693. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Eating for your blood type
  • Probiotics and fungus
  • Causes of kidney stones
  • BDNF and brain regeneration
  • High cholesterol and gallstones

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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. And once again, welcome to another Live this morning and hope you're having a great start to your day. I'm enjoying my coffee in our Martin Clinic mug. Now, couple of things I want to answer. Today is Question and Answer Friday, by the way. So, for those joining us first time, every Friday, we do questions and answers. So, that's what we're doing today. One of the questions I was asked, I actually have an autographed book here, Eat for Your Blood Type. And then, if you look on the inside, it's autographed by the author. "For Dr. Tony, nice to meet you, Dr. Peter D'Adamo." He signed that for me. You know where he signed that for me? In Anaheim, California. Can't remember the year exactly. I'm going to say 2000, maybe 202, somewhere around there. I was doing a presentation in Anaheim at the Expo West, I think it's called, one of the biggest health food shows in the world is in Anaheim, California. I think it's got canceled the last two years because of COVID. But, I mean, I think somewhere around they get 50, 60 thousand people, if not more at that conference. And they always have a wide variety of speakers and conference speakers. And one year I happened to be featured. 

So, this is a long time ago, because I wrote a book on chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, the modern woman's curse. It was a very popular book. I think we sold somewhere around 50,000 copies of that book. Anyways, I was speaking to that conference on chronic fatigue syndrome. And the research clinically that I had done, talked about, it's not the yuppie flu or whatever, it's the adrenal exhaustion. What happened to be a modern phenomenon in women. And I explained all that in the book and it was very popular. And I actually rewrote the book and it is Energy Robbers and the Fatigue Cure. That happened to be a rewrite of the book on chronic fatigue syndrome. Number one reason that people visit their doctors is because they're exhausted, is still number one, one or two, they're exhausted. They're tired of being tired, and doctors don't have any answers for them, because doctors, and I'm just going to make a general statement, are hijacked by labs and they wait on the lab to tell them what's wrong. That's all right for a lot of cases, but a lot of people fall through the cracks because of that, they're tired all the time, and no one can tell them why. 

So, chronic fatigue… and I talked about fibromyalgia just being a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome. It happened to be, because cortisol has been secreted for a long period of time, messes up a woman hormonally. And it was mostly women, over 90%. This is a woman's condition. And guys, I'm a very simple person. If it's women that get this condition of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia 90 to 10, it's even higher than that. Well, you have to understand the way this little mind up here operates. I say, "Well, women, what's with women?" Horror-mones, not the lab, horror-mones. There's an imbalance, too much cortisol over a long period of time, the fight or flight, it drains the ever-ready bunny that you used to be.

So, I wrote about it a long time ago and it was very, very popular, but not like this, guys. So, let me get back to Eating For Your Blood Type. I wasn't the king of the castle, he was, because people were looking and he wrote a book about the blood types and you should eat for it. He had a hypothesis, a theory of we were supposed to eat for our blood type. Now, listen, in all due respect to the fact that he probably sold a couple of million copies of this book, probably 5 million, and became a millionaire, if he wasn't before, he was wrong. Okay? Why? You have to think about this for a minute, but you know what, some people got better eating by their blood type, but all of the blood types that he suggested, and then the foods that he recommended for those types, they all got rid of sugar and crappy food. He never recommended anywhere in the book to eat crappy food.

So, if you do just that, you're going to get better, you'll feel better. Just get rid of sugar. You'll feel better. It's like someone telling me, "Well, I really got better when I started drinking alkaline water from a certain machine that cost me 2,000 or 3,000 bucks." You know what I say? "No, it got better, because you were drinking water." Most people, they're on medications, whenever they're severely dehydrated, they don't know it. Then you start drinking water and guess what? You feel better. It's not the alkaline water that does it. You don't have to spend a couple of thousand bucks to feel better. Just drink water. Now, I like spring water, because it's got a good pH, it's got minerals. I like that. It's better for you, but water is water. 

So, when doctor D'Adamo, and like I say, in all due respect to him, it's not true, because everybody and their dog should be eating red meat. Because only in red meat... it's not your blood type. Well, it is, in a way, I'm going to teach you blood type eating. Do a finger prick. I got one right here. You want me to do it? I'm going to do a finger prick. I'm going to show you a test. I've got a little lancet right here. We're going to do, I'm going to do a test now. I just don't want to bleed all over everything. I'm just looking for a Kleenex. I'm going to do a little test for you right in front of your eyeballs. Now, for those on a podcast, you can't see it, but you guys can see it. See the test? What color is that? Red. If your blood comes out red, if it comes out any other color, don't worry about this. But if it's red, you need to eat red meat. Hello, there's the test. That's your blood type. And you need to eat red meat. Why? Because only in red meat do you have B12.

I was reading a study this morning about carnitine, L-carnitine. And I should actually bring it out to you next week. And it talks about how important carnitine is for your heart, so is L-arginine, by the way, but carnitine, very important, because it goes directly to the muscle in your heart. And when you get older, you're very low in carnitine. And guess where you find carnitine? I'm waiting. It's a quiz. It's not found in anything else. There's not enough carnitine for a mouse in plant foods. I'm sorry. There's not. So, your blood type, eating for your blood type is eating if you got red coming out. There's your blood type. You're a human being, and human beings need B12. Your brain won't work properly without it. Your nerves are not going to work properly without it. You need heme iron, heme iron is only found in red meat, not even in chicken. And it's certainly not found in salad.

So, guys, you got to understand where I come from. When I heard this, I was on the stage with him. I was happy to take his book. I don't dismiss anything. Hey, the guy is a smart guy, smarter than me, made a lot of money. No, I respect him, I do. He had a theory and a hypothesis, and he sold 5 million, maybe more, books. But it wasn't true. Nobody, nobody, nada. No one should ever be a vegan ever. No one should ever be a vegetarian. No one. I'm not coming off of that, guys. I read the book, the guy's smart, but it's not true. "I got type O, therefore I should eat..." No, you got red blood and you need to eat for your blood type. You're a human being. Like I said, God gave you a gallbladder, there's a reason for it. Cows don't have a gallbladder, but you do. That's so you can eat meat, and eggs, and cheese. So, did I answer your question? I want you to eat for your blood type. How do you like that?

Now, question is asked about probiotics. So, I think Paulette and Michelin and Deb. So, Paulette, Michelin and Deb asked about probiotics. So let me answer all of three in one shot. Paulette, "Wouldn't prebiotic foods make candida or SIBO worse?" You guys are thinking, I like that. "How do probiotics help with SIBO?" So, we're going to talk about that. And Deb asked, "I was told by a naturopath that when taking candida supplements, stop taking probiotics, because they cancel each other out. Can Dr. Martin elaborate on that?" And, "Dr. Martin," Michelin, "What do you mean by soil-based probiotic?" Okay. So, let me go into some detail about probiotic. Now, you know what I think about probiotics in general, it is a foundational supplement and everybody, in my opinion, everybody should be taking probiotics. We live in a crazy world where every day your good bacteria are being bombarded by chemicals, by chlorine, by fluoride in the water, by antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol and Advil, and they kill your friendly bacteria. Sugar feeds your bad army. I mean, you're constantly being bombarded.

So, do you need probiotics? Absolutely. And I talked to you yesterday about yogurt. It's a waste of time. It does nothing. You can eat it, because it's dairy. But don't take it for probiotics, please. Now, mentioned twice is candida supplements. So, I'll talk about that in a second. But let me talk about probiotics in general, what they do. I have a bottle of our probiotics right in front of me here. Let me read a little bit just so you understand where I'm coming from. Per capsule, there's 50 billion bacteria. That's good, because it's high dose. But that's not what makes a probiotic a good probiotic. Yes, the strength, you would have to eat 16,000 four-ounce yogurts to make up 50 billion bacteria. Yogurt, unless you make it yourself, even then, not going to be a broad-spectrum probiotic, because in yogurt, there's usually acidophilus. So, it either starts with an L or a B, and they're all Latin names. So, when you get a label out of probiotics, it's L or B, lactobacillus are bacillus. And then you have long Latin names like lactobacillus acidophilus. Don't ever name your child that, okay? Acidophilus. I hate Latin. I hate it. Why don't they just call it LA, for short?

But listen, guys, different bacterial strains, if you go on our website, it'll tell you what those strains are famous for. Acidophilus, for example, is very, very good for your gut. Some of them boost your immune system. Now, people have this idea that, for example, I was told this, and even today, if you go into a health food store or you ask some guru, they'll tell you, "Don't take oil of oregano with a probiotic." Why? Because oil of oregano is a famous antibiotic. So, it'll kill everything. No, it doesn't. You see, when you have something in nature, in nature, God gave us oil of oregano. You know me, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant. I love it, oil of oregano. You know that, we put it in our digestive enzyme. Why? To kill SIBO. SIFO. SIBO is Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrow. That's not really a bacteria, it's a fungus. A good probiotic will do it. Why? Because we don't put it on the label, because we don't want people copying our formula. Hey, you're looking at them. Tony Jr, you're looking at those two faces. This is our formula. And we have two fungus killers in the probiotic.

Now, we have a candida formula that is very specific for fungus, for candida, for yeast. It's a double killer with your probiotics. But we never tell people not to take probiotics, if they're taking our candida formula, I recommend them together for people that have a major overgrowth of yeast. Ladies, you know if you got yeast. And man, if you got sinus, you got... Your coughing and post-nasal drip and whatever. That's fungus, look at your skin, it's yeast. So, oftentimes, I get the two together. But in our formula, probiotic, L. reuteri, and L. rhamnosus, they're famous for killing candida. They do other things, but they kill fungus, mold, the cousin of mold, in your body. That's why we put them in there. Every strain does different things. When we talk about a broad-spectrum probiotic, it's got all the strains that we like. It's broad spectrum, and it's soil-based.

Why do I talk about that? Because when you take, here, I'll take a capsule out. When you take a capsule, a probiotic, it's soil-based. You know what that means? You can travel with it. It's not dairy-based. Doesn't come from dairy. It comes from the soil. It actually takes three years to make that bacteria. Then, you can't kill them. And we put an enteric coating, so it get past your stomach into your intestine, small intestine, to kill SIBO. It's called SIFO, by the way, we renamed it. Small Intestine Fungal Overgrowth. Ladies, listen to me. You get a recurring bladder infection, it's not bacteria. Yes, bacteria is present. It's always present. But because you got a yeast infection in the bladder, that's what gives you the recurring, it's fungal. It's not bacterial. That's why I am against antibiotics. 

Look, you got pain and it's burning upon urination. I get it. I understand it. You take an antibiotic, but stop the second the burning stops, and take lots of probiotics so that you kill the fungus, because it's going to come back with a vengeance. It's yeast, guys. This is why I tell people, "Take a probiotic, take a broad-spectrum, soil-based, it's better. It lasts longer. You can't kill it. It'll repopulate your gut." And you can take it with a candida formula. They can't kill this stuff. I told somebody yesterday, "Take your probiotics with your antibiotics." Why? I'm not telling you not to take an antibiotic, but you need to take probiotics. The new research, by the way, on antibiotics. Let me just spell it out for the new people that are here. I've said this for 50 years, and I'm going to say it again. This idea of making people finish an antibiotic is bad science. You want to know why we got so many super bugs today? It's because people are finishing their antibiotic. Look, take your antibiotic, and when the pain goes away, when the infection is gone, stop it. You don't want super bugs forming. Bacteria, bugs are smart. They develop resistance.

Guys, the most dangerous place to live is not in Afghanistan. Although with the Taliban there now, you wouldn't want to be a woman living in Afghanistan. But you know where the most dangerous place, the most deaths occur? In a hospital, because of sepsis, infection that antibiotics can't touch. You ask any physician, they'll tell you that. "Boy, there's C. difficile and other superbugs that are in the hospitals today." Look, I'm not telling you not to go to the hospital, just beware. And they should be giving you probiotics. I've talked to thousands of doctors over the years. "Why don't you give your patients probiotics?" I mean, it is so well-established. Read the literature, guys. So, that I answer all the questions about probiotics, broad-spectrum, soil-based, there ain't nothing, honey, better than that. I'm telling you. Enough preaching. 

So, we answered those questions. Man, oh man, I'm sweating. "Dr. Martin,” Elsie, "What causes kidney stones and what can I take for it?" Well, listen, kidneys, whenever you think of kidneys, think of Niagara Falls, okay? You ever been to Niagara Falls? By the way, come between 2:00 in the afternoon and 8:00 at night, otherwise you're not going to be able to see the water flowing. It's turned off. We got to tap and we turn it off. True or false? It's false. Go at 2:00 in the morning, it don't matter. Water is always running over the Falls. It's beautiful. I never get tired of it. That's your kidneys. Kidneys need water. And when you don't drink enough water, you don't have a little light coming on, on top of your head. It would be nice. Hello, add water, water, water. But people don't drink water. They don't. They're dehydrated and stones will form when you don't treat your kidneys like Niagara Falls. That's one way.

Now, there's oxalate stones and uric acid stones. But oxalate stones and uric acid stones have something in common, it's sugary drinks. Oh, when I go to the mall and I see those fruit or juice places, I get a headache. Somebody said to me the other day, "Boy, you get a lot of headaches." I get a headache when I see kids drinking this. "Oh, it's good for me. It's juice." Oh, I get a headache. It's sugar. And the worst sugar is high-fructose corn syrup. You want to know one of the reasons that we see so much kidney stones? High-fructose corn syrup, the antichrist of sugars. It makes me want to scream. Not even fruit drinks, let's juice everything. I wouldn't do that. Don't juice vegetables and drink them. Eat them. Don't drink it. You're going to form oxalates, kidney stones, water, and stay away from juicing. 

Have Dr. Martin's perfect smoothing with cream. I'll allow you a few berries. Not on The Reset though. On The Reset, it's cream. And your kids will love it. Your grandchildren will love it. So, thanks for the question. Two big things, nothing affects the kidneys like dehydration, one, and two, sugar. Ask a diabetic. You want to make a good investment? Get into Pfizer, because what did I tell you the other day? How many billions that they make in quarter number two? 19 billion or something like that, or 20-something billion, like 211 million a day. And two, get into companies that make dialysis, the amount of diabetics, what shuts down in a diabetic often? Kidneys, sugar destroys. Elsie, "What do I take for that?" Well, drink water and cut out the sugars.

Joe's asking about BDNF. I can't even remember what it's called. Brain-derived neutrophic factor. What it means is, you actually regenerate in the brain. We talked about that. It'll be soon on the podcast. Very interesting. Very new, very interesting research, because we always thought the brain never regenerated really. You lose brain neurons and you're in trouble, because they don't regenerate. But now we know that there's a factor there, and one of the ways... I think I talked about four ways to increase it. And actually, I added a couple. And Joe is saying, "Well, you didn't mention fasting." Well, I did, Joe, I did. Because The Reset is fasting without fasting.

If you eat, Joe, the right fuel. Because I actually was going to call the reset fasting without fasting because fasting has become very popular today. I like intermittent fasting. You know that. The best way to intermittent fast is I tell my patients, "Don't eat at night. Don't eat at night." Now, if you want to get into true intermittent fasting, you need to go into the 14 to 16 hours, and some people, 18 hours, of not eating. But I'm telling you that your BDNF will work, you will regenerate your brain if you give your brain the right fuel. You see, that's the key.

I like not eating, I mean it, at night, especially. Now, some people, they can do fasting and don't bother them and you want to implement intermittent fasting. I like it, but I tell people, "You can fast without fasting." 30 days of The Reset, you're fasting without fasting. You don't have to do the 14, 16. Now, if you do it, good, I really want people not to eat at night. That's a big thing. But if you eat the right fuels, you see, the key is fuel. If you're using rocket fuel, Joe, rocket fuel octane, 99 octane, not 87 that we put in our cars, or 88, rocket fuel that they put into rockets, jets, your brain will regenerate. Like I said, I almost called the book Fasting Without Fasting. The Reset won.

Janet is asking, "Do high levels of cholesterol cause gallstones?" No. Now, the gallstones are partly made up of bile and cholesterol, but it's not because your cholesterol's high that you get stones. It's use it, Janet, or lose it. If you don't use your gallbladder, which millions and millions and millions and millions of North Americans don't do, gallbladder surgery became very famous in the 70s, in the 80s, in the 90s. And then when we went into the 21st century, gallbladder surgery and then they got good at it, they just do a little bit of a scope, it's not a major surgery. They just suck that little bag out. You recover in a couple of days, but your gallbladder is a reservoir, and it's a reservoir for bile. And bile helps to emulsify fat. You need it. 

But if you insist on eating fat free, your gallbladder gets gummed up. And when it gets gummed up, it forms stones. Use it or lose it. That's the gallbladder. And millions and millions and millions and millions of women, mostly women, because men, you can't talk them out of a hamburger. Men are just by nature carnivores. The only time a man gets sick from his gallbladder, if he buys the nonsense of fat free. It's a women's disease mostly. And there's some hormonal factors too. Too much estrogen, not enough progesterone. It's fat free. You weren't meant to live fat free. You need saturated fat to be healthy. You guys agree.

Okay, I run out of time. Maybe I'll take a few of these questions and try to put them in on Monday. We appreciate you guys. Somebody said, "Aren't you worried about having all those headaches?" Well, they only last a few seconds. No, guys, we love you dearly. Thanks for supporting this podcast that it will become on The Doctor Is In, get your friends to download, download the podcast. It's a really popular podcast. So, the Doctor Is In podcast on your smart device. And join up on our private Facebook group. We appreciate that community there. It's really good. I promise I'm going to start posting in there more often. It's just a habit I have to get into. I like your posts, but I'm going to start posting more often, I promise. Okay, guys, we love you. We talk to you soon.

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