786. If Cows Could Laugh


Dr. Martin says if cows could laugh, they’d laugh at our crazy world with its nutritional insanity. They would die laughing at how the world has gone hook, line and sinker over vegetables.

We were never meant to eat just salad. Cows and rabbits are meant to eat grass because their physiology is built for that. Ours is not. If you’re only eating from the plant kingdom, you’re missing out on key nutrients that are only found in red meat.

Join Dr. Martin as he teaches about nutrition and explains why so many have problems with their thyroid.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning, everyone. Welcome to another live this morning. I hope you're having a great start to your day. Here's the title of today's message. Okay, and I'll bring you back to a question that was asked of me on Friday, and I sort of gave a half answer, and then I started thinking about it after the program I said, "I should have kept going." Okay. Now, here's the title that I'm going to name this today: If Cows Could Laugh. Have you ever seen a cow laugh? Well, I can't say that I have, but if they could, now what am I getting at? Why am I saying that? Because if cows could laugh, they would laugh at this crazy world, that it's nutritional insanity.

Okay. If cows could laugh, they would die, laughing at how the world has gone hook, line and sinker over vegetables. Now, what do I mean by that? Well, what I mean, ladies, because I'm speaking, not that men don't eat salads. They do. They do, but women are famous for it, and cows would laugh for several reasons. One, they got four stomachs. You don't. Cows have long, long intestines. Compared to them, you don't. There's a reason for that. They got four stomachs, so they can eat grass so, that you and I can eat their meat, which would be very high in something you can't get in plants. Well, two things. You eat their meat for a lot of things, but two things you really want, one, cholesterol. There's no cholesterol in the plants. If cows could laugh, they would laugh at us avoiding cholesterol. They don't, in a sense that they give us cholesterol. They don't have to eat it. They got it inside when they eat grass. Okay.

Really important to understand that. They eat grass to give us something else. When a cow eats grass, they got four stomachs. They make an enzyme right in their saliva, cellulose, to break down grass, to make DHA. Now, someone was asking me online today, my naturopath said that EPA is more important than DHA. Well, I beg to disagree, and the reason I say that is because your brain is made up of DHA. Human beings have a much bigger brain than cows, if you didn't know that. Cows might have a big head, but they don't got a big brain. Now, compared to the rest of us, your brain is very big. It's only about 2.5% of your body weight, but it's big, and it's made up of DHA and cholesterol. If cows could laugh, they would laugh at us.

"Why are you eating grass? You need to eat me to get the benefits of DHA." How important is DHA, guys? It's anti-inflammatory like nobody's business. It regenerates your brain like nobody's business. It is good for your heart like nobody's business and your blood vessels. Your body needs DHA, and by the way, when you eat vegetables, there's no DHA in there, and your body can't convert what you're eating, if you're eating vegetables, into DHA. It just can't. It's not made for that. You're supposed to eat your DHA. When you have fish and when you eat steak, you're getting high levels of DHA.

If cows could laugh, they'd laugh at us, how we have turned our nutrition upside down. You talk to almost any guru, any nutritionist, any naturopath, any doctor, if they could build the pyramid, which they have, they got fruits and vegetables. You need 10 times more of that, according to them, than you do meat, because meat, eh, you got to be careful. My friend, if cows could laugh, they'd laugh at us. They'd laugh at us.

Now, I'm going to get to the question that was asked of me the other day. The question is, "Doc, when I have hypothyroidism," which is much more common today, and I'm going to tell you why in a second, "why is there so much problem with the thyroid?" Your gas pedal, right here. I got to tell you one reason why cows laugh at us, because listen, ladies, even if your name is not Linda, listen, when you eat spinach, when you eat kale, oh, when you go to the juice bar, oh, you want to see me get a super migraine is when I go in a mall, and I see a juice bar. I want to jump across, and scream, and close it, although I do believe in freedom. Okay. I'm not going to force my opinions on other people.

Oh, but I would like to. When I see people blending juices, wheat crops, cruciferous vegetables, kale, and brussel sprouts and spinach, and all that, they put it in. They're making green. You know what that does? You know what that does? And I meant to say this the other day. I'm a senior citizen, so I get away with it when I forget something, I just hide behind that. I do that a lot, and I forgot to say this. If you got thyroid problems, you be careful with those veggies. Why is that? Because they compete in your bloodstream for iodine.

They'll rob you of your iodine. So when I see those juices, nevermind the sugar. Oh, it's all just fruit. Don't ever drink fruit. Your body's not made to drink fruit. You want to have some fruit, God's candies, then eat it. Don't drink it, and don't drink those green concoctions that are supposed to be good for you. They're not, and especially you, ladies, because it will rob you of your iodine, and your thyroid don't work without it. And by the way, your thyroid needs zinc, copper, magnesium, selenium. They're found in the animal kingdom. I gave that lady a half answer the other day on Friday, a half answer. I said, "Get rid of the sugars. Make sure you're getting enough iodine." That's why I'm so big on eggs, meat, and cheese, and stay away.

Be very careful. If you got thyroid, you're starting to lose your hair. Your eyebrows are thinning out. Your nails are brittle. Your skin is dry. You are constipated. Everything has slowed down. You're gaining weight. You just look at food, and you gain weight. That's a thyroid. No, but my doctor, my doc... Don't get hooked on the labs. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's a duck. Now there's a lot of stuff that goes on with the thyroid, and I understand that because I call it a puppet. Right? It's got a lot of strings attached to it, from your ovaries, to your adrenals, to your gut, to your liver, yeah, there's a lot of things going on for the thyroid, but one thing, don't over eat salad. Okay?

It's overrated. It is. All you need, roughage. No. Cows need roughage. When that grass goes down into their intestines, it ferments. Okay. It ferments, but it gives them fat. Okay, but not human beings. We need to eat our fat, and the best fat is animal fat, saturated fat, because saturated fat is satisfying fat, if cows could laugh. Now I know, guys, that this goes against the grain, and you like your collard greens, but they're not so much into you. I was thinking about it yesterday, because it was Valentine's Day, and I was thinking, boy, salads aren't into you that much. They don't like you as much as you like them. Cows got that figured out. Cows got that figured out and so do rabbits. That's what they eat, and then you turn around and eat them.

Now, a lot of people don't like that. I'm sorry. Food science is very, very important, and I hate to throw the word science around because people use it today to squash any discussions. I mean, you can't even ask questions anymore. It bothers me, but you know our venue here. It's all about questions. You want to question me? Question me. I'm very opinionated, though, by the way, in case you haven't figured me out yet. I'm going to give you my perspective on things. Okay? If cows could laugh.

A lot of people missed me yesterday, and I want to repeat a little bit of teaching. Well, I wasn't even teaching. It was just a survey that was done. I'm just going to recap this very quickly about the Danish study because that's what we looked at yesterday, again, but I'm just going to bring it to you again, very quickly, four groups of people in a Danish study that lasted six months, and this was based strictly on weight loss. They weren't looking at any other factors. They just wanted to see what you drank, if it affected weight loss or weight gain.

These people who were in the study ate what they always ate, no changes in their diet, only what they drank. It was very interesting how this study came out, the results of it. I flagged it because, again, you don't hear much. These are items behind the health news that very few people talk about, at least I didn't see it, other than in this one spot, and that's why I flagged it. Let me just go over it again.

Four groups, group one, this was for six months, were given one liter of soda. In Canada, we call it pop. I was reminded about that yesterday. America, you call it soda. In Canada, we call it pop. Did they give them Pepsi? Did they give them Coke? Did they give them... I don't know what they gave them. They just said it was a soda or a pop. Every day, one liter, the diet never changed. Group two were given one liter of whole milk, not skim milk, not 1%, not 2%. Don't drink that garbage, whole milk, full fat milk. One liter, every day.

Group three, one liter of diet soda. Now that is a very popular drink, diet soda, okay, diet pop, so no sugar. Okay. Did they give them Zero Coke or Coke Zero, or whatever they call it? I don't know. Okay, and that was group three. And then group four was given one liter of water to drink. These were non-water drinkers, and all they did was drink one liter of water.

Now what do I recommend? Two liters of water a day. How did I come to that? Because I used to test blood, and when I used to test blood, I found that if you drank two liters of water a day, what a difference in your bloodstream in the viscosity of it, and I came to that conclusion after many, many, many, many, many years in practice. So, can you drink more than two liters? Of course. Can you drink less? No. No, and only water is water. Okay.

What happened after to six months in this study, if you weren't with us yesterday? Group number one, given one liter of soda, pop, sugary pop, every day for six months gained 22 pounds on average, that group, 22 pounds of weight gain drinking. What do I tell you guys? Why do I tell you guys never drink sugar? Don't drink orange juice. Don't drink apple juice. Don't go to the fruit bar and drink fruit, and don't drink soda. Okay. 22 pounds weight gain, not good.

Somebody sent me an email. This morning, I read it, or yesterday. I can't remember now, exactly, and they're worried about their husband because he's not putting weight on and they're thinking, "Well, if I just fatten him up and maybe give him sugar." Don't do that. Don't do that. Give him protein, protein, protein, and fat, fat, fat, eggs, meat, and cheese, because you can be skinny as a rake and be the most unhealthy person in the world. You want to get your insulin down. Okay. Now, Danish study, group one, one liter of soda a day, 22 pounds weight gain on average. That's a disaster in six months.

Number two, group number two, the milk, fat milk. You know what happened? Stayed the same. No weight gain, no weight loss. Behind door number three, the diet soda. They gained weight. Diet soda, they gained weight, three pounds. Now, I believe there's a reason for that, because you're secreting insulin with diet soda. Like I was saying yesterday, two things, diet soda, it damages your microbiome. It really affects the bacteria in your gut, not good. Leaky gut? Don't drink diet soda, or diet soda will be one of the factors of leaky gut because of the artificial sweeteners.

But the other thing that's happening, and this is more recent, is that we're understanding now that any sweet taste, this is why I'm not a huge guy, even on Stevia, and you guys have heard me talk about this. Look, it's better than Aspartame and all that garbage. Okay? I understand that, but when you got to have a sweet taste, what are you saying to your body? You know what? Prepare for sugar.

Even though it's not sugar, even though it's not the same, your body prepares for it, and now they're showing your body releases some insulin, not an enormous amount. But when insulin is present, it's a jail guard that doesn't allow you to lose weight. So, people that insist on drinking diet soda don't lose weight. They gain weight. Now, they didn't gain 22 pounds like group one, they gained three pounds in six months, but nonetheless, it was weight gain, and they don't talk about other things that are going on, but I do.

And then the fourth group, where did they get weight loss? Drink water. Yep. Behind curtain number four was group number four who were drinking one liter of water a day, and you know what happened to them? They lost four pounds, on average, in six months. Nothing changed. Just drank water. Now, I can tell you a legion of reasons to drink water. Now I never put weight loss. I don't think you've ever heard me say that, because I want you to drink water for a million other reasons, and water is water. Nothing else is water. The only thing that I want you to drink, get used to this, two things I want you to drink: Water and coffee. You knew I was going to say coffee, right? I feel sorry for you tea drinkers. You want to drink tea? Oh, okay, but don't you talk bad about coffee. That'll end our relationship.

So, isn't that an interesting study, this Danish study? Somebody was asking me the other day about ditching dairy. Get rid of dairy. Their naturopath said, "Get rid of dairy. No dairy." I don't like that. I don't like that. I want you to switch dairy. Eat cheese. Use cream. You got a cow in the backyard? You have my 100% permission to drink milk, because it's not white Pepsi when it comes out of the cow. You have my permission. Okay? Dr. Martin here. See this face? I'm the farmer's best friend. You guys owe me. I should have a business card made up saying, "Consultant to the farmers. The farmer's best friend is Dr. Martin."

Don't ditch dairy. Switch it. Don't drink that white Pepsi that's in the grocery store. That ain't milk. That's not milk. That's not good for your kids. Get them whole milk, if they insist on drinking milk. By the way, they don't even need to drink milk. Wean your kids and grandchildren on water. You'll do them a big favor. Okay. Guys, have I told you lately that I love you? If cows could laugh, they'd laugh. You ain't a cop. Okay.

Guys, question and answer Friday. Send in the questions. We really appreciate that. Okay. I'll try and answer all your questions, and the Martin Clinic's Facebook group, we love you guys. Lots and lots of good, good stuff. Okay. Lots of good, good stuff, and you guys are great. What a community there. So, invite your friends and family. The more, the merrier. Do you get our emails? You don't? Well, then you should. Martinclinic.com. Sign up. Make sure you're getting our emails, and for some people, check your spam. How do I know that? I don't know. Somebody told me that. What do I know about emails? Not much. Okay, but we like sending them out twice a week and putting some very good information on there. You guys, I know you'll appreciate it.

Again, remind people, for those people that can't watch us in the mornings and the odd afternoon, would you remind them that they can listen to our podcast? The Doctor is In podcast. Okay? And they can get it automatically sent to their smartphone. Okay. So, take advantage of all those things. Love you guys, and talk to you soon.

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