579. Two Weeks on a Low Carb Diet


In the United States, they’re now spending a BILLION dollars a day on diabetes. Not to cure diabetes, just to manage it!

Dr. Martin talks about a study on diabetes showing some wonderful side effects of changing to a low carb diet. In just two weeks, you’ll see a decrease in A1C levels, body fat, triglycerides and insulin resistance. There is no drug in the universe that can do this for diabetes!

Diabetes is all about food, what you eat… and Dr. Martin is calling this one of the greatest studies that has been published in the last several years!

Listen to today’s episode to hear more of this study as well as more unintended consequences of the response to the COVID-19 virus!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning, everyone. And once again, great to be with you guys. Hope you're having a great start to the day. I want to read... This is a study that was published in PubMed, publicationmed.org, I believe. So this is an online publication, pubmed.org. And this was talking about diabetes. And here's some of the stats that they were telling us in pubmed.org. Diabetes cost us, in the US, this is US statistics, $1 billion a day. So that doesn't come from me. That comes from pubmed.org. And they're saying that diabetes, listen to this, guys, costs us $1 billion a day in meds, in medical care, lost productivity, I'm sure. $1 billion a day. Absolutely incredible. Insulin costs up to about $900 a month for medication that manages diabetes, $900 a month. So whether a person pays for that right out of their pocket or insurance pays for it, or in Canada, I think if you're a senior or whatever you get benefits, drug benefits or drug coverage. I don't know exactly how it works, but the cost of that is $900 a month just for the insulin. Isn't it crazy, a billion dollars a day?

In the same article in pubmed.org, they mentioned something about going low carb. And this study came out, it's part of the diabetic study. In two weeks, here's what happens when you cut your carbs down. This is not even talking about the Reset, because the Reset would even be better, but let's just stick to the story with PubMed, because they're saying that a disease that costs us a billion dollars a day, that's just in the United States, that's not including Canada, a billion dollars a day, in two weeks, here's what happens. Just two weeks. Decreased A1C. So hemoglobin A1C is your red blood cells' last four months. What they do is sugar attaches to the hemoglobin in the blood. So remember, I explained this, maybe I can't remember. It was the other day. And hemoglobin, remember what it is, it's Velcro. It's the Velcro part of your red blood cell.

Because every time you breathe, your red blood cells go through your lungs and you pick up oxygen. Oxygen attaches to the hemoglobin. But so does sugar. When you consume sugar, sugar attaches to the hemoglobin too. This is how they can measure your A1C. It's a very good measurement of how you're doing with your blood sugars, A1C. I mean, you can do fasting glucose. And one thing they don't do enough of is checking your insulin levels, but let's just stick to A1C. So in two weeks, in just two weeks of switching your diet, your A1C is going to go down. Is that a good thing? That is a fantastic thing. That's number one.

Number two, decrease in body fat by 4.4 pounds. Now, I was explaining to you yesterday on our podcast that... See my hands? Okay, I hope you can get a visual here. And for those folks who are going to listen to this on a podcast and can't see what I'm doing, this is the size. I spread out my hand almost a foot, my two hands. And I got my fingers extended from top to bottom. You can see that, okay? That's how much five pounds of fat is. And I know you ladies, "I'm hardly losing any weight." Well, get off the scale. First of all, and remember that this is science. I'm saying it, but this is saying that in the PubMed, that you're losing visceral fat, almost five pounds of it, in two weeks. Your liver is emptying out. Your body is getting rid of dangerous visceral fat. We talked about it yesterday that visceral fat is an organ unto itself that increases your estrogen, men. You don't want more estrogen, men. And ladies, you don't want too much estrogen either, even though that's your dominating hormone.

It's a decrease in A1C, a decrease in body fat, in two weeks, on average, 4.4 pounds. And listen to this. This is probably the most exciting. Now you guys, I think you will find this exciting because you understand. The world doesn't understand, medicine doesn't understand, but you guys understand the importance of lowering your triglycerides. And triglycerides, in two weeks, were down 35%. I told you. And what is the significance of that? Well, folks, 75% of people that have a heart attack have normal cholesterol levels. So it's obviously not cholesterol. What's important is triglycerides. And I teach that on a daily, daily basis, the importance of your triglycerides. Three, tri, glycerides, fat, three fat balls. They join up together and they are extremely dangerous in your blood vessels, heart attack and strokes.

In two weeks, according to this study, your triglycerides are down by 35%. incredible. You're not going to hear much about this. It's not going to be on the mainstream media. And the reason is because the mainstream media is bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry. And it's brought to you by The Doctor Is In podcast because this is so significant, folks. This is probably one of the greatest studies that have been published in the last several years. And I'm telling you, it's buried. It's buried. There's no drug in the universe, guys. There's no drug in the universe that can take a diabetic, in two weeks lower their A1Cs, decrease body fat by four and a half pounds, and decrease triglycerides by 35% in two weeks. You want to know why I'm so excited about the Reset? Now they're proving it. I proved it to thousands of patients.

When you guys read this book, just understand, when you read this book, The Reset, understand that the book came out after thousands, I mean it, patients tried this program with me. I'm not a researcher per se, but I give you clinical facts, what I observed, even in blood work. When I used to grab little patients... I tease, guys. I'm a big tease, you know that. I used to grab their faces and I said, "Listen, you're on the Titanic. You're a diabetic." Even if they didn't even know they were a diabetic until I told them they were a diabetic. I said, "You're a diabetic. Here's what you have to do. It's good news, bad news. The bad news, you and carbs don't get along. That's bad news. You don't get along anymore. You have an allergy to them."

I always told them the cat story. The lady comes into the office and she's got allergies and I said, "Well, you got bad allergies." She said, "I know. I'm allergic to my cat." I said, "Well, get rid of it." "Oh doc, I can't." I said, "Then I can't help you." Diabetes is food, guys. It's simple. Here we are 50 years into a crisis, 50 years into a crisis of bad eating that has turned our population into either diabetes or pre-diabetes. It's one or the other guys. I'm not saying this alone. The CDC says 88% of the population struggle with metabolic syndrome. Guys, metabolic syndrome is diabetes. It really is. And as Tony Jr. says, your blood sugar will always be a lagging indicator.

Don't wait until your blood sugar is bad. "Oh, my blood sugar just fine." No. What are your triglycerides like? What is your HDL like? Do you have belly fat? What are your uric acid levels? What is your blood pressure? I don't care if you eliminated salt. What's that got to do with it? It's sugar. It's carbs. Put your hand up. My name is Tony and I'm a carboholic. Okay. There's a verse in the Bible in Psalm 51:6. "God desires the truth in the inner man." Don't fool yourself. Don't be deceived. If I could preach out to the world out there... I love this, that I get such a wonderful venue, The Doctor Is In. It's a venue. It's a wonderful thing. I don't take it for granted, okay? Now we get to about 50,000 people a week, and getting close to 3 million downloads on the podcast. We appreciate that. I don't take that for granted at all.

So I can preach to some extent to you guys, and you can share this. Because everything in moderation, that is the theme of the food industry. And these two conglomerates, although they do wonderful things... Okay, I don't want to be known as a conspiracy guy. I don't. I mean, the pharmaceutical industry does wonderful things. They do. But a billion dollars a day. I wasn't very good at math, but in the United States alone, I think that means about $365 billion a year. Not to cure diabetes, but to manage diabetes.

By the way, the fourth thing, this is according to this study, so decrease in A1C, decrease in body fat in two weeks. I'm talking two weeks. Number three, decrease in triglycerides. Guys, there's nothing better for you than lowering your triglycerides. Why am I saying that? Because when your triglycerides are going down, your liver is emptying itself out, because it all starts really with the liver in food. And that's where medicine... I hate to be negative. I hate to be negative. Oh, I'd love to be teaching at medical school, teach them nutrition. Food will affect your liver first because it's the Costco parking lot. It's a suitcase. Or Tony likes to call it the minivan that gets stuffed on a holiday, and there's not one more place you can put another bag in it when you put the family in and the suitcases in. He calls it the minivan. I call it the Costco parking lot. Costco's always busy. You ever noticed that? We have people coming from all over Northern Ontario to shop at Costco and that parking lot, the second that store is open it's... That's your liver, guys. When you're eating carbs, you're stuffing the liver.

That is so dangerous. That's what happens first. You don't wait till your blood sugars have gone up, even though this is telling us that A1C, the average of your blood sugars are going down in two weeks. And the fourth one of course is really the liver, but what's happening inside your body is you're decreasing insulin resistance. They measured that in two weeks. Remember, what did I tell you? On the Reset, what happens to your pancreas? Where are you sending it? Oh yeah, Doc. We're sending it to Hawaii on a holiday. When you do the Reset, no carbs. Your liver's going on a holiday too. But your pancreas, your secretion of insulin, it's taking a break. You have no idea what that means because when you decrease your insulin resistance... 

Because a lady asked this yesterday. "Doc, how do I know if I have inflammation?" Well, it's not pain, although it could be. Inflammation is silent, but it's always there if you have insulin resistance. It's one of the side effects of having high circulating insulin. So is leaky gut gives you inflammation. You don't even know it. And oxidative damage. We talked about that from chemicals and all these things. They create inflammation. It's your body's response. I love what Tony Jr. calls it. "Dad, it's sickness without a fever." That's inflammation. It used to be that we died from... Okay, here we go with the viruses and bacteria. We used to die from that a hundred years ago. People didn't have metabolic syndrome. Not that diabetes wasn't around. Nobody had diabetes. I remember when my grandfather or my dad found out he was a diabetic in 1968. What is that? It was so rare. It was so rare. So those four things get better right away. Now, there's more than that, but this is what the PubMed said. Those four things get better in two weeks.

Can you imagine what happens in four weeks? Can you imagine what happens when you don't have any carbs at all? It's incredible. And this is why I'm always emphasizing... I'm always emphasizing this. Okay? I have to, because I understand the human psyche, especially ladies, you want to lose weight. Doc, I want to lose weight. The number one reason that people do the Reset is they want to lose weight. I'm just telling you, it is the best, the healthiest weight loss program in the universe. It's the best, 100% I'd say that. The results are astounding.

But it wasn't even created for weight loss. That's just a benefit. Because what I was doing with the Reset was fixing metabolic syndrome. It was fixing the metabolism. It's fixing the hormones. It's fixing them. It's not an improvement only. It's meant to fix, because the root cause of diabetes is not because you happen to be unlucky. The root cause of diabetes, type 2 diabetes, adult onset diabetes, not type 1, although I've got some strong opinions on type 1 and why we see so much of it. It's an autoimmune disease. That's leaky gut, guys. Leaky gut combined with a bad diet is extremely dangerous.

But diabetes is very simple. It's not complicated. This study is proving it. It's food. It's not drugs. It's not a lack of metformin. The only reason your pancreas is not working, because you overused it. It's as simple as that. I don't know how to make it any more simple than that. It's food. You have to change your food. You and carbs don't get along. It's an allergy. Get rid of the cat. I didn't say that was going to be easy. Can you imagine that lady? She loved her cat. Okay, I get it. But you're allergic to it. "Yeah, but Doc, yeah." I said, "Yeah, but what? Give it a good home and get rid of it. You don't get along with it." You don't get along the carbs, okay? You don't. Quit fooling yourself. "I'm just going to eat that in moderation. Okay. I'll start my day with oatmeal because I got to have fiber. If I don't have fiber, I just might not go to the bathroom the way I should." You have no idea.

Now, I'm going to go down a little path here because you know me, I like to go down rabbit trails. Let me go down a rabbit trail just for a second. I'm not a prophet nor the son of one, but I'm going to tell you something that you guys will fully understand. The unintended consequences.... I think I got to write a book about this. The unintended consequence of this whole thing with the virus, I'm just going to go down a little tangent, then I'm going to go down a little trail and I got to take this because this is my therapy. Because I'm upset. I'm angry. Unintended consequences when we focus just on a virus. I was in the grocery store yesterday and a lady screamed at a guy was 20 yards away from him. I guess he didn't have his mask up over his nose. And she just... "Get your..." And I'm thinking, man, oh man, oh man. People are so angry, but they're missing the whole point. They're missing the whole point. Because I'm telling you, the unintended consequences of this... Like I said, I'm not a prophet nor other son of one, but I'm going to tell you what's going to happen. And I know I'm right about this. 

The amount of cancer... Because even now medicine's sort of saying, yeah, you know what, we're delaying what they call detection. I'm not even talking about detection. That's what they talk about. They talk about early detection. I'm talking about prevention. And now people are not going to even prevent cancer from coming, because the biggest thing that's happening here... Two things, and I'm just going to tell you what it is. Number one, cancer is a metabolic disease, guys. What's that mean? The same thing as diabetes. Cancer is diabetes. It is, because cancer is two things. One, it's food. It's sugar. 

And you know I have always said this to you, just remember how the number one technology for cancer is a PET scan. It was made to detect cancer. Better than an MRI, better than ultrasound, better than x-ray, better than everything else is a PET scan. And you know how it works? You'd take the cup of glucose and you light up like a Christmas tree wherever you have cancer. That's how the PET scan works. Obviously, it's food, sugar. And number two, the biggest thing that comes in with bad food is stress. You see? The unintended consequences are people are stressed out, stressed out. So I'm making a prediction. Cancer is catching up to heart disease in terms of killers. Okay? What is it? 1600 people yesterday died of cancer in the United States. Every day, every day, every day. It's getting worse. Every day, 365 days a year.

It's going to be worse than that, guys. I'm telling you because bad food combined with cortisol, stress, cortisol is pouring gasoline on a fire. You have inflammation, you have cancer cells, and now you pour cortisol on it. This is why all we said, when a woman would get breast cancer they would come and see me after the diagnosis. And you know what I would always ask them? I'd always ask them this question. "What were you really stressed about in the last five years, really stressed?" "Oh yeah, yeah. Well, my son or my husband or my father was sick or my mom was sick and I had to become the caregiver, and family dynamics and infighting and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." I heard it all. And you know what? I said, "Well, you know what that did? Cortisol. You already had a cancer. You didn't know it because you had no symptoms, but cortisol just poured gasoline on that, and then..." Pour some gasoline on a little fire, see what happens to it.

So I'm making a prediction. The unintended consequences of overreacting... Look, a reminder that it is possible. So I just want to remind you that it is possible to still believe in the virus, COVID-19, it's possible to still believe in the virus, but yet question, but yet question the world's approach to it. You can still believe in the virus. People go, "Oh, Dr. Martin, you're a conspiracy person." No, I'm not. I didn't say the virus didn't exist. I didn't say that at all. I just don't like the approach the world has taken, that never talks about the immune system, never talks about food, never talks about vitamin D. They never talk about it. They hide it.

So what's happening? Medicine has been hijacked. They’ve been hijacked and they don't even realize it. I've been screaming, "What the heck are you doing? What the heck are you doing?" We missed a golden opportunity to get people better metabolically, saying, "Okay, you know what guys? The underbelly here of this virus has exposed just how unwell we are." Guys, you can still believe in the virus and not be happy with the way the world has... you know? The American Psychological Association has said this. Six out of 10 adults in the last year have gained weight because of bad eating. They're depressed. They're anxious. They're full of despair. True or false? People are angry. I tell you, you have no idea what this does metabolically, that weight gain. Metabolically, people are living on Netflix.

I could have showed you a study, I think I'll do it this week, on what your immune system does even in the sun. Now, true or false, guys, true or false, did I not say last year, a year ago, it's more than a year ago, when they closed the beaches in Florida, I was screaming how stupid that was because people were so worried about a virus. I said, "No, the virus in the sun doesn't do well in the sun." We know that. We've forgotten all that. When the weather is nice, they want to lock you in doors. Oh yeah, but you can.... They lock up the gyms. That's the stupidest thing in the universe is to lock up a gym. And get outside, get in the sun, the rays of the sun. I'm going to bring that to you because this is a new study. It's incredible. I'll bring it out to you.

No, but seriously guys, I'm telling you there is going to be a massive increase in cancer because we focused only on the virus. And not only was medical treatment delayed... Because that's what medicine even admits. Oh yeah, yeah, we're missing a lot of that. But that's not what I'm thinking. I'm thinking of what this stress is doing to people combined with bad food. Man, that's a terrible combination, guys. Bad food and stress is a terrible combination metabolically in the human body. And people, when they're depressed, guess what food? They want comfort foods. They want crappy carbohydrates. The sales of potato chips and junk food has gone through the roof.

Now, can I tell you something? You don't think the food industry doesn't appreciate that? Oh. Anyways, I had my workout for the day. You guys are great. I mean, this could be a two-part because I didn't even go into the depth of the significance of this study on pubmed.org. I mean some of the other wonderful side effects of just lowering carbohydrates. Wow. Like I said, you won't find it anywhere else, guys. I'm telling you, you're not going to hear about it. They bury these things as deep as they can bury them. Anyhoo, okay. Share this, guys. Share this. A lot of people, they never hear the other side. They don't hear about this. So share it.

When you share it, Facebook is all based on algorithms. What does that mean? I don't know. Why would I know anything about that? But because of the interaction and the reaction and that, that's how Facebook works. They'll share it even more if we share it. So let's share the message, guys, as much as you can. The Metabolic Reset, we thank you for the wonderful success it has been. It's incredible. We're thrilled by it. And thirdly, get your friends and get your neighbors and get your family all to join the Martin Clinic private Facebook group. I love that group. What a wonderful community it is. Friday is Question and Answers, so don't be shy. Ask your questions. Okay, love you guys. Talk to you soon.

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