651. What About Your Immune System?


Something that has bothered Dr. Martin over the whole of the pandemic, is that nobody is talking about the immune system. What’s more frustrating is when you have educated medical professionals who seem to have forgotten we even have one!

When it comes to viruses, you need to remember that they mutate. There will always be variants of a virus, and with each mutation, it’s actually getting weaker – it’s devolving. It’s the media that’s pushing the narrative that each variant is more dangerous than the last.

In today’s episode, Dr. Martin shares his thoughts on the virus and how the media has stopped being skeptical in their journalism. He reminds listeners about the importance of vitamin D and how our immune systems need optimized levels for it to function properly.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. And once again, welcome to another Live and hope you're having your vitamin C this morning as we get started. I got to talk to you this morning a little bit about your immune system. Okay? Now the immune system is complex. There's a lot of factors to having a good immune system. Yesterday, I did a little bit of a Twitter thing because something bugged me. It was a physician on Twitter who said that when she goes out in public in a grocery store or whatever, she wears goggles and a mask. And I mean, one of these expensive masks and she's double vaccinated, and I guess this is going to be her, the rest of her life. So I just sent back a little, I don't know if you guys have... I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with Twitter. Well, it's just short little sentences. And I asked her, I sent her a little note on Twitter. She didn't answer it by the way, but I did send it. And I asked her, I said, “Doc, didn't they teach you about the immune system in medical school? How your immune system works?” 

And we're going to repeat and repeat and repeat. Guys, see the world in which you and I live in. It's probably changed forever. I am not optimistic and I'm not that we're ever going to get back to what you would call normal. The reason I'm pessimistic is because for the first time really, I just don't see the media questioning any of this. It doesn't matter what you think about the origins of the virus and the lockdowns and the vaccines and all that. I'm not talking about that. What I'm talking about is the lack of information. Really like... I remember the media used to be the most skeptical people in the world. Skeptics. I told you I got accepted into journalism, right? And my dad said no. I wanted to be more of a sports journalist. And I got accepted at Ryerson in 1969 I guess. And my dad said over my dead body. I'm paying for it. You're going to be a doctor and I don't want to hear about it. And he was paying so, anyway. 

But one thing I learned about journalism is to question everything. They are skeptical. When someone says something to them, a good journalist says, oh yeah? Why? When? The five Ws. Why, when, where, who, what's the other one? They're skeptics. It shocked me. It still shocks me today that they don't ask enough questions like, okay, let's talk about the origin. Where did it come from? Why are we closing down? Is this the best that we can do? Put children... Can't go to school, put a mask on and you put a mask on and whatever. Okay. And I don't have to repeat all of this because I want to get at the immune system. But nobody's asking about the immune system. You have a natural immune system. It's built in. And today we're going to talk about and you probably know most of these things, but it doesn't matter. We'll talk about it. Okay, for me, how can I, and perhaps the small crowd that you can influence, how can we improve our immune system? Because look already here’s... and the news is terrible. They're so unbelievable not questioning. 

Like now I'm talking about where I live. What they're saying is we have a variant. I'm going to give you some secret information guys. There will always be a variant and variants. Listen to what I'm going to say, because this is science. Remember yesterday, we talked about let's follow the science and the science is settled but first of all, science is not ever fully settled. Never. You learned this probably in high school, not even in medical school, that when you get a virus, it mutates. The mutation of it is always less. It's not that it evolves, it devolves. But that's science 101. It's a devolution. It's not as strong. Now that doesn't mean that you can't make you sick or I didn't say that. But you learn that in high school, don't you? And I can't remember. High school is a long time ago for me. 

We were taught evolution but when you learn about you as your body, you're not going to evolve, you're devolving. You're breaking down. It's called the second law of thermodynamics. What's happening in a closed system, you're breaking down. You're going to get older. And sometimes we get a little bit better because we get in shape. We eat good and whatever. Oh, I feel better at 50 than I did at 40. Yeah, but let's face know because you see this? See my face? Honest, I used to be young. My grandchildren look at me like grandpa, you've always been a grandpa. Weren't you? They don't know me any other way.

I told you the story in the past playing mini sticks with one of my grandsons. Now this is four or five years ago. One of my grandsons in our rec room. I showed him a picture of my graduation in 1974. He said, who is that grandpa? I said that's me. He said, no it's not. Because in his mind he looked at me and he looked at that picture and he said, no, that's not you grandpa. It don't even look like you. I said that's me. That's devolution. That is the second law of thermodynamics. So guys, hello. And believe me if there was no media this time. Just let's pretend we lived 100 years ago with this virus. And I'm not talking about the Spanish flu or anything like that. With this particular one, it would have hardly made headlines. But now you have, I don't know if it's an agenda. I don't know people's motives. I can surmise, but I don't know. All I know is I've never seen a media that has taken statements from politicians and even our medical officers of health and say, nah, that doesn't sound right to me. Let me go do some investigation. I'm going to ask you some very tough questions. 

And here's this physician who I happened to see on Twitter saying from now on, well, she'd done it throughout the pandemic, but she says from now on, I don't care that I've been jabbed and blah-blah-blah, I wear a mask and I wear goggles. Are you a goalie in the NHL? Like I said to you before guys, a virus, and maybe you learn this in high school, but you certainly learned it the first day of medical school. If you think goggles, if you think a mask is really going to help that virus, you're not getting affected or you transmitting that virus, that is the craziest thing I ever heard in my life. And really when physicians are honest, they say, yeah, yeah, yeah. You wear a mask, physician, when you're doing surgery. Of course. And spit all over an open wound?

But as far as protecting you from a virus, what's that got to do with the virus? It's theater guys. It's theater. It's to make people feel better about themselves. It's not science. Now, I'm not telling you not to wear it. I didn't say that. Please. What I screamed to this doctor was, “Doc, what about your immune system? What do you know about it?” I'm not talking about washing your hands. You want to wash your hands? I'm not telling you not to. Of course, you should wash your hands. Not 1,000 times a day by the way. But that's what your immune system does? Spray, spray, spray. You go to the grocery then they spray on everything. Oh, you have no idea how much cancer is coming, coming to a theater near you.

You want to see chemical cancer? I talked to you the other day about sunscreens taking them off the market like I've been saying. Remember, I had a radio show for 20 years. It was always controversial. I said meeehhh and I knew I had to be careful. It's on the radio, whatever. I'm not big on sunscreen because of chemistry. You put chemicals and you add heat, never good. You put those sprays, those antiseptic and antibacterial sprays. They're called the antibacterial sprays too. Oh, it's going to kill your virus 99.9% of all viruses. And you get those sprays in everything now. It doesn't do one thing to help your immune system. As a matter of fact, it hurts your immune system. You are killing all your friendly bacteria. And whenever I talk about immune system, even auto-immune where your immune system is turning on itself. Auto immune is so supercharged, it's hyper-sensitive. It's bacterial. We're made to live with bacteria.

I try to tell people don't over clean. Don't over clean. Don't be a clean freak. I like cleaning. Actually I do. Okay? Comes from my mother. My mother always had a cloth in her hand, was cleaning. But she... It wasn't chemicals as much. She liked vinegar. Okay? But I want clean too, but I don't want over clean. Don't over clean. The immune system starts with bacteria. You need to have lots of good guys. You want that army bigger than any other army in your body. And you got trillions of bacteria. I talked to a lady yesterday and said, “Can I give a child, Dr. Martin, your probiotic?” I said, yeah. Because you ever count to a trillion? Want to start? You know how long? I think I read this once. You guys would have to correct me if you know the answer to this. But it seems to me, this is years ago when I was in high school by the way in the 60s, because of the telescopes we were into, not millions of stars.

When you look up, okay, at night without a telescope, apparently. Okay and again, I'd never done it, but apparently people have and they're up to about 200,000 stars that you can see, okay? That you can see. You get a good telescope and in the '60s you can see apparently billions of stars. You know what they're saying today? What year did the Hubble telescope go up in space? The '80s? Late eighties I think. The Hubble, you remember that? The Hubble telescope tells us in the '80s there are at least 6 trillion stars, 6 trillion. And sometimes like I've got a grandson that like oh grandpa, that's billions. That's trillions. And I kind of get a joke out of it because he exaggerates the numbers. But you're not exaggerating when you talk about 6 trillion stars. Apparently there's more than that you can't even number them. Imagine!

And then the counting. Apparently, to count to 3 trillion would take you, again, I'd have to look this up again, but something like a million years. One, let's start, two, three. Seriously. You'll never get there. Guys, you have, when you get up on a scale, take three pounds off. Isn't that good news? Three pounds of your body weight is made up of bacteria, three pounds. But three pounds of bacteria is at least 30 trillion bacteria. Trillion. Oh doctor, can I take a probiotic with billions? Yeah. Yeah. Don't kill all those good bacteria because that the worst thing you could do for your immune system. Don't over clean. Let your go and your grandchildren go play in the dirt. Let them get in the mud. And look, I mean, whether it's right or not, we live in a different world. Okay? And kids go to, at least they were, they were going to day school.

These day schools, because both parents are working. I think we talked about last night with my family. The world's changed guys. You want to have a house or whatever. Most young people today, if they get married, they each got to be working. It's almost... Unless you marry a, a doctor, a lawyer, an Indian chief with lots of money, you need to go to work, right? That's the way it is. You want to buy a house that's 400, 500,000 or whatever it is. I remember my first house I bought in 1975 brand new, $60,000 I paid for it. Brand new. A friend of mine built it. 60, including the lot. Three bedroom home. But guys, all I'm saying is you got to take care of your immune system. There'll be other viruses coming. There'll be variants coming.

The immune system, it's essential. Primarily numero uno, it's close, is bacteria. Numero two. You guys know this. Vitamin D, vitamin D, vitamin D. Why isn't this the biggest story in medicine? VitDerma? Why isn't the biggest story in medi... It should be the biggest story in medicine. Because they've shown, if you go to the hospital, if you get sick from the virus, you're in the 80, 90% chance that you had low levels of vitamin D. There's nothing as significant as that. When do you get the flu? Why are we open right now in Ontario? And there's variants. I get it. They're always coming around, whatever, but this is not the flu season. The coronavirus... On the weekend, the CDC says, the Center for Disease Control says the test can't detect the difference between the flu and COVID. It can't. That's why there was no more flu. There was no flu last winter in Canada. What did they say? Four cases of the flu. Where did it go? Well, because the detection, the testing can't differentiate. That's news. 

Did you hear about that yesterday? I want to ask you a question though guys, and maybe just afterwards when I look. Tell me if you heard that news yesterday. That the PCR testing, I think I even mentioned it. But before that, I mean, like on Sunday or whatever. Guys, that's a huge headline. The test couldn't differentiate. But when it comes to the flu, when it comes to a cold, when it comes to any virus, vitamin D not C because a lot of people have that in their head today. If you did a survey on what people know of vitamins, okay, and just did a survey, I've done this before. I'm going to mention something... you mention a vitamin. Immune system. You know what the vast majority of people would say today? Well, it may be less now, but go back 10 years. You know what they say? I take vitamin C when I get a cold. Did I say not to take it? No, because I like my vitamin C too. Okay. Coffee.

But the answer really should be vitamin D. I think I've got 170 studies to prove that, vitamin D. I made some notes here on vitamin D and your immune system. You got four type of white blood cells. Okay? What's the difference between a red blood cell and a white blood cell? Well, a red blood cell carries your oxygen. You guys know that. Hemoglobin, okay? Hemoglobin, what is it? It's oxygen. And every time you breathe, your red blood cells, hemoglobin goes by your lungs. And hemoglobin is like Velcro. Oxygen sticks to it. Do you think you need that? Ooh, you can't live without red blood cells. But your white blood cells, and again, that's why I was asking this doctor yesterday and she didn't answer, but I wanted to just have a little chat. 

God gave you an immune system. Bacteria? And we've learned so much more in the last 20, 30 years and even last 10 years and I'm always learning about bacteria guys on the microbiome, one. Two, vitamin D. Vitamin D. Here's a little teaching. Okay? Here's a little teaching. Your white blood cells, which is a huge part of your immune system, looking for bacteria and viruses in your bloodstream, they go through your blood. And when you get a leukemia, for example, your white blood cells are immature and you have no more immune system even though you have like sometimes kazillions of white blood cells, but they don't work and that's how you die. You die from a secondary infection, not so much from the cancer.

But your white blood cells. Guys, that's a huge part of your immune system. Well, here's what we know that you won't hear in mainstream. Your white blood cells, your macrophages, your B cells, your T-cells, your monocytes, they need vitamin D. Remember your T-cells, those are your Navy Seals. They have a little antenna and they're looking for the sun. Your T-cells are looking for the sun. Why would you wear sunscreen? So you don't get any sun. That's how your immune system works. Your B cells, that's more auto-immune but let me talk about it just for a second. When you have enough vitamin... You know what your B cells are like your mass cells in that they release histamine. When they see something that's foreign like a virus or whatever that they don't like, they flag it. That's what your B cells do. They say, hey you, you're foreign, man. You don't belong in here. You can't come across the border. 

Guess how B cells work? Probiotics, very important for B cells... and vitamin D. They have a little antenna too. And so when someone has autoimmune disease because they overreact to everything, their immune system. You don't even make proper antihistamine to block all that histamine from a B cell unless you have vitamin D, unless your levels are optimized. Guys, it is one of the most important discoveries in medicine is vitamin D. They don't even want to talk about it. Our minister of health said it was fake news and nobody pushed back. Where was the media? There was three doctors that I saw, three or four, on a news conference in Canada. And they said, look, we're not talking about the vaccine. We're not talking about anything like that.

But what we're going to talk to you about is vitamin D. Why aren't we talking about it? Do you know who showed up for the news conference? Although hundreds of thousands of people saw it because of social media, there wasn't one person, one from the Canadian media there. Not one, not from CBC, not CTV, not Global News, not The National Post, not Sun News or whatever it was. Nobody was there. Three doctors, one guy, the head of the university of Guelph in virology. He didn't say, don't get the jab. He didn't say anything. All he said is we ought to be talking about vitamin D because the research is pretty incredible. And guess what guys? It was buried. It was buried. Your T-cells. Your monocytes. 

One of the things vitamin D does too, by the way, that's really important in this virus especially is it decreases your inflammatories response. So let's say you get a bug, right? You get a virus. Your body goes into, like, I mean, on steroids. It goes into its fever and now we're going to fight. And man, oh man, there's a lot of inflammation involved. You know what vitamin D does? It lowers it? Because that's what the people die of. They have such an overreaction to the virus and they get what they call a cytokine storm. What is that? That's a storm where you're overreacting. Vitamin D helps your body not to overreact. It wants you to react but it keeps that cytokine storm down. Because that's what drowns your lungs. And that's why people were getting on respirators or whatever. Anyway, I don't want to rehash all of it, but I just want to talk to you guys. 

Your immune system, get dirty, get sunny. Get dirty, get sunny. Get dirty, get bacteria. The ones on your side, make them flourish and get sunny. Get VitDerma, get VitDerma. I don't care what else you do. It’s up to you. You do what you think is right, but get Viderma no matter what. Get dirty no matter what. Get outside, go stick your hands in the garden without gloves. I know who you want to wear your gloves. And well, okay, but then put the dirt on your face then. Okay? Get in the muck. Your body wants it. Don't over clean. Are you having fun yet? Okay. You guys have been great. We appreciate it. Appreciate all of you. 

Okay, do we continue tomorrow? Maybe? Because I got to give you a few other things, but I got some good studies I promise to teach. Oh, I just saw this yesterday and I just... it got my blood pressure going. Okay? It really did. It bugs me. Educated person like that. It just really drove me crazy. Okay. We love you guys. Martin Clinic Facebook private group, Friday’s Question and Answer. Send you questions in. Maybe you have questions about the immune system. You can send those in too. Okay? Whatever it is, we will try and answer for you. Okay? Love you guys. Talk to you soon.

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