689. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do


Dr. Martin shares a troubling headline that’s saying obesity has doubled since 2018 in the United States. The biggest headline continues to be the virus, but that's not killing the most people, not even by a long shot. Obesity kills 2.8 million people a year in the US!

We have an unhealthy obsession with processed foods! Bad oils, crappy carbs and sugars all contribute to metabolic disease. We really need to break up with these bad foods. Dr. Martin admits breaking up is hard to do, but we need to do it – our lives depend on it! 

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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and hope you're having a great start to your weekend. Always nice to have you come on and say hello here this morning. Okay, here we go. Study came out, I saw it on the weekend. It was more of an article that obesity has doubled since 2018. Obesity has doubled since 2018 was the headline and obesity kills 2.8 million people a year in the US. Man, that's troubling. One of the things that has frustrated me the most, folks, and I think you know this is how little we have talked about the elephant in the room. I remember doing a session, had to be 18 months ago or more on the elephant in the room. And when I read yesterday, I think I read it yesterday or Saturday, when I read that obesity has doubled since 2018, I call it the Netflix syndrome. I hope you enjoyed that when I talked about that, was it last week or the week before?

The Netflix syndrome, we're told to stay home. The biggest thing is the virus, but that's not killing the most people, not even by a long shot. And again, I don't want to get controversial. There's no need to be controversial about this. You can do both. You can protect yourself from the virus and make sure that you're doing something about metabolic syndrome because metabolic syndrome is at the root of this. And metabolic syndrome, again, just repeat, repeat, repeat. Metabolic syndrome is high blood pressure, higher than average blood sugar or A1C. A1C is an average of your blood sugars. It's a very informative test, very informative. High blood pressure, and you know what? Millions of people don't realize they even have this because nobody tests them. Now your blood pressure, you would think, but there's a lot of times this stuff is silent. They don't realize that they have it, but elevated A1C, visceral fat, fat around the organs is part of metabolic syndrome, dangerous fat.

Skinny people can have metabolic syndrome. All they have to do is have elevated blood pressure and elevated A1C. For a lot of people, not the majority, but for a lot of people, they're skinny as a rake and very unhealthy because we are looking for the wrong things. They do blood tests and this and that... And they don't even analyze them properly. Metabolic syndrome is Titanic. You're on the boat. A lot of people, they've already hit the iceberg. They're in deep trouble, but nobody talks to them about that. High triglycerides, high blood pressure, visceral fat. You can be skinny as a rake, and sometimes you see it with belly fat. 

Ladies, if it's over 35 inches and 40 inches in men around your waist, around the belly button, you can measure it. If it's above 40 in men, it's metabolic syndrome and 35 inches in women it's metabolic syndrome. You don't need to have anything else, just that. But usually when you look at A1C, your average blood sugars, they're up, “Oh doc, my doctor said it's normal, but it's above the one you want.” I mean, there's some studies showing now that A1C should be below 5. High levels of triglycerides, low levels of HDL. These are all metabolic syndrome. Upside down when it comes to triglycerides and HDL.

And the other one that I like to look at myself, if they do it, uric acid, because there's a direct correlation between insulin resistance and uric acid. By the way, there's a direct correlation between insulin resistance and your blood pressure. There's a direct correlation between insulin resistance and your triglycerides. High triglycerides, you have insulin resistance. It's food, it's carbs. Isn't this interesting? Here we are in the never ending saga of this pandemic and we get these statistics out about obesity. Obesity kills. Listen, these are not my statistics. Obesity kills 2.8 million people a year. Heart disease, heart disease. Again, you don't get heart disease because of your genetics. Makes you more susceptible, but it doesn't give you heart disease. Heart disease comes from your diet.

Ah, yes, of course if you're a smoker, yeah, you put yourself in a high category risk. If you are an alcoholic and you drink too much alcohol for sure, but the vast majority of people, “Oh doc, I don't smoke.” I know, but that doesn't mean you're not getting heart disease. Heart disease is a food condition. It's insulin resistance and insulin resistance comes when you love carbohydrates, crappy carbs and sugars. That's when your blood pressure goes up. That's when inflammation goes up, the silent killer. That's when it starts destroying your blood vessels because your triglycerides are going up and your HDL cholesterol is going down.

Heart disease kills 17.9 million people a year in the United States of America every year, almost 18 million people die from heart disease. 2.1 million die of obesity and almost 18 million a year on average die of heart disease. We've created a new disorder, Netflix syndrome. Sit at home, kids can't go to school, do everything on your smart device, or your computer, or on your laptop. I can't stand it guys, I can't. There's an elephant in the room. It's unbelievable how we've stopped talking about that. Our kids, they need to exercise. They need to move, run, play, get dirty in the sand, in the soil. Almost 18 million people a year and we're setting these kids up for heart disease at an early age, because they're going to get insulin resistance. And a lot of kids already have it. And our blood tests, it's unbelievable. All they want to look at is your total cholesterol and your ratios, who cares?

What does it mean? I got low LDL, woo hoo hoo, big party. I got low cholesterol. That's stupid. What do you want low cholesterol for? You want to die young? I can't get over it. Man, I hate deception, it bothers me. Be right up front. I can't stand it. I think I know too much. You know how many people die of diabetes every year? And really you guys know this, diabetes is at the root of heart disease. Yeah, but I'm not a diabetic, effectively you are. Don't wait for that diagnosis. Diabetes is the last thing to happen in a person. We talk about that all the time. The first things first, the last things last, the actual diagnosis of diabetes is you were on the Titanic and you hit the iceberg. Diabetes always ends poorly unless you put it into remission. You have to put diabetes into remission.

You cannot manage diabetes and live a long time. It's just not going to happen. And diabetes, remember is food. Type two, adult onset diabetes is food. It's not genetics. It's food. Again, I don't minimize genetics because genetics make you more susceptible if your mommy had diabetes and your daddy has diabetes or whatever, like in my family. Well, that makes me more susceptible to it. The worst deception is self deception. I hate deception, but the worst deception is when you fool yourself. Oh, not me. Yeah, you. I had a lot of conversations with people in the office. I tell them yeah, you. You're the man. You're the woman. It's you man, you got to fix it. And if you take it seriously, the fact that you came into this office, that was a good step. 

Number two, now listen, Linda, you's in trouble. You better fix it. And thousands did, thousands of diabetics did. That's where The Reset came out of, it's food. And we want to put this thing to bed, meaning we want to put the condition to bed. We want to put it into remission. My name is Tony and I'm a carboholic. Yep. That's me. I admit it, I have to be careful. Gets easier, gets easier. You form good habits, it gets easier. It's hard for people. I get it. We see it on the Martin Clinic Facebook group. That private group. It's good. When people start The Reset, it's always good to come into the group for a lot of reasons. One of them we're going to pump up your tires when you get discouraged. But remember, put your hand up and say, I am a carboholic. It helps. And me and carbs, I like them, but they don't like me. And they've elevated my inflammation levels. And they have elevated my triglycerides and they have decreased my cholesterol. And I have visceral fat. If you have triglycerides, you got fat around your organs. That's not good.

And it all has to do with the most important thing in your health is insulin. That organ, that pancreas, which is dedicated to your blood sugars. And the world, my friend has got it wrong. The world, my friend is not your friend. Medicine, God love them. You get hit by a truck, don't call me, but it's not your friend with chronic disease because it's looking for love in all the wrong places. It's looking for a medication to control what food will control. And then I read statistic, obesity has doubled since 2018. Ah, we've created a monster. We've created a monster. 

I'm so sick of false information. I always tell people, look, here's what's going to kill you. You get the flu, here's what's going to kill you. The flu can kill you if you have hypertension, if you have diabetes, if you have obesity, or you have any form of heart disease, that'll kill you. You get a virus, you get the flu, you get a bug. Well guys, you want to get rid of bugs? You want to get rid of viruses? You want to get rid of bacteria? Get rid of people. No more people, no more animals, no more viruses, no more bacterias. Get on a spaceship with Elon Musk, put your name in there with your millions of dollars and leave the planet. You're never going to get rid of viruses or bacteria. What are you going to do? Live in a bubble. And that's the mentality of the world. It's the mentality of the world.

I read yesterday, I will post this, Pfizer, have you heard of them? In quarter number two, they made billions of dollars. You can look it up. You can Google it, Google it. How much did they make in the second quarter? $211 million every day in quarter number two, that was the revenues. $211 million every day in quarter number two. Now look, Pfizer's done some wonderful things okay, don't come after me please. I'm not negating the virus, I'm not. I'm not diminishing it, I'm not, but we got bigger fish to fry. We got bigger fish to fry because obesity has doubled. And if you are obese, your risk of dying from infection... I mean, every doctor knows this, dying from a secondary, like a virus, flu, sepsis, blood infection. That's what sepsis is. But people that get that are unwell metabolically.

That's how it happens. And I'm going to tell you something. I got to read this to you because we've been saying this for a long time, but vitamin D, so it's the chicken or the egg, what comes first here? But this is what we're knowing about VitDerma, the shot I want you to get. Everyone should get this. VitDerma, vitamin D. Why? Because people that have insulin resistance... Here's what we know now, have low levels of vitamin D. People with low levels of vitamin D have higher A1C. You have high A1C, you have low vitamin D. Wow, it's the chicken or the egg. 

Tony Jr. said this to me 10 years ago, "Dad vitamin D is a biomarker." I never forgot that. I said, "You know what, son you're like your mother, you're smart." No, but he said, "Dad, it's a wonderful biomarker. Everybody should have their D hydroxy vitamin D levels checked because it's a tremendous biomarker." If you're low in vitamin D, which the vast majority of people are, they have insulin resistance. They have elevated A1C. It seems like the sun lowers your insulin resistance, talk about a friend. Why don't they talk about that? Vitamin D, VitDerma. I made that up. Don't you try and steal that from me. VitDerma. If you hear of someone... And look, there's always exceptions. So don't come at the exception with me, but here's what we know. People that get not sick, but die or prit near die from the flu, from any bacteria or virus generally what affects their immune system the most is low levels of vitamin D, some form of metabolic syndrome, elevated A1C, obesity. 

60% of the people that we're hospitalized, 60% were obese during this pandemic. 60%. And so guys, this is nutrition 101. What can you do? Well, think about it. The good news is, look, you're not in control of everything. We all agree with that. We don't control everything, but what remains under your control is really important. And we just don't emphasize it enough. I tell you, we should have spent millions and million... Don't wait for the government to do it. Don't wait, guys. Don't wait. The news in behind the news in the health field is this, you control what you can control. First of all, I start with me and then I preach it to you and you get to share it with others that want to listen. You can bring a horse to water, you can't make them drink it, but add had a little salt. Make them thirsty for it. You do it. 

No, but seriously guys, there were times... You can ask my staff that work with me, “Doc, you went over the results with that person and you didn't give them a speech? The 21 days to form a good habit, why didn't you give them that speech? Why didn't you spend extra time giving the sermon that you love to give?” Ask Ginette, ask Nicole, why? Well, I said, "They weren't listening. They weren't interested. They took the information. I told them their results, but I could tell they weren't interested.” They didn't want to do their thing. They wanted me to do it for them. I used to tell all my patients, I can't go home with you. I can't. Even children, smart, listen, I can't go home with you. But if you need to get a hold of this thing, it's your diet. You need to change your diet. You have to see sugar, you have to read labels. “Yeah, but I don't like it.” I didn't say you are going to like it. I'm just telling you, you got to do it.

Food is medicine. It's either good for you or bad for you. It's medicine. And here we are in 2021. And I'm more convinced than I was in the 1970s. More convinced than ever the elephant in the room. There's not enough tea in China guys that will pay for our healthcare system, there just won't be. Diabetes is very expensive. Heart disease is very expensive. Cancer is tremendously expensive. Alzheimer's is unbelievably expensive on the healthcare system. It's not healthcare by the way, it's disease care system that we have. Canada and United States has a disease care system. It's not healthcare. There's so little talk of prevention. In cancer it's detection, it's not prevention, it's detection. That's the buzzword. Let's detect it early. Get a colonoscopy. Why? Detection. I'm not saying not to do it. I'm just saying we don't talk prevention, we talk detection. We don't talk about putting things into remission, we talk about management. It's always management.

And Pfizer's into management. And so are the other ones. I don't have to just pick on Pfizer. They're into management. We can't rely on them. They might tell you like a pharmaceutical company might tell you to stop smoking. You know what their nutrition advice is? Eat a balanced diet, everything in moderation, that's their wisdom to the world. Well, that don't work, folks. Everything in moderation has led to the disaster we're in today. It's a disaster in our healthcare system. Obesity has doubled since 2018, obesity kills 2.8 million people a year in the USA. Yesterday 2,400 people and change died of a heart attack in the United States, almost 2,500 people yesterday died. Heart disease, 17.9, almost 18 million people a year die of some form heart disease, heart attack or stroke. Diabetes, 1.5 million people a year die of diabetes in the United States.

We appreciate you guys. And thanks for putting up with my daily rants. We got some good studies that I've flagged, I want to talk about this week. Friday is Question and Answer. Get your questions in. Always one of our most popular programs of the week is Friday question and answer. And this Facebook will be transferred into a podcast so you can listen it again, and you can get your friends and family to sign up for the podcast. So come to the smartphone, The Doctor Is In Podcast. Do you get The Doctor Is In newsletters or emails? If you don't sign up for that at MartinClinic.com, make sure you get that because they're good. We love you guys, talk to you soon.

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