780. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Cheese causing inflammation
  • Chia seeds on The Reset
  • Nutrient absorption
  • Baking soda and peroxide for brushing teeth 
  • Lowering of blood pressure on The Reset
  • Cause of Hiccups
  • Calcification in arteries
  • Coffee & dehydration
  • Vitamin D & pancreatic cancer


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Dr. Martin:  Good morning, everyone. How are you? Hope everyone is well this morning. Now, let's go to the first question. Liz is asking, "Why do holistic nutritionists say that cheese causes inflammation?" Well, look, I know why they do it. They're not right. Look, anything can cause inflammation if you are allergic to it. If you have a food intolerance, your body overreacts to it. It's like an autoimmune response and you create inflammation. But cheese in general is very, very, very good for you. It's anti-inflammatory. You know my saying at the Martin Clinic, don't ditch dairy, switch it. Dairy, by the way, is very good for you, okay? Dairy is very good for you.

Now, when you go to the grocery store and buy milk. No, for sure not, okay? Because it's denatured. But guys listen. The vegans, the vegetarians, and this had been going on a long time, even this week, I talked about Dr. Kellogg, okay? Dr. Kellogg spent his life on constipation. He was a fiber guy and he wanted everyone to think just like him, okay? I studied all that stuff. He probably had good motives. I mean, he had thinking that was if you were constipated, that was the biggest disease in the world to him.

So he was a fiber, fiber, fiber. But part of his thinking was you couldn't eat meat, you couldn't have dairy, none of that. He was a cereal guy. He invented it. Look, and now the world is anything animal product is going to be vilified. It doesn't it make it right. I explained to you again the other day the importance of eating red meat. Cheese is getting vilified too. It's dairy. It's no good for you, blah, blah, blah. 

Look, the reason that anybody has any allergy almost without exception to dairy is because of milk. It's denatured. They take the fat out of it and dairy is supposed to be full of fat, including saturated fat and CLA. I'm going to tell you something. The number one source of vitamin K2 is cheese. How could that be bad for you? It takes calcium out of your blood vessels. It helps to save you from a heart attack. Cholesterol doesn't give you heart disease. Get over it. It doesn't. You're not going to get me to change my mind. Cheese is good for you, eggs are good for you and meat is good for you, okay? 

Now, the plant kingdom is good for you, too, okay? It is. But the animal kingdom, in terms of vitamins, in terms of nutrients, it's better for you. The case is closed. But you're going to always get nutritionists, doctors, dieticians, they're trained by the food industry. Now, for some of you out there that can't digest cheese, well, don't eat it. For some of you that can't digest eggs, don't eat it, okay? But that is very few, a small percentage of the population. A lot of people put all dairy together because they can't drink milk. They think that, "Oh, I'm lactose intolerant."

Why are people lactose intolerant? In the 1950s, there was no such thing, because milk had fat in it and they took fat out. It's not really milk when you take fat out of it. Milk is more cream than it is milk when it comes [inaudible 00:05:35], okay? Good question. 

Lynn, "Can we have chia seeds on the reset?" No. Are chia seeds good? Yeah. I don't want no seeds, no nuts, except... You guys know the answer to this, at least most of you do. What seed do I allow on the reset, and for a very specific reason? Again, it's not a trick question, but it's a question. I want you thinking. I want you thinking with me. What? Flaxseed. You got it? Why do I want that? Debbie, you got it. All of you it. Wendy, you got it. Why do I want flaxseeds? What is it doing, Annette? Another Wendy. Kevin. You guys know. You follow me. Dave, Janette. You guys. [Danita 00:06:33]. I love you guys. You're thinking, you're thinking. Annette, yes, lignans. 

What do lignans do? Why do I want you on flaxseeds? Alma, Karen, you got it all right. Dale. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Lorraine, okay? What does it do? Chris, yes, Lowers estrogen. Brenda, yes, yes, yes, yes. Sharon, yes, yes, yes, yes. It takes estrogen down. Men, you need that for your prostate. Ladies, you need it for breast cancer, ovarian and all the other cancers. Get estrogen down. You're already getting insulin down, but you want to get estrogen down. 

I don't want chia seeds. I don't want no nuts. Why don't I want that? Because when little critters like a squirrel, you know what they do all summer, they get ready for winter. You know what they do? They go get nuts and seeds and they hide them in the ground where they're going to spend their winter so they can get fat and survive the winter. Don't do what the animals do. People like snacking. People like snacking on seeds and nuts. I tell them. "Don't do that." Don't do that because that's how animals get fat, little animals, and bears get fat. You know how bears get fat? They get fat on fructose. Why don't I want you having any fruit on the reset, 30 days, no fruit. Why? 

That's how bears get fat. They know, bears know instinctively. How do I fatten up? Oh, berries. Yeah, berries. That's how they get ready for winter because it goes directly to their liver. Now, am I against fruit? Please, don't come and say Dr. Martin hates fruit. I don't. But on the reset, I don't want you to have it. I don't want you to have seeds or nuts. The other thing is with seeds and nuts, I don't want you irritating your gut. They irritate your gut. So no, I don't want that. I don't want no lectins. I don't want no oxalates. Peanuts are oxalate. I don't want that, okay?

Now, it's only temporary, but I know a lot of women over the years, I used to talk to them in the office, and they were, "Doc, I can't lose weight." Well, I said, "Quit eating nuts and seeds." "Yeah, but they're good for me." "No, they're not that good for you. Not if you're gaining weight from them." "I'm snacking on them." "Don't snack. You're trying to lose weight. What are you snacking for?" I know they sound good. They're better than having a chocolate bar. I get that. But they're not as good as you think they are for you. I know that's controversial, but I'm right. I'm right and they're wrong, okay? That settles it. Good questions though guys. 

Okay. So you can't have chia seeds for 30 days. Am I against those seeds? No, I'm not. Okay. Flaxseeds have a 100 times more lignans than chia seeds, 100 times more. What do those lignans do? They lower your estrogen. Now, I know, I know a lot of people, you go in Google, flaxseed. Oh, don't eat flaxseeds. It's full of estrogen. It's phytoestrogens. Yeah, but see how God put together a flaxseed. He put 100 times more lignans in there to lower your estrogen. That's why I'm big on that. Got it? Okay, you got it. 

Katherine, "Will more nutrients be absorbed by eating a small meal rather than a large meal?" No, not really. Look, when you have a large meal, it's time, okay? Factor now is time. If you have a large steak, that's going to take you longer to digest, but the nutrients that are in there, you're going to get them eventually. Just it's time. It's time. That's one of the lies, by the way, of snacking. Oh, it'll control your blood sugar. I used to scream at that, little snacks during the day. Eat more often if you're hypoglycemic. No, eat the right foods at the right time. 

You know how we love the eating windows. Stay within a window. If you start at 8:00, try and finish at 6:00 at night or whatever. Don't eat a lot of snacks. Don't eat any snack. Let's say you have bacon and eggs in the morning, no toast. They've proven this. Food scientists know this. When you have bacon and eggs, you're not hungry. You have oatmeal, you're going to be hungry in a much shorter period of time. You have toast that burns into sugar in nanoseconds and you're going to be hungry. "Dr. Martin, can't have bacon and eggs without my toast." Learn to live with it. You'd get used to it. Honest. 

You will get to a point, even in a restaurant if they bring you toasts that you will say, "I don't need that stuff." I'm the type that don't show me something, I'd rather that. But I can discipline myself to say, "Even if they bring me potatoes or whatever," right? Or in the States, grits, that's all carbs. I'm after the bacon, sausage and eggs. But you don't need to snack. You really don't if you eat the right meals. If you have eggs, meat and cheese, believe you me, you can get out of the habit of snacking, okay?

Terry, "I brush my teeth with baking soda and peroxide. What do you think of that?" Well, I don't like peroxide. Look, you can take hydrogen peroxide, but you're killing all your bacteria, okay? Look, dentists, am I against brushing your teeth? Of course not. You need to. But don't do it every second. It's like measuring your blood sugar every five minutes. I used to get people come in and they had pages of pages of pages of pages of measuring their blood pressure, blood sugar. I said, "Why are you showing me a diary? Why are you doing that?" "Well, I'm monitoring it." I said, "You're driving yourself crazy. Stop doing that every five minutes." Okay?

The dentists brought to you by Pepsodent, you wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent. You remember that? Well, look, you got to be my age to remember that commercial. But they wanted you to brush your teeth every five minutes. Don't do that. Listen, you got bacteria in your mouth, okay? You got a war going on. Don't over clean it. Don't over clean your mouth. When you go with hydrogen peroxide, you weren't meant to do that. I like oil of oregano better, but you don't do it 10 times a day, okay? You don't need that. 

But look, the baking soda, I got no problem with it. Baking soda is good for your pH in your mouth or not. But again, once a day, yeah. If you want to use hydrogen peroxide, it ain't going to kill you. But I don't like killing all the good bacteria. That's the problem. Somebody asked a question the other day on our private Facebook group, somebody was asking about what about oil of oregano. I was that the health food store, they said don't use that every day. I hate to be negative, but they don't know what they're talking about. 

It's an antibiotic that knows the difference between good, bad and ugly bacteria. It's an antifungal. Oil of oregano, there's nothing like it, guys, on the planet. There's nothing like it in nature. There's nothing, there's no antibiotic in nature. No antibiotic, no antiviral, no antifungal like oil of oregano. Why do I say that all the time? Because it's true. I had a radio show for 20 years. My friends at the health food store in Sudbury used to say, "Man, oh man, our sales of oil of oregano are crazy because of your radio show." "Yeah, I know. I like it." Nothing like it. Okay. 

Terry, what else? You asked another question down here. What about bathing in baking soda? Well, I like bathing in magnesium salts, Epsom salts. Baking soda, yeah. I got no problem with that. I got no problem with that, Terry. Dorothy, "What might be the cause of fluid retention above the upper inside corner of the eyelids not related to infection meds, allergy Can it be reduced with diet?" Well, try either reset to see. Sometimes you get those cholesterol, what they call cholesterol spots on the eyelid. Could be a sign of fatty liver. Cholesterol ain't bad for you. Dorothy, try the reset. See if there's something there that's maybe blocking a duct or something like that. 

Fatima, "Do chicken gizzards and liver have a lot of B vitamins?" Yes, they do. Yes, they do. Lots of B vitamins. Okay, now chicken doesn't have a lot of B12, okay? I'm sorry, ladies. Your chicken, I know you like it, It doesn't have the B12 that I like. Of all the B vitamins, guys, B12 is the most important by a long shot, okay? 

Linda, "What are the physics, chemistry, biological reasons that the reset leads to a wonderful drop in blood pressure?" I like that question. I do, Linda, okay? Here's the biochemistry. Here is the physiology of why that happened. What does the reset do? The number one thing that the reset does, guys, the it lowers insulin. Now listen, let me just say this. Every time you secrete insulin, it's like a dichotomy. You know what a dichotomy is. It's good and bad, okay? 

So insulin saves your life, guys. It does two things. One, it takes sugar out of your bloodstream, saves your life. It saves your life. And it stores it as energy. Good. You want that, okay? The reason it's a dichotomy is that if you use too much insulin, too much insulin, too much eating, too many carbohydrates, insulin is bad in this sense. It increases the smooth muscle, okay? Now, we're getting into pathophysiology. It increases this smooth muscle in your blood vessels, around your blood vessels. It affects that little what we call the Teflon layer of your blood vessels. 

What's that do? Well, it makes your vessels constrict. It also starts a little micro damaging of the Teflon. Now your blood vessels are not as slippery and that constricts around your heart and around your kidney. Guess what. Your blood pressure goes up. So the good thing about insulin, sugar out. Can't stay in the bloodstream, because sugar inside the bloodstream is destructive. So it saves your bacon. But it has another sign to it where starts, even with the sugar gone, insulin on its own will start a process in the smooth muscle of your blood vessels around your heart, around your kidneys and eyes, legs. 

So guys, this is why I am so big on making sure you get rid of insulin resistance, and then the third thing that happens if insulin is left unabated, meaning that you're constantly using it, your cells go, "Insulin, I am so sick and tired of you. I wish you wouldn't come around anymore." But insulin says, "I'm a pesky neighbor. I'm coming whether you like me or not." If you insist insulin is saying this, if you insist on eating carbs, I'm coming around. I have to. I don't care if you don't like me, I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming back. I'm coming back. I'm coming back. 

What's that do? The cells, when they do this, insulin comes even more. That creates an inflammatory response. Now, it doubles down on those blood vessels. Inflammation is silent. It's a secret almost. It sneaks up on your blood vessels. You see what's happening? It's like a double whammo, guys. Then plus, you get a process, inflammation, free radicals. Free radicals is oxidation and glycation, which hardens those little arteries. You see what happens when you've fix that. You see why I'm so passionate about the reset. 

Because guys, physiologically, and I know I'm online every day with you guys and I get people and they're going, "Dr. Martin. Dr. Martin, I'm not losing weight the way I wanted to do on the reset." I go, "I get it." They're usually a woman. But guys, you still are getting the benefits of fixing insulin resistance. Did you hear me? If you only knew how good that is for you. You want to fix insulin resistance. You have no idea how important that is. I won't be taken off my game, guys. I'm not going to change my mind. I did this for too long.

I told somebody yesterday, I said, "Well, you tell me one thing. I got 46 years of real patients telling me another thing." Guys, the reset came after thousands and thousands of patients that had trouble with insulin resistance. I found the key, no carbs, eggs, meat and cheese. It fixes insulin resistance. It takes 30 days to do that. Now, you're going to empty your liver before that, but you've got to get at the cells. So Linda, did you listen, Linda? Did you listen? That's the pathophysiology of what happens. There you go. I hope I explained it. Good question, 

Gail, what are my thoughts on einkorn flour? It's supposed not to raise insulin. You know what, you guys answer that. She spells it, E-I-N-K-O-R-N, flour, okay? Do I want it on the reset? No. You can't have it on the reset. If it is a lower carb flour, then Gail, I got no problem with it if it's lower carb, okay? And you don't get the insulin response. Let me look it up. I didn't even look it up. Okay.

[Monique 00:25:54], "Can we buy a microscope?" She wants to see stuff, okay? Well, sure, you can. Okay. But listen, if you really want to look at blood properly, you need a dark field microscope. Now, be prepared even for a used one, Monique, for a minimum of about 3,000 bucks. That would be a used one. The one we had in our office was almost $7,000 in U.S. dollars, top of the line microscopes, because we had more than one, with 3,200 power or whatever. So this is really important. 

So yeah, if you want. I guess you want to look at your own blood because I was going to tell you, you can go online and look at blood just to see what it looks like. You look at the [inaudible 00:26:50] and all this and that and I'm glad you asked the question Monique, but I'm going to give you Dr. Martin's take on it, okay? Because there are people that do what they call dark field microscopic. They do a live blood analysis. You've heard of that. I tell people, "Look, be very careful, okay?" Because they see everything in the blood, meaning that some people, it just depends on their training, okay? Because I did training for a lots of people on how to do dark field microscopy, okay?. 

But I used to teach them. Look, it's only one tool in your toolbox. Look at the cell, you see everything. You see a [inaudible 00:27:36] and it means 100 things. No, it depends on a lot of things. First of all, are they fasting? People would go in and get a live blood and then they want me to read the results. I said, "Well did you fast before you went in there?" "No." I said, "Well, you know I throw 90% of it. You got a fast." Oh, I saw all sorts of parasites. You sure that wasn't food, undigested food? You just ate and then you did a blood test. Don't do that. Monique, I don't want to discourage you, but you're going to spend a lot of money to get a good microscope, okay?

Evelyn, hiccups, suffering nine years. Well look, I would do the reset. I always said people get chronic hiccups have got very low acidity in their stomach. They need to be on digestive enzymes. You need to do the whole GI thing, okay, and get off the sugars and get off the carbohydrates, 100% off of that stuff. 

Yvonne, warts under the feet. Well, look, again, viruses. I'm big on what you see, and especially warts a lot of times it will come from the gut, but also irritation. Make sure your arch is well supported and a few other things in there. Mary Louis, "My husband wants to do the reset with me," good for him, "but he doesn't need to lose weight." Well, there's no reason to lose weight if you don't want to. Just make sure he's getting enough protein during the day. He can eat more and gain muscle. If he eats the right thing, you're just going to gain muscle. You're not putting fat on, okay? 

Deb, "Possible causes of high calcium and calcifying the arteries. How do I correct this?" Vitamin K2. Eat more cheese. Look, if you have high blood levels of calcium, you know where that's controlled? It's controlled by your para on the side of your thyroid, your parathyroid glands. They can melt function. Or you don't have enough vitamin K2, which is an important vitamin that's why we added to our vitamin D, and vitamin K2 in nature, God puts vitamin K2 in calcium. So when you eat butter, you got K2. When you eat cheese, you got K2. Got it? This is really, really, really important, okay? You want to make sure you're taking vitamin K2. I put it right in our vitamin D but you don't have to take it separately as a supplement. Just cheese, eat butter, you get vitamin K2.

Okay. Cheryl, "Could you ask Dr. Martin if there's any truth to coffee being dehydrating?" Well, I guess if you drink too much of it, okay? It isn't dehydrating. You do not lose your... You know what people, they made that up. You know why? They were teetotalers. They didn't like coffee. So they went against it. Coffee is the real vitamin C. Cheryl, I will not change my mind on it. Coffee's good for you. I've been consistent. You will not lose your minerals if you drink coffee. You will not dehydrate. Now, if you drink too much, but if you're drinking two liters of water a day, which you know I want you to do. For my American friends, that's 64 ounces of water. Yeah. You need water. You're not a camel that can store their water for a long time, okay? You need water.

So don't drink coffee if you're not drinking water. You need water. You need H2O, okay? Vitamin W. Then you need your vitamin C and there's nothing negative about it. It's what you put it in it. If you insist on drinking milk or putting milk in your coffee, sugar in your coffee and all that, well, now you're destroying what's good for you. But if you need to, you put cream in your coffee, not milk. Okay, good question, Cheryl. I don't mind taking questions on I'm coffee, but you're not changing my mind.

Now, Faye, I don't know where you got this but, "Can taking too much vitamin D cause pancreatic cancer?" Absolutely not. There's no reason it would. Now look, you can take too much vitamin D, I guess. Okay. I'd never seen it, but I guess you could, okay, and I know people that get all uptight about vitamin D. "Oh, it's a fat soluble vitamin, Dr. Martin, and it it's bad for you." Yeah. I used to say this for years, I can show you 150 studies that would tell you that's the opposite of that. But now it's up to I bet you it's 300 studies that I could show you the importance of vitamin D and I could show you over 100 studies on vitamin D and cancer, including pancreatic cancer.

Vitamin D is essential to fight cancer. It's part of a protocol to stop you, first of all, from getting it, and second of all, if you ever get cancer, you need to have therapeutic levels of vitamin D. Is it negative? I guess so. So here's what they've shown, Faye. This study was done 15 years ago. I used to mention it on my radio show all the time. It was a long term study by the Vitamin D Council. You know what they saw? For you to get toxic from vitamin D, listen to what I'm going to say, you would need to take 50,000 international, 50, 50,000 international units of vitamin D a day every day for six months. 

Now, who the heck ever takes that much vitamin D for six months? I've never met anybody that's done that, but that's the studies. So how could it give you pancreatic cancer? It's the opposite. You know what kills you in pancreatic cancer? It's not vitamin D, my friend. It is sugar. That's why we see so much pancreatic cancer even today. Got it? 

Okay. Now, that was fun guys. I got excited. I never get excited. You know how much I appreciate you guys asking questions. I want you to ask questions. Ask questions, okay? This is how you develop that critical thinking. You ask questions. Ask questions. Don't take my word for it. The Bible says that about itself. Don't take my word for it. Study it. Question. Okay, love you guys. Will talk to you soon.

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