713. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Preventing a blockage in the gut
  • Apple pectin
  • Osteoarthritis
  • MK-7 & MK-4 differences
  • Epsom salts & babies
  • Loss of balance after hearing loss
  • Vitamin D & damage to kidneys
  • Scarring of the liver
  • Moringa leaves
  • Hypoglycemia & diabetes
  • Carbonated water vs. ordinary
  • Nutritional yeast


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning, everyone. And well, them again to another live this morning. Hope you're doing well. Hope you're having a great start to your day. Hope you've had your vitamin C, coffee. First question up here is from [Milicka 00:00:38], asking about the gut and preventing a blockage, preventing a blockage in the gut. That can be very serious by the way, it can lead to sepsis. Gut gets blocked or the bowel gets twisted, you can poison your blood from all the garbage going into your blood and giving you sepsis.

But let me speak in generalities here, just about the gut and Tony Junior and I talk about this all the time. If you've got an angry gut, bloating, discomfort, pain, gas, diarrhea, chronic constipation, you got trouble with the plumbing. So, anybody that has any kind of digestive issue knows exactly what I'm talking about. The bowel gets inflamed. We wrote an email about that yesterday, where it's like getting a sunburn.

So, let me just give you some overall principles on getting your gut into good shape and then preventing your gut from going into a bad state again. So, let me just talk about that, because it's a great question, Milicka.

Find out what foods bother you. I tell people, be your doctor. I used to work with a lab. If you sent them 600 bucks to do all the sensitivity and allergy tests for the gut, they'd send me a check back for 200 bucks because I was a referring physician to the lab and they were good. I mean, they were a good lab, give you an extensive report. But you know what I used to tell my folks? Be your own doctor, figure yourself out. Listen, Linda. Listen, your gut will talk to you. You eat certain foods, "Ooh, that bothers me." Do a checklist.

I always told mothers, "Be doctor mom for your kid. Find out if they have an allergy." They might have an allergy to sensitivity. It may not be a true allergy, it might be a sensitivity. You give them dairy, especially milk and that, and it bothers them. You got to figure that out. So number one, Milicka, I would say, number one, find out what foods you do well with and stick to the plan. You know you don't do well with pizza or whatever. Well, you know what? Stop eating it.

Secondly, fiber is overrated. Don't use too much fiber. I always emphasize this. You're not a rabbit, you're not a cow. They're meant to eat grass and salad, and a lot of oxalates, a lot of lectins in vegetables can bother your gut. Extra fiber can bother your gut.

So, I'm not saying never have fiber, I'm not saying that. All I'm saying is don't overdo it. You have no idea how many people I have taken off of fibers. It's like you have an open wound and you're rubbing it, that hurts. And fiber I know it's meant to scrub your bowel, but don't use a steel brush to scrub your bowel. Water is the best scrubber of your bowel, not fiber. Like I said, I know that everybody got to get fiber, fiber, fiber, fiber, fiber. The other one of course, and this is for whether you have a gut problem or not. You know how big I am on probiotics, but broad spectrum probiotics do different things. There are different ones that cool down inflammation, like rhamnosus, it's an anti-inflammatory specific strain of bacteria. That's why we put it in our IBS Formula.

Someone was asking this morning about apple pectin, what do I think of it? Well, I like it. If I didn't like it, it wouldn't be in our IBS Formula. The other thing is in the IBS Formula, we put a lot of what they call mucilages. Think of just coding, recoding the Teflon, making your gut not near as sticky. You know, like slippery elm and marshmallow root, those are things that I've liked over the years. Of course, L-glutamine, which helps to regenerate the gut, so we have that in the IBS Formula. I love bone broth, so if you've had a bad gut and that happens to be your weakness, probably about half the population have digestive issues of some kind, then you've really got to take extra care of it.

So, find out what you don't digest. Everybody's different but a lot of people, like me, I got to be careful with broccoli. It irritates my gut. I like it, I like broccoli. I got a grandson named Brock and I call him Broccoli, I love broccoli. All I'm saying is, be a doctor on your own. Figure yourself out and whatever irritates you, don't be deceived. The worst deception is self-deception, don't deceive yourself. And you know what? Sensitivities can come overnight too, like stuff that never used to bother you, bothers you now. So, I'm big on that.

And number two, regenerate the gut, the gut will regenerate. One of the ways it regenerates is through probiotic. And again, digestive enzymes, because as the food goes down into the gut, before it gets there, you want it to be micro-sized. What a lot of people have trouble with is acidity in their stomach. "Oh doc, I got too much acid." Yeah, it's because you don't have enough. "What?"

When you don't have enough acid in your stomach, your proton pumps in your stomach will make more. And that's when you get acid reflux. But a lot of people, especially as you get older, you're not making as much acidity in the stomach. You need that acidity to mulch your food down, so it's micro-sized by the time it gets into the small intestine, where the absorption of your nutrients are going to take place.

But a lot of times where people get autoimmune and things like that, it actually starts in the stomach and as that food go through the stomach, it's not broken down enough. Then you're not absorbing B12. I mean, B12 is a finicky vitamin at the best of times.

So, there's a lot that goes into digestion, the stomach, enzymes. I'm big on digestive. But again, I'm telling people this is prevention, but it also is for the folks that are listening to me right now. I know a lot of you, you got a bad gut and then you add stress. Stress is this. "Ooh." That's what cortisol does. Over a period of time, it'll mess up your gut too, because it creates a diversion. Think about it. A lot of people got digestive issues because they're stressed. You know the butterflies? "I got a big test today. I got butterflies." Well, that's cortisol and that's all right, as long as it doesn't last. But if it lasts, cortisol will disrupt the gut because it diverts your digestion. It's the fight or flight. If someone is chasing you, the last thing you're thinking about is digesting food. Who cares? It's the fight or flight. The problem is if it lasts a long time, it can affect your digestion and your absorption of nutrients.

A lot of people, you add stress and that is the perfect storm for the gut. So, get your stress levels down, because that can irritate your gut like nobody's business and doctors, they never even think about that. "Yeah." You know what I mean? Like, "You got IBS." Well gee, you didn't have to go to medical school to give me that diagnosis IBS, my bowel is irritated. Okay, doc. Why?

So, that's a good question, Milicka, to start the question and answer this morning because a lot of people ... I mean, like I said, more than a majority of people have some kind of issue in digestion and when the plumbing ain't working, ain't no fun. It'll really takes away from your quality of life and I'm very sympathetic to that. Okay, good question, Milicka. Okay, I hope I answered it.

[Amahl 00:10:34]. "Can you talk about osteoarthritis?" Well, there's several types, Amahl. You can have osteoarthritis because you have degeneration in the joint due to wear and tear, wear and tear, old injuries, old football injuries or you had an old injury and it healed up, but it healed up with some degeneration and your body is smart, you see. What it does is osteoarthritis, a lot of times is just your body giving you what they call osteophytes. It's just like they're anchors so that you won't move as much and it won't hurt as much. The only problem is you get bone on bone. You know what the big thing is today? Again, if I'd have had a way to look into the future, oftentimes when you think of ... because people are bigger today, that puts a lot of pressure.

I tell people that really they're overweight. I say, "Well, it's only a matter of time till your joints wear out, especially your hips and your knees." Now, that can happen from injuries, it can happen even when you're skinny. But a lot of that, you look at orthopedic surgeons today. I mean, in Canada here, you'll wait a year, two years to get a knee replacement or a hip replacements, it's unbelievable, but the amount.

So, osteoarthritis can be wear and tear, gets bone on bone, not as much mobility. There's a way that your joints start to wear down. I talk about that oxidative damage, one of the ways your body ages in the joint, is what we call end products like caramelization, AGE it's glycation. You know what kills your joints and can cause osteoarthritis over the years? Sugar, because it causes glycation.

Glycation just takes away the lubrication in your joints and your muscles. This is one of the reasons that we love the Reset because that really helps to lower your glycation and then you can get rheumatoid arthritis. You can get gouty arthritis from uric acid crystals. Like I say, it's part of aging to some extent, I'm always big on move, move, move, and get strong. One of the things that'll take away pressure from your joints, guys, is when you have strong muscles. Strong muscles, it's important to be strong. Muscles will help to anchor your joints. Good question. And of course too, the other thing Amahl, is that we love our Inflammation Formula. Eight, natural anti-inflammatories and bone builders. I really like that formulation.

Okay, [Rukaya 00:13:49], I hope I said that right. "When D3 intake is coming directly from the sun, does one need vitamin K2?" Well, I love the way you're thinking, Rukaya. You're thinking, "I want that." Well, look, you know me and vitamin K2. I love vitamin K2 and I want you to eat it. Look, we put it in our vitamin D, but when you get in the sun, you don't have to worry. You see, one thing about the sun is you top up on your vitamin D. Isn't it funny though, 20 minutes, you get 10,000 international units. If your body makes 10,000 international units, think about this for a minute, if your body makes, by getting in the sun in 20 minutes, no sunscreen, comes mainly through your arms and legs, so you got to have a T-shirt on and shorts or a bathing suit. In 20 minutes, you get 10,000 IUs. So, let me just ask a question, think along with me, how can that be bad for you?

If in 20 minutes you get 10,000 international units measured, how can that be bad for you? Now vitamin K2 is an essential vitamin, but you don't have to take K2 as a supplement. I mean, we put it in our vitamin D when you're supplementing, but when you get it from the sun, God wants you to eat your vitamin K2. Where do you get that from? Where do you get vitamin K2 from? The animal kingdom, cheese and butter are your highest sources, eggs, meat, and cheese. Isn't it funny? They had them on the bottom of the list of that Tufts University, you get a hundred points for the best foods and they had all the cereals on top. Oh my, oh boy. I still get a headache when I think about it, but guys, you're supposed to eat your vitamin K2, eat it.

So you don't have to worry about getting 10,000 international. And by the way you top up, you're not going to get a 100,000 in a day, IUs. Isn't it amazing how your body knows? Your body won't go past that. Oh, I stayed in the sun two hours. Did I get 200,000 international units of vitamin D? No, your body tops up on the day because you know what it wants you to do? Go get it again tomorrow, if you can. Of course, you live in Northern Ontario, what did I tell you? Okay, because last week, well, I think one of the days, this week it was 22 or 23 degrees Celsius in Sudbury in October. But I said, coming to a theater near you, I don't know if you want to call it climate change, but the climate changed. It's freezing, we had frost this morning.

I'm not a prophet nor the son of one, but I could have told you that in Northern Ontario, we're going to get winter. It's not going to bypass us this year. So, now's the time to supplement with your vitamin D. Now's the time to supplement. And when you supplement with vitamin D, K2 is important. When you supplement, not in the sun. It's amazing how smart your body is. It tops up.

Because people ask me, I think I might even got asked here this morning, let me just check my questions. I thought I saw another question on vitamin D, no, maybe I ... Yeah, okay. [Jordano 00:17:56], "What's the difference between MK-7 and MK-4 for vitamin D3? Well, they're both made from natto. And it's K2, you read different strokes for different folks, you get on there. What's better, MK-7? I find that the best. That's the one we put in our formula, but I like MK-4 too. I got no problem with that, but eat it. I want you to eat your butter, cook your steak in butter, and then put butter on top, you're getting vitamin K2. Eat your cheese, cheese curds have the highest source of vitamin K2. Very, very, very good question.

Okay, [Pina 00:18:41], can I use Epsom salts on my granddaughter's bath, she's four months old? Well, just a little bit, put a teaspoon in there. You're not going to overdose on Epsom salts. I love Epsom salts. They're good for you, that's magnesium, it's magnesium, it's a tremendous way to get magnesium into your body in a nice, warm bath. Good for you. Put a little bit of Epsom salts in the four year old, not going to hurt the baby.

Nicole, "What supplements would you recommend for loss of balance after losing hearing?" Well, you usually get either a tinnitus, the middle ear, I love a Navitol. I always tell people, "Look, if you've got trouble in the middle ear, you want something that elevates your levels of nitric oxide." Remember what I said? Nitric oxide opens, relaxes your blood vessels and those little wee capillaris in the eyes, in the middle ear. The little, wee blood supply, the little capillaries. I love nitric oxide. What elevates nitric oxide? Pine bark, Navitol, B12. B12's important. Balance issues, B12. A lot of people, "Oh doc, my B12 is normal according to doctors." That test is 100 years old and you need to optimize your B12. So those are things that I watch for. Nic, thank you.

I answered your question, Edith, about apple pectin. We use it in our IBS Formula. She said, "I read that they used it in Chernobyl to get rid of toxins." Yeah, it does detoxify. I like apple pectin. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Not anymore. When I was a kid, an apple a day, kept the doctor away. Then it went from an aspirin in a day, keeps the doctor away. The pharmaceutical company Bayer took over. Now they don't want you to take aspirin every day. I'm not big on eating too much fruit, especially in this day and age of fructose and the liver. So, now they're God's candies, be careful. Don't live on fruit. But apple pectin, the actual extract, is very good.

Carol, "If you have kidney problems and ... " There's another one on vitamin D, I knew it. "If you have kidney problems in the past can taking too much vitamin D damage the kidneys?" Yes and no, okay, Carol? Yes and no. It's always a possibility. I just want to tell people. I want to tell people. Toxicity from vitamin D is unbelievably rare. I know it's a fat soluble vitamin, but remember it's not just a vitamin. Vitamin D is a hormone, your body needs it. Your body's not going to operate without it. If you're scared of your kidneys, well, then don't overdo it. That's one of the reasons that MK-7, like vitamin K2 is put in our vitamin D, for people especially that are taking ... because what happens to the kidneys? Well, you could calcify, you could get kidney stones. You know how many people get kidney stones from too much vitamin D? It's so rare, it's hardly even worth talking about it. The biggest thing, the biggest thing that you have to worry about in your kidneys, Carol, is sugar. Because sugar, what it does, sugar is so destructive to the kidneys. So, if you've had kidney damage, worry more about sugar than vitamin D.

Here's some studies that were done by the Vitamin D Council. In order to become toxic to your kidneys, you know what they're saying? This is what they said, not what I'm saying. They said you would have to take 50,000 international units a day for six months, every day, before vitamin D becomes toxic. I'm not telling you to do that. I'm telling you that the safety of vitamin D is incredible, but remember you have to go behind the news of the news. They vilify vitamin D. Why do they vilify vitamin D? Because nobody's making any money on vitamin D. I hate to be negative and I don't want to just always pile on to the pharmaceutical companies. They're making, what, 19 billion a day? And anything that gets in their way, they're going to vilify it.

A study came out, I think it was two weeks ago that said, well, aspirin could be helpful for COVID and boy did aspirin ever get it the next day. "You're not supposed to take aspirin every day." Of course I've been saying that for a lot of years. I did a thing on aspirin, I wonder if I could find it and actually put it up on our private Facebook group, maybe I can find it. I did a video on aspirin and we had over a million hits on it. This was four or five years ago and I said, "You know what?" Because the FDA came out back then and said, "You know what? You shouldn't be taking aspirin every day." Yeah, I said that a long time ago, people, you should have seen some of the comments. They were mad at me. I said, "What are you getting mad at me for? It was the FDA that said that, not me."

Well, I said it too. I'm not saying aspirin's no good. The FDA said just don't take it every day. I'm only telling you what they said. Don't shoot the messenger. Good questions.

[Metta 00:25:18], "My doctor told me I have severe scarring on the liver can it regenerate?" Yep, it's amazing, your liver. You see, you can't live without your liver. You can't. You can take your spleen out and you can live. You get plan B to make your red blood cells. You can live with one kidney. But you can't live without your liver because it does over 600 things. We're going to show a study next week on fatty liver. Again, another one. Interesting, this one, very interesting. But can it regenerate? Yes, it can regenerate. Do the reset. Get the fat out of it. Get the scarring out of it. Now, you might always have a weakness, but it can regenerate.

Now, if you have cancer of the liver, by the time they find cancer of the liver usually, it's way too late. There's very few people that survive liver cancer. Now it's usually, like I said, it's not easy to detect. It's always when they find it in the liver, usually late stage cancer, been there for a lot of years. So, clean your liver up. One way to clean it out is do the Reset. The other way is to drink a lot of water, drink two liters of water. Water cleans, water cleans your gut. Water cleans your blood. Water cleans your liver.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to clean your liver, you know, and quit eating carbs because they get stuffed up in your liver. Crappy carbs and that high fructose, corn syrup, there's nothing that will scar your liver like that. Now you can get hepatitis, I understand that. And you can get a cirrhosis of the liver, from alcohol and whatever. Good question. That was Metta.

Lynn, what's my opinion on moringa leaves? Well, look, there was a whole thing 10, maybe 10 years, maybe 15, moringa, moringa, moringa. I heard it all over the place. There was all these multilevel companies coming out with this was the best thing since sliced bread. It cured everything from pimples on your nose to whatever. It fixed everything. You know me, I'm skeptical. I don't dismiss things, but I'm skeptical, like show me. When I hear it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, remember, we've been around a long time. My grandfather, if I had told you some of the potions, my grandfather made from every herb, he used pine bark before I did and made up these teas and ointments. But in none of his annals that I've ever seen, or my father pass down to me were moringa leaves. Do I say they're no good? I'm not saying, like me, sometimes there's a lot of fluff and not necessarily science, but I'm not against them. You show me proof and I'll read it.

Joy. Vitamin D again. Joy says, "When I take vitamin D from the dropper," okay, must be talking about ours. "I cough like crazy." Joy, you're unique. You're unique. When 99.9% of the people don't get what you got, that makes you unique and some people say weird. I know people that can't drink water. I actually met a person that they're allergic to water. Okay, we're not going to write up a medical book about it because you happen to be allergic to water. Nobody else is. You can't live without water, except you. But we all got our different fingerprints. There's over seven and a half billion people on the planet and nobody has a fingerprint like you. You're fearfully and wonderfully made. Joy, even you. I'm just teasing Joy, please. I'm having fun this morning. I don't mean to pick on you, okay?

There's other ways of delivering it, okay? You can actually pick up some capsules if you want and put that oil right in the capsule, or you know one way of delivering vitamin D too, like in our dropper, is take it and just put it on your gums. Put one or two, whatever your amount of drops you're using, and just put it right on your gums. You don't even have to swallow it. Just rub it in. Could you rub it in on your skin? Yep. You might not be getting the amount that you want. Skin is a wonderful way, but I would say rub it Joy, in your gums. And if you start coughing from that, I can't help you. Sorry, Joy. And I mean that Joy, I'm just teasing.

Chastity, "Does eating eggs and cheese raise estrogen?" No. She's asking about estrogen-receptive breast cancer. Just the opposite, Chastity. Just the opposite. What will raise your estrogens? All those chemicals out there. Anything that you can't pronounce that's in food, that's in preservatives, that's in the soil. That is in ... it's everywhere. Worry about that, but cheese is good for you. Cheese has vitamin K2, cheese has ... You name it, the best source of protein and healthy fat. It's a cancer fighter and so is eggs, like a perfect food with no carbs. When you got breast tissue, what did I tell you? Estrogen, and you're right, look for it. Make sure, Chasity, this is why I love DIM, DIM out that estrogen and lower your insulin. So, don't eat crappy carbs.

Okay, Marilyn, stenosis of the spine. That's really when you're narrowing of your canal, where your spinal cord goes down, and again can bring it back a little bit to what I talked about in osteoarthritis. Even though it's not osteoarthritis, but it is a degeneration. You know what I would say to you Marilyn, more than anything else with stenosis, what I tell people? Get strong, get strong. You've got weakness now, you've got stenosis. Get strong. Let those muscles take away that pressure from your spine. The muscles, get strong. Get your back strong, get your legs strong. Really does help, okay?

Michelle, "Can you explain the reason behind hypoglycemia not related to diabetes?" Well look, some people have trouble with hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. It can be the adrenals, stress can do that over a long period of time. I wrote about it in books on chronic fatigue syndrome. Oftentimes they would go into hypoglycemia. Their blood sugars would fluctuate up and down, and up and down. In type one diabetes, of course. And you say, well without diabetes, but usually stress. It's usually a sign, Michelle, that you got adrenal stress. That's where I saw hypoglycemia the most and hypoglycemia can be in kids when their blood sugars get low, that can be a sign that they're developing insulin resistance. Okay, good questions.

And Mary, "I'm taking Vascepa." Vascepa is a pharmaceutical grade omega-3. It's expensive as all get out if you don't have a drug plan, but I like it. I have no problem with it. "Would I benefit from taking DHA also?" Yeah, because Mary, I would tell you yes, because Vascepa takes all the DHA out of it and uses strictly EPA. And they talk about lowering triglycerides with that. It's actually a high grade, pharmaceutical grade natural product and they just got a patent on it because they were able to keep the EPA. So, in that healthy fat, you have EPA. I like EPA. Guess what I like better than EPA? DHA, because your brain's made up of DHA. You know me and DHA, I think I've talked to you out this even recently, again, is tumors don't like DHA. They hate DHA. It makes them explode and burst and get rid of them.

I love DHA for the heart, for the brain, for cancer, for joints. I'm a big guy on DHA. So I would add it Mary, if you're using Vascepa, because you're not getting any DHA in Vascepa.

Stephanie, "How much protein to maintain muscle mass?" Well, look, you're not going to get a number from me, I don't do that. But if you eat the right things, you need protein to make muscle. It's as simple as that, you need protein to make muscle. The amount? Well, if you're wasting, you're not eating enough. Now, there could be other issues, there could be digestive issues. There could be hormonal issues. There's a lot of things that go on for muscle because I saw a lot of women that started their menopausal years and go into sarcopenia, muscle waste, and it was hormonal. So, you got to balance all that, but you're never going to overdo eggs, meat, and cheese. You're not. That's why I don't give you a number. But usually when you're eating the right foods, the right fuel, you don't need as much. Protein is king.

So if you're eating enough, your muscles will be maintained. If you start seeing ... and women, ladies, I speak specifically to you mostly, women are notorious for not eating enough protein. They're notorious because they bought the lie that salad is good for you. And they think that's good but there's no protein there, that's for mice. You know my statement, Popeye didn't get strong from eating spinach. He lied.

[Meniput 00:36:29], "What can you put in your ear for pain?" Well, you be very careful what goes in that ear canal, okay? Be very careful. Look, it depends what's in there. If there's a low grade infection in there, you might put a little bit of a probiotic powder with a little bit of coconut oil or whatever, just to allow it to enter. You can put that in the ear canal. I'm very careful, even with oil of oregano, it's very strong. You better dilute it. Be careful what goes in that ear, Meniput.

Well, Nicole is asking, "What can I do in my winter months to get 20 minutes of sun?" Well, good luck. Do you live in Florida? No? Well, you're not going to get your vitamin D from the sun. Now, the sun is still good for you. Okay? I just want to remind you Nicole, that the sun is still good you in the winter. It's 40 below and it's sunny? It's still good for you. You know why? Because as long as your eyeballs are open, you're going to get melatonin from the sun. You're actually bringing in a hormone, melatonin. Your body makes melatonin, but it needs the sun to make the right amount and then black, pitch black, at night. But you're not going to get your vitamin D in the wintertime unless you live in Florida.

Someone's asking, "Why doesn't carbonated water work the same to hydrate as ordinary water?" Good question, I'm glad you're thinking. Carbonated water like Perrier or whatever, there's nothing wrong with them. You know what I mean? I like it. I like the taste of it, I do. It's not like it's bad for you, but it ain't water. When they put the CO2 in it, carbonated. Now your body has to take that add in a different route, your water that you drink, if you are in a desert and you hadn't had water for 24 hours, you're not going to hydrate with carbonated water. Your body knows water and only water is water. You carbonate it, like I said, I'm not saying it's harmful. All I'm saying is it will not hydrate. It will not hydrate. There's no calories, for people that, "Oh, doc, I don't want to have any juice or whatever." I mean sugars and yeah, there's no sugars, but it's not water. Only water is water. And the best water is mineral water because it's got natural salts in, so good question.

Somebody's asking, it could be Cathy or whatever, "Is it true that berberine is an alternative to metformin or claims it lowers LDL?" Well, who cares if it lowers LDL? And three fat balls, triglycerides and raises ... Look, berberine, you know what? I'm not saying I don't like it. Again, on its own, if you look at our Insulin Formula, look at our Insulin Formula. And we got what, six different supplements in there? Six different ones. I like combinations. berberine, yeah, I got no issue with it, but I wouldn't do it on its own. I don't find it that effective on its own. I like combinations.

And one more. Glenda, "What effect does nutritional yeast have on fungus or candida?" Well, I'm not too worried about nutritional yeast. Some people take it as a supplement, like a brewer's yeast or whatever, but yeast in bread, it's not that the yeast, it's the carbs that feed the candida, okay? It's the carbs that feed the candida. So, I'm not too worried about yeast. Yeast outside of your body, make bread or whatever. Inside your body, it makes things grow and you don't want to feed it. What feeds it more than anything else is sugar. Don't feed the bears, Glenda, okay? Okay guys. I think I got to pretty well every question there. Might have missed one or two. We appreciate all those questions.

So the Martin Clinic Facebook group, if you're not a member, your friends are not members, if your families not members, you can make them members. Invite them to join that wonderful group. And question and answers, send in your questions. I'll try and answer all of them on question and answer Friday. Love you guys, talk to you soon.

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