640. It Isn’t the Calories


Do you know how many calories were in that food you just ate? According to Dr. Martin, it doesn’t matter – your body doesn’t work that way! If it were calories in, calories out, we would have fixed weight loss years and years ago. The key is insulin, and not calories!

Dr. Martin teaches on nutrition in today’s episode. He says if you can understand how insulin works, you got nutrition figured out. In comparing bacon and eggs with cereal, yes the bacon and eggs have more calories, but your body needs to secrete way more insulin to process the cereal – and that’s worse!

Also, learn why doctors know so little about nutrition. A clue… it has to do with the pharmaceutical and food industries!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning, everyone. And once again, start of a new week. Hope you're having a great day. We're going to do a little bit of a teaching this morning. I think you know this, but I got to go over it again because I get asked so many questions all the time about this. And I just got to get you guys thinking in this way. It is not calories. Why at the Martin Clinic, do I not count calories? Because your body doesn't work based on calories. It's not calories in and calories out. If that was the secret, if calories were the secret, we would have been able to fix weight loss years and years and years ago, it's not calories. You know how many calories in that food? If you look at a label, you're going to see calories. I always tell people I don't care how many calories are there. That's not how your body operates. The key, is insulin. It's not calories, okay? 

You cannot store fat without insulin, you can't. You can't store fat without insulin. Insulin is a fat storing hormone, okay? So I'm going to break this down even more, but I just want you to know that. Remember in the book, The Reset, I had a jail guard. You remember that? Right outside fat was holding on to the bars in jail and fat can't escape when insulin is present. So what's important? Insulin, okay? Insulin. It's not calories. And let me explain at a deeper level. When you start your day with cereal... Let's just use that as an example, and we'll give some others. But when you start your day with cereal, and name the cereal, I don't care. It doesn't matter. And you take bacon and eggs for example. Cereal. Bacon and eggs. Which one has more calories? You guys should know this. And I know you'd know it, but I want you to follow me here. Let's say you have two eggs, bacon, and a bowl of cereal. Okay? Which one has more calories?

The bacon and eggs have more calories, for sure. Almost have more calories than anything else you can eat in the morning, including a banana, okay? Well, you're going to have some fruit, generally low calories. Generally fruit are pretty low calorie, but the key is not calories. The key is insulin. So when you eat cereal in the morning versus bacon and eggs, you are eating less calories, but your pancreas goes crazy. Your pancreas goes crazy, secreting insulin because of... You secrete insulin, especially... Remember what insulin is. Insulin is not only a jail guard, standing there when not allowing fat to escape, but insulin is a storage hormone yes, but listen to this insulin's job at first is to take sugar and then store it. It has to take sugar out of your bloodstream. When you're eating bacon and eggs, you need a little bit of insulin, but you don't need much insulin. You're not secreting insulin when you're eating bacon and eggs, okay? 

So you're eating potatoes, “Dr. Martin, why are potatoes not allowed on The Reset?” Well, it's not calories. It's insulin. When you're having a piece of cheese versus potatoes, potatoes you are going to spike your insulin big time. Why? Because potatoes break down to sugar rapidly, and insulin must react to that. It must react to that. So what does it do? Insulin says to sugar, you just had French fries or a baked potato or whatever. It don't matter in this sense, it's not calories. It's how much insulin you need. And when you secrete a lot of insulin, you are going to store fat. When you eat fat, cheese, it's got proteins, got fat. Isn't it amazing how nature has protein in the animal kingdom? Think about this for a minute, okay? You're always going to get almost invariably… You're going to get protein with fat, not fat with carbohydrates. 

In nature, I'm talking about nature when you eat a piece of meat, you're getting protein and fat. You're not getting protein and carbs. You're getting protein and fat. When you eat cheese, you're getting protein and fat. When you have eggs, you're getting protein and fat, not carbs. Eggs don't have carbs, right? If they have one gram of carb, I mean, nah, who cares? I'm talking about when you look at your macros, remember what are macros? Protein, fat, carbs, those are your macros. And if you get this guys, and I know you guys get it, but I got to reinforce it. If you can understand how insulin works, you got nutrition figured out. Generally you have it all figured out. If you just understand insulin, insulin is the key. The Reset was made for what we call insulin resistance. So if you're a carboholic, you can be skinny as two rakes and your body still has a lot of insulin resistance. You just don't know it. You don't see it. But some people store their fat differently. They store it in their liver and they don't know it because they don't have the belly fat. Some of them have belly fat. Then they're skinny as a rake and skinny don't mean healthy guys, it don't. I never looked at a skinny person said, "Oh, you're healthy as a horse." No I want to know what your insulin is. Insulin is a food hormone. It only depends on what you eat. It's not based on anything else. Insulin is a food hormone. When you eat eggs, meat, and cheese, you don't need insulin. Only a little bit. Just a bit. That's the key.

That's nutrition 101 guys. It's the key. So if you go by calories and you lower your calories, you might lose some weight. Look, the Weight Watchers and all that's all calories. You want to go spend your money, go spend your money. But it's based on you starving yourself to death. You're starving because they look at fat and protein as calories. So they got high calories. They don't let you eat a lot of that stuff. They want you to cut your calories down. If that worked, we would have got rid of obesity a long time ago, but we haven't. It's worse than ever. And it's because they're looking for love in all the wrong places. It's not how your body works. It's not input versus output, it isn't. Part of the physiology... I just want you to get this because I talked to you about it a lot. Part of how your body works, physiology okay? And it's the reason guys I don't say eat less and exercise more. You don't hear me say that. Eat less calories, just cut down your eating and increase your exercise. That is been the mantra for 50, 60 years. 50, 60 years eat less, exercise more. 

Doctors are trained. Doctors are trained generally that's all they can see. That's why for them, when you talk about The Reset to a doctor, he's looking at you like you came from outer space. "What? You know how many calories there is in that? When you're having eggs, meat, and cheese, how many eggs did Dr. Martin tell you you could eat?" "A hundred," you answer, they hit the floor, "What? You know how many calories are in that? I want you to go home and eat less and exercise more." And what you don't realize is that when your metabolism is all messed up, when you lower your calories, all you're doing is starving yourself to death. You're not fixing hormones and you can't fix your other hormones until you fix the big one insulin, the food hormone. It's really important guys. You think along those lines, it's not cholesterol, it's not... It's insulin.

So you have to look at foods. How much insulin do I need? When you stick to the animal kingdom, you don't need a lot of insulin. No vegetables too are good, okay. So don't come after me, but I'll remind you. I'll have to remind you that when you are hooked on avocados, it's got what about 50% polyunsaturated fat but so does bacon. Avocado... I'm not saying it's no good for you. It is good for you. But guys, when you eat an avocado, which you like, good for you, but you can have bacon. It's got the same composition. It does. Bacon bad, avocados good. Nah. Bacon better than an avocado. As far as nutrition is concerned, yeah. Avocado's got a healthy fat. I agree. I don't disagree with that. But if you want lots of protein and healthy fat, well isn't bacon better? Yep. “Oh, yeah but Dr. Martin…”  Physicians are going to have a heart attack if you mentioned that because they don't know a macro if it slapped them in the face. Their little bit of training tells them about calories in and out, lower them and exercise more guys. Even dieticians, lower your calories and exercise more. Nope. You have to look at food based on insulin. Okay. If you don't do that, you're going to miss out again. I'll come back to a couple of ways... Obviously eat the right foods and get strong. I can't emphasize that enough. Get strong, get stronger than you are.

Look I'm not asking you to be in the Olympics, okay. I'm pushing 70. I want muscle because... Okay, why is that? Muscles are storage bins. The more bins you have, the more room you have in your bins, okay. And guys, let me just give you a little bit of physiology again. When you lift something, okay. You know me and vitamin E. All vitamin E is good, but just some are better. The best thing you can ever do for yourself is lift things, lift. That's why Dr. Martin... sun, steak and steel. There's a reason for my thinking guys, because what steel does when you lift our ladies bands, exercise bands. The stronger your bones ladies, the last chance you have of osteoporosis. And men, skinny, not strong, they can't lift themselves out of a chair properly. You can't get out of the car properly. Hello? I'm talking to you, you got trouble getting out of your car.

It's low or whatever. And you got to get strong, but here's a reason physiology because where most of your mitochondria are... You know what mitochondria are? Where are your mitochondria guys? In your cells... you know that. What are mitochondria? They're battery packs, okay. And they release energy ATP. Okay? The place that you have the most mitochondria is muscle. So the more muscle you have, the more mitochondria you have, the more energy is produced. Following me, the more muscle you have, the more mitochondria you have, the more mitochondria you have, the more ATP you produce. That's energy. Not jogging. If you like jogging, good for you. If you love walking, so do I. But don't substitute that for getting stronger. I don't care if you're 80 years old, you can still build muscle. You can get stronger. Most people when they get in their 70s and 80s, they're only thinking, "You know Doc, I got a bad hip. I got bad knees. I can't move like I used to." That's all right. You can still lift. You can still stretch. 

And the stronger you get, the more ATP you make. Plus the more muscles you have, the more storage space you have, the more mitochondria and listen... This is important too, because when you understand what statin drugs do, okay. You know what statin drugs are? Cholesterol lowering medication. You know what the biggest side effect is to that? It damages muscles. Why? Because it damages your mitochondria. How does it do that? It lowers your CoQ10. You know what CoQ10 is? CoQ10 is a substance your body makes for your mitochondria, especially in your muscles. Because that's where you have the most mitochondria. 

And by the way, guys, how do you up your CoQ10? I'm waiting. You can take a supplement of CoQ10. I have it in one of my Navitols heart and brain with CoQ10. But you can eat CoQ10 when you eat steak, vitamin S yeah. You're not going to elevate your CoQ10 when you eat from the plant kingdom, I'm sorry. You don't get it from there. This is one of the reasons I argue with people who tell me they can be a vegetarian or a vegan. I go, "Yeah, but you're not getting CoQ10. It's not found in the plant kingdom." But you see what I'm saying guys, you want to lower your insulin. You want to increase your storage bins. You want to increase your mitochondria because it will increase your energy in your body. Got it? Okay. 

We get fat because we choose the wrong foods. You put the wrong fuel in your body. You're going to create insulin resistance. And when you create insulin resistance, insulin remember has a job to do. It doesn't matter how much resistance you have. It will still do the job. And if it needs to secrete more and more and more and more and more and more, you will get more and more and more and more fat storage. Fat is stored from sugars and insulin. It's just how your body works, guys. It ain't calories. That is the message for today. It ain't calories. Don't look at calories, look at food and see how many carbs are in there. Because like I said, "Oh, Dr. Martin, how am I going to get my potassium if I don't eat a banana? Because my doctor told me to eat a banana." Well, your doctor doesn't know what he or she is talking about. You got potassium in eggs, meat, and cheese, and you'll need a lot less of it because now you're not stressing your kidneys.

When you eat sugar, you stress your kidneys big time. It ain't salt, it's sugar. Do I sound like a broken record? I am. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. It's the way your body works. And I appreciate you guys because you know more than 99% of the population and certainly 99.9% of every physician I've ever met. And I love physicians okay, please. Don't say I don't love them. I love them, but they're wrong when it comes to food. They just don't understand it. They should make it mandatory in medical school, mandatory. The first thing they ought to do is take nutrition. Since when is food not important? Since the pharmaceutical industry bought and paid for medical school. And you can hardly teach them anymore. "Oh, you don't need nutrition." "What?" Stink. Diabetes. "Oh, doc. I'm not a diabetic. My blood sugar is still alright." Nah, it's not all right. You're secreting way too much insulin. And you really are a diabetic you're on the Titanic and you already hit the iceberg. You better jump in the life boat. Nobody talks about that. How important it is to figure out stuff and prevent stuff on your own. Don't wait for medications to do it for you, please. 

The Reset, why does it work? Why does it work? It lowers your insulin. It changes your cells, you're changing fuel. That's why it works. You're changing fuel. It's not low carb necessarily. It's no carb. You know keto is alright guys. The whole problem is there's a lot of junk food in keto foods. There is. Make a living eating eggs, meat, and cheese, make a living. Don't ditch the dairy, switch the dairy. Don't drink milk, drink cream, okay? Your kids and your grandchildren, ween them. Get them to understand, "Hey, you're having bacon and eggs in the morning. And we're not having cereal in this house." As for me and my house, this is what we do. I used to tell my kids, I said, "Well, you live in my place. Aren't you?" "Yeah." "Well that makes me the boss. And when you're married, you know your wife is the real boss." Okay. I learned that 48 years ago, but I used to tell the kids, "No daddy's paying for everything. So I make the decisions. Okay? When you have your own house, you make the decision."

Am I old fashion? Yeah, probably I'm an old goat. I understand. I like the old fashion. Lot of old-fashioned ways. Don't you? It's the way I'm made, okay. Don't give your body carbs to burn and you won't need insulin. Okay? Don't give your body carbs to burn, they're just useless fuel. If you don't give your body carbs to burn you ain't going to be storing fat. It's just as simple as that. You're going to burn fat as a matter of fact, and the best fuel on the fire is when your body burns fat. You want to burn fat, not store fat. Got it? Okay. Enough ranting for today. 

Okay, we got some great studies that I've flagged as usual. We're going to bring them to you this week, okay? Got some more stuff on the skin. We'll do a little bit of teaching on the unholy trinity. Really goes along with what we talked about today. We'll do that this week, okay. So housekeeping... Are you a member of the Martin Clinic private Facebook group? If not, join what a community. Get in there. Bring your friends in, bring your family. And they might just get converted, okay? Because a lot of people are tough nuts to crack aren't they? And sometimes the worst are in your family. They're tough nuts to crack, okay. I know, I got siblings. They're tough nuts to crack... And The Reset book thank you. We appreciate it. Wonderful what you've done. We appreciate that big time. Make it that numero uno, making our podcast number one. So if you can't or your friends or whatever, can't listen live. A lot of people can't, then they can rewatch this or use a smartphone, which I don't know how to use very well. Then you can get your podcasts and we'll send them to you. You can sign up. We'll send you the new podcasts all the time. And thank you again for making that the number one health podcast in Canada. We appreciate it. And to my American friends, let's make it number one in the United States, okay to download. Okay guys, thanks again. We love you dearly. We'll talk to you soon.

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