560. Digestive Issues Continued


Dr. Martin continues his teaching on digestive issues in today’s podcast. He shares two more reasons why 50% of the North American population has digestive issues… stress and fiber.

To someone who is already metabolically unwell, adding stress is like pouring gasoline onto the flame of inflammation. It makes things worse!

The fourth reason is that we bought the lie that we need fiber in our diets. Fiber is overrated and is the cause for a lot of our digestive issues.

Dr. Martin also shares some staggering facts about colorectal cancer and why so many children are obese.

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Dr. Martin:  Morning, everyone. Once again, welcome to another live. Hope you're having a great start to your day. We're going to look today at part two of digestive issues. We started yesterday. Remember the headline, okay, and this was incredible, 50% of the population have digestive issues. Either upper, meaning stomach, the upper GI, with the main symptom being acid reflux. Number two, the lower bowel, the gut, what we call the gut, from bloating to IBS to inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease, and diverticulosis. These things are in an epidemic proportion today, incredible.

As I mentioned yesterday, this really, really takes away from your quality of life. Now, let me just say one other thing before I talk about some other reasons. You know what one of the most frequent cancers is today and something that was very rare, especially amongst young people? Colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer, the numbers in North America are astounding, and especially amongst young people. I mean, in their forties, in their thirties, getting colorectal cancer. That was unheard of. That was unheard of at one time. Not that colon cancer hasn't been around for thousands of years, but not in the proportion it is today.

So yesterday, just a little bit of a recap, we talked about two of the big reasons. One, food. Guys, it's sugar. It's sugar and crappy carbohydrates. Remember what carbohydrates are, guys? Okay, if you look at it from biochemistry, what's a carbohydrate? You know how I always talk about fatty acids and why I love DHA, for example, because it's a long chain fatty acids, okay? Your body loves long chain fatty acids. But you know what your body doesn't love? Long chain glucose, because that's all a carb is. There's simple sugar and then there's a multitude of sugars. That's what carbohydrates are. They're just a longer chain of sugars. 

So at the end of the day, whether you're having a piece of bread or a chocolate bar, look, you don't really need carbohydrates, but I'm not telling you never to have a carbohydrate. Of course, on the reset, you're not having a carbohydrate. But I'm just saying that it's all sugar, guys. So don't fool yourself. Don't fool yourself. So two reasons that we talked about yesterday. Now, I'm going to give you a few more, but two of the big reasons why we see so many digestive issues, why we see so much colorectal cancer has to do with the diet. You're feeding the wrong army. The battle within the gut, the battle that takes place within the gut, you feed the wrong army. 

Sugar feeds the wrong army. It feeds bad bacteria and it doesn't feed your good guys. What happens is that you have an invasion into the body. You don't see it. Doctors are not trained to even look for it. I hate to be negative, but they're not. You almost have to slap a physician to talk to them about candida yeast. What? I remember several times in my practice that physicians are, "Tell that Dr. Martin there that if you ever got yeast or fungus in a bloodstream, it'll kill you," and they meant immediately. I used to say, "Well, your doctor's right. It will kill you, but it will be a slow death." You see, yeast, think about what yeast is, okay guys? Just for a second, think about what yeast is. Outside the body, what does it do? What does yeast do?

Makes things rise, right? You put yeast in bread. What does it do? It rises. It grows. Put it inside your body. It's an invasive species. A lot of times this is what's exactly going on even from one end of your body to the next. It is a fungal infection. It's a yeast infection. You see, medicine, and I understand that their training is viruses and bacteria, viruses and bacteria. So when you eat sugar and you live on sugar and kids today live on sugar, 200 pounds a year on average, 50 gallons, 50 gallons a year young people drink soda, 50 gallons of it on average. You want to talk about feeding the bears and disrupting the microbiome in the gut. 

Then you have number two, antibiotics. The greatest discovery of the 20th century became the curse of the 21st. I talked to you even about the virus that doctors... I get it. You go to the hospital or whatever, they're going to give you an antibiotic. They're worried about secondary infection and I understand that. Problem is, and we talked about this yesterday, you've got super bugs and those super bugs, they get into you, they will thrive in your gut. Today we see so much more of C. difficile. We see so much more of H. pylori that lives in the stomach. 

When you have a good stomach, you might have H. pylori, but it's kept asleep. It's kept down by your good stomach, the H. Pylori. Most of us have H. pylori. If they do a test, oh, you got H. pylori. Well, that doesn't mean it's bothering you. Then we have a condition that, believe me, I never learned in school. It was called SIBO, small intestinal bacterial infection, SIBO. It isn't even bacterial, guys. It's yeast. It's fungus. It's like when women get recurring urinary tract infections, it's not the bacteria anymore, guys. It's you have a fungal, a yeast infection along the walls of the bladder. 

Think about it, moisture. Yeast is the first cousin of mold. They're cousins. They love moisture. That's why they love your sinuses. You get chronic sinusitis, yeast, fungal. You better take care of it. Antibiotics, wonderful. But we've got big problems because of the overuse.

Now, number three. Okay, so those are the first two. Little recap. Number three. This is huge, guys. Why do we see 50% of the population with digestive issues, upper GI or lower GI? Why, why, why? Stress. Stress. Big problem. Now, listen, your body was built for stress. You got two organs called your adrenal glands. God gave them to you to deal with stress. You release cortisol. It's the fight or flight. It's normal. You scare me. Ooh. My blood sugar is going to go up. When you're in the fight or flight, think about it. Let's say a tiger is chasing you. You're not worried about digestion. You see. What stress is, it's a diversion. Think of it. 

That's all right if a tiger is really chasing you, but your body doesn't know the difference between a tiger chasing you and family dynamics that are driving you crazy. You’re worried and cortisol is being secreted all day long. You're not being chased by a tiger, but you got a tiger by the tail. You're never giving up and you're stressing going away. This is a big problem. This is one of the things that I talked about. Actually, there was a new study this morning, actually that I read about, again, let's talk about the virus just for a minute. You see, it's not normal. I have been very upset about the small thinking, the focusing on the virus in a sense that they've gone after the least vulnerable.

What do I mean by that? Well, you see folks, young people, young people, this isn't good for them. For a young person to wear a mask, it's not good for them. For a young person six feet apart and now they're talking about, oh, three feet's enough. Oh. Anyway, no, but guys, listen, I get the whole thing about the virus, but that the lockdowns, you know what it's killing? It's killing our young people. They don't get sick from COVID and they're not in school. They're locked down. It's not good for them. These are the unintended consequences. I talked to you about their mental health. This is not good for them. This is not good for them. 

The amount of depression and that... But guys, listen, this is another unintended consequence. I'm going to tell you something. When cortisol, and kids will secrete cortisol, they will be stressed. They might not know how to deal with it. They might not understand it. But what it does is it changes the microbiome in their gut. Kids are stressed. It's not normal. It's not good for them. It's the first time I think in recorded history that we've been more worried about the older generation than we have about the younger generation. I'm sure you, as a parent or a grandparent, you'd get in front of a bus to protect your kids, wouldn't you, or your grandchildren? It's natural. 

If I’d of known grandchildren are that much fun, I'd have had them first. But we're sacrificing them on the altar. It drives me mental. We are going to create all sorts of loneliness and stress. Guys, we're meant to be with each other. You're not meant to be a lone ranger and kids, especially. It's not good for them to be online all day. It's not. It's going to disrupt their bacteria in their gut. They're going to have major digestive issues. Nevermind all the other mental health issues. It's not right, guys. I've been screaming, screaming. I write to our members of parliament and this and that. I said, "I understand you want to do this. You want to do that and you think it's right. But I talked to medical officers of health. What the H? You're destroying young people."

Okay. No more rants. I wanted to stick to the digestive tract, but stress, guys, coming back to a huge, huge, huge issue in gut. You could have a little bit of yeast in your gut, and then you pour gasoline on the fire when you have stress. That's what stress does, guys. It pours gasoline on the flame of inflammation. Inflammation is a major, major factor in digestive issues. It's a major factor in acid reflux. It's a major factor in lower GI problems, is stress. Usually when someone has a real bad IBS, a real bad irritable bowel or inflammatory bowel disease, IBD, why? Why did they have inflammatory bowel disease? Yeah, fungus, parasites, severe irritation of the bowel. But stress pours gasoline on the flame. It pours gasoline on the flame.

Okay. Now, I'm going to be a little controversial. You guys know me. I've got the can't help its. I'm going to be a little controversial. But let me say one of the big reasons, one of the big reasons that we have so much digestive issues today is that we bought the lie 40 50 years ago, fiber, fiber, fiber. I saw an advertisement yesterday. I think it was Drew Barrymore. She got cereal boxes all around her and she says, "We need fiber. Give your kids fiber, give your grandchildren fiber and you need fiber. If you want to have a healthy gut, you need fiber, fiber, fiber." Not true. Not true. Not true. Drew Barrymore is not right. 

Guess what she had. Frosted flakes. She said that was her favorite. That's a way to start a kid's day. Not so much, not so much. You see, I'm just going to give you a little bit of physiology, okay? Because, again, it's almost like when I talk to you about meat versus plants, okay? Now, both are good. But in the thinking of this day and age, plants are up here and meat it’s barely tolerable. As a matter of fact, it's oftentimes avoid meat. It's carcinogenic. It's the opposite, guys. Now, let me just give you a blanket statement. Number one, in case you didn't know this, you're not a cow, in case you didn't know that. Cows eat fiber, grass, lots of fiber. Cows have four stomachs. You have one, you only got one. You're not meant to eat grass. That's what I call salad, glorified grass. 

You know how many times I have had to get... And ladies don't take it personally, okay? I'm using as an example, ladies, chicken and salad. I can't help but tell you about it because of digestive issues. How many women got digest... Well, doc, I got to have salad because I got to have my fiber. Fiber is overrated. Fiber is overrated. I'm not saying never have it. I'm just telling you it's overrated. You're not a cow. You're not a rabbit. You don't even make an enzyme called cellulase. When you're eating from the plant kingdom, you're not breaking all of that down because you don't even have an enzyme called cellulase. Rabbits do, cows do, you don't. By the way, a rabbit and a cow, you know what organ they don't have that you have? It's called your gallbladder. 

I always tell people, look, you wouldn't believe the pushback I get. Even here, guys, even here. Not much on here because you guys know me, but a lot of people, they can't handle it. Dr. Martin need science. Let me give you something scientific. You have a gallbladder. The only reason you will have trouble with your gallbladder is because when you don't use it. Oh, fat, that's not good. Yeah. Your gallbladder is made for fat. When we went stupid, stupid, fiber, not fat, we're destroying ourselves. You got a gall bladder. Why do you have a gallbladder? Because you're meant to eat fat and cholesterol. That's good for your bowel. 

Think of when you have a steak, the fat around it, get the fatty meat. It lubricates your gut. You know what you want in your gut? Not fiber. That often irritates your gut. You get somebody with the irritable bowel syndrome, I got them off, no more vegetables, very little fruit for a bit till I fix your gut. What doc? No. No cruciferous vegetable. That'll irritate your bowel. Spinach. Guys, can I ask you a question? You ever gone out for lunch or supper and then you had a spinach salad? I hope you're checking your teeth after. It gets stuck in your teeth. It gets stuck in your gut. What do you think diverticulosis is? You got little pouches. All that roughage gets stuck and then it gets infected and becomes diverticulitis. That's how that happens, guys.

Oh, you need more fiber. No, you need less fiber. You need more lubrication. You need the oil. You need fat. Fat is oil, guys. It'll lubricate your bowel. That's what peristalsis wants, guys. You know what peristalsis is? That's the movement of your feces? Peristalsis, you got a little microvilli there that move along your stool. Lubricate. Put 10W30 in there. It comes from fat. It greases down. That's why oil is so good for you, guys. Yeah. Can I say another thing? I'm going to say it anyways, even if you don't give me permission. No, but listen, fiber's overrated and water is underrated. Water is underrated. It's why we see so much digestive issues today. People are so stinking dehydrated.

Dr. Martin, I don't like water. Suck it up. Start drinking it. It's vitamin W and your bowel needs water, so does your stomach. You get acid reflux for generally two reasons. One, your insulin is too high. You're eating too much sugar. That's number one. Your body's going, "Hello. Now, I have acid reflux." It's not acid. It's the it's the pizza. I'm just going to eat what I want and take TUMS or whatever diet. When you get acid reflux, your body's screaming at you. Hello. You're eating bad food, too much sugar, too much carbohydrates. Stop. Plus, you're not drinking enough water. Your bowel, you know what, doesn't need fiber guys. It needs oil and water. That's what your bowel needs, oil, fat and water. Not fiber.

You know where fiber came from? The cereal companies. Dr. Kellogg, liars, liars, pants on fires. Cereal companies are liars. You need All-Bran. You know how many people in my generation and even my parents... Okay. They're all gone. To show you how old I am. My parents' generation just about they're off the plan, right? I'm at the plate, my generation. But they bought this whole thing about, well, I better have All-Bran. How can I start my day without All-Bran? I need fiber, fiber, fiber. No, you don't. You don't, you don't. It's created an enormous amount of digestive problems. 

Now, guys, listen, I understand this. So if you want to push back, that's fine. Okay. I can take it. I'm one of the very few people that scream this out. I'm sorry, guys. I've been saying this for so long and so consistent about it and I know that if you Google fiber, it's the greatest invention since sliced bread. No really, go on Google and every guru, every doctor, every association, every... Go on the colon cancer. You're not getting enough fiber. No, you're not getting enough oil, fat and you ain't getting enough water, babe. That's what your bowel needs. That's how your body operates. Lubricate and flush water, and only water is water. You know that. Only water is water. Nothing else is water. Just water. So don't try and fool yourself, okay?

Somebody was asking the other day about meal or whatever and you color your water. No, no, no. It's not the same. Now, your body has to break that down differently. It bugs me when you hear doctors say, "Well, water, you don't really need water. As long as you eat watermelon or something." Not the same, guys. It's not the same, okay? But fiber is extremely overrated. You know what, if fiber was everything they said it is, well then why do we have so much IBS problems? Why is it half the population, if not more, okay? I really rented today, didn't I? I love you, guys. Good you put up with it. I appreciate it. I get uptight, guys. I get uptight because I see such nonsense.

You're not a cow and you're not a rabbit. Remember that. You've been given a gallbladder and you don't have four stomachs. You were never meant to be a vegetarian or a vegan. You're not, okay? You're not. You got a gallbladder, okay? You got a gallbladder. Case closed. Okay. Now, tomorrow is Thursday. We're going have a morning session tomorrow, okay? So the all mornings this week, okay? Monday through Friday. Invite your friends and family to join the Martin Health private Facebook group, okay? We want to thank you. Tony Jr. and I thank you dearly for making The Metabolic Reset book the number one selling health book in Canada. I bet you, close, if it's not in the United States too. Numbers are astounding. We appreciate it. Guys, thank you for that. Thank you for your support. It's much, much appreciated, okay?

Friday will be question and answer Friday. So if you got any questions, now there's a few questions that were left off from Monday's session because we did question and answer on Monday. I'll answer those on Friday and any other questions that you would have, okay? So thank you very much. We love you guys very dearly. We appreciate you like you would not believe, okay? Talk to you soon. 

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