724. Preventing Autoimmune


A recent study is showing how the combination of vitamin D and omega-3 decreases your chances of getting autoimmune by 25%.

Dr. Martin shares his theory on autoimmune disease, and why today it’s an epidemic. All disease starts in the gut and it’s no different with autoimmune. Dr. Martin speaks specifically about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and how it can begin.

He also speaks about vitamin D and omega-3 and how we need to supplement if we’re not getting it naturally or through our food. Join us today for this informative session!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. And once again, welcome to another Live this morning. Hope you're having a good start to your day. This morning I want to talk to you about a study on autoimmune. Now, I noticed this morning on our private Facebook group, so again, if you're not part of the private Facebook group, Martin Clinic private Facebook group, sign up for that, okay? And get into that group. It's good. There's great posts in there, lots of good information, recipes. So you can sign up and get in there and invite your friends too. But I noticed a post in there this morning from someone posting that they had been just recently diagnosed with MS, which is an autoimmune disease. Okay? And I want to go over that, but here's the study first. And then we'll sort of unpack things a little bit, but here's the study. It was found in a symposium, so it was present in October, so very recently at a Pediatric Rheumatology Symposium. And this study that they presented there at the Pediatric Rheumatology Symposium showed that the combination of vitamin D and omega-3 decreases autoimmune. Your chances of getting autoimmune are decreased by 25%, by vitamin D and omega-3. Isn't that interesting? 

I was on with a physician talking to him yesterday. Look, I think you guys know me enough to know that I always start, like if you had a pyramid, I had to build a pyramid. The foundation is food. I'm a food guy. You're going to eat every day and this is your foundation of your health. In medicine, food is at the top, meaning it's got that much significance to them. Not much. Because they don't study nutrition. But I put it at the foundation of the pyramid because it's the key. And every day, just about I bring to you the foundation to your health and that's your food. Okay? Now, the study is talking about autoimmune and I'm going to tell you something, folks. Autoimmune, and I throw this word around maybe too much, it's an epidemic. It's not just MS. I put Parkinson's in an autoimmune disease because that's what it is. Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, Sjogren's, Hashimoto's, the thyroid, Graves', the thyroid, But they're autoimmune. Rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune.

And I will bring you back to what I believe, my theory on autoimmune disease. And we'll talk about it because you don't get autoimmune for no reason. Oh, you have an autoimmune disease. Okay. Why do I have an autoimmune disease? And you got to go back to the gut. So what happens up in the brain, because MS. Okay? So this lady puts on our private Facebook group this morning that she just recently got the diagnosis. It took them a long time to find it, according to her. And that's common by the way. MS is not easy to find because until those plaques show up in the brain, they don't want to definitely say it's MS, because it can mimic so many other conditions. But let me just say it again, the problem in our society today is we're not looking at the cause of these things, the cause of autoimmune. And we have to go to the gut, leaky gut. Okay? And yesterday we talked about the good and the bad army, but specifically autoimmune, what happens.

It is an invasion species of candida, fungus, yeast. It's the invading army. It gets into your bloodstream. It's not supposed to get into your bloodstream. I remember, not arguing with physicians, but they said, "Well, you can't get a fungal infection in your blood, if you do it'll kill you." Yeah. And I said, "But the death often is slow." Because I know what their thing. They're thinking of an acute fungal infection, which is very serious. It's so often treated with antibiotics, it makes that worse because antibiotics will do nothing for a fungus, they actually create a fungus. And I said, "Yeah, but it'll kill you, but it's going to be a slow death." You get rheumatoid arthritis, you talk about disabling. It started in the gut, and I emphasize it, and emphasize it, and emphasize it. And here's a study out saying that, well, you can decrease it by vitamin D and omega-3. I love that. But you got to start in the gut. It's an invasion of yeast. Again, yeast outside the body, folks. You can make bread with it. Want bread to rise? You need yeast.

You want your gut to start giving you problems from your brain, to your skin, to your lungs, to your sinuses, to your joints, to your bladder, leaky gut? And what I'm showing here, but if you're going to listen to this on a podcast later, what I'm showing, I'm putting my fingers clenched together. This is what happens in your small intestine. And the only thing that can get through this gate is nutrients, once they're micro-sized. You see, digestion starts right in the mouth with saliva, enzymes, starts breaking down on the way down to the stomach and that furnace better break food down properly. And once it's micro-sized, the body knows exactly what it needs. It's proteins, it's fats, very little carb. But you see, that goes into your bloodstream and your blood, 60,000 miles of blood vessels will deliver all your nutrients to every cell in your body. Your cells are waiting, and if that gate is sealed real good, then food only, micro-sized food, and water get in there. Nothing else.

So how do bacteria, viruses, how does a fungus, how does a yeast, how does candida, the medical word, how does that get into your bloodstream? When that gate has been compromised, that my friend is autoimmune in a nutshell. The gate, the border, your body has a border between its gut and the blood. You're fearfully and wonderfully made, that is a big part of your immune system by the way, think about it. I know we talk about what's in the blood. You have T-cells, you have your navy seals. And when they do see a bacteria, when they do see a virus, they go after that. Well, big part of your immune system is in your gut because if you got leaky gut, you got garbage coming into the bloodstream. And when it gets into the bloodstream, it can go anywhere. You have to understand that. Your blood goes everywhere, from your brain to your toes. Like I said, 60,000 miles of blood vessels. But the biggest thing in my opinion, and I think I'm right, is fungus. And that's what travels up to the brain in MS. That's what creates the plaque in the brain.

It's an invasion of a species that doesn't belong in your brain whatsoever. And one thing yeast will do, folks, and I've mentioned this to you before, but it's worth repeating. Whenever someone tells me, and I hear this a lot, I used to test for it. Whenever I tested for heavy metals, mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, whenever I would see it in a urine test, I knew without exception, I mean this, I knew without exception, that that heavy metal got into your tissue via yeast, fungus. So when you have yeast, heavy metals will attach to it. Mercury. This is another factor in autoimmune, especially those with Parkinson's. In Parkinson's, yeast brings lead to the brain. Yeast can bring mercury to the brain. Your body knows how to chelate, if your liver's working properly, your body will rid your body of heavy metals, but not if you have a yeast infection. And when I say yeast infection, you might not have any symptoms, really. You might have some bloating, you might have some digestive symptoms, but you might not.

Your symptoms might be manifested in other places. For example, your skin, look at your skin, rashes, blemishes, acne. That is fungal, my friend. It's not bacterial. It's fungal. There might be a bacteria there. Bacteria. Yeah, they travel too. And they’ll travel... I've told you this a million times. Ladies, when you get a bladder infection, how come men don't get bladder infections? You know what men get? Men get bladder cancer. They don't get infections. It's our anatomy. It's different. Ladies, you got a lot of moisture around there. Think of mold. Where do you get mold? I get mold in my basement. Oh yeah. I get mold in the bathroom. Yeah, the shower's on. What is yeast? Oh, it's the first cousin of mold. That's why women get bladder infections. It's fungal, primarily. Now, I'm not saying there's no bacteria. An E. coli or bacteria can get to the wall of a bladder, but it comes with a companion. It comes with yeast. And this was why I often tell women who listen, only take an antibiotic if it's burning.

And then as soon as it stops burning, stop your antibiotic and make sure you get rid of that yeast. First of all, don't feed it because it loves sugar, it'll call your name. Don't feed the bears and you better get rid of that candida, because that's what's sitting in the lining, that's why it reoccurs. An antibiotic doesn't help that part. It actually makes it worse. And don't come after me. Please, don't misunderstand what I said. I'll deny I knew you in court. Okay? I'm not telling people not to take an antibiotic. I don't do that. What I'm saying is that is not the root issue. The root issue is an underlying fungal infection. And friend, if you see any autoimmune disease, that's what it is. If it's on your skin, if it's lupus, if it's MS, if it's Parkinson's, if it's in your gut, in Crohn's, or ulcerative colitis. Is Celiac really an autoimmune? Okay, we can put it in there. On your joints, rheumatoid arthritis. 

Look, they used to be rare. Okay? I've been on this planet long enough to tell you with experience. Not that there was never any MS, of course there was, but today autoimmune is epidemic and I'm not the only one saying it. The author of this study at the Pediatric Rheumatology Symposium, who brought in these new studies on vitamin D and omega-3 helping autoimmune, were the ones who used the term epidemic. And they're not the only ones. But you guys, our audience here, you know more than the average bear, you know more than 99% of the doctors I know. God love them, they never look to the gut. They look at the gut if the gut has symptoms. They don't look at autoimmune. They want to treat it from steroids to anti-inflammatories, to their treatment plan. And again, I'm not saying don't use the treatment plan. I'm only telling you the cause of it. I talked to you about autism. 50 years ago there was really no such thing. And you bring it 50 years ahead and it's an epidemic. Well, always ask the question, "Why?" Be like a journalist. Why, where, when, the five W's. Okay? You know, ask the questions. That's the way my mind thinks. 

And so with an autoimmune, you better start with the gut. You got to regenerate that lining of the gut. You have to build the guard back up. You're going to start there. You're going to start with rebuilding the gut. And the biggest thing in my opinion is probiotics. I've been preaching, teaching, screaming. And yogurt folks, I'm sorry. Therapeutically, yogurt won't do. Okay? Because a lot of people, they still come at me about that. Fermented foods, am I saying fermented foods are no good? I'm not saying that. I love pickles too. Okay? Without sugar. But listen, that's not therapeutic. Therapeutic is you want to change, it's a treatment plan. You need to rebuild the gut. You need to rebuild the lining. You need to get those bacteria building the guard, a backup, the border guards. Not allowing things to come in. That's where you start. And again, they're mentioning these therapeutics that are very good to treat autoimmune. 

I agree a million percent with this study on the vitamin D. What is vitamin D, why is it so essential? Well, because VitDerma, the new name for vitamin D, what a therapeutic it is. It is so anti-inflammatory, it helps to repair everything. Remember, you are a human solar panel. Well, I just give you research on MS. I tell you, when I was in school in the '70s, MS even back then, you know what they used to say? It only occurred in the northern hemisphere. MS was prevalent only in the northern hemisphere, Canada and a certain line, I can't remember what parallel it was, but a certain line about, I don't know, a quarter or a halfway down in the USA. And they said, when it's above that, that's where MS is found mostly. You know where it is today? Everywhere. You know why? Because people are scared skinny, fear, scared skinny of VitDerma. They're scared skinny of the sun. There's scared skinny of a supplement. "Oh, Dr. Martin, I'm taking 1,000 IUs of vitamin D, is it going to kill me?" Well, 1,000 IUs is for your mice, friends. I shake my head. 

And you can't even get, not at all, but most physicians, you can't get them to even test vitamin D. They don't see the significance of it. They miss out. I want to scream, shout. You don't get almost any disease when your vitamin D is optimized. Would you please take blood tests for vitamin D? It's not just for your bones, doctors. It's not fake news, our Canadian health minister. Vitamin D. Here's what this study said. Here's what this study said. Let me read it to you. Vitamin D, here's what they found on the studies with autoimmune. They were low. American numbers, they were in the 30 to 40 range of ng/mL. In Canada, that would be in the 80s or 90s, vitamin D hydroxy. Don't you think that that is a significant test to get done? Vitamin D, VitDerma? And the truth be known, even about virus. People that went to the hospital, I brought you that research time and time again, people that are hospitalized have low levels of vitamin D. Hello. The world out there, hello, we're calling. The problem is there's no money in vitamin D. Who makes money on vitamin D? But they made you scared skinny of it.

The sun, don't go in the sun, get a little bit of sun, you get in the sun make sure you've got sunscreen on and cover up and... I was talking to a lady yesterday. It was a nice day, it was sunny. Not an inch of her body was uncovered. And I'm shaking my head. Here we have a vitamin, here we have a hormone that your body doesn't do well without, it just doesn't. In everything you can think of, from autoimmune to inflammation, to your immune system, you name it. And covered, huge hat. The only thing she didn't have on was gloves. And I felt like screaming. Guys, thank God I have you. Okay? And I mean that. You are my therapy. I get to spout off to you. I need it, I need to have therapy every day because I get so crazy watching people with their fears. Vitamin D. Your brain, it's got a solar panel up there. Okay? For MS. It so anti-inflammatory, it's so regenerative.

Let me just quickly end with omega-3, because it was part of the study too. How it helps autoimmune. Well, omega-3, and you know me, especially with MS, you get scarring, you get that plaque up in the brain. You've dried out the brain. That's what candida does, it dries it up. It dries up those synapses in the brain, the neurological system, your electrical grid that is up there, it needs oil, man. You ought to slide out of rooms. That's why I'm so big on fat. Fat is oil. Cook up fat, put it on your stove. Will you get oil out of it? Uh huh. Don't avoid fat. Call me fathead, I want a compliment. Oil, I love oil. I love fish oil. I have fish every day in a capsule because I'm very specific. I'm big on DHA. And DHA is found in the animal kingdom, for my vegetarian and vegan friends. It's not found in walnuts, okay? It's not. Now, I'm not saying walnuts are no good for you. I didn't say that. There's good, and then there's better. You want therapeutic. Remember, I'm a therapeutic guy. In vitamin D, therapeutic. Get a right dose.

That was fun. Did you have fun this morning? Okay. You share this, share this with anyone you know that's got any kind of autoimmune. Let them understand it. Why they happen to be the canary in the coal mine? Why did they get it? Well, it started in their gut, I guarantee you that. Maybe as kids they were on lots of antibiotics and that destroyed their microbiome and the border guards. There was a leak in security. There was a security leak. Hey, I like that. I think I'm going to steal that. There was a security leak and candida fungus got into the bloodstream and it traveled. And for some, it ends up in the brain. Guys, vitamin D, omega-3, probiotics. Essential. Therapeutically essential. Okay? Now, guys, we love you dearly. And I mean it. Talk to you soon.

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