720. Cholesterol, Your Immune System’s Ally


Dr. Martin shares two fascinating studies in today’s episode. One of them is showing how the virus can hijack certain receptors in our cells to gain access to the body. People with high blood pressure, and those especially on medication, are more susceptible to getting the virus.

When you take blood pressure medication, your body creates more ACE2 receptors in order to lower your blood pressure. The problem with having more of those receptors is that it allows more opportunity for the virus to enter your body.

But there’s good news… the second study is showing how cholesterol shields your cells with a dome of protection. The higher your cholesterol, the more dome you have over your cells so they don't get hijacked by a virus or bacteria.

Listen to today’s episode to learn another reason why you want your cholesterol to be high!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning, everyone. Once again, welcome to another Live and hope you're having a great start to your day. Guys, guys, this is going to be good this morning. This is hot off the press. This is new stuff. It is incredible to me, okay? I'm going to try and teach you this morning. I'm going to try and teach you this morning. I might even use a little bit of art. Now, I flunked art. I flunked it big time. I couldn't even do a stick man. What you're seeing here is a cell. It's supposed to look like one of your trillions of cells in your body. I don't have my big drawings, my charts that I have back home. See that? That's a cell. Now we have learned two really, really, really important things that have come out in studies and have to do with how your body gets infected. How do you get a virus? Why is that? And more particularly… See what they've done is they've done a study, and I'll bring you this in a picture in a second.

Let me just read to you a couple of studies that were done. Listen to this. Someone with high blood pressure, especially with this particular virus, the coronavirus, it's what they call a comorbidity. It's one of the reasons people got really sick and a lot of people died from the infection with a virus, but we're going to look at this and unpack it, because two studies have come out that are fascinating, fascinating. One of them is saying that the virus hijacks a receptor on the cell called the ACE, all capital letters, A-C-E receptor, ACE receptors on the cells. What are ACE receptors? Good question. I don't want to get into the weeds too much, but I'm going to break this down for you so that you really, really understand how significant this is.

So, one of the ways… Especially in this particular virus that closed the world down, how does it gain access and infect a person? One of the ways, and it's the most important way according to the research, is that it hijacks a receptor that's on your cells. It's called an ACE2 receptor. ACE, A-C-E, all capital letters, 2 receptors. What do those receptors do? What are they there for? Why are they on your cells at all? I know this for a long time ago, ACE receptors, ACE2 receptors, are there to increase your blood pressure if need be, if need be. It's interesting that people with high blood pressure... This is why high blood pressure, it's one of the reasons it's so dangerous. We always talk about high blood pressure and how it puts pressure on your heart. It puts pressure on your blood vessels, right down the line of 60,000 miles of blood vessels. High blood pressure is dangerous. We all agree with that. There isn't a cardiologist that don't agree with that. Medicine, they do everything to keep your blood pressure, but let me finish, because this is really important.

On your cells, you know how I talk about an antenna? Every cell in your body has an antenna for vitamin D. We'll come back to that in a minute, but let me just finish out what I'm saying. What they're saying happens is viruses, especially the coronavirus, hijacks these ACE2 receptor cells. They hijack them. You know why? Imagine a virus having intelligence. They hijack an ACE2 receptor on top of your cells. Remember, you got cells everywhere. Your body's made up of cells. It hijacks the ACE2 receptor to gain entry into the cell and infect the cell. I mean, guys, this is incredible. This is why people who had high blood pressure have many more of these ACE2 receptors on their cells, and they're much more susceptible to viruses. You got high blood pressure? Much more susceptible to viruses, especially the coronavirus. 

Everybody agreed, even in the early days of people getting sick or whatever in the last 18 months. These were people that had what they call comorbidities. If you were healthy, this virus, generally... And come on, guys, I don't want to be controversial. Some people, you can't talk about stuff because their heads explode. What the research is saying is, they've done the homework and said, "Okay, what happens?" Listen to what they're saying, too, in the research. People who were on medications, that's 50% of the population, guys. Did you know that? 50% of the population are on high blood pressure medication. It's crazy.

You know what an ACE inhibitor does? It's a blood pressure medication. You know what it does? It gives you more ACE2 receptors on yourself. You even have more receptors. You have more antenna. You know what happens? Even if you're on medication, the virus gains entry into the cell via these receptors. If you have high blood pressure, you have more receptors. If you are on medication, you have even more receptors. They're there to try and balance out your blood pressure at the cellular level. Isn't that crazy?

Now, guys, you know me. I unpack it even more, because how do you get high blood pressure? What is it? How do you get high blood pressure? Bring it back to food. It's insulin. It's driven by insulin, because what insulin does, insulin resistance, what it does, it creates inflammation. Insulin more than anything else will affect your kidneys. Insulin will affect your blood vessels more than anything else. The body responds to high-circulating insulin with inflammation, but remember ‘the fog of war,’ inflammation. It's generalized. It's not meant to last a long time. Here's these little antennas that are on yourself, and when you have high blood pressure, you make lots of ACE2 inhibitors, and it's one of the ways the virus or viruses gain entry to infect you.

Guys, listen, you're always going to be surrounded. You're always, always, always going to be surrounded by viruses and bacteria. You don't see them. It's an invisible war that goes on every day. I don't care what you do. You can wash your hands a million times a day. You can never touch your face. You can wear 15 masks. You can do whatever you want, guys. I mean it. I'm not telling you not even to do it. All I'm telling you is I don't care, unless you're planning on leaving this planet, you are always going to be susceptible to viruses and bacteria. We look for love in all the wrong places because the world and the way medicine works and the way the establishment works, let's stay six feet apart. Guys, I'm going to tell you what that does. That does nothing. That does nothing. We don't learn any lessons. We should, but we don't learn lessons.

I've said this from day one. What about the immune system? What about keeping ourselves in good shape? How about getting rid of high blood pressure? Why not go to the cause? Why not work on our own bodies? But nobody talks about that. Now, there's two parts to the story. Let's bring you that cell again, my little drawing. You don't have to worry about seeing it upside down, because it looks like it's upside down. It doesn't matter. For the folks that are listening on a podcast later on, I'm showing a very kindergarten-like picture of a cell and I'm showing little antennas on top. One of the antennas is an ACE2 inhibitor. Did you know you had those? ACE2 inhibitors?

Now, let me tell you, let me unpack something else that came out of this study. You guys are going to give each other a high five. One of the things that protects the cell wall... We know about vitamin D, but we'll talk about that in a minute. We know that you have a receptor, especially your T-cells, remember, your Navy SEALs of your immune system. They have solar panels. They don't work without vitamin D. They are in siesta all day long. They won't do anything unless you give them vitamin D. But guys, I got to give you this, because you're going to get excited. 

Now, let me draw it first. I put another circle around here, again, very crude. Guess what protects your cell? It's like Israel. They have a dome. If any rockets come over, they literally have a dome that they can use to stop those rocket launches in the air. It's a dome. Have you heard of that? So, do you know that you put a dome over your cells so that a virus cannot hijack the ACE2 receptor? Now, what makes up that dome? I just drew it here. You have a dome around your cell. Guys, this is fascinating. You know what that dome is made up of? Guys, it is going to blow you away. You know what it's made up of? Cholesterol. Cholesterol.

The higher your cholesterol, the more dome you have over your cells so that your cells don't get hijacked by a virus or a bacteria. Hello, you heard it first on The Doctor Is In Podcast. You heard it first on The Doctor Is In Facebook Live. Cholesterol is your friend, and people that have low cholesterol who are giving themselves high fives, because they've made their physicians happy, were actually making their immune system much more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. Isn't that incredible, guys? Aren't you excited? The more cholesterol you have, the more your immune system works at the cellular level. Think of it as a dome. Think of it as a dome around your cells. Won't let viruses get to those ACE2 receptors. I can't tell you how excited I am today. I saw this study and I'm thinking, "Why isn't this on every newscast? Why isn't this taught to every physician?" 

Here's what the study said. If your cholesterol is being hammered down by what, statin drugs... Folks, I've told you this before, I'll tell you to you again. If physicians had their way, they put statin drugs in our drinking water to keep cholesterol down. They're so cholesterol crazy and big pharma, "Cholesterol. Get it down, get it down." Big food, "Get it down." Eat our cereals, eat Cheerios. It's good for your heart. Eat Captain Crunch. It's good for your heart because it's got no cholesterol. Don't eat bacon and eggs. You don't want to eat bacon and eggs. You don't want eat steak. You know how much cholesterol is in steak? You see those greasy bacon? That's cholesterol. That's going to kill you. Don't eat butter. Butter's got cholesterol. Ooh, have our margarine.

Guys, your immune system at the cellular level, you need cholesterol. Like I always tell you, "God don't trust you." I don't blame him. I don't blame him, because man in their wisdom looks at fat and they go, "Oh, that can't be good for you." Yes, it is. Remember, cholesterol is only found in the animal kingdom. What was going on there over in Italy? I'm telling you. It's indoctrination. It's not just fossil fuels, guys. It's not going to be just the climate. Well, they're going to want to get rid of our meat. Guys, in a way, I'm glad I'm pushing 70. I feel sorry for young people. They're being indoctrinated.

But guys, tell me you're not excited this morning. Tell me you're not excited. We find out how a virus wants to attack you. It wants to gain access into your body. It looks for ACE2 receptors. That's why people with high blood pressure and diabetics and people with inflammation, they are much more susceptible. Then guys, listen, let me just unpack this a little bit more, because I'm going to talk to you about fat-soluble vitamins. Stay with me on this. You need cholesterol to properly absorb VitDerma, vitamin D. It's a fat-soluble vitamin. What's that mean? It needs fat. That's what it means? That's why skinny people, you can be as skinny as a rake, that don't make you healthy. Guys, doesn't this come back again to food? It's incredible. 

The dome, you need cholesterol, plus I talk about this all the time. Not only vitamin D, what's another fat-soluble vitamin? It's at the top, not necessarily for its strength, but in the alphabet. A, vitamin A and vitamin A is essential because vitamin A, it's the invisible mask. People ask me, "Aren't you wearing a mask?" "Yeah, I always wear a mask because I got a lot of vitamin A." "Oh, you do? Vitamin A, how do you get vitamin A?" "From vitamin S, steak." "How do you get vitamin A?" "Butter." Don't ditch dairy. When people say, "Ditch dairy." What? Dairy has vitamin A. Switch dairy. That's why you want cream. That's why you want butter. That's why you want eggs. Got it, guys? What does vitamin A and vitamin D have in common? They're fat-soluble.

I'll give you another one, very important for your immune system, another fat-soluble vitamin. What is another fat-soluble vitamin? Vitamin K2. The best vitamin K is vitamin K2. It's found in butter. It's found in cheese. People ask me... I'm not kidding you, guys. I get push back every day on The Reset. I get push back. I get push back. I get push back. What, eggs, meat and cheese only? Yep. Butter? Yep. Dairy? Yes. Not milk, unless you have a cow in the backyard. Don't drink milk. Full of fat. You want full of fat milk, full of fat. That's why I like cream. There's a method to my madness. It's increasing your cholesterol. It's giving you the 15% that you need to provide for the dome. You like that? The dome, the dome over your cells.

Now, I'm going to tell you something, guys. I'm going to tell you guys this. My faithful followers, I'm letting you in on a secret. The rest of the world don't know it, because the rest of the world is supposedly following the science, but they're following political science. It's politicized, not the true science. You guys are following the true science. Your cells have receptors. They're called ACE2 receptors, and the higher your blood pressure is the more receptors you have on a cell. That's what viruses and bacteria go after in order to get themselves inside. You'll live in perfect harmony with viruses and bacteria. You'll live in perfect harmony with them, as long as you got cholesterol, you've got the dome over top of your cells.

Isn't that incredible, guys? I'm telling you. I flagged this study yesterday, and it blew me away. It blew me away. It just confirms we're right. It's another confirmation. So please, please don't try and get your cholesterol to be low. Okay, please? I know it's indoctrination and push, push, push. Don't fight with your doctor. Don't fight with them. They don't know. They just don't know these things. They're not looking. They're brainwashed with the studies of the big pharma and this hammer down that cholesterol. Hammer it down, and do you know, well, you're going to have no dome over your cells. I've said this to you many a time. You want low cholesterol? Oh, you want to die young? Remember the dome, the dome over your cells. Viruses and bacteria, they can't get inside with that dome there.

Then, of course, because of cholesterol even more, you've got a lot of vitamin D, which now activates your T-cells. You've got vitamin A, the invisible mask. Vitamin A, not carrots. It's steak. It's pro-retinol A. That's your vitamin A mask. Isn't it amazing how our immune system works, guys? It's amazing. I love it. The invisible shield around your cells. No viruses can get in. They're taken care of before they attack the cell. Man, oh man, oh man. The Bible's right, isn't it? You're fearfully and wonderfully made. What an immune system. Man, oh man. The more we unpack the immune system more, I'm in awe of how the body works. Incredible, incredible. That didn't happen by chance, guys. I'm sorry.

Tomorrow, I'm off. I was going to do an afternoon session, but I can't. There's a couple of things going on and I'm busy. Tony Jr. and I talked yesterday about doing another webinar, and we're planning that, and so that's coming to a theater near you. The last one was so popular. One of the things we talked about last night, we were trying to figure out how we can do the question and answer at the end, because last time we had over 400 questions, and of course, you're not going to get to all the questions. It's impossible, so we talked about that. We'll keep you updated on that. Friday is Question and Answer. 

Remember, tomorrow, nothing live tomorrow. Nothing live tomorrow, so just keep that in your mind. Join our Martin Clinic Facebook group. If you haven't ordered your Christmas presents yet, you want to get the Reset. The more and more and more and more studies that come out, like think about the study today, guys, think about what I brought to you today, the dome, the dome over your cells, but folks, that's The Reset. The Reset is extremely high in cholesterol, which is a good thing, not cereal, steak. Steak and eggs and bacon and sausages, and I'm telling you. I'm telling you. Love you guys. We'll talk to you soon.

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