873. Q&A with Dr. Martin

873. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Nutmeg vs. oil of oregano
  • B12 or B Complex
  • Type II collagen
  • Bone broth
  • Sleep apnea
  • Fixing bunions
  • SIBO & malabsorption
  • Skipping rope vs. rebounder
  • Mineral sunscreens & zinc
  • Protein intake


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone is. Mitch is asking, is there any benefits to nutmeg, which is a spice. I'm sure there is. I'm sure there is Mitch, but I gotta give you the answer that I always give when it comes to any other spice. Like, I like cinnamon. That's a great spice helps with your blood sugar. Very good. But there's nothing Mitch, nothing that compares to oil of oregano. I'm a big oil of oregano guy. I have been for a multitude of years clinically. I got results with it. So any spice that I compare to it, you know, different spices, do different things. But oil of a oregano is all around antiviral, antibacterial. It's nature's number one, natural antibiotic, but it's also antiviral.You get a double mammo. It's anti-fungal, it's an antioxidant. It is an antihistamine and natural antihistamine, meaning it's very good for allergies.

And here's me. I love the sprays. I find them very convenient. I call them spray and pray, cuz you're gonna have to pray after spraying them. It's like, Buckley's taste awful, but is very good for you. We put oil of oregano right in our digestive enzyme to kill sea Bo and sea. By the way, we have a question about that this morning. We'll talk about that. When we get to that question, anything that I do, Mitch, I'm going to compare it to oil of oregano and it's not fair for the other spices. It's just because clinically I used it. I talk more about oil of oregano. They used to laugh at me when I had my own radio show. That doctor is in and oh, I know what Dr. Martin's gonna say, oh, I love oregano eh, they were usually right.

I loved it. I still do. And like I said, I'm a big guy on the sprays. You can use drops. You can use it. Even in a powder. We powderize it to put it into our digestive enzyme. The only digestive enzyme in the world with oil of oregano. So good for you. And you know what? It doesn't kill your good bacteria. It's not like an antibiotic that wipes out your good guys with the bad guys. God's natural Antibiotic knows the bad guys and keeps the good guys. How do you like that? Anyway, Mitch, thanks for the question. Okay. Because it's a very good one. And I don't mind talking about oil of oregano. My favourite spice. 

France. Do you have to take B12 with a B complex? As I have been told you need to take both to work together. That's first of all, not true. Let me separate this for a sec. France. When you take a B complex, you'll always have B12 in it. Cause it's a B complex that has all the B vitamins in it. I'm not big on that. Look, it's not that I've never used B complex. I use it in our blood boost. Okay. You'll notice there's a B complex in there. All the B vitamins and that's for people that are really run down are anemic are, uh, really lack of energy. People that are going through cancer treatments or whatever blood boost is a powerful, powerful, the best on the market by far of a multivitamin, multi, multi herbs that I like. I put 'em together in a secret sauce. Called blood boost. Okay. It's tremendous. Now what you heard is not true B12. And to prove my point is that B12 has been for more than 50 years, 70 years.

Hmm. I should Google it. Find out when they started giving injections of B12 doctors in the 1950s, in the 1940s, in the 1960s. And then they got away from it. I mean, if you were tired, you got a B12 shot. You didn't get a B complex. You gotta B12 shot B12 and the best B12 proven. Now it's not that I don't like B12 shots. I do. Okay. I do. But the best B12 now proven is to take it when you need it, take it daily in a sublingual form and make sure it's a methyl Cobain in the sublingual form. Let it melt under your tongue and you're gonna get B12. Okay? You don't have to take it with a B complex. B12 is a separate vitamin in this sense, it's a very finicky, large structured vitamin. You need a lot of things to get B12, to get it right.

And you really only get B12 in food in the animal kingdom. And when you eat red meat, you get a little bit in pork. Pork is considered red meat, but the best is vitamin F steak, the best ah, liver. But I, you know me, I won't talk about liver, but you need that. Okay. So yeah, B12 and you do not have to take both together. As a matter of fact, I want you to eat your B vitamins. When you eat eggs, meat, and cheese, you get all the B vitamins you need. But a lot of people need B12 because they don't have the intrinsic factor. They have digestive issues. If you are on almost any medication, any medication, you're usually deficient in B12. That has been my experience. So those people need to take B12. Now there's another question about B12. Let me get to it.

I might as well do it right now. So thank you very much for that question. But Nez is asking for a two year old who choose meat, then spits it up. Is it safe to give them a B12 a couple of times a week? Well, it's safe, but you don't give a two year old B12 necessarily. Now, first of all, how you gonna give a B12 to a two year old in what form? If you're swallowing a vitamin, eh, good luck with that. You're not getting B12. Can't swallow B12. You can eat it in steak. And if they're chewing on steak and then spitting it out, keep feeding it to them. Okay. But as far as giving a baby B12, eh, you know, I like what form. That's what I mean. Like, if you get a multivitamin and give them B12, you're gonna get the wrong B12. You're not gonna get methyl. COBA you know, the body doesn't absorb that. So yeah, like it's a good question, but I would rather, you just let them chew on the stake. 

Now Deanne. Hello, Deanne does type two collagen help with increasing healthy tissue like muscles, skin, and brain? Yep. I love collagen. Your body is made up of collagen. Why do you think Dean? I love bone broth. Bone broth is collagen protein. Good for your hair, your nails, your skin, your gut, because of ALG, glutamine in it naturally occurring. Amino acid, ALG glutamine. It's so healing for your stomach. That's why I love bone broth. Make it on your own. And we make one tremendous. One of our most popular products. Very good for your skin. Very good for anti-aging is bone broth or collagen. You can take a separate collagen if you want, but I'm not that big on that. I like bone broth better. Or make your own bone broth. 

Now somebody ask this, let me get to this here, because it'll go along with this question. Hold on. Now, Monique was wondering that gelatin like substance in there. When you cook meatballs, is it collagen? And what is it from? Should we add it to sauces? Well, that gelatin-like substance is fat. And to some extent, a little bit of bone broth when you cook your meatballs. But most of that gelatin is fat. Is it good for you? Be your boots. It's good for you. Bet your boots and sure. You can add that stuff. It's so good for you. All your fat BILE vitamins are there. Yeah, I like it Monique. For sure. 

Now deed is asking a question. Why would a 12 year old have sleep apnea? Well, that's a little bit unusual at their age, but I'm gonna tell you in this day and age, it's crazy, but it can happen. And the reason is look, sleep apnea. I'm not kidding you. If you were to go into my textbooks, I got to the left of me and behind me, a lot of my medical books that I've kept over the years. If you look up sleep apnea, good luck in my old books in the 1970s, what sleep apnea? Why do we have sleep apnea? I'm a guy. Why do we see sleep clinics springing up everywhere, major issue. Now, how do they help sleep apnea? They give you a machine to send oxygen into your brain true or false. Yeah, that's what they do. Why, why do we have it today, comparatively? I mean, I'm not saying there was never any sleep apnea before, but it sure wasn't documented in my medical books. Why is it an epidemic today? I'll tell you why it's insulin resistance. Insulin is a fat storing hormone.

And when we insist on being carbos and when our kids are carbos and they are our grandchildren, you know what they get, they get a fatty tongue. They don't just get fatty liver. They get a fatty tongue. Yeah. You get a fatty tongue. When you get insulin resistance, the best way to fix sleep apnea is to change your diet and go on the reset. Now is a 12 year old gonna do that, gonna be difficult, but that's the problem. It's an insulin problem. And sleep apnea by the way is very dangerous. People who get sleep apnea have probably a twofold twice as likely to have a heart attack twice as likely to be dementia.

The solution is not a machine. That's a bandaid sleep with the machine. Yeah, go for it. I'm not telling you not to, but what I am telling you, you better take it a step backwards and find out what the real cause of that lack of oxygen up into the brain in sleep apnea. It's fatty tongue and fatty tongue don't come outta nowhere. Fatty tongue comes from the fact that you have insulin resistance and insulin resistance. Take it one more. Step back is my name is Donny and I'm a carbo sugarholic carbo. Yep, yep, yep. Yep. And I double down on that. That's why the reset has helped so many thousands of people with their sleep apnea. Unreal. Okay. Very good question. 

Katherine, what do you suggest for bunions? Well, bunions is a structural problem in the feet, right? I'm a big guy on fixing fallen arches because bunions are usually bad shoes and bad arches. You know, I saw thousands of bunions in my practice years and two things, bad shoes and bad feet. Bad Arches, metatarsal, arches fallen. I'm a big guy on using a tennis ball or use a ball, use a ball, roll your feet. Once you got bunions, eh, it's hard to fix hard to get rid of bunions. Stop it before it starts because you got a problem and don't wear bad shoes. Not all, but most people who get bunions are women. They wear bad shoes, bad feet, bad shoes, bunions. 

Brenda, if I don't have high blood pressure, why would I see my pulse in my neck? A lot on the right side, close to the collarbone? Well, it's just the way it is. Quit looking. Brenda, you know me? I like to tease. Okay. It's not dangerous. You don't have high blood pressure. Okay? If you don't have high blood pressure, you got nothing to worry about, honey. It's just the way it is. Okay. Nothing to worry about, Brenda. Nothing you can do about it. Nothing to worry about. And don't get all uptight about it because that'll stress you out and that'll elevate your blood pressure. Okay.

Sylvia, you mentioned recently that if someone has SIBO which we like better, small and intestine, fungus overgrowth, they also have a mal-absorption issues. Yes they do. Almost invariably. I was told that I have SIBO a few years ago, this to mean that I'm not able to absorb the supplement. No, listen, listen, listen, listen. When I tell people over the years, when I've told people over the years that they had a mal-absorption syndrome, that doesn't mean you're not absorbing anything. Otherwise, why would you even eat? Ah, I got a mal-absorption syndrome. I'm not absorbing my food. Yes, you are. Not all of it. It's even more important if you have any form of mal-absorption syndrome to fix it. And the only way you're gonna fix it is to take supplements. I mean, if you don't take a broad spectrum probiotic, well, doc, I got a malabsorption syndrome. I know, but you gotta fix it. And the only way to fix it eat good. You're still gonna get nutrition. You might not get as much until it's fixed. You gotta kill the yeast. How do you do that? Well, you better be taking a broad spectrum. Probiotic. You better be taking our candida formula. Our digestive enzymes with oil of oregano, cuz that kills fungus and it kills C O and C. That's why we formulated it like that. You're not gonna absorb 100% of it. Now you gotta fix it.

That's the key. That's the key to fix it. Don't get into the weed. So I'm not absorbing. I can't take anything while you better eat, you better eat. You'll fix the problem. That's the key is to fix it. Okay. So fix it. What can I do to resolve, improve the absorption? You're doing it. Continue to do it. Your body will fix it with help. 

Claire does using a skipping rope, have the same effect as using a bouncer to help with our lymph nodes. Yeah. You sure it does? Sure. It does very good for you. I prefer the rebounder. Okay. I like the rebounder. I'll tell you why. I like it better than skipping a rope. Now you're a kid. Skip a rope. As you get older, I like the rebounder because now you're not getting the pounding on your knees and your feet.

If you're doing good CLA then keep skipping a rope. Act like a kid. It's actually good. But the rebounder is really, really beneficial because it gives you that lymphatic drainage. It really is effective as an exercise without the pounding. Very easy on your joints. I love the rebounder skipping rope. Excellent. Especially when you're younger. Thank you for the question, Claire. Okay. Oh, from my distant cousin. Claire. Yeah. Like Claire and I sort of hooked up because of this podcast. She sent me some pictures. I'm telling you been a real joyed. I got pictures of my great grandparents. Wow. I really appreciated that, Claire. Thank you. 

Okay. I have tendonitis okay. Now listen. If someone has tendonitis now I did a whole podcast on this. If it's recurring, let me just say this. If it is chronic and recurring, oftentimes it's a sign of insulin resistance. Here we go with insulin again. Tendonitis. Veritis arthritis. Now look, you're an old football player. You can have arthritis. You might be bone on bone, old injuries, but a lot of people get a tendonitis and like carpal tunnel where they get numbness in their tendons. And a lot of it is called gly. Meaning that they lose the elasticity and they haven't IIS forming with pain and it doesn't heal up. Do the reset. I love our inflammation formula for that eight anti-inflammatories put together. You find a better anti-inflammatory product than that. You let me know, but I've never seen one. Not as powerful as that one. Okay. Tendonitis. Watch out for insulin. I mean it, 

Jennifer, do you think mineral sunscreens or zinc products are safe to use? They're safe to use zinc, but here's me. Okay. Here's me. If you're very susceptible to burn, you got G lation on the inside that manifests itself on your skin. That's why a lot of people. And I said this repeatedly, when they clean up their diet, it's amazing how much better they do in the sun. That's one number two. I'm very big on 20, 30 minutes of sun, whenever it's sun on your arms and your legs. That's the sweet spot to get 10,000 IUs of vitamin D. And you'll never overdose on the vitamin D that comes from the sun, never happen and never will. Your body knows exactly how much to take. So if you're out for two hours while you're not getting 20,000 IUs, you're getting 10 and your body tops off. Isn't it amazing how your body is fearfully and wonderfully made knows exactly how much vitamin D you need from the sun.

Now don't burn in the sun. I'm not big on that. Absolutely not. But the sun is not the boogie man. And when you put zinc on or even natural minerals, you're not gonna get the de hydroxy made from the vitamin D. Now I'm not saying you can't use some coconut oil or whatever. Sure you can. And don't burn cover up is even better. Cover up is even better. Okay. So yeah, you can make a natural sunscreen. I got no issue with that, but let yourself get the 10,000 iu's of vitamin D 20 minutes, 30 minutes without anything on your skin. Okay. We have a natural Revera. I put that on my face and it allows the UVB in and it blocks UVA, but I'm big on just, oh, natural to get the vitamin D first. Okay. But you can certainly do that, Jennifer.

Okay. Denise can a high AAL hernia symptoms escalate by insulin resistance. Denise. Absolutely. Absolutely. Can do that. When your insulin resistant, you create an inflammation, even in the digestive tract that does not help a hiatus hernia. Is it the cause of a hiatus hernia? Maybe it has something to do with it. We see so much more hiatus hernias than we used to today. Whenever there's more of something I'm always asking the question why hiatus hernia has been around as long as mankind has been around, but there's more of it today. There's a reason gonna go back to that diet of ours. Okay. Good question. These, if stress, response, and neurotransmitters live in the lining of the gut, like GABA do digestive issues cause anxiety because your reserve is low or does anxiety cause digestive issues. Example, if you have gastritis, does that limit your stress response because of the inflamed lining or does stress cause gas?

You know what I love these you're thinking. Look, we know for sure that stress can be a big factor in gastritis. We know for sure that stress can be a big factor in depression. Now, what comes first? The chicken or the egg? Well, I'm big on the chicken comes first. And that is the stress response. Too much. Cortisol creates an inflammatory response. We know from the butterflies that somebody gets, think of that. What is butterflies? I got the butterflies. I'm nervous. My stomach is bothering me. I'm nauseated. I got upset stomach cuz I'm well, what is that? Well, that is your vagus nerve, which is your connection between your parasympathetic, your brain and your nerve nervous system to your gut. So yes, it's usually the stress that messes your digestive track up first. Now you're messing up your feel good hormones in your gut.

Now look, this can start even before stress because there's a real connection between leaky gut. Think of autism. I believe it's a hundred percent leaky gut due to antibiotics or other factors and that it messes up. Baby messes up the baby's brain. The connection between the gut and the brain. I've done many, many a podcast on that. And I would ask you these to review those. But you're thinking right along with me, the chicken or the egg a very good question.

 Rita, what is the proper level of protein in the body and what can you do to lower if it's too high now, Rita, this is not spelled out in your question. So I'm gonna answer your question two weeks, because I think what you're asking, what happens if our protein is too high in the urine, that is a sign of kidney stress, Rita. It's not because of protein.

Okay? When your kidneys get stressed. And one of the signs of that is the protein in the urine. It's not cuz you're eating too much protein. You're not eating enough protein. And you're eating too much sugar. Our crappy carbs that turn to sugar in five seconds. That's the hardest thing on your kidney is sugar. So I think Rita, that's the question you're asking. Okay guys, listen to me. There's no limit to protein. There's no limit to, you're never going to get in trouble, eating too much protein ever. Did you hear what I said ever? Well doc, how many eggs can I eat a hundred now you're not going to eat a hundred eggs, but you could. Don't worry about eating too much protein. I talked too. I talk to athletes every day. Sometimes they get mixed messages from dieticians and nutritionists and you know like you need carbohydrates and you, you know, no. Yeah. Don't if you wanna eat them. Okay, but the best food is protein, eggs, meat, and cheese. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. I want you to throw milk out, but not cheese.

God put protein and fat in combination with perfection in eggs. Perfect meat, perfect and cheese. Perfect. All your vitamins, all your minerals, everything that you need. Okay. And if Rita, if your protein is too high in your blood work, remember it's not protein. It's carbs. Simple as that. That's how you lower it. Thanks for the question. 

Connie wants to ask me about coffee. I love it. I'm hooked on coffee. Okay. And for all the right reasons, does coffee have all the benefits you spoke of on Wednesday? And we did a session on coffee. If, if you just add pure cream. Yep. Pure cream. Yep. See don't ditch dairy. Switch it. Now I like black coffee. It's probably a little bit better. Strictly black, but cream is good. Milk. No cream. Yes. Cream, fat dairy fat. Very good for you. Okay. And when I say eggs, meat and cheese, I mean cream too.Thanks for the question Connie. 

Where do Noles polyps come from? The nose I'm teasing. Well look me. The polyps can come anywhere. They're growths and here's me. Some people just have a tendency to make polyps. Here's me with polyps in the nose. I believe that nose polyps are very specific to a fungal infection. As a matter of fact, I think almost every poly that you could think of. Polycystic ovarian disorder, Pico, ye fungus, candida Canda. They make things grow. They are growths. Don't feed the bears. Don't give them sugar, get your insulin down and get your estrogen down to two growth hormones. Your body makes too much estrogen your too much of a woman and too much insulin, too much of a carbo. Get those down and watch your polyps. And when you don't eat sugar, you're not feeding yeast. And I believe yeast is one of the biggest problems.

Gloria, how can we possibly get the required 3,500 to 4,700 milligrams? Do you think that's a lot? That's all lot a day without eating fruits. Well look, eat eggs, meat and cheese. You're gonna get all the potassium you need. Yes. Now you might have to add a Himalayan salt and someone that gets cramped. Sometimes I'm giving them potassium. We talked about that yesterday in the electrolytes, how much your body needs and some of us sweat out those electrolytes. And one of the biggest factors in electrolytes is when we insist on being sugarholic in carbos because the body, first of all, retains, and then you get edema, then you're peeing out your minerals. But Gloria, you can eat them. If you are getting muscle cramps, then you need to supplement with potassium. 

Dorothy, I have a question for Dr. Martin. My total cholesterol is I don't care. Dorothy, I don't care. I really don't. My HDL is 50. Okay. And then what I look for is your triglycerides is 1 24. Now your doctor wants to put you on medication. What do you think of perent injection look, oh, this is not for you. So this is for your husband whatever. Right? Look, doc. I'm not gonna tell you to take medication or not take medication. I'm not doing that. Okay? It's not my job. I'm not your family doctor. My job is to give you information. Now here's the information Dorothy, that you can tell to your husband, whoever that male is. Who's 55. Here's what's important. When you look at your lipid profile, look at your triglycerides and look at your HDL. That's all I need. If you wanna gimme your LDL. Okay? But I'm not really interested. You want to gimme total cholesterol? Who cares? I don't care.

Okay. It's not that I don't care about you, but I don't care about cholesterol. I want HDL to be high. And here's the problem with this age, 55 male. He's got HDL at 50 and he's got triglycerides at 1 24. He's in trouble because his triglycerides and HDL are upside down. His triglycerides are higher than his HDL. That's not good. That's not good. And the only way to fix it is to get on the reset and change those numbers. Cuz he's upside down and I'm not commenting on the meds because I don't know that person. And this is the way I look at it and I'm right. It's not arrogance. It really isn't. It's the truth about your lipid profile.

Okay. Thanks for the question, Dorothy. Okay. I think I got 'em all cuz I did my next already. Hey, you guys are great. Have I told you I was almost gonna sing, but I'm not. I love you guys. You guys are smart. So incredibly smart. Okay. We got a great week coming up next week. Lord willing. We're gonna look at some studies that are really interesting. We've got some good stuff coming now. Not too early to ask your questions for next week. Question and answer. Okay. Okay guys, we love you guys. And we talk to you soon.

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