673. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Potatoes 
  • Vegetables causing inflammation
  • Symptoms of a non-functioning liver
  • The Reset diet for kids
  • Optimal zinc levels in blood
  • Repairing the pancreas
  • FDA banning supplements
  • Blood high in hemoglobin
  • Homogenized milk for babies
  • Soy isoflavones in Menopausal Formula
  • Magnesium supplements

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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. And once again, welcome to another Live this morning, Question and Answer Friday. Good morning to you. And really good questions. Again, we appreciate that very much, and just some very practical things. Okay. So we like that. That's the question. Don't be shy. Our staff is here for you to answer your questions if you put your questions, and a lot of times they might not come on on Friday, but they're put out into the private Facebook group. And usually, our group is really good to answer a lot of those questions.

“Are potatoes the enemy of a low carb diet?” Yeah. Look, potatoes are considered a starchy vegetable. Have more carbs in it, which will be converted to sugars pretty rapidly. Anything that grows in the ground is usually going to, because it sucks up the water, is usually much more starchy. Potatoes are in that group. Now, does that mean you never have another potato the rest of your life? No. You know what I mean? Listen, I think one of the most important things is that each and every individual, they come to the point that they understand their own bodies. Okay? Don't compare yourself to someone else. Understand who you are. If you are a carboholic or you have been a carboholic, if you get blood work that's showing that your A1C is creeping up, that kind of thing, don't fool yourself. Don't fool yourself. The thing that you can control is food that you eat. Okay?

So when I look at potatoes, do I like potatoes? I love potatoes. I do. They don't necessarily love me. And so I'm careful, and you ought to be careful. People that have any trouble with insulin resistance are not going to do well with potatoes. 88%, we talked about this yesterday again, 88% of the population have some form of metabolic syndrome. They're not well metabolically. At the end of the day, what does that mean? Well, it means they don't process carbs very well. They just don't. So potatoes are... I hate to use the word treat, but there are better vegetables for sure. Does it mean you never have another one? No. But understand your body. Understand where you come from. And the worst deception is self deception. That's the worst deception, when you talk yourself into things or you fool yourself. Okay? Sweet potatoes for example are better. They're less starchy. But you can't live on those either. Right?

Anyway, that's where I come from. I don't want you to leave the planet, meaning that if you ever have another potato, I won't talk to you again. I don't do that to people. I took enough psychology in university. I always say this to be dangerous. But I learned some things. I learned that it takes three weeks to form a habit and probably around six weeks to cement it. I learned that you need to reward people. People live on rewards. That's why the weight loss industry is so big because people go, "Man, if I lose weight..." And you encourage someone that has lost weight. Man, that's a reward. Even just hearing that, in their thinking, "Hey, you know what? I look better. I feel better." Those are the rewards. 

I've told you my story. My wife is Italian. You try and live with an Italian and say, "I'll never have spaghetti again." I don't do that to myself. But you ask Rosie. I don't live on it. And I don't live on noodles. I live for her sauce, the meat, and I really fill up on that. Okay? And I think that is the recipe for success. I never ever sent a patient out of my office with a recipe to fail. Look, I want you to do 30 days and it's going to be super strict. But I always, always encouraged them. And I gave them a recipe for success because I want this to be long term, long term thinking. And this is why every day I pump, pump up your tires guys. I want you to succeed. So do your 30 day reset and you are going to see how your body responds to that. It will be incredible. Almost without exception. You reset that body. And now, give yourself a little treat, but not much. You'll find that you do better. Okay? Good question. 

Collette, "Does eating tomatoes or bell peppers cause inflammation?" No. It doesn't. I know there's a lot of stuff on nightshade, vegetables and you can Google it or whatever. No, I don't believe in that stuff. I really don't. I didn't see it in my clinic. Look, some people, they eliminate certain things, they feel better. You got to figure yourself out again. I want you to be your own doctor in a lot of ways, because some people, they eat stuff like tomatoes, "I don't feel so good." But that's you. That doesn't mean it's everybody. And that's what I don't like about that. Nightshade, who made that up by the way, that that's causing arthritis and it's not good for you and this and that? Like tomatoes are acidic. Yeah they are, until they get inside your body, then they're alkaline. But some people don't do well with tomatoes. 

Well, figure that out for yourself. Right? When I say eggs, meat, and cheese, some people, they can't eat eggs. And they look at me like, "Doc, shouldn't I be eating eggs?" Well, not if you don't do well with them. "I don't do well when I eat cheese." Well then don't eat cheese. Don't eat cheese if you don't do well with it. Now, sometimes that changes. When you change your gut, then you've done the reset and people have found, "Man, oh man, I do much better with dairy than I used to" or whatever. But you know guys, when you read that bell peppers or tomatoes or whatever, I don't like that. And you know me. On The Reset, they're not having any of that, because for 30 days, I want them to eliminate all lectins, all oxalates, all gluten, all of that, temporarily. But it doesn't cause inflammation unless you have an allergy to it. But that can be anything. "I eat that, I don't feel good." Okay, don't eat it. For whatever reason, you're not breaking it down properly. 

Nellie, "What are the symptoms of the liver not working properly?" Well look, if you're a carboholic, your liver is getting full of fat, that's just the way it is. And sometimes there's symptoms and sometimes there's not. You might be bloated, I mean bad, symptoms of liver problems or things like jaundice. A lot of people have certain skin conditions that the liver is not detoxing properly, fatigue and there can be a lot of things. But I'm more interested in blood work when it comes to liver. Or sometimes, like I used to do urine and check for bilirubin, for example. And I used to tell people, "You got liver stress going on, probably fatty liver and whatever." But I look at triglycerides and HDL that tells me a huge story about your liver. So you know, again, that I don't necessarily rely on blood work. I want to know your symptoms. But sometimes when it comes to the liver, the symptoms might be the last things to have. Because oftentimes with liver, people don't even know that their liver is getting all gummed up. Their liver is full of fat. And unless they're getting an ultrasound, they don't even know it. They have no idea. So it's a very good question. But if you're eating too many carbs, your liver is paying that price. I don't care. You're not getting away with it. You're not getting away with it. You think you might, but you're not. Okay? Good questions, Nellie.

Sonia, "Does the information he..." that's me, "... gives every day apply to children as well?" Well, yeah Sonia. I'm going to bring you, I think Monday, a recent article, I think it's in the AMA, American Medical Journal. It's unbelievable, on the state of children's health in the United States. Guys, it is scary. It is. And our world is so upside down. I've never seen anything like it. We're always going to have some form of virus or whatever, and our children... I've talked to you in the past about we threw them under the bus. We threw them under the bus. I'll tell you something in summary, there are more suicides and more drug overdoses than there is anything with this virus, but that's not popular for me to talk about it. So I'm not going to pontificate, but it bugs me. And we have an epidemic in children because of food. So Sonia, absolutely. Kids could easily live on eggs, meat, and cheese. Easily. And they would do super well, because there's nothing missing guys. 

When you eat from the animal kingdom, tell me when things you're missing. If you live on the vegetable kingdom, fruit and veggies, you're missing a lot of things. I always say I rest my case on that. Tell me what you're missing when you live on the animal kingdom. I'm waiting. B vitamins, no. Potassium, no. Calcium, no. Magnesium, no. Amino acids, no. Vitamins, no. I rest my case. If you insist on being a vegetarian or a vegan and a lot of kids are like that today, because they're drinking the Kool-Aid, taught to them at school and whatever. Now, let me give you my philosophy again. The animal kingdom, it's the king. The plant kingdom, very good. It's not the king, but it's very good. Fruits and vegetables. And then there's the human kingdom of food. Now we're going to talk about that. You'll get tired of hearing it. Manmade, perverted food. So if you want healthy kids, never get them to avoid the animal kingdom, including dairy, don't ditch the dairy, switch the dairy. Okay? So good questions. I really appreciate them, Sonia. Okay, can they do the reset? Well, for sure they can do the reset.

Shirley, "Zinc, what is the optimal level in blood?" Well, you can Google that. I never look at zinc in the blood, Shirley. Okay? So do I like zinc? Yeah. Do I give it to patients? Rarely. I mean, I have zinc in certain supplements. Okay? So if you look at our list of supplements, for example, in our prostate supplement for men, I put zinc in there. Blood Boost, I have a good amount of zinc in there. Okay? So do I believe in Zinc? Absolutely. Do I look at blood work for zinc? No. And primarily, Shirley, I want people to eat their zinc. I mean that, I want people to eat their zinc when they eat vitamin S, and that's a big problem in the world of it because they're not eating enough vitamin S, they're going to miss out on zinc. Zinc really, again, is not in the plant kingdom. It's not. It's in the animal kingdom, and you need it. 

So if you're a vegetarian or a vegan, you know what I do to people, I have you on Blood Boost because you're not getting sync. There's enough zinc in plants for mice, not for human beings. I'd like to get into a courtroom and give my case. Because I know if you go online or even a lot of my colleagues, they drink the Kool-Aid. They drink the Kool-Aid and they just get caught up in... I call it like the worldly thinking and meat is bad and don't eat too many eggs and cheese. That's dairy, doctor. Dairy can't be good for you. Dairy's acidic. No, it's not. No, it's not. It's not acidic. Steak isn't acidic guys. Okay? Is not. Steak doesn't give you cancer. Okay? It doesn't. It's the food you should eat not to get cancer.

And I know I get it all the time "I'm so confused." Well, there's a lot of confusing information out there, but don't be confused because confusion comes when you believe propaganda. It's indoctrination. They want the whole world. What do you think Bill Gates is up to? He wants the whole world to eat the meatless craze. They can't get over it. Let's eliminate cows. I can't get over the stupidity of it. It's not science guys. I'm sorry. I mean, we're always learning and the more and more and more and more and more I learn... I'll read anything. You want to send me something? I'll read it. You want to send me an article? I'll read it.

Somebody asked me the other day, "Well doc, there's shows on Netflix that say you're crazy." Yeah, I know that. But that doesn't mean I'm wrong. And I just try and prove my case every day. That's all. I'm preaching to some extent, although we always have new viewers or whatever and new listeners on the podcast, and I'm just telling you. Look, I'm sorry, but there's a lot of misinformation out there, and you were never, ever meant to live on vegetables and fruit ever. It's not true. It can't be. You have a gallbladder. “N’es pas”, you do. You don't have four stomachs. Grass is for cows. They got four stomachs. Okay? You can't live on that. You can't live on celery. I'm sorry. Or spinach. I'm sorry. Popeye didn't get strong eating spinach. He lied to us. He was eating steak. Okay? Good question Shirley. It really is about zinc. 

Lynne, "I would like to know if my pancreas will return to pre-insulin resistant condition once The Reset has been done and leaving carbs and sugar out of my diet going forward, or has the damage been done?" Well, listen, I don't even care if you're a diabetic, you will put yourself into remission. Yeah. Regenerate. Now, will you always have a weakness? Probably. Probably. So understand your weaknesses, Lynne. I promise you, you will empty your liver. I promise you, if you send your pancreas on a holiday for 30 days, your pancreas will thank you. I promise you. At the cellular level, you will now be insulin sensitive, not resistant to insulin. Remember the bad neighbor? You fix that.

Now, once the 30 days is over, again, this is lifelong. This is a way of eating. You slowly introduce some carbs if you have to, but not much. And then your body will be a happy puppy. Promise. Some people take more than 30 days. Rome wasn't built in a day, guys. Sometimes people "Oh, 30 days and you know what? I didn't lose 75 pounds and I didn't... and my liver and..." I say, "Well, okay, keep going. I don't want you to give up, but I promise. I promise." This is why I am so certain about it. I promise this is exactly what your body needs. If you have insulin resistance, you need to fix it. If you are in the 88% that has any form of metabolic syndrome, The Reset is for you. It is for you. 

It is changing fuels. It's not calories. It is changing fuels. Your cells are going to live on rocket fuel, jet fuel. I was at the gas station yesterday. 87, I think it was 88, 91, 93, super. But The Reset is beyond 93 because if you go out to the airport, they're not putting 93 octane in the jets. Jet fuel is a much higher octane than even that. That is what The Reset is. So when you go Keto, low carb, you're sort of at 93. Okay? That's what I put into my motorcycle. They recommend the high test fuel. Okay? My car says it's unleaded, 87 or whatever it's made for that. There's no problem putting that fuel in there. But my motorcycle needs 93, but your body will thrive on jet fuel. 99 octane. Your cells will thank you. 

There's a reason guys for my madness. There's a reason for it. You're changing fuels and your cells at the cellular level at the little mitochondria, the little battery packs within your cells are going to go, "Thank you. Thank you. I didn't know what jet fuel was because you never gave me much jet fuel. Now you're feeding me only jet fuel. And thank you. Thank you." And now your body works at a much higher level. You are producing energy like never before. Guys, it's food, it's choices in food, and I'm going to pump it and pump it and pump it. It is anti-inflammatory because when you are burning the right fuel, your body is responding in the right way. And there's not that inflammation that comes from not eating tomatoes and bell peppers, but from eating carbohydrates, because crappy carbs. 

We talked about how much sugar yesterday and the seed oils, the middle aisles of your grocery store, guys, that's not even 88 at the gas station. It's crap, and your body won't kill over and you won't drop dead on the spot, but your cells, well, like the mitochondria, your little battery packs that release ATP, they're just going to work at a certain level because you're not giving it the right fuel. Guys, this is about changing fuels. And when you see a steak... I know liver is even better, but I don't talk about liver because I don't like it. But steak, when you see steak, it's the king of the castle. It is jet fuel. Okay? And the more fat is on it, the better it is for you. It's jet fuel. It's got everything. So truth guys, and the truth will set you free. 

Okay… "Dr. Martin, have you heard about the FDA warning to ban sales of supplements?" Yes, I've heard of it and it's not the first time. Can I just say something? If the FDA had their choice and if Health Canada had their choice, you wouldn't even be able to buy a vitamin if they had their choice. But you know what they know, 70% of the population in North America take a supplement every day of some kind. It bugs them. They don't like it. And if they could ban them, they would because they're bought... I don't mind saying this, they're bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. And the pharmaceutical industry, they don't make money on vitamins. Well, they make a little bit, they make vitamins because they have to get into the vitamin and supplement industry because, again, 70% of the population take a supplement every day. 

And when the FDA comes out with that, it's always scary because I don't put anything past the FDA or even Health Canada. I don't. But we always push back and the public pushes back and they want a safe supply of supplements. Okay? And you were asking about another question too. Ivermectin. Yeah. Look, these are therapeutics. Okay? Therapeutics. We talked about that for the virus. It's interesting because everything now is about the vaccine, but therapeutics like even vitamin D, it's well-established guys, but they squash it because it doesn't fit their narrative. And ivermectin, I have no real experience with it. Anything that I read, it's very promising. It's been around for 50 years. It's an anti parasite drug that seems to work when someone gets sick. It's not a prevention thing, but it's a therapeutic. Okay? 

Amy, "What about thick blood, high hemoglobin? What would be the best supplement?" Well, the best, best supplement is vitamin W. One, you got thick blood, water, numero uno. There was a study that came out the other day on water. It was so good because again, it just proved what I have been saying for years. It was another study on the importance of water for your heart. And I've said that to you all along. Most people, they have no idea because they don't have a little light bulb on their head telling them that they're dehydrated. "I'm not dehydrated, doctor. I don't feel it." Hey, don't go on feelings. And I think I'm 100% right on this. You need two liters of water a day minimum. If you're under that, you're dehydrated. And one of the side effects of dehydration is thick blood. I talked about this, salt is only dangerous in the absence of water. You are salt. You cry salt. Your blood is full of salt. You need salt. But you also need water. And when you have high hemoglobin, hemoglobin remember it’s like Velcro, oxygen sticks to it. And if it's too high, you get thick blood, too many red blood cells. And that could be a form, by the way, even of anemia. 

But the number one thing you need is H2O. Drink it. Don't wait till you're thirsty. I got up this morning, it's seven days a week, it's no exception, no exceptions. When I'm on the road, I'm in a hotel or whatever, the night before, I looking to bring water so I can have it when I get out of bed in the morning. I drink a half a liter of water when I get out of the bed in the morning. 16 ounces, my American friends, every day, seven days a week. And I like the water bottles for me because I measure them. I drink four of them and often more, but a minimum of four and nothing else is water, nothing else is water. Only water is water. What kind of water do I like? Spring water. It's better. It's got minerals in it. But you can make your own. Always filter the water though, if you're going to drink it out of a tub. Okay? But you need two liters or 64 ounces. Measure it. If you need more than that, well drink more than that. But that's a minimum. Okay? Good questions. Okay. Let's get going. I got a few more. And by the way, I like Navitol because Navitol, it opens your blood vessels. You need that. It elevates your nitric oxide and nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels. So does magnesium. Okay? 

Margaret, "My daughter took her one year old for a checkup. The doctor said she should be giving her homogenized milk for more calcium. What does Dr. Martin suggest?" Well, I would say switch the dairy. Don't ditch it, switch it. Mummy breast milk, the best, numero uno. After you're finished weaning the baby, get the baby used to drinking water. Okay? You don't have to drink your calcium. But if you insist on calcium, that's doctors, you need calcium. Yeah, you do need calcium, but I'd rather, a baby start, give them some cheese. Give them aspheric yogurt, a sugar-free one. And if you got a cow in the backyard, give them the milk because that milk is good for them. So full fat milk. If you can get full fat milk, then yeah you can give that to a baby. I got no issue with that. Full fat. All of the fat. Let them drink some cream. You really want calcium, give them Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie with cream. You get a lot of calcium in that. No sugar. Put a little bit of fruit in there. Okay? For babies, a little touch of even maple syrup. Not Aunt Jemima's, the real stuff. Okay? Just a touch. And they'll love it. And now you're giving them everything they need for calcium. Okay? Good questions.

Nancy, "Grounding bedsheets." I've heard of them. What do I think? I'm not sure. Maybe you guys answer Nancy. You guys answer, maybe those who have tried them, and grounding bedsheets, I don't know. I'm grounded all right, every night when I lay down, I'm done. But I'm really not that good on that part of the science. Okay? I've heard of grounding and all that. I don't know. I'm not sure, walk around in bare feet and all that. I don't know. I need my shoes on. Okay? I know there's different schools of thought out there and it's not my area of expertise. "What about mushroom supplements?" Nancy. Well, eat your mushrooms. I like mushrooms on my steak. Okay? Look, there's a lot of stuff out there and I don't know. I never really have found them to be all that super great. I know there's stuff on there cancer and that. I'm not against it though. I'm not against it. It's just like, from my experience, there's better stuff. Okay? 

Joanie, "Please speak to the need or benefits of vitamin B3 for raising HDL and decreasing LDL." Well look, Joanie, I'm not big on that. Okay? I'm not big on vitamin B3. Not that I've never used it. I know what it is, niacin and look, it's just that, again, the whole cholesterol thing, I'm not into it. I want you to elevate your cholesterol. Eat your cholesterol, eat from the animal kingdom and your body will take care of these things. B3, eat it. When you eat a steak, you get niacin. There's some vegetables that have niacin too, but the best is in the animal kingdom. B vitamins, you get them all including B12 because B12 is not in the plant kingdom. It's only in the animal kingdom. So I'm big on supplementing with B12, not the other ones. Now, I put niacin in my Blood Boost, again, for people that are not eating properly or they're unwell or their blood is very low, then I boost that up. Okay? Good question. Thank you, Joanie.

Sheila, "Does anyone else get..." Let me see this right, cervicogenic headache, meaning, from the cervical. I think that's what you mean, Sheila. Right? Your neck. Lot of people get headaches from their neck. Right? My first degree was chiropractic. So I saw a lot of that. Other than acupuncture, what would alleviate that? Well, like I said, chiropractic, massage therapy. 

Janet, "Why does the menopausal formula have soy isoflavones?" Okay. Very, very good question, Janet. Okay. I just got to take a minute on this. You know me, look at my face, I do not like soy oil because it's... Actually it’s number one seed oil today is soy. Okay? And it's highly industrialized. You could run your car on it. And the other seed oils. I don't like those. But soy isoflavone is different. It's an extract and it's really good to help balance your hormones. It's really good for that. It's an extract. It's not the seed oil. As soon as you see soy, it's scary because I talked against it so often. But the soy isoflavone, I've been using that for 40 something years in menopausal women and it's very effective at elevating your levels of progesterone and balancing your estrogen and progesterone. You're always looking for balance. Good question though because I want you guys to watch because I talk against soy. I don't like soy. Look, it elevates estrogen, but not the isoflavone. Okay? It's different. Good question. Appreciate it.

Angela, "I've been diagnosed with celiac, 10 years." Yeah. So celiac, you got to avoid gluten, and I'm a gluten shmuten guy. Usually with celiac, it never started without having leaky gut and a major fungal infection inside your body. You don't even realize it and you get celiac. But isn't it amazing how The Reset is so good for that? Because I don't want you to have in any gluten for 30 days. And of course, if you're really celiac, you can't have gluten, but I've often said gluten shmuten because a lot of people that have been diagnosed with celiac really have a form of inflammatory bowel disorder. And it's not the gluten, it's the sugar. It's the crappy carbohydrates. Good question though. Do The Reset. Get on probiotics, Angela. I would do the IBS formula. I would do bone broth. Bone broth has L-glutamine and it helps to regenerate the gut. 

Ruth, "Could taking a magnesium supplement daily lead to heart and respiratory distress?" Anyone that would say that doesn't have a clue. Ruth, if you heard that, it ain't true. That's crazy. Magnesium is needed for about 300 things in your body. Now you can overdo magnesium, but when you overdo magnesium, you know what's going to happen? Your stool is going to become loose. It's like vitamin C. They used to "Ah, vitamin C destroys your kidneys," and I'm not talking about coffee. I'm talking about the other vitamin C. It destroys your kidneys and... What nonsense that was. Okay? It's water soluble. But magnesium, I mean, if you're taking too much, you're going to get some diarrhea or whatever. So don't take too much. But magnesium is good. And for me, the best is magnesium citrate. It's the most absorbable. Why? Because it's already been chelated. It's ready to be completely broken down. A lot of people use magnesium to relax. It's part of our cortisol formula. And I like our formula of Magnesium Citrate. It's one of the best chelated magnesiums there is. I've never found a better one.

Okay. We went overtime. But it was Friday. And I wanted to answer all the questions this week. So thank you guys for watching. We appreciate it. Share this and tell everyone about The Doctor Is In podcast. Okay? You can get it on your smartphone. The reset book is coming to a theater near you. It's coming back. Third edition, third print. Incredible. We're so thrilled about that. Thank you very much. It's all because of you guys. I mean that. Okay? So I love you guys, talk to you soon.

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