613. Death By Lack of Sunshine


It is estimated that 340,000 people die in a typical year in the United States because of a lack of sunshine! Yes, you read that correctly! The number in Europe is 480,000. That’s over 800,000 people dying annually because of a lack of sunshine!

Dr. Martin looks at a Swedish study of 30,000 women that has concluded that a lack of exposure to the sun is as bad as smoking! 

Some benefits of more exposure to the sun include a stronger immune system, more “feel good” hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, and elevated nitric oxide, which is good for opening up your blood vessels.

If you’re not getting enough exposure to the sun, you need to be supplementing with vitamin D – your life depends on it!


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Dr. Martin:  Good morning. Hope you're having a good day. Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy. Folks, you're going to love this. You're going to love this, this morning. I'm going to make an official announcement this morning. Hot off the press, here's an official announcement. I've classified a booster shot. I've classified it, it's official, I've named it, and everyone on the planet, everyone on the planet, should get this booster. It's called VitDerma. This is official, guys. VitDerma, V-i-t, capital D, all one word, D-e-r-m-a. VitDerma. That's how it's pronounced. It's official. We named it. Sunshine, vitamin D on the skin, but let me tell you why. I mean, listen, we've talked about this, but this now is official. Why? Two major studies. I mean, there's a lot of studies, but two new studies have been published, and when you hear the results of this, it'll blow you away. When it comes to chronic disease, guys, this is incredible. What am I talking about? 

Okay, let me read to you. Two studies, one out of Sweden with 30,000 women, okay? Here's their conclusion and I'll actually post it. Here's their conclusion, 30,000 women in Sweden. Very important. If you have a lack of sunshine in your life, if you don't get exposure to the sun, listen to their conclusion... It's as bad as smoking. Now there's not a doctor in the universe anymore that would tell you the smoke. If they did, they should lose their medical license. We've known that for... I remember my dad. I've told you this story to those who listened to me in the past. I've told you this story, my father coming home and my dad smoked four packs of Buckinghams a day. I don't know how he saw any patients, but he smoked with his patients, but he came home one day, it was shocking. I was about 10 years old. I think it was 1962, my father, and he opened up the waste paper basket or the garbage in our house, and he threw his cigarettes in there. I was shocked. "Dad, what are you doing?" He said, "I found out smoking is bad for you."

1962. Okay, I didn't know that, because my mom smoked, my dad smoked, my older brother smoked, everybody smoked. I was shocked, but medicine, the only dent... Isn't this crazy? The only real dent in heart disease, in cancer, than two biggest killers in our society today, the dent... If you look at curves of heart disease, crazy, crazy, crazy increase in heart disease with the advent of cereal, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, and then a little dip, a little dip in the eighties. It was short lived but there was a dip. Cancer, a little dip because in the 1970s, President Nixon said we are going to win... He called it the war on cancer in 1970, I think it was '74, the year I graduated. He said we are going to win the war on cancer. Well, he was dead wrong but there was a little dip, not in the 70s, but in the early 80s, there was a little dip in the graph of cancers because people got the memo, they stopped smoking.

But then cancer rates took off again big time. At the same time that we increased our level of high fructose corn syrup, approved by the FDA in what was it, 1982? And it's been crazy since. But guys, listen to the study, major study out of Sweden, 30,000 women, and they conclude that if you don't get exposure to VitDerma, you might as well smoke. Has the same effect. This is mind blowing, and you're not going to hear this anywhere else. Maybe, but this is so profound, and we talked about this a few weeks ago and even this study agreed with this. One of the reasons is not only that when you are exposing your skin to sunshine... Guys, let's be honest about something. Do you feel better when it's raining out or sunny out? I mean, there's a lot of psychological factors to that, but what is that? Well, it's hormones, guys. It's feel good hormones of dopamine and serotonin and things like that. Melatonin. Your body produces it in the sun. 

Yep, but one of the things they noted in this study is what it does on your skin. It elevates your nitric oxide. N-O. N-O don't spell no, you know? Remember when we were kids, N-O spells no and out you must go? No, N-O spells nitric oxide and it opens up your blood vessels. It's good for your heart, it's good for your blood pressure, it's good for everything. When I was in school, I didn't even know what nitric oxide was in the 1970s. We didn't know it. Wasn't discovered until the 1980s. The guy that discovered nitric oxide won a Nobel prize in medicine. We understood nitroglycerin because that was already well established for people that had angina, they would give them a nitroglycerin explosion. They'd take a nitro pill or lozenge and their angina would go away. But then they discovered your body has nitroglycerin. Your body has explosions right in your blood vessels. Opens them up. The sun. VitDerma. We need this. You might as well smoke. Isn't that something?

Now why do I have to bring this to you? Why? Listen to this other study, another European study, it's a review study looking at all the studies in 2020. They come to this, okay? Listen to this, guys. A 2020 review on the health effect of sunshine, okay? The Swedish study, now this is a European study of all studies, and what it's doing is looking at the effects of sunshine on your health. Listen to this, you don't get it, the Swedish study says you might as well smoke. If you do get it, you get sunshine. Listen to this. Estimated for people that don't get in the sun, estimated. Listen to this, every year in the U.S.A. they're saying, according to the review of all studies, 340,000 deaths per year in the U.S.A. alone are attributed to a lack of sunshine.

You know where that occurs the most, guys? And you've heard me say this. Where that occurs the most is when people get older, they were lied to, seniors, my generation, my parents' generation. They were told to stay out of the sun. Even movie stars. Don't get in the sun, you're going to wrinkle up, you're going to lose your beauty. I'm telling you. And that generation took it hook, line and sinker. I call it Johnson and Johnson. The sun is bad. You're gonna die from skin cancer, melanoma, and basal cell carcinoma, and the cancer industry bought it. They bought it and they pushed it, and it makes me angry. Now there's righteous anger, okay? No, but seriously, guys. Seriously, imagine coming out of these studies and seeing something as significant as this.

You want to stay out of the sun? I go to Florida. I kind of laugh. It makes me chuckle in a way, but it's sad. Why does Florida... My word, it's called the sunshine state. Why does Florida have as much cancer as anywhere else? As much heart disease as anywhere else? You might say, "Well, they got an older population." Yeah, but they stay out of the sun. It's a joke down there. The only people on the beach in January are Canadians. Oh, you must be Canadian. You got a tan. I'm not kidding you. They're white as ghosts, Casper the ghost, Floridians. I said, "Gee, us Canadians spend big money to come to Florida.” You guys have the sun every stinking day just about, but they're scared of it. "We don't go in the sun. Oh yeah, sun is bad."

This study says, not only is it not bad, if you don't get sun, you might as well smoke. But not only that, the review of all studies said in the United States alone 340,000 people a year estimated die because of a lack of sunshine. Because a lack of sunshine affects their immune system, affects their heart, it affects cancer, especially... Here's what the study says, listen to what I'm saying. Especially ladies, breast cancer. And men, we no different, prostate cancer and colon cancer. And I'll talk to you every day about food, nutrition, and those effects. Did you get your VitDerma, guys, did you get your VitDerma? We're talking about a virus, a virus, a virus, but nobody's talking about VitDerma, VitDerma, VitDerma. How to boost your immune system. 

Oh, by the way, on the same study, the second study, a 2020 review of all the studies in the last probably 20 or 30 years, they said that estimated in Europe, 480,000 deaths. And they're the ones who are saying it. I'm happy to repeat it, but they're the ones who were saying it, especially breast and colon cancer, prostate cancer in men, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, nevermind the psychological effects. Do you know how many people a year are depressed? And one of the factor... I'm not saying it's all of it, I'm not saying it's all of it, but there's a term in medicine, right? In terms of depression, in the dark months. In the dark months, January, February rolls around not only are our immune systems going down... And guys, I'll tell you, I don't care what kind of virus it is, it's always worse, always worse in the dark months. That is why I tell you, start supplementing vitamin D. 

See, this time of the year for me, my vitamin D is very good. I'm in the sun, 20 minutes in the sun. So if you're a red head, okay? If you're a red head, you've got very fair skin or whatever, look, don't go burn in the sun. Nobody's telling you to do that. If you got lupus or whatever... you know what? You and the sun don't get along. That's okay. Then take Vitamin D as a supplement. Thank God we have this supplement. But if I could get into the senior homes, if I could shake people, and they think if I just wash my hands and social distance and I'm not telling people not to do that, but for heaven sakes. The other day, I'm not kidding you, I'm going into Costco. A guy, the mask down, couldn't get out of Costco fast enough to have a cigarette with a mask. The mask comes down and I know you got to wear a mask to get into Costco or whatever, but I felt like telling the guy, "Hey pal, can I tell you something? You know you're defeating the purpose. You didn't get the memo."

But you know what? The world doesn't get the memo on Vitamin D, it just doesn't get it. And I'll just tell you something. People that do the Reset, people that lower their insulin, and even in the gut, help their gut with your microbiome, you know what you find? You can get in the sun longer without burning. You know how many testimonies we have of people who easily burned in the sun and now fixed their insulin and guess what was happening? They can get in the sun longer. But I'm not a big guy, guys, I'm just telling you, I don't want you to burn in the sun. I don't want that. You don't need to burn. Wear a hat, get in the shade, cover up. In my opinion, don't put chemicals on your skin. Don't do it. Don't do it. I think it's one of the biggest reasons that we have so much skin cancer today. Chemicals plus heat, bad combo. Chemicals plus heat equals disaster.

And this is just a fact, guys. And you can come after me cause some people do, I get it. I get it, meaning they give it to me because oh, someone had melanoma in their family or whatever. I said, "Well, listen, I'm just going to give you statistics. You can look this up yourself. People who die of melanoma, they live indoors and they work indoors. They don't go out in the sun." I'm not saying that you can't get cancer from the sun, you can, but it's usually not melanoma, the deadly cancer, it's basal cell. And I'm not saying to get basal cell. And that's when you burn, but the sun, guys. The sun. Yesterday, I talked to you about water. The basics of life in the bowel. What your bowel needs is H2O, what the rest of your body needs is the sun, vitamin D, VitDerma. You like that? I'm going to trademark that name, you know? I'm going to trademark that. I don't want anybody stealing it off of me. I made it up. Did you get your VitDerma today? How do you like something that helps viruses, bacteria, your immune system, cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's… even Alzheimer’s. Everyone, Dr. Martin, vitamin D in the brain?

I actually tweeted something the other day because this doctor had put out how to age proof sort of the brain, right? Against Alzheimer's. And he had some good ideas there, but I added a few. I said, "You need vitamin D for your brain. You're a human solar panel. Your body needs it." Plus, what we know about nitric oxide today opens up your blood vessels in the brain. You don't think you need those little blood vessels? What are they called? Dementia small vessel, dementia. Not enough circulation up to the brain. That's part of it. You want to increase your circulation, you want to elevate your nitric oxide. You elevate your nitric oxide, one way is the sun.

The three biggest killers today, 340,000 deaths they're attributing to a lack of sunshine in the United States and almost 500,000 deaths in Europe. I mean, crazy. Crazy. This pumps me up, guys. Everybody and their dog through this pandemic should have been given vitamin D. Everybody. If the government was honest, all the governments of the world that this pandemic closed down, if they were honest, they would have been handing out vitamin D for those who are not going in the sun. They would have handed out vitamin D if they would have just been honest about it, but they don't do it.

It just shows you how medicine has been hijacked, hijacked by the pharmaceutical company. It's been hijacked and that's not right. In my opinion, that's a crime against humanity. As something as simple as the sun or vitamin D. Simple, inexpensive. What did our Minister of Health say? What was it a month ago, maybe two months in Canada? You know what the Minister of Health said when asked about vitamin D in the House of Commons? You know what she said? It's fake news. And the media, instead of doing a little research, instead of doing their job... See, guys, I'm in the media, the Doctor Is In podcast. I'm in the media. My job is to bring you information. My job is to... when someone says something, have a look at it. Is it true? Is it nonsense? Can I make it, in my field at least, make it part of what you guys should know? That's my job. But you know what? The media, I hate to be negative, but the media is not doing investigative journalism like they used to. 

If the Minister of Health in Canada says, "That's fake news." They should say, "Okay, you say that, but back it up. What do you mean by that? How about this study and that study and this study and that study?" All the studies on vitamin D and even the virus. There was a study that came out yesterday. Listen to this. I flagged it, a new study, 80% decrease in deaths in the hospitals, in North America. People that had high levels of vitamin D, optimized levels of vitamin D in their serum when they got COVID. Holy moly, that should be on the front page of every newspaper. It should be leading the news. We found it, sunshine. The sunshine vitamin. VitDerma.

Look, I want to trademark the name but you can't patent it. I can't patent VitDerma. There's no patents to be had. Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in anything they can't patent. What's that drug, Ivermectin? There's an anti parasitical drug, been on the market for 50 or 60 years. It's cheap, cheap, cheap. Is it Invermectin or Ivermectin? I can't remember. But they don't want to talk about it. Apparently, it's unbelievable in a therapeutic for COVID and they can't patent it anymore because it can be replicated. There's not a pharmaceutical company that wants to talk about it. There's no money to be had. It's inexpensive. They use it in the third world, especially for parasites, and apparently it's very effective in a therapeutic with the virus. You got to go looking for it.

Okay, tomorrow is Question and Answer Friday, so it's not too late to send your questions in. It's not too late. We appreciate it. It's one of our most popular programs. Okay? And continue to talk about the book The Metabolic Reset. Thank you again, you guys. You've made it such a tremendous success. Really, really, really have been tremendous about it. Thank you very much. It's coming from you guys, I know that. And our private Facebook group and all that, thousands and thousands of members, and a lot of you have the book. If you haven't got it, get it. And get your friends, get your family, to join the private Facebook group. It's a wonderful group. Okay? So love you guys and we'll talk to you soon.

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