800. Q&A with Dr. Martin Continued


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Iodine from eggs, meat & cheese
  • Adenoids in children
  • Hyperglycemia
  • Painful dry lips
  • Crystal deodorants
  • Acidic saliva
  • Pseudogout vs. gout
  • Costochondritis
  • Cushing's disease
  • Bloodshot eyes


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good afternoon, everyone. How is ya? How're you doing? We're going to continue with the question and answer Tuesday. That ought to throw you off. Okay, here we go. We're going to finish out as much as we can, I think we can get it done today, the questions that were asked. I got to some of them yesterday.

Charlene: Do we get iodine from eggs, meat, and cheese? Yep. You do. Yep, you get iodine. Now, you're not going to get a boat load of it, but I've got to tell you this, okay? Thanks for the question, Charlene, but I've got to tell you this. One of my pet peeves is the misinformation that's out there. Okay? We're going to get to another one specifically. Yeah, there's a couple of questions that are just misinformation. Okay?

Now, when it comes to your thyroid, because whenever you think thyroid, you ought to think iodine, because one thing for sure, your thyroid's not going to work without iodine. Okay? It's just not. It's not going to work without selenium. Really though, your thyroid needs a lot of nutrients to work properly. What is such fake news is when people talk about they get all their nutrition in the plant kingdom. Now guys, listen, plants are good, okay? Plants are good. Fruits and vegetables are good. But they're not the best.

When it comes to absorption, we use a word called bioavailability. We used to say you are what you eat, but really you are what you absorb. You can eat the best diet in the world, if you don't have a good digestive tract, you're not getting all the nutrients that you need. You're just not breaking them down. So it's called bioavailability, okay?

Now, when it comes to the animal kingdom, eggs, meat, and cheese are a thousand times, in terms of nutrients, much more bioavailable. Now I talked a little bit about this in the book, The Reset, okay? Why vegetables, for example, and plants, they have a lot of what they call protective things around them so that animals won't eat them. When you look at what oxalates are and phytic acid, these are things that prevent certain animals from even eating plants because they can't digest them. Look, again, plants are good, fruits and vegetables are good, but when it comes to phytonutrients, the animal kingdom wins hands down.

Here's what I'm saying. If you want a good thyroid, and I think one of the reasons, not all of the reasons, for sure, but some of the reasons that women have so much trouble with their thyroid is because 50 years ago they bought into the lie of animal product eat low fat. Eating low fat means you're staying away generally from eggs, meat, and cheese. They are having, they might have a little bit of chicken in their salad, but they're not eating nutrient dense foods.

Your thyroid needs nutrition. It needs iodine. It needs selenium. It needs your B vitamins. It needs B12 even to function properly. Your thyroid doesn't function properly. It's so finicky. The thyroid is a finicky organ on the best of days. So, yeah, if you want to add some iodine salt, go ahead, but you get it from the most bioavailable iodine and selenium comes out of the animal kingdom. Okay?

Good question, Charlene. I'm glad you asked the question. Don't be shy asking questions about that. I want you to ask questions. That's how you are going to learn. Okay?

Now, Claudia: Any suggestions for adenoids for children? Well, again, look, adenoids, I don't believe they just show up like that. I believe a child who's got trouble recurring adenoids, recurring tonsillitis, and this kind of thing, they have an underlying condition. They're usually low in vitamin D. They don't have enough levels of vitamin D. They don't have enough levels of vitamin A. They probably have a malabsorption syndrome to some extent, partially leaky gut or undigested food. These are the kind of things that you've really got to look at, look at the gut and look at the immune system with the vitamin D and the vitamin A.

Because of vast majority of children are very, very low in vitamin D and vitamin A. The reason is they don't eat enough animal kingdom food. They live on cereal, sugars, crappy carbs, vegetable oils, and they just don't get... They are overfed. Kids are overfed and undernourished. The idea of, oh, you're getting some cheese on a pizza. Mmm. Do you know what I'm saying? It's not the best nutrition, and crappy dinner and the rest of it, right? It's just not the best foods.

I think a lot of the reasons that you so much with adenoids and even tonsillitis recurring, the invisible mask is the vitamin A. Vitamin A is when you eat red meat. You get some in eggs, you get some vitamin A and cheese, but you get a lot more vitamin A and butter and you get a lot more vitamin A in vitamin S, and that is steak. Okay?

Ashley: Can Dr. Martin discuss hyperglycemia, specifically to when you cut out sugar and carbs and are having a hard time? I'm not quite sure, Ashley, what you mean, okay? You might send in another email to me and clarify that, okay?

Because hyperglycemia is high glucose, but glucose is never what I look at so much. I'm more interested not so much at your glucose, although I will, if you look at it A1C, I find that to be a good measurement. It's a measurement of glucose, but it's a far better measurement of insulin. All I'm saying to you, Ashley, and maybe you have trouble getting your blood sugar down or whatever, focus, focus, focus, focus, maybe just you, just the way you're built, focus on protein. Protein is the king. Live in the animal kingdom. It sounds like you're doing that. It seems to be.

You see this face here. Okay? I've got to be disciplined all the time. Why? Because I have a tendency, it's my genetics or whatever, I easily easily gain weight, one. Two, easily get insulin resistance. Easily. I had diabetes coming out both ears in my family. My dad and my grandfather and I have a sister, diabetes, diabetes, diabetes. When I look at myself in the mirror, I try and tell my myself, will you not be deceived? Don't fool yourself. Don't make excuses, whatever. Look, I need to be disciplined all the time. If you know me, you've hung around me at all, I live on discipline. I have to.

Some people, they say they get... I'm not sure if they actually get away with it. Eventually it catches up them. But I have to be disciplined because me and carbs, we don't get along. I found that out years and years and years ago and I married an Italian for heaven sakes. But I can't live on carbs. I can't. I don't do well.

So Ashley, I'm trying to read between the lines here with you that you're struggling, and I don't know if it's because you're measuring your sugars or whatever, and you might be up in the higher end. Well, all I can say to you, Ashley, is you're a canary in the coal mine. You've got to be triple disciplined. You know what? At the end of the day, being disciplined is very, very good for you. You know it is.

I tell young people all the time... I'm a preacher, by the way. I do a lot of youth conferences. Well, I used to. I'm getting too old, they don't want me anymore. But I used to tell them all the time you can't succeed in anything in life without discipline. I said, "If I was to give you one point, you've got to learn to be disciplined." Okay? You've got to learn to be disciplined at your job, at your marriage, with food, raising kids, whatever. Family discipline, you need it.

Actually, again, I might have misinterpreted your question, but there's no shortcuts, no easy answers, understand who you are. D.L. Moody, the famous preacher well over a hundred years ago said this, and I liked it. He said, "You know the person I have the most trouble with in the world? Me." That's me too. Okay? Be disciplined. Good question. Okay.

Nancy: I have completed a few resets, good for you, and eat clean, drink lots of fluids. What does that mean? You drink a lot of water, you mean, I hope. Okay. Sometimes I have painful dry lips. Any ideas? Do not work outside.

Well, there's a couple of things that I think of whenever I think of lips, mouth, that area, here's the first thing I always look for would be B12. Okay? Mouth, okay? Numbness, perverted feeling in the mouth, swollen tongue, I always looked at B12. Because I measured it, so I was always looking for it, and it was amazing that was probably the thing that I saw the most. Now the dry lips could be your thyroid being sluggish.

Amazing, vitamin D. Esther is asking, "Does breaking a vitamin D capsule and putting it on your face have any benefits?" Well, look, I never really think so much. Look, I'm a VitDerma guy, Esther, okay? I'm a VitDerma guy. Sun on the skin. Now a vitamin D capsule, the oil, we have an oil with a dropper, probably would be a good benefit to your skin. I've got to try it. I don't know. I'm not quite sure. I know VitDerma is really good for the skin. Okay? Meaning sun. Don't burn.

But can I just give you an idea? It's something that I know. It's more anecdotal a bit, but let me just say this. If when you get off sugars and you get off crappy carbs with those crappy omega-6 oils, vegetable, they call them vegetable oils, they're industrialized oils, when you get off of that, amazing how you can get into the sun compared to what you used to. Now, I heard that over the years from hundreds and hundreds of patients, they can get more sun because they change their diet. It always works inside out then. They change their diet and they can get more sun. Now don't go burn into sun. I never suggest that, okay?

Good question, Esther. I'm going tell you what. Now the best skin product, in my opinion, topical, is our ReVera. That's my formula. Okay.

Now Malki is asking about the best source of iodine. So I talked about that too, Malki. I didn't see your question, so I think I did answer that.

Betty: Can you talk about crystal deodorant? Yeah, crystal deodorant is mineral, right? They put it into like a rock almost and then you can use it as an underarm deodorant. Now here's what I say about that. If it works for you, good for you. Look, I would rather you much be natural. Be natural if you can. Stay away from any aluminum or whatever. Because when you put it underneath your armpits, remember where your lymphatics are. Okay? They're there. But if the crystal deodorant works for you there.

There are a lot of natural deodorants that are out there now compared to go back 20 years ago or whatever. There's some ones that I find pretty good. So I think it's up to the individual in terms of whether it's really effective or not. Okay.

So I missed one here, and this is what it was. Catherine. Sorry, Catherine. "A friend was told her cavities and infections in the mouth were caused by saliva having too much acidity." I'm getting a headache. I'm getting a headache even before I finish the question, Catherine. "By having saliva that is too acidic from eating too much meat, dairy, and not enough carbs." Now I'm into a full blown migraine.

Well, I don't know who said that to your friend. I don't think it would've been a dentist. But let me just say this, okay? Every dentist first day in dental school, do you know what they learn? About cavities. Do you know what they learn about cavities first day in dental school? Sugar. Sugar causes cavities. Okay? Sugar causes cavities. Everybody knows that. Mothers know. Ask mother. Sugar causes cavities. Sugar is acidic, honey.

Now, Catherine, and I'm not picking on you. Okay? I'm teasing. But let me say this. Meat is not acidic. Dairy is not acidic. I can't get over it. That is fake news. You eat red meat, your body releases bile, your body releases sodium bicarbonate to make an alkaline. Because you could never eat a tomato. Everybody knows that lemons are acidic, tomatoes are acidic, but when they get into your body, they're not a acidic anymore. Okay? They're not.

But what causes cavities is something that is a acidic, sugar, and when you eat it, it don't ever turn, because you don't release sodium bicarbonate when you eat sugar, it's going to stay a acidic. It's going to change your pee. Okay.

Michelle. Michelle, my bell. Can a sluggish thyroid be cured? Yep. Yeah, absolutely. We have thousands of patients over the years that had trouble with their thyroid and they fixed it. Now as you well know, the thyroid is complicated. It's never easy, especially when you're a female because females got horrormones. If you've got horrormones, there's a lot of things that play with that thyroid. We talked about it the other day, a sluggish thyroid. Okay? You start, start, start with the diet. Start with the reset. The reset is meant to fix your horrormones. Okay? You're not going to be able to fix your thyroid unless you fix up your diet. You got to fix the diet. The reset is a 30 day program to help you to do them.

The thyroid distress syndrome, or sluggish thyroid, has a lot of complicating factors, but doesn't matter. Yes, we've seen people go from, if you've ever taken our courses online and look at what is a category five storm, I mean hormones from the thyroid to the adrenals to the ovaries to you name it are out of whacko, all of them, but we've seen these people get better. Now it doesn't happen overnight. If they're really, really out of whack, they've got to stick to the process. Okay?

Good questions. I love these questions. I really do.

Okay. Can Dr. Martin talk about a fallen bladder? Yep. Can I say something? I'm going to say it, it's my program. Noelene, I'm going to do this, I'm folding my arms and I'm going to ask a question. Noelene, why do women have trouble with their bladder and not men? Not that men don't have a bladder, you know we do. Why do women have trouble with bladder and fallen bladder? You know, men, when they get bladder problems, they get bladder cancer. Okay. They don't get fallen bladders. Okay? We're from another planet, if you didn't know. Now we don't get fallen bladders. We get swollen prostates. We have a lot of trouble with that. But why?

So when you ask the question, why it's women? Okay, well, it's hormones. Okay. What hormones do women have that men don't have? Estrogen? Yeah. Well, men can have a lot of estrogen, but they shouldn't. Women have estrogen and what? Progesterone. Your bladder will do really well when you have enough progesterone and enough estrogen. Not too much estrogen, but enough progesterone and enough estrogen. Because your bladder, ladies, needs progesterone.

Men need progesterone too, did you know that? A little bit. Progestation. We're never going to have a baby. If we ever had a baby, we'd only have one. We would never have another one. Men are big babies themselves. They don't need to have babies because they're big babies. True or false? True. They are. Men are likely to drive us into World War III.

Oh, good question, Noelene, but you need balance. Okay? You need balance.

Marcel: Can Dr. Martin explain pseudogout versus gout? Well, pseudogout probably mimics it. You get all the symptoms of swollen joints or whatever and without high levels of uric acid. You know what? That is a lot more common, Marcel, than people think. It's something that I used to see in the office so often it was incredible, a pseudogout. But I used to tell people effectively if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's a duck. You've got gout. "Oh, my doctor said, 'Nah, nah, nah.'" Yeah, I don't care what your doctor says. You've got all the symptoms. So lay off the sugar. Lay off the carbohydrates. Make sure your kidneys are functioning properly. Drink a lot of water.

Drink coffee. Coffee helps to lower uric acid. Okay? It does. Coffee helps to lower uric acid. Imagine an acidic drink like coffee, acidic lowering acidity. Hello? How can that be? Because your body is fearfully and wonderfully made. You were made to drink coffee. How many years have I been telling you that? Don't you ever listen to someone that tells you not to drink coffee. Don't listen. It ain't true. It's fake news. You drink water and coffee and you'll be healthy. There you go. Okay. I was off on a little tangent there.

How do I treat costochondritis? Costochondritis is very, very painful between the sternum and where the rib attaches into the sternum, like you touch your breast bone right here. You ever had someone with costochondritis, very, very inflamed and painful and can be very debilitating. Get on our inflammation formula, I found that to be effective. It takes about two or three weeks of a fairly good dose, four to eight capsules a day of inflammation formula. Anything better than that out there for that, I've never seen it, and I mean it.

But you know what I would personally do? I used to tell patients that. Take out a little bit of cream, you're sitting there are watching TV, and get at the sore spot. Get at it. Get in with your hands and work it. It'll hurt, but if you don't break down that little fibrous tissue that's developed there, you won't get rid of it. Most doctors, they'll give you drugs or whatever, and a of times, it's just a bandaid, it's not fixing the actual problem.

Okay. Patricia: Adding a water softener to a full house water filtration system, is it a healthy choice? Well look, you better filtrate your water anyways. Adding a water softener, I've got to think about that. I mean, it's not an unhealthy choice, I don't think. It's not so much that. You never want to drink unfiltered water. You make sure that you filter your water. Now you might not get rid of everything in the water, but you filter the water. Let me look into that, Patricia. I'm not quite sure as far as a healthy choice. Maybe healthier for your appliances, but not you.

I mean, the reason that water is hard is because it's mineralized, right? That can be hard on your washer and dryer and your dishwasher and your coffee pot or whatever. But you need minerals in water in order for its pH to be good. Okay.

Oh, by the way, Cathy, you asked a second question: Does coffee affect costochondritis? Well, in a good way. Even if you have pain, isn't it good to have a coffee? Listen, coffee is very antiinflammatory.

Marlene: What is Cushing's disease? Cushing's disease is a disease of your adrenal glands. Adrenal on top of your kidneys. People that get Cushing's are people that have high levels of cortisol for a long time. You know when people usually get Cushing's is when they are on steroids like prednisone for a long period of time. They get the moon face and they gain weight like nobody's business and their adrenals aren't working properly. Cushing's, okay? There's Addison's. There's Cushing's. These are adrenal diseases.

Most people don't have Cushing's or Addison's. What they do have though is high levels of cortisol. Really can mess you up without Cushing's. That can create major anxiety. Okay?

Couple of more. Couple of more and we're done.

Linda: What would make my eyes go bloodshot all of a sudden. Usually dry eyes. You might have an infection. That can happen overnight. You can get an infection in your eyes making them completely bloodshot. Dry eyes can do it too. Dry eyes usually though is now your watering eyes, your eyes overcompensate with so much tears. Okay? But look for that, could be viral or bacterial.

Jeanette: Dr. Martin, what do you think about the unknown neurological disease which is a cluster of 48 patients? Well, look, it's not the first time that they've found... I remember. Look I've been around long enough, okay? If I give you a little bit of background about Lyme's disease, now you guys have heard, I think you have, of Lyme's, right? You should have seen the stuff 20 years ago. Lyme's disease. "Lyme's disease. There's no [inaudible 00:28:55] Lyme's disease. And if somebody gets it, it's one out of a gazillion." Well, then they found out there was pockets, like they found in New Brunswick, neurological, they found in Pennsylvania and different places. Holy moly, there was a real outbreak of Lyme's disease and ticks with deer and things like that were bringing Lyme.

So all I'm saying, okay, neurological, there's probably a tick or there's probably a bug that hit those certain people. They were the canaries in the coal mine, their systems were fragile for whatever reason, and it was in a geographical area and it can happen. Okay. Jeanette, thanks for the question.

Okay, guys. Now we love you guys. Sorry for some of the technical difficulties today. Don't ask me why. I have no idea. Okay? But we're going to see you soon, and if you have any questions, keep sending them in. Don't be shy to ask questions. We love you guys. Talk to you soon.

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