684. Vitamin Z Is for Zinc


One of the big things we're seeing in this day and age is a deficiency in zinc, or vitamin Z as Dr. Martin likes to call it. If you eat red meat, vitamin S, you’re getting zinc and you don’t need to worry about taking it as a supplement.

So where do we see zinc deficiencies? In those who primarily eat plant-based diets. Vegans and vegetarians are at risk because there’s not enough zinc in vegetables. Humans need to be eating from the animal kingdom to get zinc.

Listen to today’s episode to learn how your immune system doesn’t work without zinc. Dr. Martin also shares two other groups of people that are susceptible to zinc deficiencies. Don’t miss this informative episode!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning, everyone. And welcome to another week of Facebook Lives and hope you're having a great start to your day. I thought this was a joke, okay? This was a study done. Humorous, but they were serious I think. Let me read you the headline, and then we're going to talk a little bit about one of the deficiencies that is much more common than you think, and will give reasons for it. But listen to this. Men fart more gas, pass gas when eating a plant-based diet. What? Why would they even have a study on this? They could have asked me. I would've told. Men fart more, seriously, when eating a plant-based diet. You know my expressions. I often say, you're not a rabbit. You're not a cow. And I'm not telling you not to eat vegetables, of course. But don't live on them. Please don't live on vegetables. You don't get a prize for having the biggest poo or the biggest farts. Okay? There's no prize at the end. It's very unhealthy for you.

One of the worst things you can do… You got digestive issues. You got lots of gas and bloating and irritation in the gut. One of the worst things you can do is eating too much fiber. And I'm not kidding you. You have no idea how many thousands of patients over the years when they had IBS and when they had bloating and when they had digestive issues, I used to tell them, "Look, lay off the vegetables. You can have a few, but don't have a lot of it." Why? You're irritating your gut. Diverticulosis. You're not a rabbit. You're not a cow. The reason they eat grass, and salad is glorified grass, is because they got four stomachs. They eat the grass so that you can eat their meat. Cows eat grass, and it makes their meat very high in omega 3, DHA, and EPA. Did you know that? But you don't make DHA and EPA by eating grass, glorified grass, extra fiber. I'm not big on that.

I know that's sort of the mantra of the world. "Eat more fiber. Fiber. Fiber. Cereals." They started that lie. Back in the 1970s they started that lie. You need fiber. Otherwise you're not going to go to the bathroom. And the world went for it. It's overrated. It is. And when I saw that study on the weekend, I just about passed out of it laughing so hard. You win a prize, men, if you eat a lot of vegetables, so you're farting more. Are you kidding me? What's that? Since when has that been healthy? It's not healthy for you or anybody else around you either. I mean, guys, it's common sense. No, but a lot of times like people ask me, "Why are you taking away vegetables and fruit for 30 days?" They can't understand it. Well I say, look, not only am I getting your insulin down, you have to understand that I have a reason for doing it even digestively. Give your gut a rest. Give your gut a rest. When you don't have any vegetables, you're cutting down on oxalates. You're cutting down on lectins. You're cutting down on fibers, insoluble fiber. You know what insoluble means? Means they're going to end up in the toilet. You're cutting down all that. You're cutting down on gluten, all the things that irritate the gut. So there's a reason I want to give your gut a rest. I had to start with that because this is connected. This is connected.

One of the big things that we're seeing in this day and age is a deficiency in zinc, vitamin zed or vitamin zee, depending on what country you live in. Zinc. Now, if you eat vitamin S, you're getting zinc. I don't often talk about taking zinc as a supplement. People ask me about it. And I say, well, why aren't you eating zinc? You should be eating that. There's some things you can eat that you don't have to supplement. Now, I don't like zinc on its own. I don't. I'm not telling people look, just take a zinc and you shouldn't go above 50 milligrams a day. But the point is that I usually don't put anything like a trace mineral or whatever on its own. I usually like it in a combination of things so that your body absorbs it better.

But where do we see zinc deficiencies? Vegans big time. They have no idea what they're doing to themselves. Vegetarians. There's not enough zinc in vegetables. Mice wouldn't survive. Okay? Human beings need meat to get zinc. Steak, hamburger, eggs, cheese. You have to eat from the animal kingdom. Guys, that's just science. Don't get mad at me. It's science. There's not enough zinc. I tell people all the time. I know, I know. I know they're pushing, pushing, pushing vegetarianism and veganism. Get away from animal products. Animal products are acidic. You know how many times I hear that? You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Your body has a complete buffering system releasing sodium bicarbonate baking soda for anything that is acidic, including tomatoes or tomatoes.

Yeah, doc, coffee is acidic. No, once it gets inside your system, you have a buffering system. Keeps your pH nice and tight. Slightly alkaline. Why? Because your body's smart. I can't handle it when they tell me animal protein is not good for you. Well, that's where all your vitamins are. That's where all your minerals are. Again, please don't misquote me and tell people Dr. Martin don't believe in vegetables or fruit. Sure I do. But don't live on it. Don't live on fruit. They're God's candies. They're a treat in this day and age because of metabolic syndrome. 88% of the population are unwell metabolically. They're in deep do-do and most people don't even know it. And metabolic syndrome is insulin and insulin is food, but not meat. You don't get metabolic syndrome from eating meat or eggs or cheese. Don't ditch dairy. Switch dairy.

One of the deficiencies is zinc. Your immune system doesn't work properly without zinc. It doesn't work properly without vitamin A. Vitamin A is not in carrots, guys. Carrots give you beta-carotene. It's a precursor to vitamin A. I'm not saying it's no good. I'm just telling you that vitamin A is found in steak, eggs, meat, and cheese. Do you need vitamin A? You know what's bugged me through this whole 18 months there I'm sick of it is the lack of talking. All they're talking about is everything but the immune system. You have immunity. Your body is unbelievable. If you give it the right things, your immune system will work just fine. It needs vitamin A. It needs zinc. The invisible mask is vitamin A. It literally masks you. It gives you a complete shield, covers your eyes, covers your nose, covers your mouth, where these bugs and viruses come in. You've got a defense mechanism, but you need to eat the right foods in order for your immune system to work properly.

We're not even going to talk about vitamin D. We're going to talk about vitamin A and zinc, vitamin Z. Zinc's an important vitamin. Like I said again, again, if you've got a child or you can't make kids do anything. It's hard, right? Because they go to school and they get indoctrinated. The planet, the planet, the planet. Don't eat meat. Better to eat vegetables and fruit. Well, they're missing too many things. Nevermind B12, but they're missing zinc. Here's other reasons that people would miss zinc, okay, or would have a deficiency in zinc. And by the way, zinc has sort of got more ink during the virus, because they found out not only were people deficient in it, they found out that it was a great therapeutic. Zinc found in vitamin S. Steak. 

Okay… When are you deficient in zinc itself? We talked about a vegetarian. We talked about vegans. They're worse. What else? Elderly. You know what happens when you're older? Not that many good things. Okay. It's not very positive. But one of the things that happens when we're older is we don't absorb as well. We don't make as many enzymes as we used to, digestive enzymes, pancreatic enzymes. And therefore, one of the things that happens, we don't have as much acidity in our stomach. So food doesn't get broken down as well. And we don't absorb the nutrients like we used to. It's one of the biggest problems especially in senior homes. 

When you look at parents, aged parents or grandparents, whatever, one of the problems they have is the upper part of their digestive system... Because mastication when you're chewing, okay, you need teeth, and a lot of seniors, they don't chew properly. They don't have the mastication to break that food. They got to start right in the mouth. And then of course you got enzymes and a lot of things happen on the way down. It gets to the stomach and they're older. They don't have the acidity they used to have. You want your stomach to be like a furnace, very, very acidic. It mulches that food. So by the time it gets to the small intestine, that's where your absorption takes place. And again, we've talked about that, but in seniors they have a problem, mouth and their stomach. So they often become deficient. You can see it, digestive issues.

People who've had a gastric bypass. One of the biggest problems they have is absorbing trace minerals like zinc. They don't drop dead on the spot, but they're deficient. They can't absorb B12 anymore. They don't absorb vitamin A properly. These are things that happen. I get it, the gastric bypasses, but there's side effects to that. And one of them is malabsorption syndrome. It's huge with that. I used to see that you wouldn't believe how often I would see it. These people come in and they were basically anemic. They were very low levels of B12. And because they weren't dropping dead, nobody said anything to them. I said, well, man, you're deficient. I would start them on B12. They were usually very deficient in vitamin D, very deficient in magnesium, very deficient in good oils like omega 3, and zinc.

I often had those patients on Blood Boost. Now what is Blood Boost? Blood Boost is Martin Clinic formulated. I mean, it's got everything on double doses of it and it's in a liquid. Don't go get a cheap multivitamin, please. Your body won't absorb that stuff. But like I said, I usually didn't give zinc or even vitamin E. I like to put it in food first. Eat it. But for those who are deficient, well sometimes I would give them Blood Boost because that would bring up their levels in a short period of time.

So you got people with gastric bypasses. You have the elderly. You have people with digestive issues. They're often deficient in zinc. And you know what another thing is? Medications. Often deficient. Medications. Ooh, it's like senior abuse. The average person over 60 in Canada is on at least five medications. I remember a few years ago I was just renewing an insurance policy and a nurse from the insurance company came to my office, and she said, "Dr. Martin, you just filled out this questionnaire. You're not taking any meds?" She couldn't get over it. I said, "Well, I try not to. If I don't need them, I'm not taking them just for the sake of taking them. I'm trying to stay in good shape on my own." She said, "I'm not used to that." Because when they get over 65, she told me average of five meds after 65, she said, you get into the 70s, it's almost average of 10 medications. Holy moly.

Well, you're going to be deficient. Well, one of them you're not picking up B12. And the other one is zinc. And most people are scared of red meat especially if you get to my age, because my generation and the generation just ahead of me, my parents, they believe that stuff about red meat. Oh, that gives you cholesterol. That's not good for you. Eggs. I remember patients coming in. They boast to me. "I only eat one egg a week." I'd grab their little faces and I say, "You're making a big boo boo." What? Don't do that. You like eggs? Oh, I love eggs, doc, but I shouldn't be eating them according to my..." I used to go crazy. Are you kidding me? You know how much nutrition is in an egg? And eat the yolk. When I go buy in a drug store and I see those egg whites, I want to throw them on the floor where they belong. Don't go with me to the grocery store. Could be very traumatic. It could be. Okay? We should do a session, shouldn't we? I don't know exactly how we would do it, but we should do a session with me traveling through the aisles of the grocery store. Would you like that? Maybe we should do that. Ooh. As long as you promise to try and talk to my blood pressure to get it down.

Zinc deficiencies. What are the possible signs that you are deficient in zinc? Well, elderly obviously what are the signs? When your immune system's not working properly. You get a bug no matter what. Frequent colds, frequent flus. Your immunity is not good. Well, you have to look at a deficiency. And again, I usually just don't center out zinc because if you are low in zinc, this is my opinion, if you're low in zinc, you're low in vitamin A too. It's almost invariable, but we're focusing a little bit more on zinc. You got a perverted taste in your mouth. Oftentimes that's a sign that you're deficient in zinc. You're not eating enough vitamin S. You're not eating enough steak. I read yesterday that inflation is really real and it bothers me because you're really seeing the prices of red meat go up. I don't know if Bill Gates is behind that or... It bothers me because people need that. It's an essential vitamin, vitamin S because you get vitamin A and you get vitamin K and you get zinc in there. 

You see a senior becoming frail. A lot of times they're deficient in those trace minerals like a zinc and vitamin A, vitamin D. They lose weight. They have a loss of muscle. They get sarcopenia, which is a loss of muscle. You see their skin just hanging on them. They're deficient. Nobody talks to them about that. They're feeding them cereal. Ooh. Delayed healing. You look at skin. Delayed healing. It doesn't heal properly. That's often again deficiencies, guys. And those people should be on Blood Boost. Makes a complete difference on them because you can't get them to eat enough steak. Skin lesions and wound healing and that kind of thing. They're often deficient in vitamin Z. Okay? Zinc. It's important. You got to eat right. Those trace minerals, you really need them. They're in your food though. They're in your food. Unless you're a vegetarian or a vegan, they're in your food. You can eat these things. I'd rather people eat them unless they're really suspicious that they have a deficiency and then maybe temporarily up your levels with a supplement. But then the idea is of course to try and eat these things.

I'll tell you, guys, we have just seen the start of it, the indoctrination. It's worldwide to get us away from eating the animal kingdom. It's a complete indoctrination. It's in the schools. It's in government now. It's in the medical schools. The dieticians are teaching it. It's become part of a worldwide system to get us away from eating the foods that we need to eat. It's just straight, guys, science and you can't live properly without B12. You can't live properly without zinc. You can't live properly or healthy without vitamin A. All your B vitamins, guys. I know there's some in the plants, but most of them are in your eggs, meat, and cheese. You get all the B vitamins. B12, I'm sorry, it's in red meat. What can I tell you? How could it be bad to eat red meat if B12 is only found in it and your brain is not going to work properly without it? B12 is important to open up your blood vessels because of nitric oxide. It elevates your nitric oxide. That's what B12 does neurologically. Your nerves. It doesn't work properly without B12. How can that be bad for you? 

It doesn't make any sense. 

Guys, don't be confused because you're going to go on Google. You're going to go on the internet and you're going to hear differently, but just understand where it's coming from. It's indoctrination. It's not true. It's not science. It's not food science at all at all at all. And they're smart because the food industry, you know who they go after? Children and they start. You have no idea how many young ladies especially. They're soft. Young ladies, they have a heart and they'd come in. I'd look them in the eyeballs. I said, "Listen to this old man for a minute." It's not science. It's religion. They're teaching you don't eat anything with eyeballs. They're teaching you that in school. True or false? And they say, that's true, doc. They say, "Well your teacher, they don't have a nutrition degree." It's indoctrination. It's not true. And I don't care if they're all on the broad road that leads to destruction. It's not right. Under no circumstances should someone be a vegetarian or a vegan? No circumstances. You're missing too much. Doesn't make any sense to me.

Anyway, see how much fun I had? Always had fun in practice. I was preaching all the time. I love preaching. Okay guys, we're going to be in for a good week. We got some real interesting studies coming out and we'll talk about them this week. You got questions. Question and Answer Friday is coming. Tony Jr. and I talked about this Saturday... We're probably going to do a webinar soon, coming to a theater near you. Okay. We're going to do one together, father and son. We're planning one. So we have a couple ideas we want to do it on. We'll give you a good advance notice of that. Okay. But hopefully in the next few weeks we want to get that done. Okay. Remember the book, The Reset, back in stock. Stock up for Christmas. Okay. Guys, we love you and we'll talk to you soon.

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