552. Bad Oils And Gallbladder Health


Gallbladder issues are an epidemic today… and they seem to affect women the most!

Why is this? It’s because women don’t eat enough saturated fats!!

As Dr. Martin says in regards to the gallbladder, use it or lose it!

In today’s podcast, Dr. Martin discusses the gallbladder and why we see so many issues today.

He will discuss a study on polyunsaturated fatty acids (bad oils) as a reason for so much gallbladder disease. 

He will also talk about a study about cooking with vegetable oils and how it increases aldehydes (toxins) in the body.

Are you worried about the health of your gallbladder? Don’t miss this episode!


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Dr. Martin:   Oh, good morning. Once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great day. So study came out yesterday, I have a feeling you're never going to hear this anywhere else, but I got to bring it to you because it's really interesting. Okay. So now, I want you to put your thinking caps on. And, a lot of you guys will know this answer right away. Why is there so many people, okay, so many people, especially women, but it's not exclusively to women, why are so many people developing gallstones and disease gallbladder? Okay. So why is it an epidemic today? Why are so many people developing gallstones and have their gallbladders removed? Why is it that women, more than men have trouble with gallstones? Now again, I'm just going to wait, let me see if someone comes up and just puts that up.

But again, I want you to think about this where the Martin Clinic comes from, okay, and you guys are great. Too much lettuce Joss, see. Yeah. Ladies. Okay. So the Martin Clinic, for years I've been saying this, in my opinion, there's nobody else that has ever said it. Why do we get so much problems with the gallbladder today as compared to 50 years ago? Okay. It's not that nobody ever had trouble with gallbladder, but it's up around 300% higher in the last 50 years. Why is that? Well, Joss had it right, she said lettuce. You're not a rabbit. I have been saying for years consistently that you as a human being, you're meant to eat saturated fat. Okay. Saturated fat. Your gallbladder is a storage center for bile. You need cholesterol to make bile. And, it's a reservoir for that bile. What does bile do? Okay. So you know this, bile emulsifies fat. A cow doesn't have a gallbladder.

Why is that? Because, cows eat grass. Okay. They eat grass. So, they don't have a gallbladder. They don't need a gallbladder. Why did God give you a gallbladder? Because, you're meant to eat animal products. In animal food, you have saturated fat. For the world, for 50 years, they've said, "Ooh, that'll give you cholesterol." "That saturated fat, that's what's in your blood vessels, oh, you're going to have heart disease." Lie, lie, lie, liar, liar, pants on fire, brought to you by the cereal companies. They lie. Don't have bacon and eggs, have our cereal. And I saw online yesterday, Jocelyn, she has a puzzle with all these cereals.

And I said, "Joce, I hope you're not eating those things." You can make a puzzle with them, but they were cereal boxes. What a lie. You were given a gallbladder to consume saturated fat. You need it. Every cell in your body needs cholesterol. Every cell in your body needs saturated fat. Your brain is made up of fat, but lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. And even today, even today, if you talk to nine out of 10 gurus who have much education in nutrition, okay, I'm not talking about physicians. Physicians don't get a lot of education in nutrition, they just don't. I know doctors that have gone to medical school for 11 years and didn't even get a half an hour of nutrition. So, if you're going to go ask your doctor about nutrition, I actually talked yesterday to a cancer patient. And, the cancer patient knew more about nutrition than the oncologist.

The oncologist said, "Well, sugar doesn't do anything for cancer." "And no, you don't have to worry about your diet," like what's that got to do with cancer? And, this person knew more about nutrition than the oncologist, but they're not trained in nutrition. It's too bad, it should be a big part of their training, but it isn't. Is that going to change? I hope, but will I see it in my lifetime? Probably not. Okay. So, back to the gallbladder. We have an epidemic today of gallbladder disease, from the lack of use, ladies chicken and salad, salad and chicken. Now, chickens good. The salad, look, please, we have sort of a cancer culture today and people get uptight really quickly. And, I know I'm controversial, but follow me here. I've been saying this for so long, it drives me crazy. Use it or lose it.

You have an organ you need to use. And sometimes after the reset, even when they start the reset, because they've never eaten like this for years, they never had bacon and eggs every day. And, the gallbladder's going, "Holy moly." I've gone years without use, and now you're using me, and sometimes you can stir that pot, but your gallbladder is so important. Now, can you live without it? Yes, you can. For you ladies that are watching today and the odd man, if you don't have a gallbladder, okay, your bile is not made in your gallbladder, your bile is made in your liver. Your gallbladder is just a little storage poach. Now, I haven't even got to the headline. So, you're following me here. When you don't use your gallbladder, which you're meant to use, if you were meant to be a vegetarian, if you were meant to be a vegan, God wouldn't have given- you a gallbladder, you wouldn't need it. It's one of the arguments I make with young people today. Okay, and I love them, but they're wrong.

And, this meatless craze with Bill Gates and the rest, they're going to tax meat. They're going after farmers and oh, it makes me lose my hair, stress. It's not true. It's a lie. And, even some doctors who know nothing about nutrition will tell you, "Well, you know what?" "You better not have too much red meat if you got cancer." "That's worse than it must be." Nah, it's not. So, you were given a gallbladder for a reason. Use it, you'll be healthier. Now, here's another one, just came out yesterday. And again, I'll be shocked if you hear this anywhere else. I hope you do, but I'm not waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with this study that was like Barry, you wouldn't believe, you know how many layers I went down to find this study, but here's what it said. Okay.

And, let me read it to you or this is strictly for your gallbladder. PUFAs. You know what PUFAs are? Polyunsaturated fatty acids. Okay. Unsaturated fat. Okay. Because the world said, "This is good for you." The world said, "This was good for you." PUFAs, polyunsaturated fatty acids. Okay. Not saturated fat, unsaturated fat. Okay. So, PUFAs Unsaturated Fat in the Wall of the Gallbladder, this is the headline, is Another Reason So Many People Have Gallbladder Disease, PUFAs. Now, what are PUFAs? What are polyunsaturated fatty acids? PUFAs are not made in nature. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are made in a lab. Now, I am on page 69 of my book. Okay. My newest book. Okay. There's page 69. There is the reset. I know many of you have it. Thank you very much. Number one in Canada, I'm going to venture to say one of the number one books in North America.

Thanks to you guys. By the way, publisher told us yesterday that we should be back in stock next week, so stay tuned for that guys, for those who didn't get our book, or for your friends and whatever. Okay. Again great, okay. So, let me go to page 69 in the book and good fat for your gallbladder. Good for everything. Okay. Good versus bad. And, you see a chart there. So, I put it right out there for you. Okay. So, saturated fats in nature. Saturated fats are, the way God intended, now listen, butter, tallow, lard, palm oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, those are good oils. So, you want a healthy gallbladder, use it, and use it with the right oils, the right fat saturated, dripping butter. Oh, Dr. Martin butter. Ooh, can't be good. Yes it is. Yes it is. Lard. Lard, yes. Lard, no, bad oils made by man.

If you read the history, I've put some of that history in the book. Okay. I put history of nutrition in the book. What was the first fast food? Bread, because man got a hold of bread in the late 18 hundreds and they changed. Okay. So, when you read about man shall not live by bread alone, okay, and you read about bread, by the way I love bread, okay, I could live on bread. I know I can, but I could. Okay. But, bread up till about 1880 was actually much better for you, lower in carbohydrates. Why? Because they crushed by hand the grain and you got all the vitamins, and you got all the minerals in there, and you got much lower carbohydrate, until men gets a hold of it and they want to mass produce bread. So, what did they do? They used porcelain rollers and they eliminate all of the B vitamins and all of the protein, very little protein.

And, it's all fast food. Bread today, you go, "I don't care, oh Dr. Martin, it’s 17 grain." It don't matter. It's going to make your insulin go crazy in five minutes. And, this is why I tell people, "Look, you're a diabetic, you can't have bread." "What?" I said, "Well, you can't, you have an allergy to carbs, cut it out." Okay, I don't want to go on a [inaudible 00:14:02]. So, let me give you the list of PUFAs, polyunsaturated fatty acids. Got it. Here's PUFAs, canola. What's Canada doing? Can, Canada, it's Canada oil, canola, a lot of money in it. Okay, but it's man-made. Canola oil is polyunsaturated fatty acids. So, you look at it in a container and a lot of people's minds, "Well, that's of better oil than that fat, saturated fat." But no, it's not. Soybean oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, safflower oil, grape seed oil, margarine, man-made.

These things are man-made, they're seed oils. And again, because that has gone up about a thousand percent, the consumption of that, it's made the gallbladder disease, because what they're seeing is... Okay. And, I'll read you the headline again. PUFAs In the Wall Of the Gallbladder, Another Reason that so many stones and disease, the gallbladder gets diseased using the wrong oil. It's meant to store bile when you're using the wrong oil. Because, a lot of people don't realize that you go out even for chicken fingers, okay, you go to a restaurant, you order French fries, okay. What oil was I cooked in? PUFAs, 99% of the time. It's that oil that's bad, because one, it's denature, it's not nature. It's denature. It elevates your level of Omega six compared to Omega three. Omega six, you can eat a peanut and you get some Omega six.

Okay. So, there are ways of getting better Omega sixes, peanuts, but don't cook with that oil. And, the oil is in every packaged goods. Go to the middle aisles of your grocery stores. What are you going to get? PUFAs, from crackers to breads, to whatever. In the middle aisles of your grocery store, it's hydrogenated oil, PUFAs. Your gallbladder hates it. Your gallbladder smart, because that's not saturated fat, that's unsaturated. And, it's part of the disease. One, you're not using saturated fat. If I went door-to-door here, okay. I went door-to-door and just did a survey, and I asked 99 out of a 100 people just about here's the answer I get, "Well, like eggs, how many eggs should I eat a week doc?" "One or two?" "How about a hundred?" Because, they have this in their mind that, that's bad. There's cholesterol in it. It's got saturated fat that's going to clog up your artery.

A lot of people don't know much about medicine, but that's an answer that 99 out of a hundred will give you. Meat can't be good for you and eggs can't be... Get a limit. Cheese limited, because it's got saturated fat. Well, its just the opposite. Isn't that interesting? People are losing their stinking gallbladders because of the wrong fat. And, they stay away from eating saturated fat. They're eating chicken. Okay. Chickens, all right. You know me, I'm making a point, because women love salad and then they lose the gallbladder. Now, it's not the end of the world to lose your gallbladder. Let me do this here, because I'm going to just tie this in here this morning, because I found this study. Another one, this is really fascinating with PUFAs.

I found this, Cooking with vegetable Oils... "Vegetable oils doc, got to be good, canola and all these vegetable oils must be good for you." No, they're not. They're man made oils. Sounds good, they give them a title of vegetable oils, but they're not good for you. By the way, can I just say this? Olive is a fruit. Now, you don't put it in a fruit salad, but olives are fruits.

I remember, I don't know what day one or day two in nutrition, when I... I didn't know that. I always thought olives, they're vegetables. I love olive oil, but I never particularly liked eating olives. I mean, they're so good for you. Okay, listen to this. Cooking with vegetable oils increases toxic aldehydes, I'm going to explain that to you in a second, By 1 to 200 Times. So, when you go to a restaurant and they're using peanut oil, or canola oil, very inexpensive and they recook it, that's one of the worst things they do, is every time they make a batch of French fries, they should throw that oil out. I mean, I wouldn't use that oil anyway, because when you heat it up, ooh, you get... Do you know what they're saying? Aldehydes. Now, why is that significant?

We've been talking about cancer. If you go back a few podcasts, I'll be talking about breast cancer taking over in terms of numbers. Breast cancer taking over in terms of numbers, not of deaths, but of numbers. It's a number one cancer today, is breast cancer. That and prostate. Whenever ladies, you hear breast cancer, men's ears are to perk up, because prostate cancer, in my opinion is the same cancer caused by insulin and estrogen. Okay. But anyway, I just wanted to say that. Now, we talked about breast cancer overtaking lung cancer in numbers, but not in deaths. The number one death causing cancer in North America is lung cancer. Even though smoking has gone down this way, the reason there's so much death from lung cancer, specifically lung cancer is aldehydes.

What is an aldehyde? It is a free radical. It's a toxin. You know me, I've talked about free radicals. Aldehydes used to happen in the lungs, very damaging to the lungs as a side effect of smoking. If you go back 50, 60 years, they didn't even know smoking was bad for you. I told you the story of my father, who just went cold turkey. Came home one day and I think I was 10 years old. They said, "I'm not smoking anymore, it causes cancer." Oh okay, I was like okay dad, whose cigarettes am I going to steal? Okay. But, here's what we know about it. Smoking cause aldehydes to go up, toxins big time in the lung. But today, you would think, "Well, the vast majority of people don't smoke." You can't even go into a restaurant, there's no smoking allowed, you can fly in a plane. You couldn't come to my office and smoke in my office, you couldn't do it. I remember as a kid going up to my dad's office after school and all his patients were there... Ashtray every two feet, I lived like that. That's the way it was. But then, my generation, you never smoked in my office, I guarantee you that. But aldehydes, whoa, smoking, cancer. But today, aldehydes still up there. And, people are not smoking like they used to. Lung cancer is still the number one killer.

How did that happen when they're not smoking? PUFAs, vegetable oil, using vegetable oils in cooking. The worst thing is aldehydes, is cooking with canola oil and that kind of oil because it creates aldehydes in the lungs, which causes cancer. And, that's why you see not a reduction in cancer rates. And guys, just a little point, why are people waiting? Because I saw it yesterday, early detection of cancer, early detection, that's medicine. Early detection. Look guys, I'm not against early detection. What I'm against is why don't they talk about prevention? The only thing they ever did when it comes to prevention is tell people to quit smoking, good for them, the Cancer Society, the Heart Association and all that, they said, "Stop smoking." Yeah. 100%. Imagine an oncologist yesterday saying to one of my patients, "You know what?" "Food isn't important with cancer."

Ooh, it's the most important thing and they're showing it now, the aldehydes causing lung cancer, is from using the wrong cooking oil. PUFAs, It'll destroy your gallbladder and it'll destroy your lungs, brought to you by the Martin Clinic. You wouldn't believe how far I had to dig to get these stories. They're just not making mainstream. Don't wait for mainstream. Okay. You guys agree? Okay. I want to thank you for watching these programs every day. I have to thank our audience. Okay. I mean it. I thank you guys, faithful, faithful followers. We appreciate it. I think we have somewhere around 10, 11,000 people in our private Facebook Group. We appreciate that too. Invite your friends, invite your family. You know where I come from. You know where I come from. I just say this quickly, every once in a while, you'll still see it.

I've been out of practice now for a year. Okay. Out of practice in terms of seeing individuals, I love practicing, I did. 46 years. But, my goal and I used to tell my staff this all the time, was to get to the masses. I wanted to bring the message of true science in nutrition to the masses. It's because of you guys that it's been so successful. Okay. And, I thank you for that. You have had a big part in that. And, we got one of the most popular programs on Facebook, because of you guys. And, we thank you for that. Our podcast, one of the number one health podcast in North America, that's you guys. And even the book, write a new book and you have made it a best seller, that's you guys. So, I'm patting you on the back for putting up with me and our rants on a daily basis. Okay. Love you guys. And, Friday is question and answer Fridays, so stay tuned for that. Okay. Talk to you soon. Love you.

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