive. What you can eat and what you can't eat. Your immune system will tell you if you have autoimmune, it will tell you, you know what? I just ate that and I don't feel good. Okay. Well, there's your clue. Your body's smart. It's intelligent. It will give you clues, but those are the four primary things you need to eliminate. You need to add probiotic, broad spectrum. You need to add probiotic, everybody and their dog. You got a dog. Put them on probiotics. I'm serious. Every human being needs probiotics. I'm telling you, we live in a world. What did I tell you? 200 chemicals in the average person's bloodstream. If you don't have probiotics, your body can't get rid of that. It can't detoxify you. Probiotics, detoxify, probiotics, heal probiotics, go after bad guys, probiotics help your immune system in autoimmune. They help to regenerate your immune system. Vitamin D bone broth. Okay. Then I get excited today or what.

Okay, guys. We appreciate you. Okay. If anyone has autoimmune get 'em onto our website, Martinclinic.com. We got a real good information on autoimmune disorders there. How that operates and how that works. Get 'em onto Martinclinic.com. Get them to listen to this podcast. If they couldn't watch it today, they can watch it later at the doctor is in podcast. They can download it on their smartphone guys. Be smart and use your I'm not that smart, but I got a smartphone. Okay, guys, we love you dearly. We'll talk to you soon. 

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