559. Digestive Issues and the Diet


Dr. Martin talks about another headline that 50% of the North American population has some form of digestive issues. It’s an epidemic, and Dr. Martin blames it on two things… diet and antibiotics!

In today’s podcast, Dr. Martin looks at how our bad diets and overuse of antibiotics are causing problems in the gastro-intestinal tract.

He talks about how sugar feeds bad bacteria in our gut, and that eliminating sugar from our diet will resolve 90% of digestive issues!

He also discusses how antibiotics are a double-edged sword… the greatest discovery, but also now a curse!

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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning, everyone. And once again, welcome to another live Facebook and then soon to be podcast, the Doctor Is In Podcast. We're so appreciative of you folks joining us. Thanks so much, guys. I am going to blow your socks off this morning with this headline. It blew me away. This is American statistics, but Canada-United States, when it comes to this kind of thing in the health wise. We're the same. Okay? 25% of Americans have gut problem and one-quarter of Americans have GERDs, that's acid reflux.

Here's the headline: 50% of the population in North America have some form of digestive problems. Now, guys, I don't know about you, but I would think that is really a tragedy, but it's more than not. It is a true epidemic. 50% of the population, half the population, have trouble with their GI, their gastrointestinal tract, either in the upper part, stomach and acid reflux, or their lower gut, IBS, IBD, Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, bloating, cramping, never feel good in the gut.

How many people even this morning, with us this morning, can identify exactly what I talk about? You know, what takes away from your quality of life? Think about that, is digestive issues. My God. My God. And you know what? It's no fun under the sun having digestive issue. Acid reflux or lower GI problem, constipation, diarrhea. Problems, problems, problems. Half, that's the headline this morning. Now, I want to talk to you about why, why we have these problems. Why is it today? Here we are in 2021 with half the population have GI problems.

Half. It might be more than that. It was certainly more than that in my practice. Obviously people come to see a doctor because they've got problems, although we had... Certainly I tried to encourage people even when they were feeling well to come in as a preventative thing and just get all the blood work done and this kind of thing, all the testing, hormonal testing, and what we used to do. Get it done. But the vast majority of people... You know what Jesus said? It's not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.

No, he was talking spiritually, but physically it's not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. Imagine half the population, according to this new research, half the population have some form of digestive issue, and I'm going to tell you the number one reason. You guys already know this, but I'm going to say it anyways. It's the diet. It is because more than half the population are carboholics. Carboholics. They live on carbs. They live on sugar. You have no idea how bad that is for your gut. Guys, your body is very intelligent.

Very intelligent. I've talked to you many, many, many a time about the war that goes on in your gut. When you get on a scale, take three pounds off. It's a good way to start, isn't it? Jump on a scale and take three pounds off. You know what those three pounds are? Bacteria. You got three pounds of bacteria in your gut. Remember the war, the war that goes on in your gut between good and bad. Good, bad, and ugly, I call it. Wasn't that a movie? The good, the bad, and the ugly? There's a war that goes on.

The problem with our diet in this day and age especially, when children especially are feeding the bad gut. Sugar feeds the bad bacteria. It feeds the bad army. Your crappy carbohydrates feed the bad army. And guess what? Whatever ones you feed are the ones that win. What are you feeding? If you're feeding your bad guys, guess what happens? Not only does the bad army grow, grow, grow, the good army is being defeated. I've mentioned this so many times, but you rarely hear this, guys.

When you talk about leaky gut, when they talk about bacteria, they talked about the war between the good and the bad, and it's all true. What often isn't mentioned is that third invasive army, yeast, fungus, candida. It's called in medicine candida albicans. And you know what? I have to bring you a little bit of this because you won't hear it. You rarely hear it. Hello, doctors, doctors, GI doctors, it's yeast, baby. They can't see it. They're not looking for it, and they don't treat it. Oh, you got digestive trouble.

Yeah. Why? Candida, fungus, and sometimes parasites. You see, you can pick up a parasite. We're surrounded by it. We don't live in a pristine environment, nor should we. You don't want to be living in a pristine environment. There's going to be bacteria all around and parasites all around. As long as you have a good army in there, your good bacteria will win the day. But if you only feed the bad guys and sugar especially feeds yeast, fungus, that takes over your gut, upper and lower. Yeast don't care. It's a bad, bad thing that happens in the body.

We talked about yesterday on question and answer. What is Dr. Martin's protocol even for MS? Well, think about MS, think autoimmune, it starts in the gut. It's a yeast infection that takes off into the bloodstream and gets into the brain. That's what MS is and that's what Parkinson's is. The diet. Don't feed the bears, we're told in Northern Ontario all the time. The government must think we're stupid or something. There's big signs on the highway, "Don't feed the bears." I don't go around feeding bears.

I remember my son, we were out exercising one day, and we were down on the trail in our hometown of Sudbury. And I said, "Tony, a couple of my patients were telling me that they saw bears on this trail." He said, "Dad, I'm not scared of bears." "No?" He said, "No, I can outrun you." He says, "You're in trouble. Not me." I said, "Thanks a lot." I said, "You wouldn't give yourself up for your dad?" "Nope," and he shouldn't either. No, but seriously guys, don't feed the bears. Your diet is so important. This is one of the big reasons for the reset.

It's amazing what happens in your gut if you don't feed bears, you don't feed yeast, or you don't even feed parasites. Parasites love sugar. They love crappy carbohydrates. It's the number one reason. When you read a statistic that says 50% of the population have digestive issues, you have to start with changing the diet. You got friends, you got family, you have people that you know that have digestive issues. I don't care what digestive issue they have. "Oh doc, I got acid reflux." It is sugar.

90 something percent guys, 90 something percent, once they get rid of sugar in their diet, it's amazing how much better GERDs gets. Because again, repetition, repetition, when your body has acid, it's because, first of all, it doesn't have enough. And then the reflex of your body... Your body is so intelligent. Well, you're not making enough acid. I've got to make acid. Your stomach is a furnace, guys.

But when you feed your stomach sugar, nevermind what it does to your blood sugar, nevermind what it does to insulin, but it lowers your acidity in your stomach and your stomach overreacts to that. And now the proton pumps start pumping up acid and it's going up your esophagus. Have you ever had acid reflux? I haven't had much acid reflux. I haven't had much in my lifetime. Thank God. I got a good stomach really. But every once in a while when I eat at night or whatever and I've been a bad boy, I get acid reflux.

And you know what? It ain't no fun, babe. It's terrible. But it's the body screaming, "Hello? Hello? I want to get your intention. Listen, Linda, quit eating crappy carbohydrates." That's what your body's screaming. It's a reflex. Your body's trying to help you out. "Hey you, would you change your diet?" Not easy, is it? Not easy when you're a carboholic, but you're feeding. When you have GERDs, when you have that acid coming up, your body's just yelling at you. I often talk about SIBO, small intestine bacterial infection.

They call it SIBO. It's not bacteria. There might be bacteria there, but it's not bacteria, guys. It's yeast. It's amazing what happens when you get rid of candida, and you will get rid of candida by taking probiotics, digestive enzymes, and don't feed the bears. Don't feed the bears. Diet, diet, diet. Half the population. Half the population. I feel sorry for young people because they have been lied to, right? They're being lied to every day. Make sure you have cereal because you don't want to have bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Make sure you have your cereal because Frosted Flakes are great. No, they're not. They're great to feed yeast and give you digestive issues. The number one reason is your diet. You need to change the diet. The reset actually gives your gut a rest. It does. For 30 days, you give it a rest. So important. You're only feeding good guys. You're going to refeed and build the good army of your bacteria in there. Remember that war that goes on. Okay? Sugar in the diet. Sugar in the diet. Number two. The number two reason...

Number one is your diet. Here's another one, especially in early life, antibiotics. You know what they're saying about COVID-19 now? They've actually got a headline, but I'll read it to you after. You know what they're saying about COVID the virus? If anyone has to go to the hospital for COVID, and I understand the protocol, but let me just explain it to them. What they're doing is because they don't want you to get secondary infection in the lungs and whatever. It's a virus. Antibiotics do nothing for a virus. And I understand why doctors give out...

This is a headline, by the way, and I'll find it for you afterwards. What they're saying is we're going to develop all these new superbugs, bacterial superbugs, because they're going to have a resistance to the antibiotics. You see, bacteria are smart. You can't see them. You can barely see them. You can barely see them if you've got a microscope. In the office, we used to have fun because we used to look at blood, and you would see… ask Ginette, ask Nicole, ask Brandi because every once in a while, you'd get a real show.

And I say, "You see that bacteria?" "Yeah, a little thing, a little parasite moving in the blood," because the blood was live. Put it under a microscope, this powerful 3,200 power microscope, and then you see this white blood cell moving. It would chase the bacteria. As a matter of fact, if you Google it, I think you could probably find it. Maybe on YouTube or Google. Watch a live white blood cell go after bacteria. You know what? The problem is, a big problem in society today, is the overuse of antibiotics. And bacteria are smart.

They develop a resistance to it. This is why you have such superbugs. They're called superbugs. Please don't take this the wrong way. I don't mean it the wrong way. I needed to give you the truth, but don't take it the wrong way. You know where the most dangerous place in the world to go is? Afghanistan? No. I don't know, Venezuela? No. Where's the most dang... The hospital. And please, if you're very sick, go to the hospital. Don't call me. Many times a year I used to talk to patients and I say, "Well, you better go to the hospital and get that checked done. Go to emergency."

So please, okay? I'm just making a point, but true. One of the worst places is the hospital. Why? You can pick up a superbug. They're called C. difficile. I understand French. C. difficile. C difficile. They're difficult to treat because they're resistant to antibiotics. One of the biggest things we're seeing today is selling cellulitis. It's unbelievable. They get an infection in their tissue. You know how it starts? It can go up with a little cut in your finger and then it starts to take off into the arm. You could lose your arm.

You get an infection in your skin, in your legs, and it goes into the deep tissue. It's called cellulitis. Why is that? Superbugs. In the 1970s, cellulitis? What? What is that? Unless somebody had all their lymph nodes taken out or whatever, you never saw cellulitis. Today, it's like an epidemic today. Why? Superbugs. Antibiotics are a double-edged sword, guys. They save your life 100%. The greatest discovery. You know me, the greatest discovery of the 20th century were antibiotics, guys. The greatest discovery, but they become like a curse of the 21st.

They are overused. You never want to give an antibiotic for someone that has a cold. It's viral. It's not a bacteria. And then, oh yeah, but you know what? You got kids with ear problems. I get it. I get it. They're crying, "Mommy." I get it, but it's viral. The problem with the antibiotic, especially in the early age, it disrupts all of the gut. Five days of an antibiotic destroys all the good bacteria and now you get an invasion. You can't see it. It's microscopic. But I'm telling you, it can take over your gut.

I'm telling you, it's at the root of all autoimmune disease. Why do we see so much autoimmune today? Antibiotics. Now, look, please, don't misquote me or misunderstand what I'm saying. They will save your life if you have an infection. What choice do you have? You have to take an antibiotic. I'm not against that, but understand even with your child or your grandchildren, if they're taking anti... Please, please, please replace that bacteria. Replace the good, guys. People ask me, "Doc, who should be on probiotics?"

Everyone. There's a blood test. Prick your finger. If it comes out red, you need a probiotic. Two things. One, diet. Don't feed the bears. If you want someone that has Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis or diverticulosis, IBS... When a doctor says you've got IBS, by the way, "Oh, you have IBS." "What, doc?" I didn't have to come to the doctor to find out that my bowel was irritated. Usually when they say IBS is because they don't know what it is. Guys, it's usually one of those two things, your diet, antibiotics in your past.

I was a big guy in practice with history. Give me your history. Give me your history. Give me your history. Lots of antibiotics in your life. "Oh yeah. Well, doc, I had a lot of urinary tract infections and sinus infections. Every year I would get a real bad sinus infection. I have to take an antibiotic." I get it. I understand that. And now you have all sorts of other issues. It's a double-edged sword, guys. Double-edged sword. I feel for people that have got digestive issues. They got a very tender, very, very finicky gut, and they have to be careful.

Let me close with this and I probably have to do two sessions on this. What else notes I have? Yup, I got to do two sessions. Let me make a blanket statement. If you have digestive issues, put your hand up. I've got digestive issues. Variety in food, I tell people, "That's overrated." Ask the girls. Here's what I used to say in the office probably 20 times a week. Rope in your diet. What do I mean by that? Quit eating a var... "Oh doc, I love this. I love that. I love this. I love that." Yeah, but it doesn't love you.

Take your diet and I know you love variety. But if you lived a hundred years ago, do you think you had the variety of food? You lived off the land. You know what I mean? Whatever you could grow and whatever the farmer beside you grew, you had cattle, and you had your chickens, and you had your eggs. You know what I'm saying? Today, we got... "Oh doc, I love a vari... I love food. I'm so tired." Listen, you know how many times I hear this on the reset? "I get so tired of eggs, meat, and cheese. Eggs, meat, and cheese. I'm tired of it."

Why? I'm never tired of coffee. I've been eating bacon and eggs or sausage and eggs. I'm 69 years old. I don't eat cereal ever. Do I get tired of bacon and eggs? No. Every day I like it. "Oh doc, what about variety?" Not if you got digestive issues. Cut out the variety. Eat only what doesn't bother you. "But they're having this one." You can't have it. You can't. Don't let it bother you so much. You'll get over it. Suck it up, buttercup. It ain't easy, but suck it up, man. You can't have that. I used to tell patients every day, "Can't eat that anymore."

"What?" "Well, does it bother you?" "Yeah, it bothers me." "Well, stop eating that." "Do you mean it?" "Well, look at the space. Yeah, I mean it." Oh, I used to have so much fun with people. I had more fun because I'm an expression guy. I should, "Stop. See the stop sign? Stop eating it." "Yeah, but I like it." "Yeah, but it don't like you. It doesn't like you. You can't digest it." "Oh doc, I got to have my milk. I have lactose-free milk." "Nah, stop. You and milk don't get along. Why are you trying to force the issue?" Stop it.

Your GI is screaming at you, but you insist on irritating it. You guys are great for putting up with my rant. But remember the headline now, 50% of the population, man oh man oh man, have upper GI or lower GI or both problems with their gut. Incredible, isn't it? Love you guys dearly. Now, look, if you're not a member of our private Facebook group, little advertising, please join our group. Our new book, The Metabolic Reset, the number one selling book in Canada, is available again. If you haven't got a copy of our new book, The Metabolic Reset, it is worth reading, man.

It is worth reading. And you know what? I'm in the KISS category. Keep it simple stupid. That's me. I try and write the way I speak. I want you to understand. I'm not writing to medical doctors. Well, as a matter of fact, I learned this over the years. You got to talk to doctors simple too. You really do. Make it simple for them so that they understand. The book is available. Probably we will do question and answer again on Friday. I missed some yesterday, and I will go over that list too and add to the ones that I didn't answer yesterday, because I started ranting again. Love you, guys. And talk to you soon.

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