835. Antibiotics and Babies


Dr. Martin shares a groundbreaking study out of the University of Helsinki in Finland. The study has found that a single course of antibiotics affects the gut microbiome of children.

The first line of the study says that fungus, candida, and yeast was growing in the microbiome of kids compared to the control group who had never taken antibiotics.

This discovery may be groundbreaking to the medical community, but Dr. Martin has been teaching this for years. He’s excited the results are seeing some ink and thinks every physician ought to get a copy of this study.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. And once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. You know what? The next two sessions I want to do on babies. The next two sessions I want to do on babies. And I think you'll find it interesting. And guys, this study, first of all, this morning, it is or it ought to be groundbreaking what they found in babies. And tomorrow we'll do a teaching on a baby's brain. You'll find that fascinating, I'm sure. But I want to bring you this study and I'm trying to hold back a little bit, so don't get too excited. I don't want to say, I told you so. I don't want to use the cliches that I often use, like this ought to blow our socks off. That's a cliche I like to use.

Guys, this is just confirming what we already should know, but most of the world doesn't know. Now, let me give you the study, give you the headline. And then let's talk about this, this morning. Here's the headline, published in the Journal of Fungi, didn't know there was such a journal. Published in the Journal of Fungi, a study out of the University of Helsinki in Finland. Now here's what it says. This is groundbreaking, guys, A Single Course of Antibiotics Affects the Gut Microbiome of Kids.

Here's the headline, A Single Course. So what do you get an antibiotic for as a kid? Ear infections, throat infections. I mean, those would be the most common, maybe some kind of dermatitis or whatever on the skin. But generally you're looking at ears which are 99% viral, by the way. And they're no fun, they're painful. Those poor little ones. I get it. And you want to run off to the doctor to get relief and I don't blame one parent for one minute about that, but doctors know they're viral, so they shouldn't be giving an antibiotic, but they do. Now let me finish the headline published in the Journal of Fungi, A Single Course of Antibiotic Affects the Gut Microbiome of Kids. And then in the first line of the study, fungus, candida, yeast grows in the microbiome of kids compared to the control group who have not taken antibiotics. Now guys, every physician, every physician ought to get a copy of this study.

It is groundbreaking news for them, not news for us, because I have been talking about leaky gut, the change in the microbiome, what happens when you take antibiotics? It doesn't only happen to kids by the way, but it is the most devastating in kids. And we'll talk to you about that in a minute. And even this study is saying, who watched these kids over the years who had taken one course, just one, of antibiotics. One course of antibiotics changed their microbiome, so you've taken antibiotic, it wipes out your good guys in five days, it wipes them out, they're not there. Now they kill a lot of your bad guys too.

That's why you take an antibiotic, but as I have taught you over and over and over again, this is very significant and medicine just doesn't get it. And they should, but they don't. Here's the problem. You wipe out the microbiome in five days, the good guys are gone. You have some bad guys left because you got trillions of bacteria, trillions of bacteria, not billions, trillions of bacteria in your body, antibiotics wipe out your good guys. Now you get an invasion. Now I've always said this. I've been saying it for 50 years.

The invasion of the third army is the most destructive army of all armies, lethal is the invasion of another species when you take an antibiotic without probiotic, you get an invasion. And the University of Helsinki is just confirming in a very surprising to medicine because they're not thinking of that. Antibiotics, and I understand they are wonderful. They really are. You know what I've said over the years, the greatest discovery of the 20th century has become the curse of the 21st century. Why? The invasion of the third army, the Trojan horse that comes in, into the body and what they're saying about kids, very interesting. They talked about two things here in this study, down the road with this group that took one course of antibiotics, the most prescribed drug for kids. What is it? Antibiotics.

Double edged sword, guys, kills the infection, but the invasion of the Trojan horse in kids. And what did they say about it? Down the road, down the road, what did they see in this group compared to the controlled group of kids that in their childhood had no antibiotics? Down the road, they saw two things. One, they saw a massive increase in inflammatory bowel diseases. Now, if you've been a follower of the Martin Clinic for any length of time, what is my model, guys? Repeat, repeat, repeat. That's how you learn. Well, that's how I learn, repetition, repetition, repetition. Repeat, what is this study saying? Down the road because of the invasion of the third army, insidious, much more susceptible to inflammatory bowel diseases, like ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, diverticulitis, Crohn's disease, autoimmune diseases in the gut.

I'm telling you. I'm telling you when you have an invasion of yeast, fungus, and the number one reason, and this is just confirming what I've been telling you all along. This is a major problem in digestive issues. You want to know why we have so many digestive issues, gut issues in adults? Go back. I'm a history guy, go back, go back and find out. That's what I used to do. You didn't get to see me. You just didn't. You know, people are still asking to see me, sorry, my practice is closed. I'm in full-time teaching now. But listen, when people would come to see me, they didn't get past my staff in the front. You have to fill out this questionnaire, sorry. You have to fill out this questionnaire. Why is that? And people, well, doc, he's asking me some of the same questions and maybe in just a little bit of a different way. I know, but I want history. I want history. Were you on antibiotics as a child, ear infections, sinus infections, throat infections, strep throat or whatever? Yes. Okay, it's a big problem.

Big problem down the road. And the study is showing it. Now here's the second thing they say, so yeast, fungus, candida, same disorder, create havoc in your gut, numero uno. You know how we coined a new term when they called it SIBO Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. Big problem today. But it's an overgrowth really, not a bacteria. I know there's bacteria there, but it really isn't. It's an overgrowth of fungus. That's why we like to call it SIFO and remember now, leaky gut, because that's what it creates, creates leaky gut and they admit this in the study. Here's these kids on antibiotics compared to the control group of no antibiotics. They look forward, they see down the road, what did they see? Lots and lots of digestive issues.

Two, lots and lots of lung issues. Leaky gut, leaky lungs. It's one of the reasons... Look when I went to school in the 1950s, did kids have problems? I guess so. When you're a kid, you don't even think about it, but can I tell you something? I never saw a kid with asthma. When we'd go running out at recess, I majored in recess by the way. That was my major in school. I loved recess. Okay. But there was no puffers. Asthma today, it's like one out of every second child's got some form of asthma, breathing problems. What is this study out of the University of Helsinki saying, you know what folks, brought to you by antibiotics.

Yep. Leaky gut, leaky lungs. And they don't think of it. All they can think of is giving you puffers or antihistamines or steroids or whatever for lungs. And I get it. I understand why they do it, but it's only a bandaid. It don't fix the problem. The lungs have been invaded by a species. It's an invasion. You can't see it. It's sub microscopic, but it is there nonetheless. So they're saying two things and I appreciate it, it was a blow my socks off when I read it. Because when I read this study, I was giving myself a high five. Wow, they're finally looking at what candida can do in the body. Yeast, a fungal infection. So lots of gut problems down the road. That's what they said, lots of digestive issues from diverticulosis to inflammatory bowel, IBS. You name it down the road and they're saying, because it's an invasion of a species of yeast and yeast will make you bloated.

Yeast will give you digestive trouble. Yeast will give you trouble digesting dairy, yeast will give you trouble digesting eggs. Yeast will give you all sorts of food intolerance. Because when people tell me they have an intolerance to food, I always say, "Well, yeah, okay. Why do you have an intolerance to that food? Why is there so much lactose intolerance?" Now, a lot of it is because they denatured milk. I talked to you about that, don't drink milk. You don't need it. Your children don't need it. You don't need it, but I don't want you to ditch dairy. I want you to switch dairy because I'm big on dairy. But one of the reasons that people have trouble with dairy is because they took antibiotics in their childhood, in their infancy without replacing the bacteria, the good guys, you got an invasion of a species it's called candida albicans, yeast or fungus.

So they said two groups, one with the kids taking antibiotics and one with kids not taking antibiotics. The difference was astounding. Now let me go farther on this, autism. I'm telling you, I'm telling you the biggest factor in autistic children is the microbiome. It's the invasion of the third species. So I talked to you about leaky gut, gut problems, leaky gut, lung problems, well established now, but thirdly, what they didn't talk about in this study, but others have, and I've been a big proponent of this, leaky got antibiotics as little infants or mommy taking an antibiotic.

Mommy takes an antibiotic and then what? The amount of autism is incredible. Why? The invasion of a species. Think about this or we're up to, what is it now? One out a 30 or one out a 40 babies born. Are you kidding me? It's craziness how prevalent it is. And when you get kids with ADD and ADHD, and then you got yeast and you know what? Guys, you know this because it's always been an expression of the Martin Clinic. Don't feed the bears. When I say that, what do I mean by that? Don't feed yeast because yeast or candida or fungus will call your name. They call kids names every day, feed me, feed me, feed me, feed me. What do I want? And I want it now, is sugar, glucose. I need to be fed.

And you get from leaky gut, digestive issues, way down the road. Don't happen right away. For some it does but mostly it doesn't, mostly it doesn't, it's down the road. That's the problem with the diagnosis guys. That's why it's so hard to get physicians to be holistic. Do you know what I mean by that? You know what I mean by holistic? You go to an oncologist and all they can think of is cancer. I was talking to someone yesterday and their oncologist told them no probiotics during chemotherapy. You should have seen my face. Sometimes I try and hide what I'm feeling. Oh.

All I can think of... Look, I'm giving you chemotherapy and the chemotherapy is going to destroy everything in your body, well the tumor first and then we don't want anything interfering with that. Oh because they can't think, or at least most, can't think down the road. What are they doing? And listen, don't leave here and say, well, Dr. Martin doesn't like chemotherapy. I didn't say that. I didn't. But what I am saying is this. If you're taking chemotherapy, you better triple up your probiotics. You're going to get a fungus. There are doctors out there including oncologists who do think outside the box that have said this.

Every cancer, every cancer is fungal based. Every cancer. Now is that true? I think it's a factor. It's a big factor. It's a big factor. Any cancer cell needs glucose to thrive and pathologists... And they get almost dismissed, pathologists and oncologists who think outside the box get dismissed. But they often say, that's why glucose feeds cancer. You know why? Because the actual cancer cells are fungal. Guys, friends, this is significant. This is significant. And the University of Helsinki, God bless you for doing the research because this is so important. Parents, grandparents, listen to me, mommies who are about to have babies, mommies, you need to be on probiotics for a multitude of reasons. But especially if you had to take an antibiotic in a year before you got pregnant, babies need probiotics. So mommy, when you're breastfeeding, take your probiotics, baby gets probiotics.

Don't even be scared to put a little bit of probiotic powder, just a little sprinkle on your nipple so that babies can have... And they already get the bacteria by the way, it's one of the biggest things guys. It's one of the biggest things. People don't even understand that because they don't think about it. But when mommy's breastfeeding, one of the things they get right from mommy's bacteria on her breast, are probiotics friendly bacteria that they get, babies get that, it's one of the most important things in breastfeeding. They're building their immune system. It's not just the milk, they're getting mommy's bacteria. Hopefully mommy's bacteria is in good shape.

And then it's so important for if a child has to take antibiotic, look, sometimes they have no choice and look it, you know what my thinking is on ear infection, it's viral friends. It's viral. Give them pain killers for sure and an antihistamine or whatever try and get your doctor even to think outside the box because they know it's viral. Yeah but it cleared up with an antibiotic. I know, but it would've cleared up anyways. You just wanted to reduce the pain. Probiotics, probiotics, probiotics.

Incredible. I know I got a one track mind. Let's talk about the brain for a minute. Since we're on the subject of leaky gut, the invasion of the third army that gets into the brain tissue, what do you think Parkinson's is? It's fungal. It's leaky gut, leaky brain, the antibiotics. It's not the only reason, but it's a big reason, guys. It's a big reason. It's been diminished in studies because like I said, in kids, it's still the number one prescribed medication for kids. And I'm telling you something, I'm going to tell you something else too, because I'm telling you about the brain and down the road in the Parkinson's and the MS, all autoimmune comes originally from the gut.

And most of it is the invasion of the third army, especially when you're a child. Takes years and years and years to manifest itself in another form, away from the gut. Sometimes in the gut, I'm telling you guys one of the biggest reasons we see so much colorectal cancer in young people, the overuse of antibiotics, this study is stating it. The destruction of the microbiome.

You see kids, the brain, we talk about it tomorrow. The development of child's brain in relationship to the gut. Absolutely incredible. Mommy, grand mommy. When the baby has an infection, if it absolutely needs an antibiotic, then make sure they're getting a probiotic. And people ask me this every day about probiotic. Well doc can a baby take a billion? Your capsules have 50 billion. Yeah, they got trillions of bacteria. 50 billion is wonderful even for a little baby. The best way to deliver it is through the breast milk. But you got to put the powder on the tongue. I don't care. They got to get probiotics. They got to stop the invasion of fungus, candida, yeast. So I don't care how old you are, that's always the case. Ladies, recurring bladder.

What do you think that is? It's the invasion of the third army, loves moisture. Yeast loves moisture. Remember that, it's a cousin of mold. Where do you get mold? In your bathroom, in your basement, wherever you had water damage. Well, you get water damage in your lungs. There's lots of water in your lungs. There's lots of humidity in your bladder, ladies. Men, not as much because of the anatomy of the situation you get excited. I get excited. I see a study like this and it's just incredible for me. It really is. It tells me doc, I talk to myself too. Keep going, keep teaching. Don't give up. Don't get discouraged.

You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make them drink it. But bring as many horses to water as you can. Change the world one by one, change their thinking. Medicine as an establishment, not easy. Go after individual doctors that are open to learning. I'm ready to do that. Okay guys, tomorrow babies again, but another study. Now the Martin Clinic Facebook group, private, join. If you didn't get our email this morning about testosterone, you really missed something. I mean it, if you didn't get it, make sure you sign up at MartinClinic.com. Now Facebook, it's incredible the outreach we have and that's because of you guys, faithful followers and you can get people to... You can share this or another way is get them to listen via The Doctor Is In Podcast. You can do that. The Doctor Is In Podcasts. We love you guys and we'll talk to you soon.

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