682. Signs You Have Leaky Gut


A study out of the University College in London, England is showing that patients with rheumatoid arthritis also have leaky gut. The study is confirming something Dr. Martin has been saying for 40 years… that all autoimmune disorders originate in the gut, a leaky gut.

In today’s episode, Dr. Martin goes over signs you can look for to see if you have leaky gut syndrome. The first one is that you have an autoimmune disorder. Sjogren's, MS, and even Parkinson's are examples of autoimmune disorders.

The second is the overuse of antibiotics and prescription drugs, which can lead to dysbiosis in the gut. It basically means you have more bad bacteria than good bacteria in your gut.

Don’t miss this episode to learn the other signs you may have leaky gut!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. Good to be on with you again. Okay, let's get going. Study came out... We already knew this, but another study out of the University College in London, the United Kingdom said... Okay, this is confirming what we've talked about many, many times. Rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disorder. Now what they're showing in rheumatoid arthritis, the person that has rheumatoid arthritis, University College and London, United Kingdom have leaky gut. Leaky gut autoimmune. So another study confirming what I've been saying for over 40 years. Bacteria, the war, the invisible war that goes on inside of your body. Just because you can see it guys doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And there's a war. The invisible war, I call it. Mostly in your gut between good and bad and all autoimmune disorders, I'm making a blanket statement, all autoimmune disorders originate in the gut, leaky gut.

So you have in your gut, you have 3 to 5 pounds... When you get on a scale, you have my permission to take off 3 pounds. If you want, you can give yourself 5 pounds. Take it off your weight, and those are bacteria. I'm giving you permission to take pounds off. Aren't you happy about that? Because you got 3 to 5 pounds, trillions of bacteria. You have more bacteria in your body then you have cells in your body. And again, it's a war. Good guys, bad guys. And you better have as many good guys as you have bad guys. We call it the microbiome and you need to have a balance because if you don't have a balance, you get what we call a dysbiosis. Well, what happens with that?

One of the things that your bacteria do, they make up again, part of your immune system. They increase your absorption of nutrients. They play with your immune system obviously, but what leaky gut is, leaky gut occurs when you have less good guys than bad guys. One of the things that disrupts is the tight knit mesh of your gut, because you see, it's one cell layer thick. That little mesh between your gut and your blood keeps garbage out of your blood. One of the things in leaky gut, and it's probably the most important, is that when you have dysbiosis, meaning big word, all it means is, you have less good guys than bad guys, you lose. Why? And I used to see this, see that microscope behind me here. Okay, for those listening on a podcast, I'm pointing out a very powerful microscope that is in my office here.

When you looked at blood, if a person was fasting, you should see no garbage in the blood. The blood is pristine, okay? It's got blood cells, it's got platelets, it's got white blood cells, but no garbage, no unwanted, undigested proteins, then feces. What should have gone in the toilet can get into the bloodstream. Let me just say this, doctors, medicine, generally, I don't know what it's going to take for them to actually believe that. If you see yeast or fungus in your blood, you're going to die. You know how many times I was told that by my dear friends in the medical community? If you get fungus, you're gonna die. Yes, but it will be slow. They're thinking of a fungal infection. That can be very deadly, but they never appreciate it because they always saw the blood as being pristine. It's a river, no pollution in it.

The river of life must go round and round and round in 60,000 miles of blood vessels. What they didn't realize is, there's a lot of garbage that can get in there, undigested food, feces, unwanted bacteria, parasites. Bad guys don't belong in blood. Only micro-sized food goes in blood. Why is that? Because your blood is the river of life that brings your oxygen obviously, and nutrients to all your cells from your brain to your toes. So what this study was saying is that rheumatoid arthritis is leaky gut, autoimmune. The body turns on itself and you got about... I don't want to get into the weeds too much, but you have what they call IAG in your gut. They're sorta flags. They see something that comes into the body, and if it's not good, they flag it. Oh, there it is, I'm going to neutralize that.

The problem is when autoimmune, is that overreacts that process. And what happens with that tight little border? It's like the Southern border of the United States. There's nobody there to stop the invasion. And by the way, if I lived in Guatemala or Honduras or whatever, I'd be making my way to the United States too if I could, okay? Look, just try and cross from Canada to the United States today. Good luck with that. Unless you fly over the border, it's tight, man. They're not letting any Canadians in, unless you fly across, right? You can't drive across the border. The border guards will stop you, but in the Southern border, they're just walking across the Rio Grande or whatever. Look, I'm using it as an illustration. You need border guards. They're friendly bacteria that keep bad guys out of your blood.

Now, someone yesterday asked me a question. Very good question, "Dr. Martin, how do I know if I have leaky gut? Without a blood test, I mean." And again, the best way, now that I'm not in practice anymore, where I could actually show it to you, I can tell you what to look for to see if you have leaky gut. Obviously, if you have any autoimmune disorder, Sjogren's, MS. To me, Parkinson's is autoimmune because what they're finding with Parkinson's is you got yeast in your brain. How does it get there? How did candida get into your brain? Leaky gut, autoimmune. So any autoimmune disorder. So let's go over 8 ways, or 8 things you can look for to see if you have leaky gut, okay? So I mentioned any autoimmune including your thyroid, by the way, because in your gut about 20% of T4 is converted to T3 in your gut. When that doesn't work properly, you can get Hashimoto. It can be a big factor there. The gut, the gut, the gut, leaky gut. 

Now again, we talk about 8, so autoimmune over here. Numero two-o, number duo. “Deux en français," number two. It could be number one, because it is usually at the root of all problems, brought to you by the Martin Clinic. I have been saying this for over 40 years, consistent, consistent, consistent, consistent. The use of antibiotics, if you have taken an antibiotic... I don't want to say in your lifetime, but if you were a patient of mine, you came into the office, you did not get to see me until you filled out a questionnaire. And one of the main questions was, have you ever been on antibiotics? And many, many, many said, "Yeah, well, I've been on several as a kid. Ear infections, throat infections. Oh, Dr. Martin and I lost my tonsils". Your tonsils are the gatekeepers to protect your lungs. But antibiotics again, you know me, greatest discovery of the 20th century and the curse of the 21st had been antibiotics.

They save your life. The greatest discovery in medicine, in my opinion, it's the greatest discovery in medicine, has been the discovery of antibiotics, even today. But they kill all bacteria, good and bad. In five days, they wipe it out. By the way, just a little teaching, this is not coming from me, although I've said it for years, I was right about it. But when you take an antibiotic, even today, the pharmacist says, well finish it. No, take it until the infection, pain, whatever ladies with urinary tract it's burning. You can stand it. You take an antibiotic, the second it's not burning anymore, stop it. Take a probiotic because what's happening, and this is a proven fact guys, it's a proven fact. What happens is that bacteria, they got a brain. When people tell me, there is no God, I feel sorry for them. You're blind, I tell them. You can't see it, but bacteria have a brain.

So when you use an antibiotic, they develop a resistance. What do you think C difficile is? It's a French word, difficult. Where does it occur? In the hospitals. I wrote this in a book years ago. I said, "What is the most dangerous place in the world?" And you know what? Afghanistan has been in the news, so let's go on a holiday. You know what? Let's go to Afghanistan. Would you do that? Probably not, okay? Let's just spend a week in Afghanistan. I don't think that'd be such a good idea. You know what's a dangerous place? The most dangerous place? The hospital. They got C difficile in there. It's the overuse of antibiotics. The same thing that save your life, create a monster, resistant. And this is again, what I've been saying for a lot of years, it's just that we overuse antibiotics. We overuse them.

A lot of people take an antibiotic, I've talked to a lot of physicians. I said, "Why don't you just give them a placebo?" Because they come in, they've got a bad cold. They got a bad cold. "Oh yeah, but doc, it's my little baby, he's got an ear infection". 99% of the time, it's viral. Give them a pain killer and give them an antihistamine for a few days, rather than an antibiotic. Anyways, they don't listen. There's no Lindas listening when I talk. So let's get back to it, antibiotics are the number one reason people get leaky gut. And lot of times, because they don't get any symptoms. When people think of leaky gut, they think of digestive issues. No, that's not leaky gut. Now, you can have digestive issues with leaky gut, but that's not the thing. It's what gets into your blood. Remember that? Okay. So it's not in your gut. What's in Vegas, stays in Vegas, no, what's in the gut, supposed to go into the toilet, sneaks into your bloodstream, and then you get other problems in the rest of the body.

And here's what I've said for years, when people were blaming vaccines for autism... Because remember I had a radio show for 20 years, way before this. I used to tell people, I'm just telling you my opinion, autism is leaky gut, baby. The canary in the coal mine, the overuse of antibiotics has been at the root of that. Mommy takes an antibiotic or baby in the first year, kills their bacteria. They get leaky gut, it kills the bad bacteria and the good, you get leaky gut. They got garbage that goes to the brain and they happen to be the canaries in the coal mine. I am convinced, convinced, convinced that's true. Other medications that can do it, painkillers over the counter and prescription. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, NSAIDs like Advil, Tylenol. They can disrupt your bacteria, your microbiome.

Anytime someone takes even an antacid, you don't have enough acidity. Yeast can come in this way into the gut and then get into the bloodstream. Okay, and we've talked about it, not SIBO, but SIFO. We renamed it, remember, small intestine fungal overgrowth. Yeah bacteria is there, but it's more of a fungus and that creates enormous leaky gut. Okay? So how do you know if you have leaky gut? Well, you got an autoimmune? You have to be very suspicious. If you've been taking antibiotics, you've been taking painkillers... Because I had thousands of patients over the years, they would come into the office and they were taking painkillers. They had headaches almost every day. You know how many women I had that had migraines every day? I felt sorry for them. Man oh man that's horror-mones, man. But they couldn't function without taking a painkiller. I said, "Man, you've disrupted your gut. You got severe leaky gut. We got to fix that". Be suspicious. You have leaky gut when any autoimmune, okay? You got a history of taking antibiotics or painkillers, antacids you just above for sure have leaky gut. 

Three, skin. Look at your skin, any kind of rash, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, acne. Look at your skin. You see stuff on your skin? That came from your gut. Your body's reacting. Your skin is your largest organ. It's what you can see. And I like putting probiotics right on the skin, but you've got to fix the gut, guys. You've got to fix the gut and it can take a year to fix leaky gut depending on how bad it is. 

Four, a bad diet. Sugar, crappy carbs, PUFAs, polyunsaturated, fatty... You go to the fast food they have PUFAs in it. The wrong oil. You know what that does? It disrupts your gut and sugar, especially. Remember bread's going to be sugar in five seconds. One, two, three, four, five. It's done. "Oh doc, I just had a whole wheat bread". I know, but in five seconds, it's feeding your yeast in your gut. That's going to give you dysbiosis. And that is going to create leaky gut, bad diet. So meds, antibiotics. It's the way it is. Any autoimmune, be suspicious, bad diet. You're feeding the bad army. You feed the bad guys. And guess what? That third invasive army will come in. You know my expression, feeding the bears. If you traveled to Timmins, I always get a big kick out of that. You go into town and there's a sign on the outskirts of Timmins. I don't know if it's anywhere else in Canada, but it certainly in Timmins, it says, "Don't feed the bears". I like that. Don't feed them. Don't feed those bad bacteria. Don't feed yeast. Quit giving them sugar. You're a carboholic, you got leaky gut. How's that? Almost without exception.

Any kind of allergies, you got a post-nasal drip? You got leaky gut. Leaky gut, leaky sinuses. Allergies start in your gut. "Oh doc, it's hay fever". I know, but where did it start? Where did it start? How come you have it and your sister doesn't? Almost invariably, it's leaky gut. Hippocrates said it 2,000 years ago, all disease starts in the gut. Man, that guy was a genius. The father of medicine. Why doesn't medicine listen? They said be listening. They would be using probiotics all the time. That wouldn't be a patient that they saw that they wouldn't say, "You need to take probiotics". I just about passed out. One of our former patients who said, "Well, I'm going in for surgery. And my doctor wants me to stop the probiotics". I said, "You just gave me a migraine. You should be doubling down on your probiotic. You're going into surgery". You get a migraine.

Almost any allergies, sinus, cognitive brain, even depression. Remember, you have more horror-mones in your gut then you got in your brain, like serotonin and dopamine. You got more of that in your gut. When that gets disrupted, there's a big connection to depression. If you have depression, there wasn't ever a depression patient that I didn't put on probiotic. Course, I recommend probiotics to everybody. Here's a blood test if you should be taking probiotics, okay? Here's a blood test you can do. Prick your finger. If it comes out red, you need probiotics. If it comes out any other color than red, you don't need them. Okay? Isn't that a good blood test to find out if you need probiotics or not? 

Any lung problems, leaky gut, leaky lung because usually what happens in the lung, it's fungus, it's candida, it's yeast. It travels, it gets in the lung. They're the first cousin to mold. Leaky gut, leaky lung you're coughing all the time. Leaky gut, leaky lung, leaky joints. A lot of people, their joints. Well, look at rheumatoid arthritis, proven started in the gut. Here's another one by the way, give you a leaky gut. Another medication, I forgot steroids. Prednisone. It destroys your friendly bacteria, guys. It creates a dysbiosis in the gut. It allows leakage into the bloodstream. I'm not telling you not to take medication, okay? Don't come at me and say, "Doc, you don't believe in any of that". Well, wait a minute. I didn't say that. I didn't say that. I'll deny I ever met you. If you bring me to court, you know what I'm saying? It's like, we've been talking about what the virus, the unintended consequences, like when a doctor gives you an antibiotic, he's got the best intentions in the universe. They can save your life, man. But they're not looking at the consequences.

Otherwise, when you went and picked up your prescription, if they were smart, they’d send you to the Martin Clinic to get the best probiotic in the world. I have it made just for me because I know what to put in it. But no, they give you a probiotic and not yogurt. Okay? Look, you can have Greek yogurt, plain. Not fat-free but plain Greek yogurt, it's dairy. I've got no problem with that. No sugar added, okay? You want to have that, but you're not taking it. You're not taking yogurt for bacteria, please. The amount of bacteria in yogurt is for mice. Not for human beings. Tony Jr. calculated, like I flunked math, okay? I wasn't good at math. I'd still be in high school if I had to be good in math. But Tony Jr. was good in math. He never liked that, he said, but he was good at it, okay? It's funny. Now I got a grandson that majored in math. I said, "Well, you didn't get that from grandpa". But what Tony Jr figured out, you'd have to have 16,000 yogurts to have one of our little probiotics in a capsule. It's medicine. It's the best medicine. There's nothing like probiotics, vitamin P. Vitamin P, probiotics. You need it, everybody needs it. Your children need it, your grandchildren need it. You need it. 

Your brain needs it because what they found out about the blood-brain barrier, and I've taught you this in the past, the blood-brain barrier, man, we knew nothing. When I was in school with the blood-brain barrier, we knew it existed, but the blood-brain barrier, it communicates with your gut. The brain keeps garbage out. But what if the bacteria are not there? What if you don't have enough good guy? Your brain loses. And even today people, got leaky brain. They don't know it. They have leaky brain. Leaky gut, leaky brain. A football player that I knew, ALS, just died a few days ago. ALS is becoming much more common today. A deadly disease, it's leaky brain, it's fungus. I'm telling you. Parkinson’s, MS, crazy the amounts. Leaky gut, leaky brain. 

I think I hit everything that I wanted to talk about today. Nine ways you can determine if you have leaky gut. Folks, get on it. You got to fix it. If you're not taking a probiotic, "Oh doc, I take yogurt", no. You can eat it. You're going to get some dairy, okay, I'm all right with that. You know me, don't ditch the dairy, switch the dairy. That's me, okay? I'm not a guy, oh dairy. I like dairy, especially if you've got a cow in your backyard, eat your butter, okay? 

Okay, tomorrow's Question and Answer Friday, favorite days. I get to pontificate with your questions. Now we really enjoy it, it's always popular. So send in your questions, I'll try and get all of them. Sometimes there's a few, I never get out. I try and do everything I can to answer all your questions, but please, guys can I thank you again for making The Reset, the number one book in Canada? And you know what? It is really, really good. So it's not too early, we're in September, to plan your Christmas gifts, give them The Reset. And Martin Clinic Facebook group, invite your friends, invite your family. They can join up what a community that is. If they can't watch this live, you can share it with them or get them to download The Doctor Is In podcast, brought to you by the MartinClinic.com. Okay, we love you guys dearly. Talk to you soon.

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