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877. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Macular degeneration
  • Palm oil
  • Elliptical trainers
  • Food poisoning
  • Progesterone creams
  • Goat vs. cow milk
  • Vitamin C
  • High blood pressure and inflammation


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. Welcome to another live this morning and good to have you on with us. A little change of scenery here this morning, as I do the program,  you'll notice some birds chirping and questions starting with Susanna this morning. 

What if the diagnosis is cirrhosis of the liver? Susanna, you're asking a good question because you're asking, does that start with fatty liver? Possibly. Now cirrhosis of the liver is very advanced one good thing about your liver. Almost like any other organ in your body. It is very, very regenerative. Okay. Unless you got cancer, liver cancer is usually very little chance of reversing that cirrhosis of the liver. That means severe scarring of the liver. There's still a good chance. You can reverse it. If you clean up your diet, of course, cirrhosis of the liver usually comes from alcohol, right? Usually that was synonymous. 

Like I always say back in the 1970s, when I was in school, early seventies, the cirrhosis of the liver is the only thing you ever read about liver. I mean, you rarely ever read about liver cancer, although it existed, but it certainly isn't at to the extent liver, cancer's all probably up about 300% in the last 30 years, you know medicine generally they, you know, it's almost like they don't clue in if something is happening at a such a high rate. Why wouldn't that be? Okay. Why I'm always asking that question. Why does that happen? So in my textbooks, we would read about cirrhosis of the liver, very common alcoholic, cirrhosis of the liver. But today we have a brand new condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver. They actually named it. Non-alcoholic fatty liver, and you can reverse that. You can empty your liver in six days. 

It's amazing how fast you can help to regenerate the liver. Now, if it's gone to cirrhosis,  that is going to be a more difficult pass, but it certainly is worth clearing out that liver and don't let it get toxic sugar. Toxifies the liver fructose. Toxifies the liver alcohol and fructose operate in the same way, directly off to the liver. And so I would get off all sugars, especially high fructose corn syrup. 

Darlene, what could be the cause of Achilles tendonitis? Well, as you can get a tendonitis from walking too much, you know, in sports injuries, you can get Achilles tendonitis from wearing bad shoes and having very flat meta Taral arches that can really put pressure on the Achilles tendon and usually it's injury or that type of thing. Look, whenever I talk about tendonitis, you guys know me, I talk about food because one of the things and the word we use is gly. 

Like if you get a tendonitis in or a contracture, even your hand, they call it dunce, contracture, anything that sort of, calcifies tendon, or can even give you a tendonitis. One thing about the reset. When you get off sugars, it really can make a difference on your tendon and your muscles and injuries and recovery diet to me like injuries happen. But if you are on a good diet, if you're laying off those crappy carbs and the sugars, that makes a huge difference. Okay. Thanks Darlene. And I like, by the way, for a achilles tendonitis, I like our Inflammation Formula really works for that. 

Patricia. I've been reading a lot about macular degeneration. As I have a friend who has the onset of it. Which is blurry vision, that's usually the onset and it's recommendation is to cut back or even eliminate coffee. Now, Patricia, you just gave me, I know you didn't mean to, but you just gave me a headache. 

Okay. I just got a splitting migraine when I read not coming from you because you read it somewhere else. Right? So don't take it personally, Patricia, but you just gave me a headache. Why on God's earth? Would someone, any physician anywhere say don't drink coffee for macular degeneration. What are they talking about? Coffee is a powerful antioxidant. I'll tell you how you get macular degeneration. Each people with blood vessel problems, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and that kind of thing. The best thing you could do is drink coffee. The best, the real vitamin C it's craziness. When I hear stuff like that, it's craziness guys. Don't listen to that stuff. Coffee. It's 500 times stronger than vitamin C. Certainly they wouldn't tell you to not take vitamin C for macular degeneration. It's blood supply, your eyeballs it's blood vessels. Coffee is good for your blood vessels. 

It's good for everything else too. No, but seriously, that would be actually something that I would tell a patient to take drink coffee. It's so good for your blood supply to your eyeballs, Patricia. Yeah, no truth to it at all. Thank you for asking the question because I get to pontificate and guess what? My headache has gone away. 

Grace, what are my thoughts on Palm oil? Now the only negative thing that you will read about Palm oil. Well, for people that don't know anything about what's saturated fat is saturated. Fat is a satisfying fat Palm oil is a fruit oil, often used in a mixture with coconut oil or whatever to get, you know, the MCT oils. Okay? Like in a Bulletproof coffee, they often use Palm oil. Now the only negative thing that I've ever read is how they get it. 

And it's hard on the rainforest and all this and that. And look, that may be true. I don't know. That's not my area of expertise, but when you're asking me medically Palm oil is a fruit oil. It's a good oil because it's fat is saturated. It's a medium chain, fatty acid. And it's a satisfied fat. Okay. That's what, when I say saturated fat, it means it's satisfied. It's not subject to denature. It's not subject to heat that denatures it. And it's, it's actually good for you. It's not going to break down. It's going to make your blood vessels even more slippery. Look you know me? I talk about olive oil. I talk about coconut oil and those are good oils. I like bacon better.  Bacon has the same oleic.  I like bacon better, but I still like olive oil. I still like Palm oil. I still like coconut oil and stay away from the vegetable oils. The ones you can run your car on. Okay. Like canola and Starflower and sunflower and that kind of thing.

Okay. Barbara, I purchase an elliptical. How long do you need to jump on it in your workout to get the best benefits? Well, first of all, Barbara, let me just say this, because this is me and I like to give sweet spots. I have an elliptical at home too. Okay. Most ellipticals they use for close hangers.  Because people buy them and then they stop using them. Look, I like a more high intensity, short duration. I use a combination of get on my elliptical. Which is a four minute. You can get a app on your phone. It's four minutes, 20 seconds. Hard, 10 seconds on. 

I think the app is called gym boss. It's free. And it'll ring every 20 seconds. You go hard. Then it, it dings. And then you slow down and then you go hard again. That's it. I like going for a walk, but you wanna do an elliptical and do 30 minutes and look, it's not gonna hurt you. It's actually good for you. Nothing wrong with it. But here's Barbara. Here's the but okay. It's Barbara, right? Yeah. Barbara elliptical is not weight training. I'm big on getting strong elliptical. Won't make you strong. It's good for your heart. It's a good aerobic. I'm not against it. I have one, but don't rely on that only that will not get you in tip top shape. You want to be strong. So I like weights or bands. So that kind of thing is the best. Okay. A combination of those two things. 

Okay. Diane asking for a friend. They have their gallbladder removed and having the same type of attack. She is disappointed. Well, listen, that can happen by the way. It's almost like a Phantom thing. The gallbladder's gone, but still getting, but you tell your friend there's good news. Okay. I'm telling you. There's good news. Get off all sugars. Get off all carbohydrates. Remember gallbladder is a reservoir. You can live without your gallbladder. I don't recommend you'll live without it. You know, you can keep your gallbladder healthy, but plan being with your body is that your bio has actually made it your liver. So what I want your friend to do is get her liver healthy. It'll produce bile again, empty the liver because she probably has a start to fatty liver and having trouble producing bio. Okay. Bio is very important. It comes under the liver. 

You need cholesterol to make bile, okay. And bile is important. Now, remember you don't have a gallbladder. You may still have some gallbladder symptoms. I've seen that many, many, many, a times. You've gotta go one step back and clean that liver up. Do the reset. Now look, she might not be able to do as much fat content to start until her body gets used to it, but get off the sugars, get off the carbs, get off the high fructose corn syrup that is in all the sugars. Get off that spot. Okay. Good question, Diane. 

Thank you Betty. When I get food poisoning, I get off balance and cannot walk. Well, hopefully Betty, you're not getting food poisoning very often. Why would that be and what can I do for it? Well, look, first of all, Betty food poisoning ought to be very, very rare. If you have a good stomach and a good microbiome, you see when you have good acidity in your stomach, you want to have a very, very high acidity in your stomach. 

Okay? If your stomach is good, ordinarily, you will rarely if ever get food poisoning because salmonella or whatever gets destroyed by your stomach acid. If you have very good stomach acid. So one of the best ways, you know, I love balsamic vinegar. I like apple cider vinegar to make this stomach more acidic. And I like digestive enzymes really, really help with that probiotics really help with that. Okay. So thanks for the question. We really appreciate that. Betty,

Marilyn, Alice asking a question together. Wow. I think that's the very first time. As far as I know on question and answer, what do you think of taking copper as a supplement? Well, not much. Okay. You gotta be careful with copper. Listen, if you take a trace mineral, I like copper with other trace mineral. You don't need much copper to be healthy and you don't wanna overdose on copper. 

But what I'm saying is this, Alison Marilyn, listen, if you're eating eggs, meat, and cheese, you don't have to take copper as a supplement. You don't have to, you won't be deficient. People that eat junk people that live on salad. I'm not saying salad is junk. Okay. Don't misquote me. I said junk. And then I said salad. Okay. If you're living on chicken and salad, you could have a copper trace mineral deficiency. And then you might wanna just take some trace minerals. You know how you take trace minerals, get some Himalaya and salt or some, a good kosher sea salt. And you're gonna get copper in that. But when you eat eggs, meat, and cheese, you don't need copper. Copper is in eggs, meat, and cheese. You get your trace minerals. You really do. 

Okay. Susan, can you talk about the cancer fighting properties of mushrooms please? Well, listen, Susan, and look, this is just me. Okay. You're asking me. I haven't seen enough. Patients get results with mushrooms, Reiki, or whatever mushrooms in cancer. Here's what Dr. Martin says about cancer. I know I'm deviating from your question, Susan, but I have to, because I want to talk about what really works when it comes to cancer, cut out sugar, one, no sugar, high DHA. They're showing it. The research is showing it. Mushroom research has not hit the level of high DHA on how it make tumors explode, not to spread, but to birth. To break them down. No sugar, high DHA. And my friend vitamin D vitamin D vitamin D the sun. There's not a mushroom on the planet can do what vitamin D does. Vitamin D supercharges your immune system, vitamin D takes you. What did I talk about the other day? The thymus gland. 

Here's your thymus gland? Get the sun because your T cells go to school at the U of T the university of your thymus. And they get educated on how to fight cancer. But T cells don't work without vitamin D. They just don't. So you see what I'm saying? I'm not saying mushrooms are no good. I'm not saying that. What I am saying is here's what I like. Vitamin D high DHA. Get your insulin down. No sugar. Insulin is a growth hormone and get your estrogen down. Estrogen is a growth hormone. That is my protocol in sort of nutshell. And I really like that. So, Susan, sorry, I'm not gonna talk too much about mushrooms because there's not a lot of research on it. And my clinical experience is I can't compare it for example, to the effectiveness of vitamin D. Okay. 

Jan, I am 69. Well, you're just a Pup Jan. You're just a pup. If you're 69, what is the reason my hair skin would become oily since I started using progesterone cream. Well, look, I love progesterone. I love elevating your progesterone. It's a Teeter totter effect. You want it to be balanced between estrogen and progesterone. Jan, all I'm saying is if you are getting oily, it's not because the progesterone caused that. If it did Jan, you're the first one on the planet that that's happened to. As far as I know, okay, look, I like balance. Get your estrogen down. Cause usually oily skin and people that get acne, adult acne have way too much estrogen. That could be elevating your testosterone. I wouldn't blame the progesterone. In my opinion, are you getting hot flashes again? But usually, your progesterone is too low. If you're getting hot flashes, estrogen too high progesterone too low Jan. 

Okay. But everybody's an individual. You're 69 years old. Jan, you got your own fingerprints and you may be, I don't wanna say weird because nobody likes that. I like that word, but they don't people tell me not to use it. Let me say Jan. You may be unique. Okay. You're fearfully wonderfully made and you don't have anybody else's fingerprints. Okay. Everybody's different. Okay. Good question. 

Now, peanut, if you had to choose for a one year old between two milk, goat milk, what would it be? Well, look, a two milk is usually with just ordinary milk. You've got Cassian, a one and a two, a two only has one form of, of Cassian. you know, one, a one year old. Okay. Once they're done with mommy, I like dairy. I'm not against dairy. I just don't like milk as it is a two milk. 

Eh, there's still Cassian in it and it's usually not Cassian. It's the lactose. It' still got lactose in it. Wean the baby on water. Goats milk is probably better. But even then, why do they need to drink milk anymore? They're starting to eat solids, drink water. And if you're gonna give them anything, give them some cream and water that down because then you're getting the benefits of full fat. I like the fat and grocery store milk has eliminated the fat. That's why I call it white Pepsi. 

Jen, would you say coffee and CCO? Not Coco. CKA CCO. Oh, kow <laugh> CA C a O. How do you say it? Khao? Not Coco Khao. Oh boy. How to get my tongue twisted early in the morning. Would you say they have the same benefits? Well, yes and no. Like Caco, it's a polyol. 

It's good for you. It's certainly bitter. You're not just drinking. Caco you're drinking coffee. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Jen compares to coffee, nothing. I'm sorry. And you guys must admit something. I am consistent as I'll get out. If you've been following me 20 something years on the radio, the last several years, doing these podcasts and lives, I've been consistent. I said it. Well. I used to say it 40 years ago when they used to tell me coffee was no good. I used to say, well, who told you that? That's not true. That's not science. That is propaganda. Coffee's good for you. 

And I don't know so much about caco. Somebody. Tell me how to pronounce that. After if I murder it, it's not bad for you. It's bitter. I know that it's bitter compared to coffee. Okay. There's less caffeine. Well, who cares? Drink a decaf. Nothing wrong with decaf. Coffee is good for you. 

Okay. Joly, should you avoid vitamin C? If you have high calcium reading in blood work? No. And what do you mean coffee? Or do you mean the other vitamin C is Corco no. If you got high calcium in your blood work, that's because you got problems with parathyroid and you need vitamin K2 to take that calcium outta your bloodstream and put it where it belongs. And guess how you get vitamin K2, butter, butter. Okay. So vitamin C really has nothing to do with that. It really doesn't butter cheese, cheese curds has the highest source of vitamin K2 and vitamin K2. Doesn't get near the amount of research that it deserves because it's so good for you, vitamin K2. And isn't it interesting. Think of what cheese is. Calcium vitamin K2, butter, calcium and K2. You see in nature. That's how you get your vitamin. K two. You eat it. When you eat eggs, meat and cheese and butter. 

Get back to the farm. Nah, if you got high levels of calcium, it's not, cuz you're eating too much calcium it's because your parathyroid lenss are not working properly para on the side of your thyroid. Okay. And they will produce calcitonin. And your thyroid does too. 

Okay. Sherry, you say low carb, but what does that mean? I eat occasionally carbs Sherry. Let me just give you the old Cole's notes version of what I'm talking about when I say low carb. Okay. Here's the Cole's notes version. For you young people, you don't know what Cole's notes are. It's the Google version. You Google something. You get a short answer. Now low carb eating is all over the map. When you talk to different gurus. 

Even guru friends of mine. They'll tell you. Oh, that's under a hundred grams or whatever. First of all, let me reemphasize. The reset is zero grams of carbs for 30 days. I'm not telling you to stay on the reset, the rest of your life, but low carb eating. I like between 20, 30 grams a day of carbohydrates. Now, if you're in terrific shape and you don't have any problem with weight and you got muscles coming out to Wazo good for you. You might be able to take some more carbs than that. Look, every once in a while, you're gonna have a plate, a pasta or whatever. Look, if you're metabolically well, and you're not in the 88% that are upside down when it comes to their metabolism and their metabolic syndrome. And they're unhealthy lay off the carbs and keep them under 20. 

You can go over that if you're in tremendous metabolic shape, but I'm not big on carbohydrates cuz your body doesn't need carbohydrates. And carbohydrates are like treats and you don't need many treats. You know what? You gotta sort of find out Sherry where you're at. 

These are good questions, Rita. Okay. You heard that magnesium threonate rate is better than magnesium crate. Well, I'd say you heard wrong now. I'm not against magnesium. I like magnesium. I do. I like all kinds of magnesium. Here's Dr. Martin's two pennies work. Okay. I am big on citrate because it's been key. Citrate means it's ready to be absorbed. And I like magnesium citrate. It's very bio-available now. Any magnesium, the only side effect of magnesium,  I've had practitioners talk to me about magnesium. and they'll say, well, I like it because of the brain. Yeah. Magnesium is good. I like it. I like citrate better. It's more absorbable in my opinion. And the only side effect of any magnesium is if you take too much, you're gonna get diarrhea or you're gonna get loose stool or you might get some spasms and cause your taking too much. But I like magnesium. You guys know that. I like it. Okay. Thanks for the question. 

Deborah postop, five weeks knee surgery. Wondering if it's good to get sun on the incision. Absolutely. Is there anything better than viderma? Put some Rivera on it. You'll see. It'll heal up even faster. Big thing. Right? Get in the sun. Your body wants that. Vitamin D from the sun is very anti-inflammatory okay. 

Rose is high blood pressure mean that there's inflammation somewhere in the body. That's a good question. Well, look, inflammation, as I always say is not Houdini. Okay. It's not Houdini. Inflammation is always caused by something. Either high circulating insulin, leaky gut or oxidative D free radical D so high blood pressure is usually as a result of high circulating insulin. And so there would be inflammation there, but you don't wanna just lower inflammation. You wanna lower your insulin cuz that's the first step. If you lower your insulin, your inflammation levels will go down and you lower your insulin. Most often your blood pressure goes down. Isn't that amazing? 

Gloria, is there a better time to take the vitamin D from the sun? Well morning is really, really good. Look. Any time of the day, the sun is good in terms of getting your 10,000 IUs a day. 

If your arms and legs are exposed, you're gonna get 10,000 IUs in 20 minutes, you can sun bathe. You probably get a little bit more melatonin produced by the Pinal gland. Your third eye in the morning sun. Okay. So don't put your sunglasses on to start your day. Don't go look in the sun, but don't put your sunglasses on. Let yourself get that melatonin. 10, 15 minutes. You can put your sunglasses on if you want to. But morning, noon or afternoon. Who cares? It's always good. 

Joanne, does any prescription drugs affect the microbiome? Well, it's mostly antibiotics, but here's one class of medication that really affects them. And you can get these over the counter. That is non-steroidal anti-inflammatories so ale and Celebrex and all these things, any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory will really affect your microbiome, but so does steroids, prednisone and cortisol. 

Almost every medication affects your microbiome. Cuz remember microbiome is everywhere. It's from your brain to your toes. It's on your skin. We live around bacteria. We live in a bacterial swamp, our body. It is. And that's why I'm so against always over cleaning and worrying about that. Your body is made for bacteria. It harmonizes with bacteria. As long as you have enough good ones, you'll always keep the bad ones at bay. It's the idea. And almost every medication I can think of has a negative effect on the microbiome. And that's why I'm so big on taking probiotics. Okay? Get the friendly bacteria back. Very good questions. Thank you very much. 

Beverly, why do men get hot flashes? They are women. It's good. They're women.  I've often said this men are women today. After the age of 50, their testosterone goes down and their estrogen goes up and most men after the age of 50, have more estrogen than their wives. 

And that's not good. It's not good for the prostate. It's not good for hot flashes. You know? And men don't ever complain to your wife about hot flashes. Okay. Cause you really don't get them like women do. And if you do, you got too much estrogen, but don't complain. If you ever had a period, we'd go shoot ourselves. Men are big babies. Beverly too much. Estrogen. 

A six year old. What would you recommend for a ADHD? Well, Roxanne look, you gotta get them off sugar. That's not an easy thing, but six year olds are not stupid. They're smart. I used to talk to kids all the time in my office and I'd say here, look, look, look, look at my eyeballs. I'm gonna talk to you about food. What do you eat in the morning? Cereal. You like bacon? Yeah. 

I like bacon doc. Okay, good. Then eat bacon before you go to school and you'll be surprised. ADHD or ADD and, and they were bouncing off walls. They couldn't focus kids that couldn't focus or whatever. It's the diet. And then big, big thing. Roxanne, big thing. Get the right oil in their brain. Get the right oil. They're low. They need an oil change. Instead of eating crappy carbs with bad oils, they need an oil change. They need to go to the best oil in the world, which is high DHA oil. You can get it in a liquid form. If you need to high DHA, your brain is made up of fat and healthy fat DHA fat. And when that chemistry, when those neurotransmitters get outta whack in a kid, they got low oil and they need an oil change. They need to get off the sugars as much as possible. 

Look they're kids. I understand that. And I like high DHA oil and I like Navitol because it crosses the blood brain barrier for kids. Amazing. The results I got with that. 

Okay. I think there's one more question. Ginny my friend. You see, people are asking for friends. That's alright. My friend does not eat butter or cheese. How can she get calcium? Does she eat meat steak? Why wouldn't she eat butter or cheese? Who told 'em that? No, you can get calcium. Look. You can get some calcium. It's not near as bioavailable and green leafy vegetables and nuts and seeds, but they're not near as bioavailable at the calcium. You're gonna get in eggs, meat, and cheese. Okay. And don't take a calcium supplement. You don't need calcium. Okay. Take vitamin D tell her to get out in the sun. It's amazing. Hopefully she eats some meat. Jenny, thanks for the questions. 

Okay guys. I think we got through 'em all this morning. Isn't that wonderful. We got a great week lined up. Great studies said we're gonna have some good conversations this week. So if you're not a member of the private Facebook group, Hey, go for it. Go for it. You gotta get in with our community. It's it's so much fun. Join our cast of thousands. If you have friends, cuz a lot of you have friends. I saw that this morning, if you have friends and they can't watch this podcast, they can watch it later on the doctors in podcast and they can download it on their smartphone. You let 'em know that and tell 'em they can get notices on Facebook for our Facebook lives. Just go to We love you guys. Talk to you soon. 

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