746. Top 10 Foods People Think Are Healthy


Join Dr. Martin as he reviews a survey of foods people think are healthy. Surprisingly eggs, meat, and cheese didn’t make the top 10!

Dr. Martin also answers a question about the basic premise of the Reset. The customer is confused as to why there’s a lot of animal fat consumption when doctors are telling you to avoid red meat.

He also discusses the keto diet versus the Reset in today’s episode.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. And once again, welcome to another Live here this morning and hope you're having a great start to your day and I'm fooling some of you because I wasn't supposed to be on today. This is a survey, a food survey done recently. And I liked because it makes me laugh a little bit. And that is, they put them in a list, what are the healthiest foods according to the survey, a random survey of people in North America. And then they listed them and there's not one thing on it, the top 10 foods, not one of them is good for you. Not one of them. They've listed the top 10. I'm going to read them to you fast and then we're going to break this down a little bit.

10 things that are healthy, that people think are very healthy for them. All natural sugar, juice, whole grain bread, whole wheat bread is fourth, vegetable oils, and it was compared to... And I'll come back and tell you this… Fruit smoothies, number six, brown rice, number seven, cereals, number eight, granola bars, number nine and 10, raisins, dried fruit. I'm chuckling. They're not listening to our program. They're not listening to our program. It's craziness. 

Now let me bring this in because I think you'll appreciate it. And this is a very, very, very good question. Let me read it. I'm not going to mention the person's name, but I really want to reemphasize this. So here's a lady on our private Facebook group. She's new to the group and we appreciate that so much but she got referred to us by a friend. Here's what she says, "New here. Can someone explain where I'll find the basic premise behind The Reset? Seems to me it's a ton of animal fat consumption. Is this simply keto?" Good question. "It was recommended to me as a way to lower cholesterol, yet every single doctor..." Listen to what she said. She's absolutely right. "Yet every single doctor says reduce fat in the diet, especially animal fat. I'm confused. I'm seeing bacon, butter, red meat, fried foods. Well, all sorts of other forbidden items." You're not alone. It is confusing only because you're getting a complete different take. 

So before I get to why The Reset… Let's just unpack the 10 top foods according to a survey. People actually think this. This is drummed into their thinking… All natural sugar. So they're thinking fruits, like fructose in all natural sugars. What do I call fruit? God's candies. You have to limit them for a couple of reasons. One, fructose goes directly to your liver. Don't pass go like Monopoly and don't collect 200. Or do you collect 200? I can't remember, long time since I've played monopoly, but all I'm saying is fructose, how do bears get fat? Berries? So all natural sugars should be limited. They put it number one in terms of the top foods. So they put it ahead of any kind of meat, they put it ahead of eggs. Eggs are not even on the top 10. There's no meat in the top 10. There's no eggs in the top 10. And there's no cheese in the top 10 survey of foods that are the healthiest foods. 

Now, folks, I'll tell you we got work to do. By the way, the survey's not on our Facebook group, but to the person... And we appreciate the questions. And no question is a stupid question. There's no stupid questions. Ask your questions. And I want you to be skeptical. You know what's happened in the world today, and this is a pet peeve of mine? Journalists have lost their skepticism. Now, remember I had a radio show. I was a journalist, a health journalist for a lot of years, 20 years. And when you read stuff, you're supposed to be skeptical. Science by nature should be questioned. That's science, it's always questions. You're always learning something. 

Like what I knew about nutrition in the 1970s, compared to what I know today, are you kidding me? I took 2000 hours of nutrition in my undergraduate. It's not like we didn't learn anything. It's just that science is always evolving. It's the way it is. You're always questioning, more information comes in, you question. So it's a good question. She said, "I've been referred to you or to this group and to The Reset to lower cholesterol." And she goes, "It doesn't make any sense because every doctor except Dr. Martin..." And that's not entirely true, by the way, I can prove to you that there are cardiologists, not many, but there are some that agree 100% with what I'm saying, but there's not many of them, but there are a few.

But according to her, and if you surveyed 100 people, 99 would tell you exactly what she said. You're telling me to eat high fat to lower cholesterol? Well, first of all, let's set that straight. I'm not trying to lower your cholesterol. I'm trying to lower your triglycerides, which are three fat balls. It's not cholesterol, but they are lipids. And I'm actually trying to raise your HDL. That is what I'm doing on The Reset. So you got referred to the right place because you want to lower triglycerides and elevate your good cholesterol and just the opposite of this survey. What will elevate your triglycerides? Sugar. See, it's not fat, it's sugar and all these things that are here this morning, number one on the survey is all natural sugar. 

So they mean fruit and again, I'm not saying fruit is no good for you. I'm saying because of the premise that the number one problem in health today is insulin. Insulin resistance, high circulating insulin. No, The Reset is not keto. It's not keto. You can live a keto lifestyle and I'm not against that. But the problem with keto is a couple of things. One, you can keep your carbs down and still eat junk. Keto foods generally are junk foods. They just happened to be low in carbs. I'm not against keto, but The Reset isn't keto. Because you can go to almost every grocery store, you can go to Costco, you've got all sorts of keto snacks and it's junk. It's glorified junk, it's on my junk food list because it's not good fuel. It just happens to be low in carbohydrate. You understand what I'm saying? 

And people tell me every day, every day, every day, "Doc, I'm eating keto." Okay, well, it's better than not eating keto. It's better eating the way the rest of the world is eating. Keto is definitely better, but it's not the best. The best is Reset. Why is that? Because it's pure, 99% octane fuels, eggs, meat, and cheese. I am an EMC guy, eggs, meat, and cheese. And I'm not saying you can never have fruit, and I'm not saying you can never have from the plant kingdom. I'm not saying not at all. I'm saying for 30 days, you want to fix bad numbers? You got to start with The Reset. You got bad hormones? You start with The Reset. What is The Reset primary purpose? To lower your insulin, to fix insulin resistance. Because insulin resistance. 

I'll remind the new folks that are on with us. Insulin resistance is at the root of heart disease. It's at the root of cancer. I mean, I got to emphasize even more that it's the absolute cause of diabetes. It's a 100% cause of diabetes. Diabetes is not genetics, buys. Diabetes is, you're a carbolic, it's as simple as that. And fourthly it's at the root of autoimmune disease, that and leaky gut. So food is something you can control. If you look at survey, it is absolute opposite of what is true. People have got it wrong because they've been taught wrong. And every day when I'm on this program, I am going to give you the truth. Now you can accept it or not accept it, but I'm telling you it's the truth because the best eating is The Reset. There's not a better program. There's is not a better weight loss program, even though it was never designed for weight loss primarily. 

But the reason that it works is because when you change your fuel, when you go from all natural sugar, juice, number two, whole grain for heaven's sakes, they even got Pop-Tarts there, whole grain Pop-Tarts, yikes. Whole wheat bread, vegetable oils, because you see what they did in the survey is they compared, they made them click boxes. So what's better vegetable oil or butter? They chose vegetable oil. Vegetable oil, because it's polyunsaturated, PUFAs. Polyunsaturated fatty acids. And when they were given a comparison, what's better, canola oil or butter? Well, they said canola oil, because it's got less fat. It's unsaturated fat, but that's wrong. Butter will never elevate your triglycerides. The only thing butter will do is elevate your good cholesterol. And by the way, all cholesterol is good. 

See because they got it wrong on cholesterol and the proof in the pudding by the way, the proof in the pudding, guys is look at the world we live in today. Just do some observation. Why is it that we have more heart disease than ever, one? Why is it that we have more cancer than ever, two? Why is it that 50% of the population is diabetic? Why is it that 88% of the population have some form of metabolic syndrome? You know why it is? Because people have been duped. I don't like being duped. The population in North America has been duped. They've been deceived and you get any teaching... Oh, whole wheat bread is good for you. No, it's not. I don't care if it's 75 grain bread. It's not good for you. I mean, it might taste good, but so does ice cream taste good. Is ice cream good for you? No doc, ice cream's not good for me. I know that. I like it, but I know it's not good for me. 

Well, neither is whole wheat bread and neither is any cereal that you can name me. Name me a cereal. I'm waiting. “Oh, Dr. Martin, All-Bran.” All-Bran's good for me because it makes me go to the bathroom. Yeah, I know, but it elevates your insulin. And so does oatmeal. And so does Tony the Tiger, Frosted Flakes are not great. They are horrendous when we're feeding kids nothing but sugar, you might as well give them a Pepsi in the morning. See number two is juice on the survey number two, juice. See people, how they're being duped? The number one way that people get their sugar by the way is they drink their sugar. 

Now I'm going to tell you something. God gave you fruit to eat, not to drink. He didn't give you fruit to drink. Fruit isn't meant to drink. Now if you make grapes and you got wine, okay, I'll give you that. But you're not supposed to have much of it. And God gave you candies. They're beautiful. They taste good. And again, always understand where I'm coming from. Only for 30 days, do you not have that, then you can have some berries. Don't live on bananas, an apple a day doesn't keep the doctor away. That changed. An apple a day doesn't keep the doctor away. A steak a day, keeps the doctor away. That's our new saying here at the Martin Clinic Club, a steak a day keeps the doctor away. We live in a completely different world guys. And we just got to understand it. And then plus, and I just going to mention this again for our viewers that are new. One of the biggest things happened in the early 1980s. We switched sugars. We went from table sugar, sugar, sucrose. We went to fructose. We went to high fructose corn syrup that has been a national, international catastrophe.

Did you see the pictures of the tornadoes that touched down in Kentucky and the states there, sad isn't it? Guys, there was a tornado that has created havoc in the nutritional world and it started in the 1980s. And because of that, we have been the most unhealthy people in the universe, is people in North America. We have skyrocketing rates of obesity. Diabesity. You like that name, diabesity? What a tragedy. Look at the world. If you flew out of here with the Elon Musk, let's pretend we left in the 1970s or the 60s and we came back in 2021 at the end of 2021. And you walked into your mall and you went, "Holy moly. What the heck happened to the world? Why is everybody so big?" I rest my case guys, because the world has got it wrong. The world has got it wrong. The survey, “oh Dr. Martin, it's all natural sugar.” I know, but don't eat a lot of it. Bears get fat on fructose. 

When you combine that fructose from fruits and then you add high fructose corn syrup, which is in everything from cereals to cookies, you name it because that's the sugar the food industry loves, why? A couple of reasons, it's cheap. It's made in a lab in a vat. You could run your car on it. Don't try it, but you could because it's terrible stuff. It's not meant for you. And it passes the gut and it feeds the bears of your bad bacteria. And then on its way to the liver in a nanosecond. And that's why we see so much fatty liver and fatty liver will give you triglycerides and triglycerides will kill you. High triglycerides, you're walking around, waiting for a heart attack. 

Food, not one thing on this survey, there's no meat because if they did have meat, it would be probably number 11 or 12 or 13. And then it would say chicken, what's healthier chicken or red meat? And the world would say, "Well, chicken doc, because it's got less fat." I'm going to have chicken, no fat. The problem with hamburgers is because it's got a lot of fat, even though the ground beef, try and find ground beef with fat in it. It's not fat, guys. Red meat is better than chicken on Dr. Martin's survey every time because it's much more nutritious. You see your body knows what to do with the piece of red meat. You hardly need any insulin, your pancreas is whistling. Like, what do I have to do here? Not much.

Insulin's job is to get sugar out of your bloodstream. All these 10 foods, oh my word, elevate your insulin. So they got it wrong. I emphasize that over and over and over again. The world has got it wrong. They've been duped. They still teach cut your fat out for dieticians. They still teach that cholesterol is bad for you in medical school. By the way, they never did. They were just starting to switch when I was in school talking about cholesterol. But remember there was no statin drugs until the 1980s, until Lipitor came on the scene. And now cholesterol, cholesterol, that's bad, that's bad. That's no good. Don't have that, don't have butter, have margarine. Don't eat eggs, ah, maybe one egg a week. 

I had patients, thousands of them over the years I come in, I said, "How many eggs are you eating in a week?" "Oh, my doctor told me because I got cholesterol only to have maybe one or two eggs a week, doc. And I'm very careful. I love eggs, but I can't eat them because my doctor said so. I said, "Well, your doctor doesn't know a thing about nutrition.” God bless them. But they flunk a nutrition course, well my nutrition course, they'd flunk it. What was that show? And the survey says, what was that show again? I can't remember the name of the show. And the survey says the top 10 foods, not one of them has the top three foods on it that are really good for you. Not one of them. Juice being number two. Oh I tell people you were never, ever, ever, ever, ever meant to drink juice. You give a kid orange juice or apple juice, give them a Pepsi in the morning, what's the difference?

Well, as a matter of fact, I think there's more sugar in orange juice. You're not meant to drink fruit. I allow you a few berries in my Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie, it's made with cream. Now it's funny that in the top 10 foods in the survey, you don't even have milk on it. Well, that's good because grocery store milk ain't good for you. You got a cow in the backyard, drink milk. Otherwise, don't touch it with a hundred foot pole, drink cream because that's what milk should be, cream. And I mean it, the more fat that is in dairy, the better it is. That's why I love cheese. Why is cheese good for you? Well it's full of fat. I mean there's a lot of other reasons, got protein, but it's got fat, it's got no carbs and again, it's not keto. There's too much junk in keto. 

So isn't that an interesting survey to look at this stuff? Whole wheat bread. “Whole wheat, Dr. Martin,” who cares, it ain't good. Whole wheat's going to be sugar in nanoseconds. Don't fool yourself. Don't be deceived, a lot of deception out there. Now we are thankful for everyone watching. We are thrilled by our private Facebook group. So if you're not a member, please join that and get your friends to join it and the podcast. So you can re-listen to these things, sign up for The Doctor Is In Podcast, to the new folks that are watching. If you're not getting our emails, then please sign up, go to MartinClinic.com and sign up for the emails we give out information, that's what we like to do. And we like to write emails and we like to do these shows and information, information, information. Okay guys. So we appreciate you, love you, talk to you soon.

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