625. Don’t Ditch Dairy


Dairy has been given a bad name over the years and Dr. Martin explains why in today’s episode. He urges you not to ditch dairy, but to instead change your dairy – don’t ditch it, switch it! 

From the removal of fats, to the influence of the cereal companies, milk is not what it was. Despite this, marketing still tells you that you need milk. Dr. Martin disagrees with this sentiment calling today’s milk, “white Pepsi.” He instead urges you to start consuming more cheese.

Eating fat has never made anyone fat, nor has full fat dairy ever given someone a heart attack. What makes people fat and at risk of a heart attack is the sugar and crappy carbohydrates they consume, not dairy.

Tune in to learn what type of cheese has the highest levels of vitamin K2!


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Dr. Martin:  Good morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. And you don't mind me, if I have a little bit of my vitamin C. Okay. Don't ditch dairy, three D's. Don't ditch dairy. Okay? Dairy has been given a bad name and I'm going to tell you why today. Don't ditch dairy. I hope you like that. Okay. I just made it up, but I don't want you to ditch dairy. And, I want to tell you the difference between milk and cream. We're going to go over that today and why I don't want you to ditch dairy. Now, let me put a little disclaimer there. Look, everybody's different. Some people can't have dairy, okay. But, if most people that can't have dairy would understand that today's milk, grocery store milk, for those who haven't followed me in the past, I have a name for that, when you go into the grocery store, your local store and you get skim milk, 1%, 2%, you are buying white Pepsi.

It's one of the reasons that kids are so susceptible to diabetes today is the changing of milk. Little history, when I was a little boy in the days of Noah, long time ago, the milkman actually used to deliver milk. I know, I know, that's old. I know. I try and tell my grandchildren that. "What grandpa?" No, they used to deliver milk and you didn't leave money for them. You left little tin, at least in my hometown, they were tin, little things you put in the empty milk bottles. And, you bought those and the milkman would deliver your milk. I remember as a kid, Louis the milkman in Timmins, with Timmins Dairy, okay. I mean, my wife and I, we kind of laugh about that because she says, "Man, oh man, you remember that?" "Yeah, I remember that." 

And when you got the milk, you had to shake it. You have to shake the glass bottle that it came in, because there was so much cream at the top. Now, that was milk. Today's milk is Pepsi, white Pepsi, I call it. And, don't feed it to your kids. Now, the best habit you can get into. We live in different world, I think you and I are all in agreement. The average person in North America is consuming a dump truck load of extra sugar. Okay? A dump truck load. So, we live in a different world. You have to understand that some people, they just can't figure me out, because I say stuff like, "Don't drink milk." Okay. I don't, unless, okay and I'll explain that this morning. But, don't ditch dairy because people today... Why is there so much problems with dairy? Digestive problems, allergies to dairy, because they changed it. They denatured it. You know me and my expression. If you have a cow in the backyard, drink milk directly from the cow. But when it gets to the grocery store, it's denatured. It's not milk really anymore. 

One of the biggest, biggest problems is they take fat out of milk. And, it's not hard to follow this. If you go back to the 1950s, when I was a little boy and it was starting then, but it really hit in the 1960s and early 70s brought to you by the cereal company. They were so effective in marketing that they said... Okay, so I am showing you this. So for those who are going to listen to this on a podcast later, I'm showing here an ounce or two of cream. Okay? This is cream. But what they said about cream, fat in milk is number one... fat gives you hardening of the arteries. They clogs up your arteries, brought to you by Kellogg's.

So, if you've been following me for any length of time, you guys know this, but you have to understand the history of the lie to eventually get rid of dairy. And, when did you denatured it? The biggest mistake they made with dairy is not pasteurization, it's not. Some people think it is, that's not the biggest mistake they made with it. The biggest mistake is taking fat out of milk, because then you're left with sugar, lactose. Now, there is some sugar in milk, it's called lactose. But, when the majority of milk is made of cream, fat, that is what nature is. That's what God made milk with. And man, we think we're smart. So, we take the fat out of milk. And even today, if you were to sit with a dietician, if you were to sit with most doctors and probably most of the population, they would say, "Well, you don't want to drink that." And again, I'm pointing to cream. “You don't want to have that, because that makes you fat. Do you know how many calories are in cream?” But, I don't care. I don't care how many calories. It doesn't matter. Calories, did you get me, please? Don't make you fat!

Okay? You have to get this. It's really important. Cream never made anyone fat. Dairy, full fat dairy, never made one person fat. And, full fat dairy never caused one person to have a heart attack. Never, not one. Very important to understand that. And you know my expression, fat does not make you fat. Fat is a great fuel for your body. Now, if you can get that and I know the vast majority of you do get it. That is really key for your understanding. It's really key, because the world is up to no good, guys. I just got to tell you that. It's up to no good, coming to a theater near you, get rid of animal products. Don't eat them, it's bad for you and bad for the environment. I'm telling you, guys, put your radar up, get your senses sharp because it's coming, indoctrination.

I was thinking of how smart marketing is. If you read anything about marketing, if you want to change something to change people's minds, to change people behavior, you have to understand what marketing 101 is. You know what they do? They're not stupid. They go after children. You know old guys like me, they don't try and market to me. "Ah doc, you're set in your ways." Do you think that marketing people don't understand that? Of course, they understand that. "You're set in your ways, I can’t change your mind." So, what do they do? Children. Market to children and the cereal companies. I watched them do it, guys. They weren't aiming at me, they were aiming at my children and they still do. They go after... Well now, it's my grandchildren and my great granddaughter. She's got to live in a world that is completely different than the world I grew up in. Ah, for better or for worse, guys, come on.

I'm not asking people to leave the planet. We live in a different world, that's the way it is. Okay. The good old days. Well, there was a lot of good things in the good old days. Oh my grandchildren go, "Grandpa, here you go again." "You walk to school uphill both ways in snowshoes." Yeah. It was like I was climbing Mount Everest every day to go to school. Well, I exaggerate a little bit and we have some fun with kids. "Oh, there it comes grandpa and his stories again." But guys, listen, it's marketing. And, if you went door to door in your hometown, did a survey, what makes you fat? Fat. Fat makes you fat, brought to you by Kellogg's. And you got to eat our cereal, no more bacon and eggs for you and no more fat milk. And I'm telling you, especially for the children today, they are being brainwashed that dairy, meat, eggs, cheese, that's full of calories. Calories, that's bad for you.

Fat’s going to clog up your arteries, you don't want to eat that stuff. You're hurting the environment and the climate. It's propaganda guys. It's not science. Nutritional science is... See in here... I'm again, pointing to a few ounces of cream, saturated fats, not all saturated fat, mostly, is actually quite good for you. Okay. And the reason we have so many allergies to it, it's because they’ve taken the fat out of dairy and they've made it fat free. And now, it's sugar, sugar, sugar, and your body wasn't made... It's why 60, 70% of the population are lactose intolerant. It's not dairy, it's lactose. 

My message is different than it was 40 years ago in this sense, because now, what do I tell you? You guys have heard me say this enough. What do I want you to drink? Water, vitamin W and coffee. Okay. You can have a tea. I feel sorry for you, if you got to drink tea instead of coffee. Coffee is much better for you, it's vitamin C. See what I'm drinking this morning, I'm drinking my coffee, okay, right in front of you. But, you have to understand what my thinking is and I'm bringing to you, the absolute science. Cream is good, milk isn't anymore. I don't even really care if you drink cream. I'd rather you just drink water and coffee. And, if you're going to put something in your coffee, put some cream in it. I allow that. Why? It's full of fat. 

Have you ever tried to have soup with a fork? Have you? When you have soup, do you use a fork or use a spoon? When you count calories, you're using a fork to have soup.

It's the wrong instrument. Calories are not important, it's what you are eating. It's what, it's not how much. And when you constantly... And this is why for 50 years, just about for me. Give me a diet and I'll give you the Coles Notes version of it. My grandchildren, they don't know what Coles Notes are. Okay. I said, "Well, I got through high school on Coles Notes." Okay, put your hand up if you remember Coles Notes. No, but I'm giving you just a little short version. It's really important, don't ditch dairy, change your dairy. Don't drink milk anymore. Don't give your kids milk. It's hard to control this, but don't let your children drink milk today. Don't let them do it. You're much better off, grandma, grandpa, to give them a smoothie, if you want them to drink and give them cream and make a smoothie, blend it up.

You want to put a few berries in there, get the recipe for Dr. Martin’s perfect smoothie, they think they've gone to McDonald's. They don't have to know how you made it. Don't drink milk and don't let your kids drink milk and don't let your grandchildren drink milk, as much as you can control the situation. It's why so many kids are messed up. They're drinking white Pepsi. They put milk in their cereal. For heaven's sake, you know how bad that is for you. Full of sugar, then the cereal is full of sugar. It's just garbage nutrition. No wonder they start off so bad as kids today. No wonder 50% of the population is diabetic and children are pre. It's not calories. Calories came from the food industry. I brought out here, okay... I just brought out... Again I'm just showing folks here, I got some cheese curds. There's not a better source of vitamin K2, which will actually save you from a heart attack, then a cheese curd. It's numero uno on the source of vitamin K2, cheese curds. 

Get your kids eating cheese. Now, I don't like the Kraft slices or whatever so much. That's really fake cheese. No, but seriously, I love cheese. And, I know my body loves cheese. Doesn't clog your arteries. Imagine eating something... You know what’s cheese curds? It's all fat, but it is a high source of vitamin K2. What does K2 do? It takes calcium, you're eating cheese, has lots of calcium, but the K2 in that curd takes your calcium that you're eating and it puts it in your bones where it belongs. Where do we have the most osteoporosis? Canada followed closely by the United States, and we drink more milk per capita, than prit'near anywhere else in the world.

But, we don't eat cheese like we're supposed to. And, we've ditched the butter for, ooh, margarine. When I see margarine, I get a splitting headache, because my blood pressure is going up. When I think of that fake oil that people would actually put that in their body, it gives me a splitting headache, guys. You want to give me a headache? Talk to me about margarine. "Oh yeah, but doctor, it's polyunsaturated fat, it's a better oil." No, it's not. Put the margarine in your engine, you can run your engine on that oil. It's synthetic. It's not meant for your body's engine. It isn't. Don't ditch the dairy, switch your dairy. Don't ditch it, switch it. I like that. No, but I'm a big dairy guy. Any farmers on this morning? You owe me.

I often told people was, especially when I was in practice. "I'm the farmer's best friend, it's me." You want to know what the essential workers were? "Ah, doctors and nurses, I love them too." Okay, but there were the big heroes. You know really who the big heroes are? The farmers. The farmers. Eggs, meat, and cheese and don't ditch the dairy, switch the dairy to cheese. Especially your hard cheeses. You know how good that is for you. You want to block your risk of having a heart attack, then eat cheese. The more fat, the better. Yep. All your B vitamins, I'm going to show it to you. The cheese curds, you prit’near half to mortgage your house to buy these. Oh, oh, uptight. You want to de-clog your arteries? "Doc, what can I do to de-clog my arteries?" Eat cheese and butter, fat, fat, fat. That'll de-clog your arteries. 

What clogs your arteries? Sugar, sugar, sugar. Remember folks, don't get indoctrinated. My son had me laughing. He was saying, his daughter, while that's a couple of years ago now, finished high school. He said, "Her complete high school years were loaded, it seems that every hour of the day was indoctrination." They weren't educating them anymore, they were indoctrinating them. Well, I'm here to de-program you guys. And I'm sorry if I offend people, I don't mean to offend you, but you get it. I mean, go and Google dairy, and they'll tell you why not to eat it. "Nah, that's bad for you, especially the fat in dairy. That's no good." Say a lie long enough, I don't have to remind you. Say a lie, just keep saying it. It's called marketing. Who's great at it? Politicians. They're liars, liars, pants on fires and the food industry.

You're up against Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola, and Kellogg's. They own the world. Really? And because they're so powerful, they own the media. They own the media. I thank God for my little venue here, where we get above 50 to 60,000 people a week... Okay, comparatively it's small. But, the couple of million downloads of this and podcasts. Oh, it's well over that now. I am thankful for that. Don't ditch the dairy, because in there you got vitamin K2. It's not calories. When you're consuming cheese, cream... Think about that. Because if you're going by calories, you'll never touch that stuff, they go, "Look at all the calories in cheese. Look at all the calories in cream. Oh boy, you know how many calories are in that?" But, it's not calories guys. Even weight loss, it's not calories. You're trying to eat soup with a fork. You won't get it. You have to understand how your body works.

What fills up your liver with bad, ugly fat is sugar and crappy carbohydrates, not dairy. And like I said, today's milk, I'm no big fan of it. I don't want you to go get milk in the grocery store. And guys, can I say something? Okay, why are you drinking almond milk? Ooh, people ask me, "Can I have almond milk on The Reset?" No. Don't drink plant milk. Why are you doing that? It doesn't have CLA. You know what CLA is? Conjugated linoleic acid. Say that real fast three times. CLA is specific to dairy. You know how good CLA is for you? It is tremendous. This is a combination of things. It's got long chain fatty acids, it's got saturated fat and oleic acid.

Guys, what is oleic acid? Oleic acid, isn't that found in olive oil? Yeah. Olive oil is so good for you. Yeah, it's good for you. But so, it's found oleic acid, which makes all the olive oil famous. Oh, the Mediterranean diet, olive oil. Yeah, it's good. I'm not saying it's no good. But what's in olive oil, what makes it so good for you? Oleic acid. Oh, that's in dairy. That's in bacon. Oleic acid, it's in bacon. It's in your cream, it's in your cheese. Oleic acid's in cheese. Oh, you'll never hear it. Oh, they don't want to talk about it. The importance of you getting CLA, conjugated linoleic acid. This stuff is brain food. All your B vitamins, jeez. Not so much, B12. You need red meat for that. "Oh doc, should I have a B-complex?" "Yeah." "As a supplement?" "No." Eat it, he can B complex. Have some cheese. De-clog your arteries, so don't ditch dairy. I love that. Don't ditch dairy. Okay. Please switch dairy, switch as much as possible now. No more milk, unless you got a cow in the backyard.

Okay, so we got a great week coming up. We got some good stuff coming. Some new studies out... really impressed with some of the studies and I flagged them and we'll talk about them as we go along this week. Oh yeah, I noticed some people saying to me, "Hope you had a great Father's Day." To you fathers out there, I hope you had a great day. I still miss my father, I do. I don't think there's a day going by that I don't miss my dad. What a man? Okay. I could tell you stories about how great he was. Okay. Happy Father's Day, day after Father's Day to you guys. I should have sent something on Friday. But I'm a senior, I forgot. Okay. I love you guys and we will talk to you soon.

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