830. Fibre Is Overrated


Dr. Martin shares two studies that confirm something he’s been saying for a long time… that fibre is overrated!

The first study shows that insoluble fibre in particular feeds your bad bacteria, and that’s not good. The second study goes along with the first showing that fibre can actually help grow tumours. Again, not good!

Join Dr. Martin in today’s episode to understand why these studies are significant!


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Dr. Martin:  Oh, good morning, everyone. And once again, welcome to another live here this morning and hope you're having a great start to your day. Now, what I want to talk to you about today is another in the series, fiber is overrated. Now, I got two studies that confirm what I've been saying for a long time. Now again, guys, I want to be consistent. Okay. I don't want to tell you something and then change my mind, no. Does that mean I wouldn't change my mind? No. I could change my mind. Convince me and I will change my mind, but I've always said this about fiber. It's overrated. It's overrated. Now, the worst fibers are insoluble, meaning that you eat them, but they're on their way out because your body can't take it for nutrition, has nothing to do with what your body will absorb. They're called insoluble fibers.

Now, a couple of studies, one of them would be disturbing. And then we'll talk about constipation because the reason that fiber became such an important part of mainstream medicine or mainstream healthcare has to do with cereal companies. Okay. I've watched it guys. Why were people eating all bran? Okay. Kids don't eat all bran, do they? They might eat some brand cereals, but I don't think they particularly like all bran, but all bran became famous because of fiber. They said, "Well, it'll make you go to the bathroom." How many times I've heard that from patients over the years. Two studies, one shows insoluble fiber. This is significant guys, insoluble fiber. You know what it does. It feeds the bad bacteria. Now, not so much in the large intestine, more so in the small intestine where your food is being absorbed is in your small intestine. Okay.

So, let me just show it to you. I'm going to get a chart out. For those listening on the podcast later on, I'm showing the digestive system on a chart, my old 1970 Atlas that I've used, how many years is that? Well, its 50, it's more than 50 years. I've been using this Atlas, but I like it. I like it. I want to show you where food gets absorbed. So, the large intestine, you see it here, the large intestine. It's where this food gets into the small intestine here. This is where you find guys, SIBO. I've talked to you about that. SIBO or SIFO. It's really SIFO. Now you can get bacteria in there. Really doesn't belong in there. One of the ways your body fights bacteria, the bad guys in the small intestine is when you have really good stomach acidity, really good stomach acidity. That's a big, big fact.

For example, you get at acid reflux. You don't have enough acidity. You're much more susceptible to H-Pylori, which is a bacterial infection that particularly likes your stomach. But you know what they're saying in the study. Fiber actually feeds that. It feeds the bad guys. That's not good. You don't want that. Now, I've taught you this. Whenever you get a bacteria that reoccurs, ladies in your bladder; folks, men, and women in your sinuses; kids in their ear, when they get a recurring infection, while a lot of times in the ears it's virus. But, as an adult, you can get an infection, recurring sinuses, recurring bladder, recurring gut bacteria. Let me tell you this. This is foundational guys. This is foundational. It's yeast. It's fungal. Now, there's bacteria present. I agree with that, but it's not the main thing. The reason that you get constipated, one of the reasons. I'm going to talk about the hormonal aspect in a minute, is you have a yeast infection in your gut.

And yeast, You know what it is, guys, it makes bread rise. It creates inflammation, yeast in bread, okay it makes it rise. Inside your body, it makes you bloat. It creates an inflammatory response. When you have inflammation, you have less room in your bowel. Your bowel becomes thinner because it's inflaming. The walls are inflamed. What happens? Constipation. For a lot of people, constipation. And it may go back and forth between constipation and diarrhea. You got IBS, you got a digestive issue. What this study is saying is that fiber irritates that, because it's feeding the wrong guys. Like they always say it like go and Google it if you want, if you don't believe me, Google this. What's the best way to have a prebiotic? Google prebiotics. You need fiber. Fiber feeds the microbiome. Yeah. Yeah, it does. I agree. It's just feeding the wrong ones like sugar does. We have bought the lie that your body can't live without fiber, fiber, fiber.

And the second study. It really goes along with the first one. The second study in PubMed, this is where I read it, in PubMed says fibers help growth of tumors. Ooh, that's not good, is it? Folks, again, you have to admit if you've known me for any period of time, I've said this for so long, makes your head spin. Fibers overrated. Now, there is a fiber I do like, and again, Google it. And you're going to see every guru say that I'm crazy when I say this. They don't say Dr. Martin is crazy, but they say, when someone talk like don't use flaxseeds, I disagree with that. You know me. I even allow you to have some flaxseed on the reset. Why do I do that? Well, first of all, the biggest thing that's in flaxseed is lignans. It's a hundred times more than anywhere else in the plant kingdom, hundred times. What does that do?

Ladies and gentleman, introducing flaxseeds. Why? Lignans, why are they so good? Because they hammer down your estrogen. So, even though that flax is a phytoestrogen in itself, it's a phytoestrogen, that's why gurus don't want you to touch it, but they forget it. In nature, god always gives you the right formula. Flaxseeds have a hundred times the lignan, L-I-G-N-A-N-S, lignans that blocked estrogen. That's why ladies, I want you to do it because tumors, especially breast tumors, ovarian tumors, uterine tumors, anything ladylike, need estrogen and men listen, Linda, men, estrogen makes your prostate grow and grow and grow. You don't want too much estrogen. So, block it. One of the ways to do it is the lignans. That's why I like flies.

Now, listen, let's get to some hormonal issues. Almost invariably I've seen this. There's two negative things about fiber. One, they feed the wrong type of bacteria and two, they help to promote tumor grow. Wow. So, be careful with fibers. Don't take it, hook, line, and sink. But Dr. Martin, if I don't take it, I'm not going to go to the bathroom." I'm not saying the bathroom is overrated. It's not. But like some people sacrifice, in my opinion, their health to be [inaudible 00:12:25] it's like, I've said this in the party, you're not going to win a price for the biggest poop.

If you eat the right foods and this is numero uno, if you eat the right foods, your cells at the cellular level, love a hundred percent or 99% pure [inaudible 00:12:57]. See, the problem with carbs, is there's a lot of debris in carbs. You know what I mean? Because it's like paper and twigs. It doesn't give you a long burning fuel. It's very short. And your body discards, your body discards most of the carbohydrate. It loves the sugar part of it. Give me sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar. Give it to me, give it to me. Because if you insist on eating sugar, your body will take 25% of that for your headquarters, your brain. That's why it's so important to change fuels. Yeah. There's a lot of fiber in carbohydrates. So what? They suck up all your water. They dehydrate you. They're so overrated. Anyway, let's get to hormones.

Horrormones. One of the biggest factors in constipation, it's not a lot to fiber. It's not. There'd be no constipation for the amount of fiber people eat in our society. They don't eat enough eggs, meat, and cheese, and they love their fiber [inaudible 00:14:27] salad, salad, as if you're a rabbit. Teaching yesterday, the Dr. McEwen's class at the University of Tennessee. You're not a cow. Cows have four stomachs. You only have one. Cows eat the grass. You don't. Rabbits. When you see a rabbit eating salad, that's all right. You're not a rabbit. Horrormones. Oh, the thyroid slows down. Hypo, sluggish. I developed the term, I think, I don't remember anybody else doing it. They call it hypothyroid, but you might not be officially hypothyroid. But when you have thyroid symptoms of a sluggish thyroid, that's what I call it. I have a sweet spot where you're thyroid operates at the top of its game.

But one thing I never forget, I never forget. I learned it as a young man. I still use it in my mind today. And I want to know symptoms. Are you losing your hair? Is your hair thinning out? Are your eyebrows thinning out? Is your skin drying up? You're gaining weight. Just look at food and you gain weight. Do you have constipation? Well, your thyroid is your metabolism. Your thyroid is the orchestra leader. Your thyroid even helps when it's functioning properly, what we call peristalsis. You got [inaudible 00:16:25] hairs, microscopic that move your feces down the road. Don't stay here. Get out. I want you to move along young fella, talking to your feces. And that's what peristalsis is when your thyroid is sluggish.

So, what causes constipation? Yeast overgrow. The yeast overgrow, sluggish, thyroid. Another one is inflammation. And that could be caused by either yeast or it can be caused by cortisol, stressed over a period of time creates an inflammatory response in the gut. Like I said, that one, there can go between diarrhea and constipation. Sometimes, it's back and forth, but it's not a lack of fiber. It's inflammation. And what happens when the bowel is inflamed, it affects your liver and your liver gets gummed up. It gets gummed up for two reasons. One, you are a carboholic. We all know what happens in the liver when you are a carboholic. It's the Costco parking lot. The conversion of T4 to T3 in the liver is messed up. When your liver is full of fat, you can't even detoxify the estrogen. You have too much estrogen. It decreases the conversion of T4 to T3 that affects your thyroid even more. It slows your thyroid down. The gas pedal in your car don't go to the floor and everything slows down. And let me say this too.

If you have hyperthyroid, even without autoimmune, it usually is, it's Graves or whatever. Even then you're messed up between your T4 and your T3. Remember our teaching on the thyroid. You only get a teaspoon in a whole year of T3. It is finicky. The thyroid is finicky on the best of days, especially in women. You know why? Because women have many more moving parts than men. Men aren't complicated. Not like women are. Women are complicated. Ladies, don't be insulted by that. I used to use the word weird. I don't say that no more. I say you're unique. Women are complicated. You know why? You have ovaries. Ovaries complicate the world and you guys know, I love you ladies. Okay. I do. I feel sorry for you. Men. Eh. Women. Hmm. Horrormones. I never say that to a man ever.

Ladies, your ovaries complicate your life. And if it's in great balance, beautiful, but what if you're making too much estrogen compared to your progesterone and your gut gets affected by that a lot of times. That's why one of the reasons I do the reset guys, it's a horrormone diet. It really is. You need to start with the real best fuel. You're changing fuel. Go out to the airport and watch them fill the planes. They're not filling it with 87. Do you want 87? I got a truck guys. Okay. You got to mortgage your house today to fill it up. Geez. I can't stand it. Anyway, you know what I know about fuel? Not much, 87, 88 or 89. And then there's a premium. You guys know that? Yeah. When I was a kid, you couldn't go to a gas station and fill up your own car. Are you kidding me? I tell my grandchildren that. You could, grandpa. I never filled up my tank once.

In the 70s [inaudible 00:21:29] went to a gas station, they had an attendant there, but today you get out and you fill up your vehicle, true or false? True. And you look at fuel and you go 87. Well, that's the cheapest one. Does my car run on it? Yeah. Good. Because it's cheapest, cheaper. You need to take out a second mortgage and don't get me started in politics. So, estrogen imbalance, the womanly hormone, imbalance. Very good for you, makes you a woman. But when inside a balance, you're in [inaudible 00:22:12]. And one of the things that happens is digestive issues. When happens in the liver, doesn't stay in the liver. It affects the thyroid, chronic stress, estrogen dominant. The endotoxins that I talk to you about. When you're feeding the wrong bacteria and you're feeding yeast, sugar. Sugar and fiber are not good combination. I think I should talk about that. Sugar and fiber are not a good combination. They're feeding the bad guys in the small intestine. It's not good. It's not good. You're changing your microbiome, all right. Don't feed the bears. Don't feed the bears. It's interesting. Isn't it?

So, what do you do if you're constipated? Well, again, number one, I want you to think hormones. I want you to write out your symptoms. What do you feel and make sure that your thyroid is working properly? Because a lot of people don't rely on blood test, dies. I'm sorry. Anyways, I should teach a course. They should make physicians go back to school on hormones. They really should. Because they just treat symptoms and they're hijacked. I hate to be negative, but hijacked by blood work, the lab tells them what to do rather than you tell them. A good doctor's listening. Like my dad used to say, "Listen, son. The patient has inside information and observe." Of course, that was me in the [inaudible 00:24:26]. I used to look at that. Coming in, I'm looking at the lady's eyebrows. I can tell you if you had hormonal problems almost out of the get go.

So, what do you do if you're constipated, numero uno is water. I'm going to give you three or four, because I don't want to say one is more important than the other, but I talked about water because it's in my top four. What do you do when you're constipated? Make sure you have enough water and only water is water. Do you understand me? Only water is water. Probiotics. There are bacteria. The good gut that you introduced into your gut. There's certain bacterial strains that are really, really important for constipation and really help. Everybody and your dog should be on probiotics, everybody and your dog. Constipation, probiotics. Very important. Water, probiotics, coffee. Do you want me to send you the studies on coffee and normal peristalsis. Coffee is very effective for that. It's another reason I call it vitamin C. Very important to do that.

Make sure your thyroids working well. Because that could be a big, big factor. If you're sluggish, you got to fix that. You got to get your estrogen down. That's why I'm big on flaxseed. Now listen, if you have diverticulosis, then be careful with the seeds. Grind them up. I'm not big on grinding by the way. I'm not like you got to have ground, but if you have diverticulosis with little pouches in your ascending colon there. Now that's what you do. Probiotic, water, coffee, flax. I like that. Get your estrogen down. Don't feed the bears. No sugar because that really feeds the fungus. And even the bacterial overgrow that can happen. Don't over fiber it. It's overrated. Get your stress levels down. Cortisol. That has an effect. Because when you have high stress, it slows your thyroid down. It speeds it up at first and then long lasting, it slows it down because it doesn't allow the conversion of T4 to T3. Get that stress level down, get the inflammation down in the gut.

So, what's Friday? Question and Answer Friday. You got it. So, remember that. You got any questions? Friday we answer. Are you a member of the private Facebook group? You are, good for you. If you're not invite your friends and family to join that group. And if they can't watch live, you can share this, which I highly recommend you do or you can get them to download The Doctor Is In Podcast because that's what these things become The Doctor Is In Podcast. So, join up, download them on your smartphone. Are we listened to them? It's a good idea. I think it is. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Okay guys, we love you dearly. Talk to you soon.

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