804. Fructose & Brain Chemistry


Dr. Martin recently became a great grandparent and has recognized that his great grandson needs fat to develop properly. Mother’s breast milk is almost 100% fat and it has exactly what the baby needs.

In today’s episode, Dr. Martin teaches about fructose and how it actually fries the brain. It’s not good for babies because it actually changes brain chemistry. Babies’ brains grow about 1% per week, so it’s important they’re getting the proper nutrients.

Join Dr. Martin in learning how fructose changes your brain chemistry!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. And once again, welcome to another live this morning and hope you're having a great start to your day. I am. I had my vitamin C. Let me tell you the story about Jerry before I get into our topic this morning, because Jerry sent me a message this morning said he got a lot of blow back when he posted on someone's comment about bacon. And he said, well, bacon's good for you. And of course, "My cardiologist said." Folks, I love cardiologists. If you're having a heart attack, you don't want to see me. You want to see your cardiologist. But, they get everything wrong. When it comes to nutrition, they got everything wrong. Including bacon. Bacon is better for you than any cereal you can name. Any cereal. Better to have bacon.

It's always amazing to me because they don't know anything about nutrition that they would tell you, "You know what's good for you? Olive oil. Olive oil is good for you." Yeah, I agree. Olive oil is good for you. But olive oil and bacon have the same oil. One is tastier, that's bacon. It's called oleic acid. So I said, "Jerry, keep it up. You're going to get a lot of pushback. I get a lot of pushback. But that's all right. We can endure it."

Okay. Now guys, if you've been with me in the last little bit, I think my great grandson is three weeks old. I don't think he's quite a month yet. It's really funny to watch Tony Junior with that little guy. Instant love. Now great grandparents, we're at the back of the bus. I mean, it's, we can't get at that baby because the grandparents are lined up. My son and my daughter-in-law, I mean, now, if you're a grandparent, you know what I'm talking about. If I'd have known grandchildren that much fun we'd have had them first, I tell people. Because that's how much fun grandchildren are. But the reason I bring that up is because I want to do a little bit of teaching this morning. Because I've been thinking about this in watching my little great grandson and what he needs.

He needs fat. He needs fat and not fructose. Mommy's milk is almost 100% fat. Did you know that? Very high in fat content. That's the problem guys with milk today. Because cardiologist and other nutritional gurus in the '60s and '70s thought, "Well, fat makes you fat and fat gives you cholesterol. We better get rid of fat." So what did they do to milk? They took the fat out of it and made skim 1%, 2% like craziness guys. Because again, all they can think of is fat looks like cholesterol or fat elevates your cholesterol, or fat blocks up your arteries. And the whole world went crazy. I mean it. Hook Line and Sinker. Even today, here we are in 2022, and what have we got? We got the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical industry, the nutritional industry. They don't get it. They don't get it.

Like you know me. I get a splitting headache when I think about it. But little babies, they need fat. They don't need fructose. When I look at formulas, I mean, that is a disaster for kids. And you know for some reasons, mummies that cannot breastfeed for whatever. And I'm very sympathetic to that. But oh my word, what's out on the market today? Full of soy, full of fructose. I put a little note the other day on our private Facebook group, fructose fries the brain. Now, I'm not talking about blueberries or an apple. If you lived on that, it wouldn't be good. But I'm not talking about... I'm talking about, especially the high fructose corn syrup. It fries the brain guys. It's not good for babies.

I thank God that my grandson's wife, she knows better. Breastfeeding that little one, taking high DHA yourself, feeding that baby's brain. Now baby's got very, very tiny brains. Like our brains here, about 2% of our body weight. It's not big. But baby's brain is very small. But every week it grows by 1%. It's rapidly growing, that brain. And it needs the right food. Now, breast milk contains two milk sugars. It's really important to understand that because you as an adult don't need breast milk. Now, breast milk gives the baby colostrum. Which is really, really important for their immune systems. Breast milk gives colostrum. Now it has a sugar in there called galactose. Now, you've heard of lactose and a lot of people today are lactose intolerant. And I've told you why.

I'm a why guy. Why is it today that so many children, so many adults have what they call lactose intolerance? Because lactose without the presence of fat can be very detrimental to a person. I had a conversation yesterday with a young man, one of my grandson's buddies. And the kid is a smart kid asking very good questions. And he said, "I thought dairy was no good for you." Well, I said, "My audience, the people that follow me know better than that." Don't ditch dairy. Switch it. Because when you have milk that's been denatured. You got a cow in the backyard, drink that milk. But otherwise you don't need milk in this sense. I'm not big on you drinking milk. I'm big on you eating cheese.

Now, if you want to have a yogurt, plain Greek, full fat yogurt, go for it. But the problem with dairy is because they changed it. So I don't want you to ditch it, I want you to switch it. I think that's really important. Because dairy is very good for you. Dairy is very good for you. So people that tell me that dairy, "Dairy, it's lactose." I say, "Well, first of all lactose is only a problem when there's no fat surrounding it." And that's why you have so much trouble today. People are really not lactose intolerant. I always poo-pooed that idea. It's not really lactose that the problem is guys. The problem is the absence of fat. I'll give you an example. Maybe not a dairy example.

But do you know that you can diminish. Let's say you like sugar, and I'm not telling you to like it. I'm not telling you not to like it. I'm telling you not to eat it. But let's say you do. One of the things that minimizes the effect of sugar in your diet is high DHA. Yeah. That fat in the DHA. You see, what is DHA? DHA is a long, long chain fatty acid. The more complex and the longer that chain of fatty acid, the better it is for your brain. Your body can absorb it. It's so good for you. Babies need DHA. That's what's present in mummy's milk. God put it there. I'll just say another thing about DHA in case you're wondering. You can't get DHA from the plant kingdom. You can't. It's not in there. It's not in there.

So, mummy's milk contains two sugars. And one of them, lactose and the other, galactose. Very different. Galactose is very good for baby's development. But we don't need galactose and we don't even have an, once you get older, you don't even break that down. But baby needs it. So there's a lot of benefits. And you got to remember something, I was born in the 1950s. I know that surprises you. 1952 to be exact. And the craze coming in at the time was breastfeeding isn't the best because mummy's milk doesn't have everything needed. You need to have the formula that's enriched with vitamins and you know. Guys, I hate to say this, but when man gets a hold of something compared to God, it's never good, usually. Never good.

I mean, there's been a lot of advances in medicine, I understand that. But not when it came to baby formula. And now of course, since the 1980s, there was a big switch-a-roo that went on in the 1980s. I've watched it happen. But we better get back to breastfeeding. We better get back to breastfeeding. Because breast feeding, yeah, yeah, yeah. Colostrum and the DHA and all this that is in mommy's milk.

So what is fructose? Let's be a little negative for a minute. What does fructose do? So when you get formula, look at it. Read the label. The next time you're in a grocery store, just do it. Even if you got no babies coming or going, you know what I mean? Like just, because I want to prove a point to you. Read what they make that protein out of. Soy. Ooh. Soy. Giving that baby extra estrogen. They don't need it. And look at the sugar they put in there. And they might couch it in different names, but it's high fructose corn syrup. It's cheap. It's inexpensive, it's readily available to the food industry and it's manmade. Frankenstein's sugar. Horror, movie sugar. It's terrible. What does it do to the brain? Couple of things I want to talk about.

It changes brain chemistry. One, it oxidizes. High fructose corn syrup fructose into the brain, oxidizes the brain. It ages the brain rather then develop the brain. It micro destroys it. Oxidation and glycation. Now did you read our email this morning? We talked about one of the reasons that joints wear out is what we call glycation. Your tendons, your joints. You go bone on bone or part of that process is glycation. That's what fructose does. Fructose blocks lectin. Now do you remember what lectin is? You got two hormones. You got more than that. But you got two hormones when it comes to your appetite. Lectin tells you that you are full. Ghrelin. Ghrelin tells you to eat because you're not full. But you know what fructose does? Fructose blocks lectin. It's one of the reasons we see so much obesity. It's one of the reasons we see so much childhood obesity.

Guys, go to a mall, observe, use your eyeballs. Look at people today. Look at kids today. They got lectin resistance at a young age. You give a kid a cookie and they're metabolically well. They don't have any problem. Like I always tell my grandchildren, grandpa used to have cookies and ice cream too, you know. But it's different today because of this high fructose corn syrup. Anyway, you give a kid a cookie that's metabolically well, and their lectin will say, "Okay, have a cookie and stop. You don't need anymore." But if you got lectin resistance because your body, it doesn't produce lectin like it should. You give a kid a cookie that's metabolically unwell. And that can start right from mommy feeding them the wrong food, fructose. And you know what happens? They want to go to the couch that they don't feel like doing nothing. Plus, they're hungry again. They want to eat five cookies.

That is a hormonal imbalance. Just so I always tell people, "Listen, I get uptight, obesity guys. Obesity is a hormonal problem." It is. Obesity is a hormonal problem. It's a lectin problem. It's an insulin resistance problem. When you have insulin resistance you get lectin resistance. And your body, it doesn't tell you when you're full. You're starving and you just ate. So what does fructose do? We know that it really affects the brain. Not only in children, of course, in us too, adults. It really messes up our brain with glycation, oxidation.

Now, three impacts I want to talk to you about of sugar. Fructose in the brain. Behavior. So now one of the problems you just ask a school teacher, if I'm right. They'll agree with me. Like I said, if you send cupcakes because it's your kid's birthday to school. If the teacher's smart, they won't let you have those cupcakes until the end of the day. Because they know behavior is going to change. A sugar high. You get the Tasmanian devil on the kids. Give them sugar. That's why grandparents, I always tease my Tony. I say, "Well, I'm giving my grandson sugar and then I'm sending them home to you to pay you back." No, but everybody knows that. Parents know all about a sugar high. Behavior. It changes.

Hello? I can't get over how dieticians, nutrition [inaudible 00:19:43], "Well, you know what, a little bit of sugar [inaudible 00:19:45] can be very good for you. A little bit. [inaudible 00:19:48] have some sugar. Your brain needs sugar." I heard that yesterday. "Oh your brain needs sugar." Eh, no it don't. Your brain needs fat. Not sugar. Your brain needs fat. That's why mommy's milk is so good. Because there's a little bit of sugar but it's all surrounded by fat. So, behavior, cognition. You know what they've shown with high fructose corn syrup? What it does to the brain? I've talked to you about the addiction. Pardon. It is like cocaine. Did you know that? It takes the same route to the feel good centers in the brain that cocaine does. It creates a little pathway in the brain. The more you use it, the more it wants to go down that pathway. Sugar [inaudible 00:20:49].

Cognition with metabolic syndrome. So you remember what metabolic syndrome is? So it's always repeat, repeat, repeat metabolic syndrome. What's the overarching principle of metabolic syndrome? Insulin resistance, high circulating insulin. Can give you high blood pressure. Can give you fatty liver. It can give you high triglycerides. Can give you low HDL. That's metabolic syndrome guys. But it's caused by food. Not anything else. Food. The elephant in the room. Now, metabolic syndrome, you know what it does to the brain because of high fructose corn syrup? It gives you white lesions in the brain. It shrinks your hippocampus. The memory center of the brain.

Imagine giving that to kids. Imagine giving that to adults. We don't need to. I really got to be careful with my memory. I got to stay sharp guys. Now you might have an argument, whether I'm sharp or not. What they've shown. The route it takes. What it does in the hippocampus, it actually shrinks the memory centers in the brain. It saturates the hippocampus. And insulin can't get in there enough to take that sugar out of there. That's insulin resistance even in the brain. They're showing that it shrinks the frontal lobe of the brain. Not good. Why do you think they called Alzheimer's type three diabetes. They don't like to say that, they got pushback on it, and now it's oh, wokeness. They don't say it's that. But it's one of the major causes. It's our diet. Behavior, cognition, and a fat, the third one. It'll destroy your brain. And here's another one.

Now we well know that I've taught you over and over and over again, your liver. Imagine destroying kids liver with what they call non-alcoholic fatty liver. It is a scourge folks in our society today. Children's livers full of fat caused by high fructose corn syrup and sugar. It's a tragedy because people, they don't understand the significance. When you have fatty liver, your body will make more triglycerides. You know how bad that is for you when your triglycerides go through the roof? Even in kids. And they don't have enough HDL cholesterol to hook their wagon to those triglycerides, that's the effect. It shrinks the brain. It fattens up the liver. Fatty liver like alcohol. Scary guys. Scary. Now, what do we do?

One of the mitigating factors in sugar is high DHA. You know I'm in love with that oil. I take it every day. I'm feeding my brain primarily. It's good for your heart. It's good for your joints. It's good for inflammation everywhere. It is tremendous. But I take it and I want it to end up here. I want fat. Baby needs fat. Adults need fat. And they need the long, long, long chain fatty acid. Guys I'm telling you, I hear plants, seeds and nuts, they give you omega-3. Yeah, they do. They give you more omega sips. You can get like omega-3 from hemp seeds and whatever, guys. But it isn't DHA.

Now you know I like flaxseeds. You know that. But I don't take flaxseeds for DHA. It's not in there. It's not in the plant kingdom. I tell my vegan, oh, I used to tell my vegan patients, "Please listen to me. When you're going to have a baby, please take a supplement of high DHA oil. I beg you, for you for the baby. Because you're not getting it." You will not get it in plants. It's not there. I hate to disappoint you. That doesn't mean I don't love you. I still love you. I do. But I don't want to be a bearer of bad news. I got to tell you the truth. I see all this nonsense about vegetarianism and veganism. Every day I see it. Every day I see it. And I'm not even sure I'm going to win. You know what I mean? There's a real movement today to get away from me. From Bill Gates and all the money in the world. They're trying to get people away from that and it drives me crazy. It is so nonsensical.

Anyway, I'm going to preach it guys, as long as I'm alive. I can tell you that. Let me just say this because I get it every day too. I got an email yesterday on this. You can't meet me care about LDL cholesterol. You can't. "Doc, what do I tell my doctor?" Eh, good luck with that. If they're not listening, good luck with that. Somebody was telling me yesterday, "What do I tell my naturopath?" I don't know. They might listen, they might not. But the jury has come back with the verdict guys. They posted it the other day. Cholesterol is not at the root of heart disease.

Hello? I've been saying that for a long time. I don't know if anybody's reading that, but it's true. Now, enough of the pontification. I just thought I'd do that because I wanted to talk about, well, I wanted to brag about my great-grandson. I got two great-grandchildren. One little great granddaughter. My grandson's little girl. Oh, she's so cute. But like I say, I can hardly get at her when you're a great grandparent. You got to get through grandparents. And they give you the elbow. It's like you're playing hockey trying to get that baby. I just want to kiss.

Okay, guys. Now, tomorrow is question and answer Friday. Are you looking forward to that? I am. I really I'm. It reminds me of my old radio days when live, they would call in and ask questions. Live. No screening ahead of time. And it was always fun. I really enjoyed that. So question and answer Friday tomorrow. If you didn't get our email today on the three causes of pain, it's a tremendous email. If you didn't get it, sign up guys, at martinclinic.com. Now, for your friends, pass this around. For your family, pass it around. Tell them to sign up for The Doctor Is In Podcast. All of these are made into podcasts so they can listen on their smartphones. Get them to do. The Doctor Is In Podcast. Having fun yet? Okay, great. Okay. Love you guys. Will talk to you soon.

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