817. Vitamin S Is Steak


If you’ve followed Dr. Martin for some time, you know that vitamin S is steak! 

In today’s episode, Dr. Martin gives 10 reasons why you need to be eating steak. The eating of red meat has been vilified in recent years, but there are so many benefits to eating it. Dr. Martin receives a lot of pushback in promoting it but won’t stop until more people learn the truth.

With BBQ season around the corner, learn why you should be eating more steak!


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Dr. Martin:  Good morning everyone. Once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day as we bring you health news behind the news. I got a couple of studies that I want to just sort of talk about this morning. I thought about doing 10 reasons for eating steak, vitamin S. There's more than 10. But, I've written down 10, and I just can't get over how red meat has been vilified, especially steak, in this day and age. It's incredible. And it bothers me, obviously. But, when I say this, I get a lot of pushback, but you know what? I don't care. It doesn't matter if I get pushback. I want people to hear the other side of it. So, we're going to talk about steak as the number one food in the world. A little asterisks is this: Liver's better, but I don't like liver, so I can't put it number one in my heart. 

So for those of you who love liver, good for you. And I answered the question a couple of weeks ago when we talked about in question and answer, "Well, Dr. Martin," that was a very good question by the way, "If the liver picks up toxins," this is a good question, "Why would we eat liver? Wouldn't it be full of toxins?" Well, you're not eating human liver, I hope. You're not a cannibal, are you? But, you're not eating human liver. When you eat calf liver, or whatever, it is so good for you. High in everything I'm going to talk about in steak. I was telling a friend yesterday, who's in medical school and we had a good chat last night, he says "Doc, when are you going to teach medical doctors, or write a book for them?" 

It took me a second or so to answer, because I was thinking about it and I said, "You know what? I don't aim at doctors." I don't. I don't write like that. I don't talk like that, and to be honest, a doctor, any doctor, should take the book The Reset, or Serial Killers: Two Hormones That Want You Dead, books that I've written in the past. Are You Built For Cancer? Secrets Your Doctor Won't Share With You. Those books doctors should read because you can write books for medical people and put in a pile of jargon and big, big words and terminology. You know what? Who are you impressing? Because really, when it comes to nutrition, you really have to go to the basics. And I found out, I remember being intimidated a little bit, and I probably told you this in the past that I've taught medical doctors when they have to take credits for their continuing education. Every profession pretty well does that. You've just got to keep your license up. In order to do that, you need so many credit hours. It's in every profession pretty well, as far as I know. 

And I worked for a company consulting. They would bring me in, Montreal, Toronto, and these doctors could get credits. And I wasn't the only speaker, I was just one of them. I remember the first time I did it. I said, "I'm a little intimidated. I don't want to make it too simple and then they're not going to appreciate it." Then I thought about it. I said, "You know what? I am going to go over the basics of 101 nutrition, just the basics. Teach them carbs, fat, protein, talk about cholesterol, and we'll see what happens from there." I said, "I'm just going to teach it like I'm teaching you today. Basic." And I won an award for being the best speaker there in the two day conference. I just kept it simple. I kept it simple, because I just realized you've got to go through the basics with these doctors. A lot of them wouldn't know a protein if it slapped them in the face. I don't want to be negative, but it's not part of their curriculum, so I said, "If they're going to sit and listen to me, I'm going to give it to them in 101." 

And steak guys, in case you thought I was forgetting what I wanted to cite, steak is the number one food in the world. I don't repent from that statement. I will not back down from that statement. You bring me any other food, including eggs, which you know I love. I often call eggs perfect food. But, it's not as perfect as a steak is. It's just not. And I want to give you 10 reasons. Now, we might do two sessions on this, why steak is the world's best food. What I would suggest to you, that if you have vegan friends, vegetarian friends or family, if they're not open to receive teaching, then what can you do? But, if they're open to at least listening to the other side, I want to state my case. I want to state unequivocally that your body will not do well unless you like steak. And you know me with vitamin F. I want to remind you all red meat is good. It's superior to white meat. 

Now, it doesn't mean white meat ... you like your chicken. Good for you. It's good source of protein. No problemo. Enjoy. Don't cook it in the vegetable oils. Don't cook it in that canola or grape seed or soy oil, or whatever they use in the fast food industry. I'm not talking about chicken McNuggets. But, chicken, turkey, good. Fish, good for you. But steak is better. Now, there's four C's that I like to start off with. Creatine. You'll see a lot of young people and body builders, whatever, they will supplement their diet with creatine. I tell people, "Well, you can take it as a supplement. I'm not against that. But, why wouldn't you eat it? And you get it in steak." You know how good creatine is for your muscles? Do you know how good it is for your brain? Study after study is showing how good that is for you. Well, I'd rather you eat it than you take a supplement of it. Eat it. It's good for your memory. Creatine. 

Choline. Whenever you think of choline, think of brain. Neurotransmitters. If we don't get detoured too much, I'll talk to you about mental health issues. We live in a world ... I read a statistic the other day on one billion people. What are we up to? Seven billion or close to eight? But a billion people, estimated, suffer from depression, anxiety. Take out a coin. Take out a coin and look on one side, you have depression. Look on the other side, you have anxiety. They go together. They're often, often connected, big time. I'm a big guy at looking at root causes. Root causes. I know all about brain chemistry. I understand it. Very complicated, but I've been doing this for a lot of years. I understand about neurotransmitters. And I always remind people that you've got more hormones in your gut than you've got in your brain, and your feel good hormones, they need to be fed. You need to eat, because your body takes choline. It's really important. It's why vegetarians and vegans suffer from much more depression, because they are nutrient deficient. They don't get enough choline. You need choline for your neurotransmitters in your brain to regenerate the brain. There is C number two. Reacting choline. You get choline in eggs too. Makes eggs good too. 

Carnitine. L-carnitine, an amino acid that is so good for you. Helps to use fat for energy. Steak, you see, is the best weight loss food that you can eat. Eggs, meat and cheese. What? Duh. They're full of fat. That's the point, because fat don't make you fat. Fat will make you lean, mean, fighting machine. Because, God gave you fat to eat in perfect proportion to protein, in steak, in eggs, and in cheese. Dairy fat. Butter fat. Cream, whole cream. And if you've got a cow in the backyard, whole milk. Perfect. With all your vitamins. Like somebody said to me more than once, "[inaudible 00:13:07], I need variety." When you think about it, that's been in the last what, 50-60 years that it's been variety? Like you know I need to have 50 dishes, just because I get bored. Well you know what? That is brought to you by the food industry. 

Can I be honest with you? I never get bored of steak. I love it. I know it's good for me. I don't get bored. It's like do I get bored of coffee? No. I have it every day. When I get out of bed, all I can think of is coffee. Please. I'll go over glass with bare feet to have my coffee. I don't let myself have coffee before I have 16 ounces, or a half a liter, of water. I do that by habit. Do I feel like drinking water before coffee in the morning? No. But, I do it, because I know it's good for me. It's just a habit. But, hello. Are you tired of coffee? No. I've been drinking since I'm 15. My mum wouldn't let me drink it, but my grandma, you know grandma's, they can't say no. I used to love the smell of her percolated coffee in the morning when I stayed at my grandma's, or even at night. She'd make coffee in that percolator, and I always loved the smell of it. Somebody was on our private Facebook group saying they don't like the smell of coffee. What? What's the matter with you?

No, but seriously guys. L-carnitine is an important part of steak. It is so good for you. It helps you to burn fat as fuel. It's a fat buster. L-carnitine. People that are low in L-carnitine often suffer from depression. There we go again, low levels of choline, low levels of creatine, low levels of L-carnitine, low levels of carnosine. You know, like carnivore? These four things that I talked to you about, four things, essential for your body. Creatine, choline, carnitine and carnosine. Got it? The four C's. Only found in the animal kingdom. They're not found in plants. Therefore, if you insist on being a vegetarian, you're missing four ... you're missing more than that, but those four. Because, I want to start with the four C's. They're not in the plant kingdom. 

Think about this for a second as I make a general statement. How can being a vegetarian or a vegan be good for you if you just take out those four C's? How could it be good for you? See how I talk to doctors? Because I said, you get a patient in your office, they got heart disease or you're worried about their heart disease, or they've got high blood pressure, or you're looking at cholesterol and you see they've got high cholesterol. You better cut back on your red meat. True or false? When I ask doctors, "It's truth." I said, "Well, you're wrong. It's not true. It's not science. You've been hoodwinked. It's not true. This is the truth. This is what's in food. This is what's in steak. Vitamin S."

Remember my new book, Sun, Steak and Steel and Sleep, and maybe another S. Maybe. Okay, coming to a theater near you in the fall. No but seriously guys, I don't care. I mean it. I don't care if people don't believe it. In a way, I can bring a horse to water, I can't make you drink it. But guys, this is really, really important. And you know what? Rita is saying the prices are going up and Rita, I understand that. I like going to the grocery store. It drives my wife crazy, but I like looking at labels. I get the pricing. It's crazy. You don't want me to get into politics. But, I've got to tell you the truth. The four C's, you know what they do? They decrease A-G-E-S. What's that mean? 

They decrease the glycation. It's one of the ways that you rust out. We rust out. I'm rusting out. I try and slow it down, but we're all going to rust out through oxidation and glycation. And refer to my book, The Reset. I talked about it, the two ways that our body breaks down. I mean, there's more than two, but the way we age is through oxidation. Those four C's help with stopping oxidation and glycation. Glycation means your body is rusting out in a different way. They rust out by oxidation and glycation. Everything becomes less supple. Do you know what I mean? Skin. What do you think wrinkles are?

You know, I look at pictures of me when I graduated, 1974. Holy moly, who is that guy? I was listening to a song yesterday on YouTube. It was a blast from the past in the 1960's, probably about 1967. I'll Never Find Another You by the Seekers. I used to love that song. But, they were showing ... the Seekers, you remember that? I think they were from Australia. You've got to be my age to know who the seekers. But, they Georgie Girl, and a few other hits. But it was kind of interesting because I looked at it on YouTube, and they were showing they had a reunion about five or six years ago, so you can hear the song in 1967, then you see about 20, I think they had a comeback tour in ... I can't remember, 2016 or 2017 or something like that I saw. Holy moly. They aged so much. It was incredible. I said, "How could you recognize those people if YouTube didn't have their name?" And I said, "Doc, look in the mirror." But, that's oxidation and glycation. 

Guys, but what slows it down is vitamin S. Steak. It doesn't stop it. You can stop it. You can camouflage. Botox or whatever. I've been looking at a picture, I think it was yesterday or whatever, of Madonna. She's had more work done on her, and now she's trying the Fountain of Youth with, I don't know, Botox. Her lips are three times the size of normal. Just going to delay the inevitable. But vitamin S is anti-aging. Steak, because of its nutrients. Those four C's are so important. That's just part of its makeup. 

Let me give you a couple more. Taurine. Do you know that taurine is only found, L-taurine, an amino acid, it's not found in the plant kingdom. Very anti-aging. And I'll tell you something, if you don't feed your brain guys, if you don't feed your brain not only anti-aging and everything else, but if you don't feed your brain, your brain's going to shrink, shrink, shrink. You need to eat protein and fat, fat and protein, protein and fat, fat and protein and steak. It's in perfect proportion. Don't cut the fat off steak. Please, eat it. Seriously. That's where your fat soluble vitamins are. Eat steak. And we'll go through this, eat steak for heart disease. Eat steak for depression. Eat steak because diabetes hates steak. 

If you eat steak, you aren't going to be no diabetic. Diabetes is an allergy to carbs. You just don't ... my dad was a diabetic. My sister's a diabetic. My whatever is a diabetic. So what? What does that mean? It doesn't mean anything. Because, you can't become a diabetic unless you eat bad. I'm talking about adult onset diabetes. If you eat bad, you're going to become a diabetic. What a scourge on our society today. Alzheimer's, eat steak so you don't get Alzheimer's. We'll talk more about the brain in part two. Eat steak for autoimmune. Tomorrow I'm with Dr. McEwen, University of Tennessee. We're going to talk about autoimmune disease, and I'm going to give them the lowdown on why we see so much autoimmune today. Why it's skyrocketed. And one of the reasons is people buy the lies of steak, vitamin F. Diabetes hates steak. Cancer hates steak. Heart disease hates steak. Alzheimer's hates steak. And I mean it. And I won't back down. I think that's a song. 

No, we'll finish this up. Okay, now this week, Friday I'm off. Travel day. Thursday, question and answer Thursday, so keep that in mind. Private Facebook group, what a community. We love it. Ask your questions. Don't be shy. Get in the group, it'll encourage you. Okay? It'll encourage you. Got some great members there. We appreciate it. So guys, eat your steak. Vitamin S. On the Martin Clinic vitamin chart. We love you guys. We'll talk to you soon. 

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