601. The Road to Unhealthiness


An article in the Daily Mail in the UK is recounting a medical doctor’s 30-day experiment where his diet consisted of 80% processed foods. He ate everything from chicken nuggets, pizzas and frozen dinners, to breads, sandwiches and cereals. The foods that most people in the United Kingdom eat on a daily basis.

A mere four weeks was all it took for the doctor to pile on weight, cloud his thinking, disrupt his sleep, increase anxiety, develop heartburn and constipation, and even get piles. But most remarkably his brain was rewired!

It’s a remarkable study and Dr. Martin explains how the doctor is essentially doing the exact opposite of The Reset. Imagine how your body could be transformed and your brain rewired by eating only eggs, meat and cheese for 30 days! 

Listen in to hear more of this doctor’s 30-day experiment!


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Dr. Martin:  Good morning. Hope you're having a great day. Good start to it. We're going to blow your socks off today, guys. This is a blow your socks off day, I'm telling you. I posted a little article on our private Facebook group, and we're going to talk about that today, and then I'll try and send the article itself over to Brandi and see if we can post it somewhere. 

This was in the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. This story I posted just the picture of it on the private Facebook group this morning. This is a 30-day experiment by a medical doctor. He did it to himself; he just ate 80% processed food, and what happened to him in 30 days. Now, isn't it interesting? I wish the Daily Mail would interview me. Why not? Well, they should because the 30-day Reset, okay, and I'm... for those who will listen on the podcast later, I'm showing the book, The Reset. This is a 30-day program that has been unbelievably successful eating program. It's a 30-day eating program and it is the complete opposite of what this physician did in the United Kingdom for 30 days. He had a diet and he did it for 30 days and they monitored him closely, including MRIs of his brain.

Guys, I don't know if it is the most significant story that I've read in the last year, but it is incredible. How fast the body goes south. How fast things happen in the body. On the positive side, 30 days, the number one selling book in Canada, The Metabolic Reset, the most successful diet right now in Canada. Eating program, on the positive side, how fast things change in 30 days. I've showed you that. We can talk about that a little bit this morning, but what I want to talk to you now is about the side effects of poor eating in 30 days.

Now, what was this physician doing? 80% of his calories came from what we call processed foods. Processed foods. He mentioned seven things that they monitored that happened to him in 30 days. These foods, by and large are prepared in a factory. They're wrapped in plastic. Here's what he was eating. They are convenient. Chicken nuggets, number one. Now, I'm going to show you, again, I'll post this, this morning. I'm going to show you the top 20 foods that Americans eat. Now, if you're in America, if you're in Canada, we eat the same. We're no different. There's a border between us, but we eat the same. By and large, it's the same. These foods, here's what he ate: chicken nuggets. That was his first meal, by the way. Pizza; sweets; frozen dinners; sandwiches; breads, obviously; cereals; and even low calorie snacks. Those were the things in this experiment that were used, which is typical, by the way, diet for most young people and a lot of other people. Very typical. Chips, french fries were on the list.

Now, here's what happened in that experiment. Again, I'll get the article to you. This is incredible, guys, because it's not only of the speed how fast things change; it's what happened to this medical doctor, this physician who decided with the BBC to do an experiment. Here's what he found. In 30 days, he quickly put on weight. Yeah, well, makes sense, right? Makes sense. He couldn't believe how fast he put that weight on, number one. But guys, it's like The Reset. Weight loss is a tremendous benefit of The Reset, but that was never its primary purpose. Remember, the number one reason was to get rid of metabolic syndrome, and metabolic syndrome has to do with food and your pancreas, the insulin, insulin resistance. That is the number one reason that you do The Reset is to fix insulin resistance so that your cells become insulin sensitive. You increase the sensitivity of insulin. We'll talk about that in a minute, just so I explain it to you again. But that's the reason for The Reset. If you've read my book, I explain the importance of fixing insulin.

What this physician did is he put insulin on trial by eating foods that elevate your insulin big time. I gave you the list of foods that he ate for 30 days. He put weight on. That was the least of his problems. I'll go over the seven things that happened to him, but I'll do some detail on some of them. His brain became foggy, sluggish. That's number two. Poor sleep. In 30 days, he started to develop sleep apnea. We'll talk about that. His cortisol went up. It's actually eight things because he mentions it in the fact that he wasn't sleeping, you don't sleep, your cortisol goes up. Your cortisol goes up, you don't sleep. He had a lot more anxiety, numero four. Heartburn. Heartburn. He developed heartburn. Now, what have I told you? Heartburn is a symptom. It's a symptom of insulin resistance. It's your body saying, "Hello. Hey, you there, you're eating wrong. Change your eating because I'm screaming at you. I'm trying to get your attention, Linda." When you have heartburn, oh, acid coming up my stomach. Yeah, but why? 95% of the time it has to do with insulin. It's your pancreas screaming at you. It wants to get your attention. Number five. 

He was hungrier. He was hungrier. Okay. I gave you a whole teaching on this. Why are you hungrier? Has everything to do with your brain. Your brain gets rewired, you're hungry all the time. You see, obesity, guys, it's not calories in and calories out. Obesity is not that. It's horror-mones gone amuck. Obesity is rewiring of the brain. He was hungry all the time. He couldn't believe it. Why? I told you why. I did a whole teaching on this: the wood stove theory. Remember, what I said about that? What's the wood stove theory? Well, you don't heat your house if you have a wood stove; or you don't heat your log cabin with paper and twigs, they burn too fast. You're going to need more and more and more and more. You need logs on the fire. You remember that teaching? Well, he found that out. He was hungry all the time. That's number six.

Number seven, his blood pressure went up. His blood pressure went up. What is blood pressure, guys? What is it? It's not a lack of medication. Oh, I got high blood pressure because I need medication. Now, look at medication. All it does is... I'm not saying not to take it. All I'm saying is medication for high blood pressure, it just manages it. It's like Metformin or insulin if you're a diabetic. It's not meant to fix it. It's just meant to manage it. The vast majority of people with high blood pressure, it's another sign that you have too much insulin resistance. The body screaming, the warning signs of insulin resistance. He ate 30% faster. His habit changed. Like because again, he was consuming crappy foods. He ate quicker. They monitored everything. It was amazing. It was amazing.

Now, let me bring you to a couple of places that they noticed were recorded because they actually would do MRIs on this physician's brain. His brain in 30 days changed. In 30 days, his wiring inside of his brain changed. He had all these different new connections in his brain. Unbelievable. Guys, even shocked me how fast this happened. Inside his brain, his brain got rewired in 30 days. Again, I mentioned to you, when you see somebody at a mall, that's big, if you see someone in your family that has a problem with obesity, their brains have changed.

So one of the things that they do, and I just going to go off on a little side rabbit trail for a second. Let me say this. I've watched the whole industry start up in the last 15, 20 years. What is it? It's called bariatric surgery. You know what I mean by that, and that is where they staple your stomach or there's a couple of different procedures that they use, but generally they sort of fix your stomach. They change it. They make it smaller. The problem with that, they're looking for love in all the wrong places. It's not your stomach. It's not your stomach. It's the brain. It's the reward center. This is where all his new wiring took place: inside. It's like having a bad electrician coming in, you know what I mean, and putting in a new box, it's wired wrong. It all goes to the reward center of the brain where you release dopamine, then you want to fix.

You see, the food industry, they're not stupid. They know this. They have scientists working for them who know exactly how to package goods. Packaged food goes and rewires the brain. You get the can't help its to eat because you're hungry all the time. Plus, you get a reward if you eat. It's like smoking. Well, how do you think smoking works, guys? What did they know in the 1960s about tobacco? They got nailed to the wall because they had hired scientists and they hit all their experiments. You can actually watch a movie about it. I can't remember what the movie is. I watched it years ago, 20 years ago. True story because they got a whistleblower. He told the story of how the tobacco industry knew that in the brain, every time you smoke, it gave you a little bit of dopamine. "Oh, you know what? I feel better." They knew what they were doing. That's what the food industry does.

The cereal companies that go after your kids to tell you that Tony the Tiger is great. He's not great. Tony the Tiger is great at hooking your kids. "Oh, Dr. Martin just got a heart on the box." Yeah, eat it, you're going to have a heart attack plus it changes the wiring in your brain, guys. The MRI on this physician showed, in 30 days, his wiring had changed in his brain. The feel good center, the reward center changed, all the synapses. It was almost like woo-hoo, party central in the brain. When they talk about genetics and medicine, ugh, I get so uptight. Alzheimer's... Oh, by the way, in the United Kingdom, the number one killer is Alzheimer's. I told you in this book that Alzheimer's, by and large, is a food problem. The 30-day experiment of rewiring the brain.

I talked to someone yesterday and I said, "Look, on The Reset, man, you're going to rewire your brain, the right way... in 30 days." When you do this, remember what... you always use it. Again, for those listening on a podcast, I'm using my two hands. With my right hand, I am taking out the crappy foods: no sugars, no carbs for 30 days. I got a hundred reasons for it. But, generally, what we're doing is we're no carbs. I want to fix up here. I want to fix your insulin. I want to fix the brain. Maybe not that. But remember now, with my right hand, I am bringing it down, about a foot, but I am upping my left hand from my shoulders up to the head. The reason I do that is because I'm changing fuels, guys. You're taking out, one... it’s not calories. You eliminate bad foods. You know it, even the plant kingdom temporarily, and there's a reason for it. I want no carbohydrates, no sugars. You take this down and you go up with high density logs on the fire, protein and fat. The best combination is protein and fat. No soy. No PUFAs, polyunsaturated fatty acid. This is what he was eating. No packaged goods. You're eating eggs, meat, and cheese.

I just about fell over when I picked up this article and, hopefully, the BBC who really did... the British Broadcasting Corporation. Just like in Canada, we have the CBC. In Britain, they have the BBC. Famous. Apparently, their show is going to come out on May 27th. I'm sure... The nice thing about, we have YouTube and all this and that. This is incredible guys. This is incredible. I rest my case, how destructive food is and quickly. Can you imagine the side effect? Because one of the things... I didn't say it myself... but one of the things, the unintended consequences of, in Britain, the lockdown, in Canada, the lockdown, in the United States, the lockdown, less in the States than us, but in Canada, we're still locked down. What are people going to do when they're locked down? Are they going to exercise more or less? The gyms are closed for heaven's sakes and they're uptight.

The media, scary, scary, scary. Bad news. Cases. The variant. In the United States, they're not even talking about a variant. In Canada, the variant, the variant, the India variant. By the way, in India now, the cases are gone down unbelievable. You know why? Because they started using a couple of cheap medications, an anti-parasitic drug has done wonders. Anyway, we don't want to get into that. But all I'm saying is you can imagine. Look, this is not normal for kids not to be in school; kids to be at home on their computers and whatever. It's not normal guys. Guess, what they're doing? They're eating more. They're eating more, and especially comfort foods, getting the quick fix. It rewires your brain in a nanosecond. Think about how fast that happens. Oh, the unintended consequences that I've been talking about it. I feel like John the Baptist screaming in the wilderness and no one's listening to me. No, you guys are. You know what I'm saying, guys? This is the most incredible little study in 30 days. It is groundbreaking. The brain. You get hooked because your brain gets rewired. The tobacco industry did it. The food industry is still doing it. They know they can rewire the brain.

I remember a study that was done just on sugar, never mind processed foods, just sugar, how it took a root. Sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup, which is the antichrist of sugars, the Franken-sugar, made in a lab to hook you. You can drink a soda, you can drink anything and eat anything that has sugar added that it isn't high fructose corn syrup. They hide it under a million different names, but it doesn't matter. It's all made in a lab. It's cheap. It's a gift that keeps on giving to the food industry. They add it to everything, including cereals.

Guys, this is life-changing. This is a moment of truth, and the world better wake up because the consequences, and I explain that to you very well in the book, The Metabolic Reset, is when you look at... Again, I'm just going to say this quickly, I'll end with this. Yesterday in the United States alone, 2,400 people died of a heart attack or stroke; 800 and change 800,000 and change a year. Every year. But why? We got more people on medications than ever before. We have more people... the number one selling drug of all time was a statin drug to lower cholesterol. Well, holy moly, I think we might have got that wrong. Holy moly, if cholesterol was the root of heart disease, we would have fixed it by now, and yet every day, every day. "Doc, what about my cholesterol?" What about it? You can't make me interested in your cholesterol other than I want it to be high. You can't get me interested in it, I'm sorry. "What about my LDL?" What about it? "What about my total cholesterol?" What about it? "What about my ratios?" What about it? I don't care.

We'd been on a failed experiment for over 50 years. Fat makes you fat. No, it doesn't. Fat gives you cholesterol. No, it doesn't. Nope, and you can't change science, guys. This is real science, but it doesn't matter, it's not part of the narrative. Say a lie long enough, say it, say it, say it. "Oh, you got to have cereal in the morning, don't have bacon and egg... Bacon and eggs, bacon and eggs, that's so bad for you." Oh, yeah? That's cholesterol, and you got to have our cereals. Cereal, All Bran. You're going to go to the washroom. Do you think you're going to get a prize for going to the washroom? You get a prize? You know how they lure kids? They put prizes in the cereal box. True or false? Remember? You've got to be my age maybe to remember that. There was a prize in there. So adults think they get a prize because they can go, "I'm going to the bathroom. I got a prize." Hmm, I'm not saying you shouldn't go to the bathroom. I'm just saying it's so overrated. What do you think, we're going to have a contest? Ooh.

Anyway, I got so excited when I read this little 30-day experiment. I tell you, guys, I was supercharged. I couldn't get on the air fast enough to tell you about it. I couldn't. Okay, I don't have a watch that says to breathe. I'm glad I don't, because it would tell me to do it too often in a day and now I'm breathing. "Hey doc, breathe." I don't need a watch to tell me that. Okay, hey guys. We love the app. Okay, we do. I'll put a little synopsis online here on Facebook. If you're not a member of our private Facebook group and you're watching maybe for the first time this morning, or listening to this on a podcast, please join The Martin Clinic private Facebook Group, because we're going to post these articles and I'll give you a little bit of my... and, of course, you can re-watch this live. Okay, you can re-watch it. Don't ask me how to do it. I don't know, but I think you can. You can listen to it. 

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