548. Strong Indicators Of Insulin Resistance


Dr. Martin wraps up his 3-part series on insulin in today's podcast.

He discusses the strong indicators that you have insulin resistance, as well as the three seeds of disease, fruit and what he thinks about juicing vegetables!

He also talks about the kidneys, cholesterol, sarcopenia, the plant diet... and more!

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Dr. Martin:   Well good morning, everyone. And welcome again to another live this morning. So what we've been talking about the last few days, the overarching principle, I've been trying to bring out to you is 88%, according to the CDC tells us that we're very unhealthy, very unhealthy. And they didn't say why, they called it metabolically 88% of the population is not well. Now they're thinking obesity, they're thinking high blood pressure. They're thinking bad triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol levels. That's what they're thinking. And I don't disagree with any of that, but you have to understand that those there are symptoms. They're findings, but there's the principle before it, it's the cause of it.

And you guys know us at the Martin Clinic because we always talk about the three seeds of disease. Leaky gut, Hippocrates was right. He said that, in 2000 years ago, the father of medicine said, "All disease starts in the gut." So that's us, we're big on that. You got auto-immune, you got leaky gut. Leaky gut, leaky lungs, leaky gut, leaky skin, leaky gut, leaky sinuses, leaky gut, leaky joints, leaky gut, leaky liver, leaky gut, leaky kidneys, leaky gut. The gut is connected. The bacteria, the microbiome. And we talk about that and I will continue to talk about that because medicine is finally catching up. That they're starting to look at bacteria much differently than they used to because to them, unless you had an infection, they didn't see the importance of a good microbiome.

And from birth, I mean that. Babies, it happens right there in the placenta, where leaky gut can start in a baby. And I believe that it's a huge connection with autism and ADD and ADHD and all these issues. Brain, the big gut brain connection that's one. Two is, oxidative damage, aging of the body. You can't get away from that, but you can accelerate. So oxidative damage, what medicine calls free radical damage is a big factor too. And one of them, one of the ways your body oxidizes is in medicine, they call it glycation. And glycation, they have a form for it, in the name called AGE, it's perfect because it's aging of the body. It glycates the tendons and whatever, but you see oxidation, what does it come from? Bad environment. All these chemicals that we talk about all the time, the xenoestrogens and the plastics and what's in the air, what's in the water, what's on the planet? I mean, you can't get away from it.

So there's the gut, which is connected to everything. There is oxidative damage and this is a two-edged sword because oxidation, you want to age yourself rapidly, then eat sugar because not only will that elevate your insulin, which we have been talking about the last few days, but it will elevate your glycation and glycation will give you generally an itis. What do I mean by that? Well, tinnitus, tendonitis, arthritis, people that have pain all the time. This is why the reset has been so good for so many people, the testimonies are incredible. They were taking it maybe for other reasons, and they find, "My pain is really diminished." Well yeah, because your oxidative damage in glycation has gone down. We put out an email this morning on inflammation from high circulating insulin, you got pain? You got to look at your diet.

And if you take something for pain, I got no problem with that, but that's a band-aid. It's not fixing it. It's a bandaid. Now, if you wrecked your knee playing sports or whatever, and you got arthritis, but even then, you're going to lower the amount of inflammation in your body, when you lower your oxidative damage, fix your leaky guy and lower your high circulating insulin. Now, yesterday I used an illustration ... Well, I use it all the time for insulin, secreted every time you eat, but the amount is very dependent on what you're eating. So you have the traffic cop, you have the jail guard, that if you want to lose weight, if you have insulin in the way, it's the jail guard. It will not allow you to get rid of fat. Why? Because insulin's job is to turn sugar into fat and then store it. And we talked about that, in the muscles, in the liver.

And then I brought out, because I talked about this yesterday. When I go on a plane, I take this, because it's amazing how many things I can get in here. It has all these compartments. So I opened it up. There's the big one. I often put my clothes in there and it's a little bit smaller one. And then there's a third one. For those who will be listening on a podcast. And then I got all these compartments in the front, I can put my laptop in there and I can put my ... All those things. It's amazing how many compartments it has, but that's what insulin does, guys. Insulin makes fat compartments out of your sugar and it'll put it mostly around the liver because there's no more room in the liver, the liver is full.

And then we talked about check engine light. This can happen guys, over a long period of time. It usually doesn't come overnight. Kids are canaries in the coal mine today because of the amount of sugar they're eating, the amount of sugar they're eating. They're getting fatty liver as kids. They were never meant to eat the amount of sugar, 200 pounds. And you know what's worse? Is when they drink sugar, there's nothing worse than drinking fructose or sugar, if you're going to have a fruit ... Kids, won't get fat on fruit. Kids won't get fat on fruit. If they eat oranges and apples and grapes or whatever, look, if you got trouble with insulin and you know what I'm like with that, then I want you to limit your fruit. And we'll talk about that in a minute. But what I'm saying is, kids will never get ... You give a kid a banana, it's better giving them a banana. I mean, kids won't get fat on fruit. It's when they drink their fruit, when they have soda, when they have juice, apple juice, orange juice, that's the worse thing you can give them.

Look, sodas, orange juice, no difference. Would you give you a kid that Pepsi for breakfast? Of course not. But when you give them orange juice and when you make a smoothie, don't make it with juice. When I see in the mall, these juice places, I feel like getting in front of being ... You can't have this. You can't, you are spiking your insulin through the roof, through the roof, don't drink juice. You can put a few berries in a smoothie. You can put a few berries in a smoothie. No problem with that. But don't drink juice. Don't put orange juice in there or apple juice. Don't juice it. And this is why even juicing vegetables, I'm not big on that. "Oh, Dr. Martin, it's a green juice." Yeah, I know. But if you're having cancer and all that, I know they want to tell you that makes you alkaline and carrot juice. I'm sorry. I think it spikes your insulin way too much, way too much. You know what I'm saying? Put a few berries in your smoothies. That's all right. But a few blueberries or strawberries or raspberry, whatever you like in berry, but don't put a lot of them in there. Your biggest thing with your smoothie is your protein and your cream and coconut milk, if that's what you use, good for you. No milk, you can have cream not milk.

So again, yesterday we talked about low energy, weight, gain, sleep issues, digestive issues, overactive bladder, then all of the itises, Achilles tendon. Tendonitis in your elbow, it doesn't want to go away and plantar fasciitis. You know how many times I hear plantar fasciitis? I got plantar fasciitis. And I tell them, "It's not just a foot problem. It's an insulin problem." And they look at me, a lot of people, like I got two heads on. "What's my foot got to do with food?" Lots, because insulin, the bad neighbor coming over all the time, the pesky neighbor is creating inflammation and you might not have ever put that together. Medicine, I hate to be negative, never puts that together. You have to understand the reset is mint. And Lucy's asking about frozen shoulder, it can be, it can be insulin.

Now, I'm not saying that it's only insulin. You might've hurt yourself. You get a frozen shoulder, then it never heals. Cut the carbs out, cut the sugars out, do the reset for 30 days. Really important to do that.Now, let's go over the strong indicators, the strong indicators. Obesity is a strong indicator that you have insulin problems because remember what insulin is doing, insulin is storing, insulin is storing. It's a storage hormone. It's a growth hormone. Not for muscles. You got to have muscles to store the sugars as fat. You got to have muscles, but if you don't it'll store fat, man. Big time, big time. Obesity and I said this to you, a lot. Belly fat, look at your belly. That is what we call a sugar belly. We used to call it beer belly. It's a sugar belly. Look at the kids, go to the mall, look at people. And you know what you never used to see? I mean, hardly ever, but it's so common today, is a woman with a belly. Look at the movies in the '50s and the '60s or whatever. Women are like, they're this big, but today it's changed. So you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out things are changing.

So belly fat, high blood pressure. These are strong indicators, strong indicators. So the other ones were, check the engine light. These are strong. If you got these, that's the first thing you ought to look at. It's the first thing you ought to look at, your diet. You see that's the connection. The connection is your diet. The connection is food. High belly fat, high blood pressure isn't that a thing today? High blood pressure. There's more medication that is sold for high blood pressure than ... Well, the only ones higher is cholesterol medication. I we'll talk about that in five seconds. High blood pressure, it's your body saying "Hello." Because your kidneys are affected by sugar. It's not, "Oh, Dr. Martin. I got protein in my urine. I must be eating too much protein." No, you're not eating too much protein. As a matter of fact, you're not eating enough protein and you're eating too many carbohydrates, which is increasing your insulin, which affects your kidneys. Ask a diabetic. They'll tell you about kidney problems.

Guys, that is so key. Kidneys, and kidneys will elevate your blood pressure. Kidneys will elevate your blood pressure. High triglycerides, now we're getting into heart disease and stroke. Your triglycerides are three fat balls that come from sugar. They don't come from fat. They come from stored sugar. When the suitcase is full, your triglycerides go up, if your triglycerides go up ... It's a teeter-totter, triglycerides go up and your good cholesterol comes down. It's the exact opposite of what you want. You want your good cholesterol, HDL to go up and your triglycerides to go down. And this is the number one cause of heart disease, number one. Food. High triglycerides, low HDL. When you get your HDL up by eating more eggs, meat, and cheese, you are lowering your triglycerides. You're elevating your good cholesterol. And then the teeter-totter, good cholesterol, HDL. Triglycerides go down. That's what happens. That's what happens. That's why the reset. That's why you want to do it.

You need to eat 15% of your cholesterol, God will do the rest, 85% comes out of the liver. God don't trust us. We don't eat enough cholesterol. I guess he was looking down at times and looking to 2020 and 2021, look at these foolish people. They bought the lie that cholesterol, which is only found in animal products, they're not going to eat anymore. They're going to be into a false religion. Planet, don't eat meat. Climate, eat Bill Gates' veggie burgers. Ooh, you want to see someone have heart attack, is when you see me talking about the veggie burgers. Ooh. So you got eat cholesterol, eat your bacon and eggs, you'll lower insulin, you'll lower your insulin. You're going to lower your blood pressure. You're going to elevate your HDL and lower your triglycerides. It's diet guys. It's food. It's a modern day phenomenon.

Fifty, sixty years ago, not that there was never a heart attacks, of course there was, but not like today. In 1910, 1920, 10% of the population had any kind of form of heart disease. Today, it's 50, 60%. It's even higher than that. There's a race on, in society. There's a race. Did you know that? There's a race going on, what can kill you faster, your heart disease and stroke or cancer? It's a race. It's amazing. They're neck and neck and breast cancer has overtaken lung cancer, it drives me crazy. Drives me crazy.

Let me give you another one. You know when insulin is high? When someone gets sarcopenia, sarcopenia. Do you know what sarcopenia is? It's muscle wasting. You ever seen a skinny person that has no muscle, especially when they get older. I mean, they've got nothing. Their skin just hangs on them. They have sarcopenia. They're carboholic. They don't eat enough protein. They were scared skinny about protein. See the message got out, don't have red meat. The plant kingdom, the plant kingdom, the plant kingdom, the plant kingdom. And they bought it. I don't care, guys. Bring me any vegetable you want. Anyone you want name it, bring it, put it up against steak. And you're going to lose every time, when it comes to nutrition. When it comes to muscle, when it comes to protein, when it comes to amino acids, when it comes to B12, when it comes to everything that your body needs.

So you know what? I'm sorry, I don't buy it. And I see, over the years, all the results of that. So that's why we say at the Martin Clinic, "I don't care if you're skinny mini, that doesn't make you healthy." Skinny mini don't make you healthy. If you're obese, you got insulin problems, no doubt about it. You got other hormonal problems too. It's not just insulin. You got other problems, but skinny people, they don't know what's on the inside of them. You need muscle because when you get sarcopenia, oftentimes you are much more susceptible to osteoporosis and there's another sign. There's another sign that your insulin and your inflammation markers are high, when you get osteoporosis.

Ladies, I take your little face ladies, and I'm going to give you a memo. Ladies listen, this is for you. The vast majority of osteoporosis in North America, it is on steroids, there's so much of it is because women like the plant kingdom, more than the animal kingdom. In generalities, that is a true statement. Because for 50 or 60 years, we've been on a failed experiment of food and fat makes you fat. And protein is hard on your kidneys and you don't want to eat that stuff. And when I go to the restaurant and I look at ladies and they're eating. I go, "Look what they're eating, salad." And they have in their noggin up here that, that's better for them. They bought it. Hook, line and sinker.

Now you guys are smarter than that, I know that, but I'm telling you, it's one of the major reasons that we see so much sarcopenia today, especially in seniors and osteoporosis, which is like an epidemic today. Dowager's Hump, I talked to you about that yesterday. Men, let me pick on you for a minute. Let me pick on you men. You want to know a major indicator that you got high circulating insulin and insulin resistance. You got the bad pesky neighbor around. Men, You know how you know? A 100%, you got ED. I think it was a week ago, two weeks ago, I brought a podcast out and said, "Man, I wish I'd invested in the little blue pill, in the company that makes it." Was it Pfizer? I think it was Pfizer. The little blue pill for men. Wow.

When that don't work guys, you got a trouble with your insulin. Circulation, you see. The first thing that happens when you eat too much sugar and crappy carbohydrates, it affects your blood vessels, circulation. You know what? And your prostate, when you got prostate problems men, you got trouble with insulin, change your stinking diet. And when your testosterone goes down, men. And most men have more estrogen than they have testosterone when they hit 50 years old. And the major component in that, is food. It's food. Yeah, I exercise. Yeah, for sure. Vitamin E, big time. But the biggest component is food.

Lisa says, "Yeah. Viagra, why didn't I invest in that? Why didn't I get shares in ... " Was it Pfizer? I think it was Pfizer. I can't remember, who came out originally. But guys, ladies, you know how stubborn your husband is. Tell them Dr. Martin wants to talk to them. I'm telling you, 50% of man after the age of 40, you're still a puppy at 40. Craziness, but it's insulin. It's a major factor. See how it affects almost everything. I got a few more. Maybe we'll spend some more time on it. Uric acid, gout, kidney stones. Uric acid is fructose. It'll elevate your inflammation levels. Everybody makes uric acid, by the way, it's a waste product. But a lot of people don't pee it out. It's supposed to be converted to urea and they're not peeing it out. Insulin, insulin, insulin.

Tomorrow is question and answer Friday. So send your questions in, it's not too late. We thought we were a week away from the book, but it looks like it's going to be two weeks away now, from the book coming back. Just the publisher is having a little bit of difficulty with COVID and other stuff. Ooh, this world. Any who, we thank you for watching guys. We love you dearly and we'll talk to you soon.

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