707. Glutathione & Vitamin D


It’s being reported that when you have low levels of vitamin D, you also have low levels of glutathione. Dr. Martin says this is concerning because 80% of the population is deficient in vitamin D!

If you remember from previous episodes, glutathione is like Velcro and is created in the liver. Its job is to literally take the garbage out of your body. When you have low levels of glutathione you’re opening the door to autoimmune diseases like Parkinson’s.

Join Dr. Martin as he teaches how glutathione is created and why having optimized levels of vitamin D is so important!


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Dr. Martin:  Hey guys, good morning to you. Hope you're having a great start to your day. Looking forward to our little session together here this morning. You know what we're going to talk about this morning? A study came out that has surprised me maybe a little bit, because I've never really put that connection together before this study. Although I've talked about both of these substances many, many a time. But the study showed that when you have low levels of vitamin D, which is 80% of the population... Remember vitamin D, you're a human solar panel. Medicine's got a lot of things wrong in their life, and this was one of them, vitamin D. The boogeyman, the sun. But the worst thing that happened was, keep people out of the sun because they were scared skinny of skin cancer. But secondly, they miscalculated by bad math. Imagine using an equation years ago for levels of vitamin D for how much vitamin D you should take in a day, and they got it wrong. It was just bad math, like two plus two equals five. That's what happened.

And I remember in the '70s, when I was in school, I mean, 100 IUs, of vitamin D, 200. 200? Ah! People are going to die from too much vitamin D because it always came back to the fat solubility of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. It's more than a vitamin, you know that. It's a hormone, your body needs it. Your body will not thrive without it. The miscalculation has been a disaster in our society. But here's this new study came out… if you have low levels of vitamin D, you also have low levels of glutathione. Well, that I didn't know. You're always learning. You're always learning, never stop learning. Please, never stop learning. And this is great information because the study is showing that if you have low levels of vitamin D you have low levels of glutathione.

Now, why is that significant? Why is that significant? Because glutathione, guys, is Velcro. Somebody said to me the other night, I think when I was doing this seminar, "I like your illustrations." Well, I'm a simple person, I need simple. I need to remember. I'm very visual in my mind. So, I have things like Velcro, it sticks and glutathione... Okay, let's talk about that for a minute here. glutathione is made in your liver, so your body makes it. It makes it though, listen to what I'm going to say, it makes it from three amino acids you eat. You eat three amino acids, and your body makes glutathione in your liver: glycine, cysteine, and glutamine. Glycine, cysteine, and glutamine, those three amino acids equals the production of glutathione in your liver. So, your body makes it.

Now, this study is showing that if you don't have optimized levels of vitamin D, you don't make enough glutathione, that's one. I didn't know that. I knew about the foods because glutathione is three amino acids put together cysteine, glutamine, and glycine. How do you get that, by the way? How do you get glutamine, cysteine, and glycine in food? I'm waiting. It's a little test. Rosa, you got it. Steak. You got it. Steak. So, your body produces it. It'll produce it, guys, even if you don't eat steak, but it won't produce very much. It can't. And glutathione, think about this for a minute, is very, very, very important because it acts like Velcro, and it takes garbage out of your body. It is a powerful antioxidant, protects your cells and gets rid of debris.

Now, over the years, what have they found? What have they found in measuring glutathione? People that had a fatty liver. Well, that makes sense, guys. Think about that for a minute. You get a double whammo. Think about this for a minute, people that eat junk, people that eat crappy carbs, people that are carboholics, and sugarholics, they get fatty liver. When you get fatty liver, your liver, remember what your liver... It does 600 things. When you get fatty liver, you do not produce good glutathione. You don't make enough Velcro. So, here's a side effect of bad eating. It's another side effect of bad eating, guys. And even in the book, The Reset, I talk to you about elevating your levels of glutathione. So, people that have fatty liver don't make enough glutathione. And fatty liver doesn't come from fat, you guys know that. It comes from sugars and crappy carbs. In six days... Six days on the road in I'm gonna, right? You remember that song? Six days on the reset you empty your liver. If you empty your liver, you're going to start making glutathione. You're going to start making more glutathione.

So, what did they find? When you have low levels of glutathione, you got low levels of vitamin D. New information. Over the years, here's what they found in low levels of glutathione, people that had any kind of neurodegenerative disorder, like Parkinson's, when they do autopsies on Parkinson's brain, what did I tell you over the years? I've told you this in repetition that they find fungus, yeast, candida in the brain. Yep. But the other thing they find in Parkinson's in the brain is heavy metals, like mercury, lead, cadmium, heavy metals in the brain. That's not good. How did they get there? They were transported by yeast.

And when studies are done on levels in people with Parkinson's when they studied glutathione, Velcro, they have very little. Makes sense, doesn't it? Makes sense. MS, when you have plaques in the brain. Again, what did I tell you? Parkinson's, MS, ALS, which we're seeing so much more of today. Lou Gehrig's, terrible, but it's unbelievable how much more the cases have gone up. Well, low levels of glutathione, no Velcro in their system to pull out heavy metals. And then, of course, leaky gut, yeast. The third invasion of that army. Got it? Alcoholic fatty livers, or cirrhosis of the liver, very low levels of glutathione. I mean, we've known that for a long, long time. So, alcohol, you have to be very careful, damages the liver, damages your glutathione, and you'll get low levels of Velcro. You're sort of inner poisoning yourself.

Chemicals today. We live in a cesspool of chemicals, over 100,000 new chemicals since World War II. I wrote about that 30 years ago. Chemicals, they gum up that liver and you're not producing enough glutathione. Not enough glutathione, you can't pull the chemicals out of your body. You and I always talk about estrogen. Estrogen is a beautiful thing, it makes you a woman. Makes a man a woman too, hard on the prostate. Estrogen's wonderful, guys, you need estrogen. It makes you a woman, just you don't need too much of it. And all these chemicals. And, again, that's the problem. Your liver, guys, your liver it makes glutathione. And glutathione is Velcro that helps to take away even extra estrogen out of your body. And especially though these xenoestrogens, because the xenoestrogens, any chemical that you can't pronounce, read labels guys, not only on food, but air fresheners, and oh, when I see those hand sanitizers, oh I want to cry, I do. How that is so destructive to the liver. And how it gums up the liver. Chemical toxicity, heavy metal toxicity.

I remember, this is now I'm going to bring you back into the '80s when they used to talk about, remember? HIV/AIDS. People that had AIDS, one of the ways they died, I mean, they had a very compromised immune system, but it was complex in this sense that almost every aspect of their body broke down. But one of the biggest things they found, I remember that back a long time ago, and it never got any ink because people didn't understand it, and medicine wasn't into explaining anything. You got to go back now, you're going back almost 40 years. And you know what? AIDS had low levels of glutathione, I remember that way back. They couldn't detox. They couldn't detoxify. And hepatitis, people have got that hepatitis from those bad blood transfusions, you remember that? The scandal with the Canadian Blood Services. A lot of the problem with hepatitis is what it does to your glutathione levels, Velcro.

Now, let's talk about elevating glutathione. How do you elevate it? Well, first thing you want to do, again, when people ask me, "Doc, should I do a detox?" Yeah, but you'll never do a detox ever, if your liver is gummed up. So, the first thing you need to do is empty it, empty that liver of fat. I'm going to show you some fat again. You can see the five pounds. Those listening, for my podcast people, you can't see it, but what I'm showing here is a pound of fat. You know what fat does in your body, guys? People don't realize this so much. Fat is almost like a magnet. Fat is a magnet for toxins. That's why in breast cancer, it's like a magnet for toxins. So, if you've got any extra weight on you, that fat attracts heavy metals, it attracts toxins, just like a magnet. Woo, come here.

And that's one of the reasons when you got fat in your liver, nothing more dangerous than fat in your liver. It's a double whammo, it's attracting toxins, and you're not making enough glutathione to get rid of those toxins. It's a big double whammy. That's why, again guys, where do you start? You start with food. Get rid of sugars, get rid of carbs. Can you live without a carbohydrate? Yep. I'm not telling you to do it forever. I'm just telling you it really comes back to emptying the liver. And the only way to empty your liver is not with... Look, you want to do a liver detox, and you get a supplement, or a liver cleanser. Do you hear me talking about that? Not very much. I milk thistle, I do. I'm not against it. But if you're a bad eater, you can't undo that. I don't care what kind of detox you do. You cannot undo a fatty liver by taking milk thistle, or a liver cleanse, or spend money all you want, I'm telling you, you can't undo a bad diet.

The health of your liver is directly proportional to the amount of carbs, crappy carbs, and sugars that you eat. Because you know it's the Costco parking lot. Your insulin is going to send in the fat. I was listening to a song the other day, Send in the Clowns, you remember that one? I think Frank Sinatra sang that. Boy, I'm old. Wow! Send in the fat. If you eat carbs, you're sending into the liver, and you're not going to detox. You're not going to detox.

So, number one is food. In food, get rid of sugars and carbs. Amazing what happens. And this is why I emphasize this, I emphasize this, I emphasize this and I will emphasize it until the cows come home. Listen to what I'm saying. When you start the reset, I get it, ladies I get it. You want to lose weight, it's your motivating factor, I get it. Hey, I've been around a long time. Name me the diet and I can write you a Coles Notes version of what it is, and why a certain guru made it up. Name anyone, I can tell you. Is there anybody here that doesn't know what Coles Notes are? That's what got me through high school, Coles Notes. It's just a little synopsis. We don't have that anymore. What a world, eh? Coles Notes.

No, but, guys, I know that's why people get discouraged. If you want to lose weight, there's nothing better for you than The Reset because it's not yo-yo diety. It is a healthy, more than healthy, the best way, better than any other way, guys, I mean it, better than any other way on the planet, I'm so convinced of it, to lose weight. But that's not the primary. I did not create The Reset, I did it for your metabolism. I did it for your liver. I wanted you to empty it. Yeah, weight loss is a benefit, but it's not primary. You want to get your insulin down. If you get your insulin down, you empty your liver.Insulin is the traffic cop that sends sugar, and stores it as fat into your liver. And the worst thing that we have on this planet is a sugar that I talked to you about all the time, high fructose corn syrup, which is Frankenstein of sugars because it's right to the liver. Bad, bad, bad. It gums up the liver so fast. So, to elevate your glutathione, empty your liver.

Number two, eat the right food. Now, negative, get rid of… But you know me, I'm not just Mr. Negative, I'm very positive. And I'm positive I'm right about this. If you want to make glycine, cysteine, and glutamine you have to eat red meat, vitamin S, steak. I'll give you a hamburger, I'll give you roast beef, salmon. I'll give you that. But you know me, I put everything under that category of vitamin S, why? Because that's where you get those three amino acids to make glutathione. Guys, it's science, real science. I hate that when they say, "follow the science." It's usually brought to you by big pharma, or big food that run the world. Oh, you don't want to get me started.

You know how to empty your liver, you know how to empty it. Now, you want to produce even more glutathione, the Velcro, you want more Velcro flowing through your blood vessels, protecting your cells at the cellular level. They'll protect your cells. They'll take heavy metals out, mercury, lead, cadmium, they'll help you to get rid of yeast. Glutathione. Obviously, we talked about it at the top of the program, you better get your vitamin D levels up. See one place that your body vitamin D is in your liver. Viderma, Viderma, the shot heard around the world. It should be, Viderma.

You know another way to do it? Another good way to do it, bone broth. You know why? Because bone broth is very high, it's got levels of cysteine and glycine, but you know what it has high levels of? L-glutamine, the third component of glutathione, bone broth. I love bone broth, it's so good for you. That's why parents and grandparents when in doubt as to your children or grandchildren, whether they're eating properly, or not can I tell you about Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie? And use bone broth powder. I'm telling you guys, you have no idea how good that is for you. You could live on that. You could live on that. I give that to all, all, all my cancer patients because they can't eat usually. I say, "Well, if you do nothing else, make yourself a Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie.

And for kids, I just don't know. Like today, I tell you, you want to see child abuse? I posted it the other day. You want to talk about a migraine headache that I had that day. I saw that Wendy's, the restaurant, were coming out with a cereal. Oh! And Tim Hortons, they got cereals for kids. I used to have my recipe for Dr. Martin's birthday, used to actually hand it out at the cancer center here in Sudbury. That was about 15 years ago maybe, yeah. Until a few for the oncologists, oh they'd rather send you home with Ensure, ensuring that you're going to die from the cancer. They'd rather send you home with Boost, so that it'll boost your cancer cells. Oh. I was giving out Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie. They were giving it out, those nurses that were my patients. It was so good for them. Oh, when they send them home with Boost and Ensure I want to scream. Imagine cereal companies... Can you imagine Wendy's and Tim Hortons promoting sugary cereals? I shake my head guys, I shake my head.

Elevate your glutathione, eliminate, empty your liver, eat vitamin S, steak to get those three amino acids. Vitamin D, again, and again, and again, vitamin D, Viderma. Fourthly, bone broth, very good for you. Make it, or powder form, especially for the L-glutamine, but it has the other ones too. And fifthly, pine bark extract, Navitol, it elevates your glutathione. That's one of the reasons it's such a powerful antioxidant. It's one of the reasons that I've loved that product, and I've written many a book about it and what it does. I love that product.

Ah, I enjoyed that. Guess what tomorrow is? Question and answer Friday. So, send in your questions for me, okay? It's not too late. We appreciate it. Tell everybody about the Doctor Is In, tell everybody about The Reset book. Tell everybody I'm more convinced than ever. What at Christmas, give? You give health to someone, I'm telling you. There's no better weight loss program. They can lose weight and get their health. No counting, no counting. Don't you love that? It's a 30 day program to fix insulin resistance, and change your metabolism, fix the metabolic storm. Fix the storm. 88% of the population are under water. When it comes to their metabolic health, they're under water. Have I told you lately that I love you? And one of these days I'm doing a whole program on songs, one of these days. You don't want me singing though. I'll give you the words, but I won't sing. Well, I'll sing a little bit. Guys, we love you dearly, you know that, and we'll talk to you soon.

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