692. Don't Ditch Dairy – Part 2


In a previous episode, Dr. Martin encouraged listeners not to ditch dairy, but instead to switch it. He’s never been a fan of grocery store milk. They’ve denatured it, removing the fat and making it too sweet. He wants you instead to be eating cheese and butter.

Dr. Martin shares a study looking at the connection between dairy and cardiovascular disease. The researchers thought they were going to find that dairy clogs up your arteries... but they found the opposite! Dairy fat actually diminishes your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Martin also talks about the importance of vitamin K2. Don’t miss part two of this discussion!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. Once again, welcome to another Live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. Cool here in Northern Ontario, this morning... last couple of days. I asked this question a lot, but I want to remind you, do you get our newsletters? We got The Doctor Is In Facebook, The Doctor Is In podcast, and The Doctor Is In newsletters. We want you to enjoy all three. Although the podcast are just these Facebook lives are turned into podcasts. Then, a week after or so they're played, you can download them on your smart device, but we enjoy writing newsletters too so you can have it in front of you in your email. So again, if you didn't get this morning's email, let me bring you behind the news because you're not going to hear this in the mainstream media, at least not much. So I want to bring it out. 

It was funny because they did a large gold standard meta analysis of studies. So, this is a gold standard when you look at all the studies and take the data and what they did, they're looking for what dairy does to you. As we write in the newsletter, dairy has been vilified, vilified, and to some extent it deserves it. Okay? So you know me, I've been very consistent about this. I love dairy and I love farmers, and farmers are in trouble, guys. I'm telling you, I posted something yesterday on the Facebook group, I think it was yesterday I did it, that they're coming after animal products. They're hiding behind climate, the environment, and they're going after animal products. I really feel for farmers, dairy farmers and you know, the cattle and they don't want us to eat meat anymore. But anyway, this study is looking at the connection between dairy and cardiovascular disease. I'm sure some of these researchers were sure they were going to find that dairy clogs up your arteries. Guess what they found... the opposite. So the association between dairy fat and cardiovascular disease, there's an association alright, it diminishes your risk of cardiovascular disease. So don't ditch dairy, switch dairy. 

Now, grocery store milk I've not been a big fan of, so I'm not talking about that dairy. I'm talking about if you got a cow in the backyard, drink milk. Otherwise, use cream because cream is milk 50 years ago. Cream is milk 50 years ago. When I was a little boy, hey that's more than 50 years sorry, let's go back into the 1950s when moi was a little boy, me. I remember it. I got a good memory for stuff like that. The milk man coming to your door. Does that even exist anymore? No, but in Timmins when I was a little boy, 1950, I was born in 1952. So you can figure out how old I am. They delivered with horses. I'm not kidding you. I don't know what year it ended. Timmins Dairy and Corman's Dairy. I remember this like it was yesterday for me. We had a guy named Louis the milkman, and you had little tickets, and we put the milk bottles out in the morning, and they would deliver milk. You can imagine we were a big family, 11 kids. I get a headache every time I think about it. How did my mother do it? Six boys and five girls. Wow. You don't see that much anymore. But that was milk guys. 

In those days, you had to take that bottle of milk, glass bottles, and you had to shake it. It seemed like a half an hour just to get the cream that was at the top to spread out to the rest of the milk so that you could drink it. It was more cream than milk. Don't ditch dairy, switch it. Don't get grocery store milk. You have no need to drink that stuff. Don't drink it. It's too sweet. How did it become sweet? They took the fat out of it. There's a couple of biomarkers that they talked about in this study to show you how good dairy was. So when I talk about dairy, I talk about what do you guys know about me? Cheese. If you want to have plain Greek yogurt, go for it, I don't care. Don't do it on The Reset. There's a little bit too many carbs. I mean, you could do it because it is in the dairy kingdom, but I'd rather you not have it, but you can have some yogurt. I always used to try and turn women away from yogurt. Cause I used to tell them you're taking it for all the wrong reasons. First of all, yogurt is full of sugar. “Oh Dr. Martin, it says it has probiotics.” Yeah, well, a mouse doesn't survive on the probiotics in yogurt. One capsule of our 50 billion broad spectrum probiotic, you'd have to eat 16,000 four ounce yogurts, okay? Don't eat yogurt for your gut. Most of them are full of sugars. Read your labels. I can't stand it. Fat-free yogurt. Oh, the world's crazy. 

But this study showed two biomarkers that are big time improved with dairy, okay, for cardiovascular. One very anti-inflammatory. Now inflammation, again, is not to Houdini. Inflammation just doesn't show up. There's a reason for it. And inflammation left over a period of time is very destructive to your blood vessels, so one of the biomarkers they found that decreased the inflammation, your CRP, C-reactive protein. It's one of the tests that I highly recommend you get done. If you don't ask you, don't get. You know, the commercials in the United States for medications, drugs? Watch TV, and you'll realize how much the drug companies spend on TV. It's always fascinating to me, they must know something that we don't know because they always say at the end of their commercials after they give you 10 minutes of side effects, cause that they have to the FDA makes them, and the FTC makes them, because they wouldn't do that. But then they go ask your doctor if this drug is good for you. Do you ever notice that on American commercials? We don't see them in Canada so much because the FTC here doesn't allow it. So you don't see a lot of commercials for medications in Canada, but in the United States, you do. They say, well, ask your doctor as if this drug is good for me. I always get a headache because why would you ask your doctor? Doesn't your doctor know? Doesn't your doctor know? Why do you go... The pharmaceutical industry is not stupid, so they get people to ask their doctor "What do you think about this medication? And do you think I should be on it?" 

The reason I bring that up is because I want you to ask your doctor to do the right blood tests. They won't do it generally, unless you ask. One of them, I would really appreciate that you ask, is the CRP, C-reactive protein. Just say I would really like doc, while I'm here and you're filling out the requisition for my blood work, could you please add C-reactive protein? Why? Because it is silent. You're not supposed to have any inflammation in your body. Yeah, you get kicked in the knee. Okay, of course, that's your body's ambulance response, but inflammation is silent generally. And where it's first damage is to blood vessels. It affects the Teflon in your blood vessels. When inflammation is there, it takes away the Teflon, the slipperiness, and now you have much more risk of clotting because of inflammation. How do you discover inflammation on a blood test? The best one is C-reactive protein. 

Another one, and again, I just telling you for your information, you might want to get your UA done, your uric acid levels done. Cause that's a real indication of inflammation plus insulin. Like I said, I'm going to do a teaching on that in the next little wee bit. If you don't ask for these tests, don't ask your doctor for medication, ask your doctor to do the right blood tests. And of course, make sure that you're getting your B12 levels done, your vitamin D. Folks, can I share something with you? If your doctor doesn't want to do vitamin D, because they all the doctors, most doctors not all doctors, but most, vitamin D... “What do you want vitamin D for, it's only for your bones?” Get your vitamin D levels for me. If you want me to look at your blood work, I need vitamin D if you can. All you got to do is say, doc, I'll pay for it. If you get it paid for once a year, I don't know what it's going to cost 50 bucks or whatever. Guys, it's worth the investment. Most people have no clue how low they are in vitamin D, okay? 

Now the first biomarker that they found with the dairy study is an inflammatory marker. The more dairy you had, the less inflammation you have. Interesting isn't it? That's why I can't stand when you hear the gurus, talking about dairy is acidic, it is not good for you. Stay away from any dairy. That's not good for you. Well, they're right about milk. They're wrong about cream. They're wrong about cheese. It does not clog up your arteries, okay? It's the opposite. The reason, not only inflammation that is very destructive to your Teflon, here's another thing they found. Of course, if they would have asked me they wouldn't have had to do the research, because what's in cheese? What vitamin is the most prevalent in cheese? I'm waiting. It's a little test, remember when the teacher used to come into class and say, close your books on giving you a test? I would start sweating beads because I was a crammer, just give me 24 hours, and I was good. Here's a test. What vitamin is found? John you got it right and Sherry partly. Marilyn you got it. It's vitamin K2. K1, listen Linda listen. Karen, you got it too, lots of them. Pop quiz. 

Okay, K1 is in salad greens, that's K1, don't help your blood vessels, it doesn't. It's K2, cause what does K2 do? What is it do? K2, you're eating cheese. Does it have a lot of calcium? Yes. Do you ever hear Dr. Martin, ever, tell you to take calcium as a supplement? Nope. Eat your calcium. “Oh, Dr. Martin I got osteoporosis, I need to take calcium supplements.” No you don't because it's just going to stay in your bloodstream. You need to eat cheese. Cheese. The highest source of K2 is cheese, especially cheese curds, cheese. What that cheese does, it gives you calcium. Your body needs it. You see how God operates, in the calcium is the vitamin K2. To bring your calcium where it belongs. You see, one of the markers they found, but dairy is one, you had lower levels of inflammation. Two, lower levels of calcium in your bloodstream, because calcium belongs in your teeth and your bones. It doesn't belong in your bloodstream because calcium clogs up, hardens. Think of calcium, your teeth, hear the knocking? Hear your head? Bone, part of that is calcium. It's hard, and hard is good in bones and teeth, but you don't want calcium in your bloodstream.

Calcium is taken out of your bloodstream with K2. You know what, folks? When people tell me they're vegans, I cry for them. "I don't eat any dairy." You have no idea what you're doing to yourself. It's craziness guys. I don't know why these people that did this study, I'm glad they did, but why didn't they call me? I would've guaranteed them what they were going to find. Don't ditch dairy. Don't ditch it. Ditch your milk because when you find out 99% of people that have allergies to dairy, it's lactose, it's the sugar. You know how much sugar you have in cheese. A mouse wouldn't survive on that sugar in cheese. It's milk's sugar that bothers people. Don't ditch dairy. It has vitamin K2. It delivers. K2 is a delivery mechanism. It takes the calcium out of your blood vessels and puts it where it belongs. 

So this study confirms that dairy is not bad for heart disease. It cures heart disease. Eat your cheese, have your cream in a smoothie. There's vitamin K2 in it that'll deliver that calcium where it belongs, guys. If you go back to previous podcasts, I always call vitamin K2 the Rodney Dangerfield of vitamins, because it doesn't get any respect. First of all, people, they mix them up, K1 and K2. They're two different vitamins all together, and K2 is very important. It helps, that's why we put K2 in our vitamin D. There's a reason for it. I've always loved K2, and I'm big on butter. “Oh doc, I'm having The Reset, where am I going to put butter?” Put it on your steak. Cook with it. The best oil is butter. It's better than olive oil. Okay? I like olive oil, I do. I do. I like olive oil. It's a good oil. You can cook with it. It's got a good smoke point as we call it, but butter's better. You want a barbecued steak, come to my house. I make a great steak. That's all I can do, believe me. My wife banishes me from the kitchen because I'm no good at anything, but I can make a steak. I can make a steak, and my trick is putting butter on it, lots of it, but it's good for you. It's good for you. It got a bad rap for so long. It's crazy. 

Just on the vitamin K2, we talked a lot in the past, but even through this virus, we talked a lot about clotting. That's one of the problems, is clotting, and vitamin K is so good for that, K2 especially, we've written newsletters on it. So good for you. I love it. I'd rather you eat it. Don't avoid the K2. It's in perfect proportion. Think of cheese for a second. I just want to get you to think about this. Because the highest source is cheese and butter for vitamin K2. So think about the perfection of cheese, especially in the older cheese. It's fermented. You know, it's good for you, but it has, one, very high protein. The king of the castle in nutrients, in macros, is protein followed very closely by fat, saturated fat. Fat don't make you fat. Fat is not a boogeyman. Now there's some bad fats. Your hydrogenated oils, your vegetable oils are terrible. Anything in the middle aisles of your groceries stores, pretty well, turn it around and look at the ingredients, and you'll find out that not good. Not good for you. 

In nature, what did God give us? Butter, cheese. High protein, high saturated, fat vitamin K2 to take the high calcium that's in it. Cheese has got a lot of calcium. Calcium is not a boogeyman. The problem with calcium is if you don't take K2. We always thought we were smarter than God, so they change everything. That's what human beings have a tendency to do. They make man-made foods. "Oh, we got to lower the fat. You don't want saturated fat, that's going to give you a heart attack." Boy is this study, is it going to get buried in a hurry. I'm waiting for my dietician friends and the mainstream to tell me what they think about this study. Because, they've been vilifying fat, dairy fat, animal fat for a long time. But these are nature's perfect foods. Think about it. High in protein, high in fat, no carbs. Butter's got no carbs, you know. Cheese has no carbs, you'd find a gram. There's no carbs! You don't need carbs. Now I'm not telling you never to have a carbohydrate, please don't come after me with that. I don't want you no carbs on The Reset. You know what I'm saying, guys? Eat it in nature. That's why steak is so good for you. Put the butter on it. Umm-hmm. Perfect foods, perfect foods. They are. There's nothing missing. Got it. Part two of don't ditch dairy. Switch it, but don't ditch it.

Tomorrow, Question and Answer Friday. Tomorrow, Question and Answer Friday, so get your questions in. It's not too late. We appreciate those questions, we do. I already saw a few of them. Somebody was asking, and I'll do this tomorrow I think, so tomorrow we'll talk about eating for your blood type. I got an autographed book, Eating For Your Blood Type, and I'll tell you how I got that tomorrow, okay? Now, what did I tell you about the newsletter? Sign up. Go to martinclinic.com. Sign up for the podcast, The Doctor Is in podcast. Join our wonderful Facebook group, The Martin Clinic private Facebook group. 

Have you got The Reset book yet? Have you ordered your Christmas giving? Better to give than to receive. People will thank you because if they ever get on The Reset, it could literally change their life guys. A 30 day program to change their life. Look at people around you that are very unhealthy, a 30 day program. And sometimes by giving them a book, you wouldn't believe the testimonies of we get. People that stumbled on to me on Facebook or on the podcast or whatever. I just stumbled on Dr. Martin on Facebook or whatever. They ordered the book, and they read it, and I make a case for eating eggs, meat, and cheese. And I don't apologize for it. It's what your body needs. Okay... Hey guys, I love you guys dearly, okay? And I don't say that lightly, I mean it. You have no idea how much we appreciate our audience here. We love you. Okay. Talk to you soon.

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