875. Kidney Health


Dr. Martin recently wrote an article that's just been published. He looks at food choices and asks if our choices are creating deficiencies.

In the article, Dr. Martin focuses on kidney health and talks about 4 things that are detrimental to your kidneys. The number one thing is a lack of water, H2O. Your kidneys are like Niagara Falls flowing all the time. You need to remain well hydrated if you want your kidneys to function properly!

Dr. Martin also focuses on sugar as something that’s detrimental to your kidneys. Don’t believe it? Ask a diabetic. Join us in today’s episode to learn what the remaining items are.


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. How are you? Hope you're having a great start to your day as I am, because I had my coffee already. Okay. Now I just wrote an article that's just been published. So if you go to our Facebook page, okay. Brandy, put it on there this morning. I'm looking at it right now. Food choices. Are you creating deficiencies? So this is available. If you go to our private Facebook group, Brandy posted, okay. Maybe we'll post it again a couple of times, just so that you can find this food choices. Are you creating deficiencies? And here's the opening paragraph. Over the years, I saw hundreds of vegans and vegetarians in my practice of clinical nutrition. I respected their choice. I always felt that it was my responsibility though, to make them aware of some possible ramifications of their choice of food. 

And then I go on in the article to talk about number one, which we hit on yesterday. Bioavailability of proteins, not just me saying that studies have been done that the bioavailability of proteins. Yeah. There's a protein in the plant kingdom. For sure. That doesn't mean it's no good. It just means what is superior. That's the animal kingdom protein. Okay. And then I go on to talk about, and you can read this on your own. You're missing DHA, the oxalates. They actually, when the editor of the magazine alive and fifth asked me to write an article. She was interested in my take on oxalates. Okay. And I wrote about that in the book, the metabolic oxalates. Now again, a little bit of oxalates who cares, but lots of oxalates can be detrimental. Two things that I bring up in that article. One of them is kidneys. 

And if you've been with me for any period of time, I talk about four things that are detrimental to your kidneys, water, a lack of it. Your kidneys are Niagara falls, go to Niagara falls, two in the morning or two in the afternoon. What do you see? Water flowing constantly. You know, it's not like that water gets turned off at Niagara falls that night. Oh, by the way everybody went home and let's turn the water off. Nope. Okay. It just flows 24 7. And that is the importance of keeping kidney function. You better have H 2 64 ounces. Your kidneys rely on water. That's the biggest problem in kidney function is a lack of H2O Niagara falls.

Number two sugar, sugar destroys the kidneys. If you don't believe that, ask a diabetic, a diabetic. You know, if you were investing 20 years ago and you had some foresight, you would've got into dialysis, you would've invested big money and said, well, I think dialysis, they're gonna need a lot of it. So if you did that and you made a lot of money, well, good for you ask a diabetic. They often have almost invariably, by the way, will have trouble with their kidneys because kidneys rely on circulation, water, and a lack of sugar, sugar destroys blood vessels. And it starts with little caps. And that's why diabetics have so much trouble with their eyes and their limbs and their kidneys, circulation, sugar destroys blood vessels. And you know that because insulin's job primarily is the traffic cop who needs to park sugar. 

You can't park have you ever parked in a no parking zone? Have you, and the security comes up to you and says, you can't park there. Get here. You get parked there. Well, that's what insulin does folks. It has to tightly regulate your blood sugar because your body is fearfully and wonderfully made very smart and it knows sugar is destructive. Why do people insist on eating sugar? I know it tastes good.  Anyway, very destructive to the kidney. Why do you think most people have high blood pressure? Why do you think today? Oh, it's a lack of medication. No, it's not. It's not a lack of medication and blood pressure pills. Don't fix blood pressure. It's a bandaid. What causes it? The vast majority of the time it's sugar, my friend sugar, because it causes problems with the kidneys and the kidneys have a big, big, big, big effect on blood pressure. 

What else is destructive to kidneys? Ox? Why is it today? More than ever before, people for people have trouble with kidney stones. 75% of kidney stones are oxalates. Okay. Are oxalates. So when people insist on living on and when you live on salad, you're making oxalates and peanuts too. You're not a squirrel. Anyway, oxalates big problem with kidneys and always tell that to my vegetarian and vegan friends. You're very susceptible. Two ways, two kidney stones, 75% of them are oxalates your body, not getting rid of them and oxalates, by the way, your key leaders, you know what they key late. The wrong thing. Key late means they bite off more than they can chew key leaders. They take away your minerals. You're not meant to live on the plant kingdom. My friend, you're just not, it's hard on your kidneys. A lot of people, not everybody, but a lot of my vegetarian and vegan, French, their car BAHAs they got too much ate. 

And then the fourth one is uric acid and people have this in their mind. Okay? Just generally, if you ask people, uric acid equals and they will say gout. Yes and no. Yes. Gout. But a lot of people have uric acid and they don't have any gout, but high uric acid is not good. Everybody makes uric acid by the way, everybody. But the big thing that drives uric acid is insulin resistance. I always tell people it's not meat. Oh, Dr. Martin, my doctor told me I got gout. I should stop eating meat. No, we used to call it the King's disease. The elites they get gout. The peasants didn't get gout. I mean, gout has been around for forever man, but it was the king drinking beer and wine. The peasants couldn't afford it. Today when you drink alcohol, it's one of the worst things to develop uric acid. But here's another one it's right there. It's fructose my friend. I always tell people, look, if we see so much uric acid today, if we see so much, let's ask the question that I always like to ask why what's changed. You see, I'm a why guy? Why that's who I am. Why did that happen? What do you mean? We have more gout. Like it's gone up about 60, 70%. And I'm only talking about gout. Nevermind. Uric acid levels that have skyrocketed in people. 

Why I wanna know why? Well what's changed our diets. And by the way, 75% of kidney stones are oxalates. 25% of them are uric acid stones. So you have a combination of oxalates and uric acid. One is fructose fructose. By the way its just like alcohol. Alcohol goes in a V line to your liver. Yep. It's quick. So is fructose. And that's why when I watch people drinking fruit juices, I get a migraine that is going straight to you to the liver fruit toast. And this is what I tell my vegetarian and vegan friends. I'm just being a friend. Have I become your enemy? Because I told you the truth. Galatians four and 16, just telling you the truth. Don't drink sugar and don't drink oxalates either. Don't make yourself a green smoothie. You're getting 200 times more oxalates than you need your kidneys. Can't handle that.

Dr.Martin. I'm detoxing. No, you're not. If you're gonna drink, drink water, drink coffee. Did you know this? You know, vitamin C the real one, somebody online the other day did Dr. Martin, is he just fooling around with coffee? Is he? I Googled it. There's no vitamin C in coffee when you don't need vitamin C you need the real one, coffee. It's 500 times more powerful than vitamin C. The other one. That's SCORP PICA. Was he just kidding? No. You know what? Coffee does coffee, honestly. See, can people have coffee? That's dehydrating. It's not good for your kidney. It's very good for your kidneys. 

You know what? It decreases uric acid and today with high fructose corn syrup in every stinking thing in the grocery store from soda to crackers, very destructive to the kidneys and liver. Yep. Yep. Yep. That's what my article is about. Now. I read the book, Dale Carnegie. Okay. How to win friends and influence people. Dale might say, Hey doc, you're not winning friends. Well, I, I know, but I gotta push back. I gotta push back. There's so much indoctrination going on. You can live on fruits and vegetables. No, you, oh, you can't. You can, but it's not the right thing. 

You will not be healthy for a multitude of reasons. You're making way too many oxalates and way too much. Uric acid. You are, and that's not good. Your body's not meant for that. And you don't have to wait for gout to happen. Don't wait for gout. Only a certain percentage of the population get gout. But if you're not eating right, your uric acid levels are up. And I hate to tell you doctors rarely ever check uric acid. They only check it if you got goat, but they wouldn't know what to do. Anyway, they wanna put you on a medication to lower your uric acid. I don't like that. Fix the problem. You're not a rabbit. You're not, you're not a cow. You don't have four stomachs. You just don't. Okay. I know that bothers a lot of people because they took it hook, line and sinker.

Now here's something I mentioned in the article. Okay. Oxalate and breast tissue. Again, you're not gonna find this in the mainstream dense breast tissue dense are full of oxalates and that my friend makes you more susceptible to breast cancer. Yep. Yep. Yep. 

And I haven't seen any studies yet on prostate cancer, but if you know me and you know, my thinking women get breast cancer and men get prostate cancer and they're caused by the same things too much estrogen, too much insulin. And especially in women too much cortisol, too much estrogen. You're too much of a woman, too much insulin, too many carbohydrates and sugars and cortisol too much stress. It's the perfect storm of breast cancer and being a vegetarian. Eh, I don't, don't like to hear it, but nonetheless, that's my article guys in there.

I talked to about anemia. How often I saw anemia, iron deficient, anemia, ladies. This is for you never worry about getting too much iron. You gotta worry about a lack of iron men. You can get too much iron. You know how you get too much iron, you got fatty liver. That's how you get too much iron in your body. Can't create that iron outta your body, the extra stuff you don't need. Women need iron, especially through their menses. And when you don't eat steak, you are not getting the iron. You're just not. You might get some iron in spinach, but you're not getting the bioavailable iron that you need. 

Here's a statement that I've made over the years that would often get me in trouble. If you men straight, you need iron, you need B12 a hundred percent for sure. And you need to earn, and I want you to eat it. It's only found in steak. Okay. Liver. I know, I know it isn't found in the plant kingdom. I'm sorry. Not the right form of it. So I was a guy looking for deficiencies. You get estrogen dominance, too much estrogen. And your periods are outta whack. You get endometriosis, polycystic, ovarian disorder, peak, bad periods, PMs, and all the rest of it with estrogen, dominance, anemia. And a lot of people were anemic and they didn't even know it. Nobody told me I was anemic because you relied on blood numbers. And you know, I don't dismiss them. I had patients come into my office and I would use my eyeballs. 

I'd go, man. You're anemic. What? You're anemic, man. You look like Casper the ghost. And they'd look at me like, who is this guy? I heard he was crazy. Now I know he is. No, but seriously. And I go, well, how do you feel? I'm not that good. I'm pretty tired. Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. Yep. I got it. No wonder you're running on fumes. You don't have enough red blood cells. You're not carrying enough oxygen. You gotta make more. Oh, okay. See those dark circles under your eyes. That's anemia. Yeah. You're anemic, man. You're living on vegetables. When you should be living on steak, you're living on quit. Living on, you can have a salad. Just don't live on it. Oxalates, oxalates, the uric acid water for kidneys, sugar. Get off of it. What a difference that makes okay. That article by the way is posted. Okay. On our private Facebook group alive and fit magazine. My friend, sorry, is the editor there and we love her magazine. Okay guys, we love you dearly.

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