854. Q&A Continued


Dr. Martin finishes answering questions sent in by our listeners.

Today’s topics include:

  • Estrogen & breast cancer
  • DIM & estrogen levels
  • Urinary tract infections


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning. Hope you're having a great day. Bonjour to my American friends. Good morning to you on your Memorial Day. We're going to continue on with question and answer Friday, even though it's Monday, because guess what? I didn't finish and I want to be fair. For Rita, I don't remember if I actually answered this. "As a breast cancer survivor, someone was saying estrogens from the cow in milk converted to cheese, that the estrogens are more concentrated in increasing breast cancer. What are your thoughts?" Absolutely not, that's not been my experience. Look, again, it's always best, you got a cow in the backyard, to get your cream from there, get your cheese from there. I mean, 99.9% of the people don't have that ability. Don't worry about eating cheese, it's only good for you, okay? Try and get the better makes and more natural of course, but nah, don't believe that stuff about estrogen.

I mean, first of all, you're never going to get away from estrogen, you're never going to get away from estrogen. You can go live on a farm by yourself, no neighbors around and you're going to be affected by estrogen, okay? So, I'm not saying that you can't help yourself. I don't like any sprays or chemicals. I hated those hand sanitizers, and they spray the tables there in the restaurant to kill all the bacteria and viruses and stuff like that. I mean, that is toxic way beyond anything that you will ever eat, let me tell you that.

But you're not going to get away from it, because we talked about this the other day, from the top of Mount Everest, and I mean that fact, to every ocean in the planet, every water system on the planet, in the placenta they're finding plastic. Well, good luck. Then we created these masks, these plastic masks. I mean, that has been an ecological disaster, plastic. So you're not going to get away from it, I wouldn't worry about it at all. Stay away from soy. That's what I would be worried about in terms of, I don't like soy. Don't consume it, but cheese? Nah, I don't buy it, okay?

Okay, and that's for Rita was saying for breast cancer. What I suggest for Rita, you get on our hormonal formula, get on the DIM. I think I showed you pictures, I have them down there of before and after estrogen on the body. Okay, let me show this again. I'm showing here estrogen. I used to do a test in the office on inflammation and estrogen. You could actually see it on the skin, men and women, okay?

Now for those who are listening on a podcast, you're not going to see this, but I want you to visualize this. You see, it almost looks like leper spots with estrogen, and that of course is very dangerous for breast cancer. Breast cancer and prostate cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer are almost identical cancers, okay? What do I mean by that? Well, breast cancer needs estrogen and insulin, okay? Breast cancer needs estrogen and insulin. Prostate cancer needs estrogen and insulin. Yeah, men get prostate cancer when their testosterone goes down and their estrogen goes up. Men are supposed to have a weensy bit of estrogen. Women, you're to have a weensy bit of testosterone. Don't get me into the genders, because I'm an old fashioned guy, okay? A man's a man and a woman's a woman, but the problem is, is when men become women, they have more estrogen than their wives at 50. That's not good. It's not good for a lot of things, but especially their prostate, okay?

Now, I'm showing you once again what estrogen looks like on a scan. It looks like they have leper spots, okay? The before and after, and let me show you another one, because I've saved these, okay? Here's a woman, that when they came into the office, you see the black around the breasts? That's estrogen. I remember like it was yesterday with this woman. I said, "Man, you are an inch away from breast cancer." Because estrogen is a growth hormone, estrogen drives cancer.

Now, you get estrogen a few ways. You're a woman, of course you're going to have some estrogen. It's always balanced out with progesterone. That's the key for a woman, it's balance. Now, estrogen will take off in view of its low progesterone. Environment, we talked about it, plastics, sprays. Anything that you read that you cannot pronounce usually is what we call a xenoestrogen. Your body thinks it's estrogen. It loves all those chemicals or whatever, it takes them, because it looks like estrogen to your body. That's not good.

But guys, you're not going to get away from it. You can minimize it, but you're not going to get away from it completely. That's the point I make. Therefore, I have thousands of women taking hormonal formula to knock estrogen away from their body. So you see this lady, see the black? On the color one it's red, but you see the black? That's estrogen. Now, let me show you after. There's there, okay? Now, here's a lady here and there's after DIM, okay? So, here's before and after. See that, especially on her left breast? Real, real, lots of estrogen. You can see it, the redness on the left breast, but look at the dark, dark black there, that's estrogen. That's estrogen.

Now, here's after my treatment of DIMing it out. Diet, lower insulin and lower estrogen. Now see, the black is gone, the black is gone. That's what DIM does. DIM will lower your estrogen levels, it'll take it off your body. It is very effective. I'm a big guy on lowering estrogen, dangerous estrogen for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, any woman's cancer is driven. The doctors tell you it's not, because I heard that many a times, and, "Oh, my doctor said that my breast cancer wasn't driven by estrogen." Ooh, yes it is.

Now, there's other factors. There's insulin, there's stress hormone, which will pour gasoline on the fire of growth in a cancer. That's why I'm always big on getting ... but guys, you got to get your estrogen down. Ladies, you got to get your estrogen. "I'm [inaudible 00:09:21], I don't have enough estrogen. I'm going into menopause, I need more estrogen." No, you don't. No, you don't. You never need estrogen, believe you me when I tell you that.

You don't need estrogen, you need to elevate your progesterone. You need to knock estrogen down. "Oh, I know. I'm menopausal, it's going down." If you're having menopausal symptoms, it's because of it's an imbalance. You know what? Birth control, which is almost always estrogen, I don't like it. Now, here's a man telling a woman about birth control. I know, but I'm trying to protect you. They're giving you horse's urine, horse's urine. That's how they make the estrogen. You're not a horse. You're not eating hay, are you? No, but I'm on your side ladies. I am. I don't want you to suffer through menopause and things like that, but there's alternatives. I'm not big on estrogen. I think there's not a woman in the universe should be given any kind of estrogen, you already got too much estrogen.

Okay, Suzanne. "If your gallbladder's removed," we talked about this the other day a little bit, "how cholesterol from animal fat is processed?" Well, listen, listen, Suzanne/Linda, listen. Remember what I said about your gallbladder? It's only a pouch. It doesn't make vile, it stores vile. So if you don't have a gallbladder, your body has plan B. Don't worry about it. Look, it's always best to keep your gallbladder, absolutely. But if you've lost it, your liver's the one that produces bile, so you can have animal products.

Now, you might have to start easier. I found that people with the reset, they may have to be a little bit more careful about the cuts of meat they have and they slowly introduce more fat into their diet. Guys, listen. Animal fat is where you get your fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. Those are fat soluble vitamins, meaning that you need fat and you need animal fat. You can help raise your HDL, your cholesterol carriers by doing that, even without a gallbladder.

A couple of people are asking me about UTIs, okay? So France is asking, "Why would I have blood in my urine if I don't have a UTI?" Well, if you can actually see the blood, because a lot of times I used to see blood in the urine all the time, and it was mostly women, sometimes men, but they didn't even know it, because you couldn't tell by looking at their urine that they had blood in the urine, you only did it with a dipstick. I say, "Hey, you got some blood in your urine." That can be a couple of things. In a woman, can be a low grade UTI without any symptoms, it can be a kidney stone forming, okay? So, I used to watch for that.

You can have some blood in your urine. Sometimes it's very normal after exercise to get some blood in the urine. I always took it seriously, because I always wanted to eliminate any sign of a bladder, a cancer, or like I said, a low grade bladder infection. When you get too much yeast sometimes in the bladder, a candida, it can irritate the bladder to cause some blood in the urine to show up, okay? So, these are things that you want to look for, okay?

Now somebody asked, let me get to that one. I might as well do it now. Oh, here's Betty and Marilyn, let's answer these questions. Betty says, "My husband had 16 UTIs, urinary tract infections, and was hospitalized for it. He takes probiotics and candida cleanse. Any other suggestions?" Well, I am going to suggest to you, rare as it is, men don't get UTIs very often, okay? Our anatomy is different, in case you didn't know, okay?

I know I'm an old fashioned guy. Ooh. Anyway, men rarely get UTIs. They can get them, but they rarely get them. Something is going on, Betty. It's not normal by any stretch of the imagination, and here's what usually happens, okay? I always talk about UTIs this way. You get one, you take an antibiotic. The problem with antibiotics is that they wipe out your good bacteria, and guess what sets up shop in the bladder? Yeast. Yeast loves moisture. It's the cousin of mold, they're cousins. Yeast loves moisture. When you get recurring sinus infections, it's not bacterial, it's not even viral, it's yeast, it's a fungus, it's Candida albicans. When a man, rare, but when it happens, the first antibiotic wiped out his bacteria, and then again and again, and again. Take an antibiotic, you got a urinary tract infection.

Now listen to me, mainly for women, but listen to me. If you have a urinary tract infection with pain upon urination, burning like all get out, you might need an antibiotic, but please listen to this part. Antibiotics are meant to be taken till the symptoms are gone, so when the burning stops, arrêt. That's a French word for stop. Take probiotics with an antibiotic and double them up, so that you don't get a yeast that will settle. So Betty, I can guarantee your husband is full of fungus. So when he's taking Candida, this might take over a year. With 16 UTIs, he's got some kind of weakness there too for sure, for sure, for sure.

Look, antibiotics are wonderful, the problem is they wipe out. Doctors, look, they're just interested in getting rid of the infection. I understand that, but they don't talk to you about probiotics, which is absolutely essential. The new research has proven something I've said for 40 something years, and I mean it, antibiotics should be used for a couple of days, and when symptoms abate, stop them.

Now look, I know that's controversial, but that's the science. That's the science. So, I'm not against antibiotics. Please don't ever say Dr. Martin doesn't like them. Hey, if they're going to save your life, let them save your life. I'm not against them, it's the overuse of them without probiotics. It's key, key, key, okay? I've said it enough times.

Marilyn's asking, "If you hold your urine, does this exercise the bladder to become stronger?" Nope. Marilyn, it's the opposite. You want to hold your urine? Pretend you're a dog. When a dog has to go pee, you know what it does? It raises its leg. It doesn't matter, he'll find the nearest post to pee on.

Okay guys, I'm going to leave you alone. We'll go back tomorrow and continue maybe some of the questions, and maybe I'll work it into another teaching tomorrow. Okay, guys. Okay, so we'll talk to you soon.

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