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524. Q&A With Dr.Martin

Transcript Of Today's Episode

Announcer: You're listening to the Doctor Is In podcast, brought to you by During the episode, the doctors share a lot of information. As awesome as the info may be, it is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. It's strictly for informational purposes.

Dr. Martin: Well, good morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. We're going to get into the questions straight away. Heme [00:00:30] iron, high iron intake Marcel is asking this question. Look, heme iron is H-E-M-E. That is found in red meat. That is the one your body absorbs. Okay? I always say this, you know where Popeye ... Remember? I actually wrote a little thing on this. Popeye lied. Do you remember that cartoon, [00:01:00] Popeye? Now you got to be maybe my age, but Popeye was, especially his forearms were like tree trumps. He said he ate spinach. Right? And he got iron from that. Nah, Popeye was lying. Okay? Because heme iron, the iron that really helps you to develop red blood cells and give you more oxygen and make you stronger, comes [00:01:30] from steak. Vitamin S. Red meat.

Now don't equate eating red meat to having high iron levels. I see high iron levels, it's called hemochromatosis, but that's a different puppy altogether. The reason your iron would go high is because your body's natural ability to chelate it, meaning to take [00:02:00] out extra iron that you don't need. We call that chelating, C-H-E-L-A-T-I-O-N. Chelation or chelating. Your body chelates heavy metals when your liver is clear.

The problem with the liver is when the liver gets gummed up, it gets gummed up because you're eating too many carbohydrates, [00:02:30] not because you're eating steak. So when I see someone with high iron levels, they're a carboholic and I get them to clean their liver. That's why the Reset is so good for that. It actually takes heavy metals out of your body. How does it do it? Well, it empties your liver. In six days, your liver is empty. The first week, you get an empty liver. I know a lot of people, they do the Reset, they want to lose weight, then this and that, "Doc, I didn't [00:03:00] lose weight yet." And I said, "I know, but it might've been your goal but it wasn't my goal when I created the Reset."

My goal was to one, send your pancreas on a holiday. Remember? Pancreas is going to Hawaii for 30 days. I guess you can't travel anymore, right? No international travel, but your pancreas, [00:03:30] it's all right, your pancreas can go. Okay? It won't have to do two weeks of quarantine when it gets to Hawaii. But you know what I mean, I am actually lowering your insulin. You see, the key to the 30-day Reset is insulin no more. You're not going to use your insulin, therefore you change at the cellular level. You fix insulin resistance. But in the [00:04:00] first week, you've emptied out the Costco parking lot. You've emptied out the suitcase. Your liver is meant to detox your body. Your liver knows how to do it. Yeah, your lungs are involved and your kidneys are involved, of course, but your liver, it works the night shift. When you're sleeping, it cleans your blood. That's how your body works. Okay? There's nothing like it, guys.

[00:04:30] You know, somebody asked ... who was it, who was it, who was it? Shelly was asking about the Whole30 diet. Okay. Yeah I know about the Whole30 diet. You know, after Reset. See, the Whole30 diet has you with vegetables and this and that and it's ... you know, I ain't got no problem with it. They don't want you to have any dairy at all on the Whole. Listen, and I'm going to mention it because somebody [00:05:00] asked, we'll get to it, somebody asked Dr. ... Who asked, who asked, who asked? Rebecca. "Why cheese, Dr. Martin, and not milk?"

Well, first of all, do you not remember my sayings. If you have a cow in the backyard, drink milk. Otherwise, don't drink milk because it is ... what do I call it? White Pepsi. Milk today in the grocery store is full of sugar. [00:05:30] It's why about 60%, 70% of the population have lactose intolerance. When I was a kid, there was no such thing, but milk when I was a kid was cream. You had to shake the bottle. I'm old enough to tell you when I was a little boy, the milk man used to come by in horse and buggy. He [00:06:00] actually had horses. I'm not kidding you. "Dr. Martin, were you born in the 18th century?" No, but I'm telling you, milk was completely different in those days. Today, it's white Pepsi. I don't want you drinking milk. I want you to drink cream.

Of course, you're not going to just take ... well, you could. Cream has very little lactose. [00:06:30] Cream is really what is good for you because it's all fat. Fat don't make you fat. The sugar in milk when it's high lactose, which is not meant to be by the way, and that's why so many people react to it.

Now cheese is completely different because in cheese, you got this much lactose, but I'll tell you why you eat cheese. [00:07:00] I tell you why I would argue with the authors of the Whole30 diet, because cheese is good for you. I'll tell you why. Because in cheese you got Vitamin K2 and Vitamin K2 takes calcium out of your blood vessels. Hardening of the arteries occurs when [00:07:30] calcium, which was meant for your bones, stays in your blood. Vitamin K2 found in and cheese ... cheese curds are the number one source. People don't talk about Vitamin K2, but your body needs Vitamin K2. You need to eat it and you eat it when you eat butter and cheese. So when people tell [00:08:00] you cheese is no good for you, don't listen. They lump in all dairy. I love dairy. I do. Dairy is good for you. It's bad dairy, it's when man gets ahold of dairy, man takes milk and he changes it because the ... "Oh, Dr. Martin, all that fat in cream?" Yeah.

[00:08:30] Now I have never milked a cow. I haven't, in my life, but I remember my childhood, cream on the top of the milk bottle. Half of it. Yeah, that's milk. Of course, they'd pasteurize it and this and that, but that's not the point. That's not the big problem. The problem is when they eliminate the fat out of milk, when you have skim milk. [00:09:00] That's stupid. "Oh, Dr. Martin, I only drank 1%." Well, let's the size in your brain.

For the new folks watching me, okay, if you're ... You're you're used to me, my audience, but the new ones, I pulling your leg a little bit, okay? Some people say I'm too aggressive. I know, but I'm very opinionated because I don't like BS. I don't like it. I know it's [00:09:30] on the internet, but it's not true. It's not true. Dairy is very good for you. Just don't buy milk in the grocery store. You don't need milk. Quit drinking it. Drink cream, have a little cream.

Okay. Good questions. I think I've answered a few because Amanda's asking about estrogen and cheese. Well, you know where the dairy is fed with [00:10:00] antibiotic and ... Look, all I'm going to say is this, and it's an overarching principle so understand where I'm coming from. There's somebody asking about coffee, even. "Dr. Martin, does it have to be organic?" Let me make a blanket statement. Tony Jr. Sort of coined this and I like it and I'll use that illustration. When you are on the Titanic, don't worry about the deck chairs, [00:10:30] rearranging them. Change course. So the big thing is, understand that when you're a carboholic and I'm trying to get you off that ship, the Titanic, because you're heading right towards the iceberg and some of you have hit it already, don't worry about rearranging the deck chairs. When you change course, you can do that after.

[00:11:00] David. "Should I quit whipping cream because it's got polysorbate or [inaudible 00:11:07]?" Well, look ... yes, David, if you've cleaned up your diet and you're doing everything and you can afford organic and you look on every label, I want you to do that. But for somebody who's just starting, for someone who wants to get first of all the big picture, is get off the carbs and the sugars. Get off the crappy [00:11:30] carbohydrates. You do that, you're off the Titanic or you've changed course. You've turned away from the iceberg. That's what I want. Then after that, you can search for better creams and better cheeses and ... but I just tell you, cheese is not your problem. Cream isn't problem. It's sugar that's the problem. You understand that? You understand that now?

[00:12:00] Look, I get it. I get it, and I love you guys. If you can drink organic coffee, go for it. I got no problem with that, but I want you to just to drink coffee because it's good for you. Any coffee's good for you. Just don't put sugar in it.

Okay, these are all good. Chantal's asking about colonics. Now colonics, it's a treatment of taking [00:12:30] out all of the, getting your bowel cleaned out. Colonic. I don't know if you've heard of it or not. Been around a long time. Do I like it? No. I'm not a big fan of it, because you're taking away all your good bacteria. It's like someone was asking about using a laxative. I don't like that. You're changing the peristalsis, you're changing the microbiome in your body. [00:13:00] I'm not big on that. I'm not big on fiber. If you've been following me, fiber's overrated. I'm not saying you never have it. I'm just saying it's overrated because ... well, yesterday, as a matter of fact, I think someone was asking me, "I got diverticulosis or diverticulitis, and my doctor told me to stop eating meat." Well, meat doesn't cause diverticulosis, fiber does.

" [00:13:30] Oh, Dr. Martin, I eat salad every day." Well, stop doing that. Your body wasn't meant for all that roughage. "Yeah, but otherwise I'm not going to go for a poo. Number two." The problem with diverticulosis, you've been going for a number two too often. It's too much fiber. It's roughage. You know, when you eat a spinach salad, you got to check your teeth after, don't you? You might be out for lunch and you had a spinach and then oh, you got [00:14:00] spinach stuck in your teeth. It gets stuck in your gut too. I've told hundreds of patients over the years. "I can tell you why you got diverticulosis. Because you're eating too much salad. You're not a rabbit. You're not a cow." A cow has four stomachs. A cow never worries about diverticulosis. It's got four stomachs to break all that ... they [00:14:30] eat grass all day long.

Somebody was asking a good question too. When a cow eats grain or soy or corn, does that make the steak more sweet? No, it doesn't make it more sweet but it makes it with less Omega-3. But again, let me just say this. All steak is good. You're starting the program, [00:15:00] all steak is good.

Somebody asked me a good question yesterday about hamburger. They went to Costco and they're picking up these patties and they looked at the label and there was one or two grams of carbs in a whole patty. I said don't worry about that. Look, believe me, your pancreas, when you're eating the way I tell you to eat, your pancreas is already on a holiday. I'd like it to be absolutely 0.0 carbs but that's ... [00:15:30] you go to the grocery store or you go to Costco or whatever, just get eggs, meat, and cheese. Somebody said to me, well, bacon, there's a bacon with a little bit of sugar in it. Don't worry about that. Get the big picture first.

Look, I don't want to make it impossible for people to eat eggs, meat, and cheese. You do the Reset second and third time and maybe you want to, you know, go to a farmer and get your [00:16:00] eggs, meat, and cheese. Some people can do that, but most people can't. You have to understand, I want to give you a recipe for success, not failure. "Oh, Dr. Marti,. I got to go drive 50 miles to go to a farm." Yeah, some people do it good for you. Or you got the Mennonites living next door to you. Beautiful. But I'm a big picture guy. Do you understand what I'm saying? I'm [00:16:30] a big picture guy. I want you to succeed. I give you a recipe for success, not for failure. I don't want to make it too hard. Eggs, meat, and cheese is hard enough for people that have been carboholic. They often try and negotiate with me. "Doc, can I have a little bit of vegetables?" No. "Can I have some fruit?" No, not for 30 days. You can't, nada. You know what nada means? None. [00:17:00] For 30 days. There's a reason for my madness. Good questions.

David's asking a question. Probably another David, I don't know. Fat to protein ratio. I don't care. I don't. Look, if you're trying to lose weight ... and it's not calories, by the way. If you're trying to lose weight. Okay? If that's your complete goal, but remember the Reset is the best [00:17:30] weight loss program in the world. There's nothing better. Why do I say that? Because it's the healthiest. When you're lowering carbs, when you're bringing them down to nothing, I don't say well, starve to death. I'm replacing the carbs with nutrient dense food.

There's nothing in the universe better than steak. Nothing. Okay, liver. [00:18:00] No, but there's nothing better. Got it? There's nothing better than steak. It's number one on the hit parade. It'll always be number one. They're not going to come up with another food that, "Oh, this is better than that." No, it's not. Bring me any vegetable in the universe. Bring me broccoli. Bring me a salad. Bring me spinach. Bring me the best, best, best vegetable that you can think of. I'll put it up against steak [00:18:30] and sorry, the vegetable is going to lose every time. That's why vegans are wrong and vegetarians are wrong. They're wrong. It's not healthy. It's not true. You're going to change my mind? Nope. Do I have an open mind? Yes, but you're not going to change my mind because it's science, guys. True [00:19:00] science. I hate this stuff about, "Oh, it's science, follow the science." That's propaganda. But when you take a steak with the heme iron, with the B12, with the L-carnitine, with the L arginine, with all the amino acids and all your minerals too, you have a perfect food. Enjoy. Don't get [00:19:30] the lean cut. Get it with fat because your fat soluble vitamins are in there and you want to eat the fat. Don't cut the fat off.

Okay, [inaudible 00:19:44], I think guy answered your question. Roseanne's asking, "Does the Reset elevate creatine?" No, just does the opposite. When creatine levels are high, it means your kidneys are stressed. The Reset fixes your kidneys. It'll fix it. [00:20:00] Protein does not damage your kidney. Carbs do. Sugar does. You guys know this, but for the new ones listening in and watching, your kidneys get stressed when you eat or drink sugar or crappy carbohydrates damage the kidneys. Want a bet? Just [00:20:30] as a diabetic who's always in trouble with kidney problems. It's not protein. I know there are ... there's protein in the urine, must be that I'm eating too much protein. No, you're eating too much sugar. That's how you get protein in the urine. It's not protein. Just like it's not fat for the liver. Fat doesn't go to [00:21:00] fat in the liver, sugar goes to fat in the liver. That's what fills up the Costco parking lot. It's the same thing with the kidneys.

Good questions. I love you, guys. Kathy's asking, "What's the difference between HDL and LDL?" Kathy, beautiful. First of all, just a secret, Kathy, between you and me. I don't care. I don't care [00:21:30] LDL being bad. You know they called it the bad cholesterol. LDL, right? Brought to you by the pharmaceutical industry. They found a medication in the 1980s. I watched them do it. They came out with a statin drug. They said we can lower cholesterol, LDL, and LDL is bad, [00:22:00] bad. Then they had to admit that HDL was good. So they differentiate it, but your body makes HDL and LDL. By the way, the lower your LDL is, especially as you get older, the faster you will die.

You know what statin drugs have done. They have not even made a dent in heart disease. Why is heart disease going through [00:22:30] the roof still today? Everybody wants to talk about COVID. I'm so sick of it. I'm sick of it because they forget the big picture. The biggest problem in our society is not COVID. It's not a virus. It's insulin, it's sugar, even for COVID. I've discussed that many a time with ... Anyway, I don't want to get too excited if I had one of those watches that said, "Breathe, Dr. Martin breathe," [00:23:00] it'd be going off right now. I get crazy because LDL don't mean nothing. Honey, the important thing is your body makes it so it must be important. 15% of cholesterol that you make comes from your diet. 85% comes from your liver. You can't live without cholesterol. [00:23:30] They were always looking for love in the wrong places because it's not cholesterol that gives you heart disease. It's triglycerides. Three fat balls from sugar. That's why heart disease has gone out of control.

Here's how old I am. In the 1950, it was so rare that people would get a heart attack. It's not like it didn't happen, but it rarely happened. [00:24:00] There was no such thing in the 1950s as bad cholesterol. Well, there wasn't even bad cholesterol in the 196O ... ah, it started then a little bit. That was brought to you not first of all by the pharmaceutical industry, it was brought to you by the cereal companies. "Don't eat bacon and eggs, they're going to give you a cholesterol. Eat our cereals." Brought to you by Kellogg's. [00:24:30] Do you know that Kellogg's, Dr. Kellogg's ... true story. He was a vegetarian. He hated meat. I'd have to rate this show R to tell you about the twisting in his thinking and why he thought meat was bad for you. Maybe Google it. Yeah, I think it might tell you if you Google, go down deep enough about Dr. Kellogg. [00:25:00] He was a nut bar. But he kept saying it, and then there was Post and General Mills and all the others and ... "Cereal, you can't live without cereal. Cereal is so much better." And a whole generation of people bought the lie and they stopped eating bacon and eggs because "That's cholesterol and cholesterol must [00:25:30] be bad because the food industry is telling us that." Yeah, but they were lying.

Then the pharmaceutical industry in the 1980s jumped on it. They found a drug that will lower LDL. Well, they had to make a bad guy. "Oh, LDL. That's the bad cholesterol. We'll lower that and save you from a heart attack." Well, it hasn't saved a person yet because it's looking for love [00:26:00] in all the wrong places.

Guys, I'm sorry to jump on a bandwagon and get off on a tangent, but I've got to reinforce the truth to you guys. When you send me your blood work, I don't even look at LDL. Low density lipoprotein. I don't look at it. I know what it is. It's a different molecule than the HDL. [00:26:30] HDL, by the way, is FedEx. It's Amazon trucks. Now we don't talk about FedEx or the postal system hardly at all. You know, the new generation now of trucks on the road or the Amazon trucks. Okay? So you got the picture?

Well, what HDL does, HDL is high density lipoproteins. What does that do in your blood? It delivers your hormones, [00:27:00] it does a lot of things. It's a delivery system like Amazon, but it also picks up ... very important you understand this. HDL picks up triglycerides in your bloodstream. What are triglycerides? Three dangerous fat balls that are circulating in your bloodstream, and they're dangerous because they'll block up your arteries and they will cause [00:27:30] a myocardial infarction. They'll clog up, and without good cholesterol, you can't even take the [inaudible 00:27:38] your blood. So every time you have a carbohydrate, every time you have sugar, you're making fat. Remember that. And fat, when your liver gets full of it, it will send the extra fat, never mind that it makes more fat in the body or around your organs, it will send the extra fat into your bloodstream [00:28:00] as triglycerides. You better have enough good cholesterol, HDL, to go hitch their wagon to take those triglycerides out of your body. That's why you need high cholesterol.

Besides the fact that your brain is made up of cholesterol. You want to have a healthy brain? Eat cholesterol. Your body will make 85% of it, but you better make up that 15%. [00:28:30] This is why I'm telling you to eat eggs, meat, and cheese. I have to undo your thinking. You've been brainwashed. Society has been brainwashed. What do politicians say? Say a lie long enough and people will believe it. Say a lie long enough and people will believe it. Brought to you by politicians and the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Look, [00:29:00] I don't want to paint a brush that they don't do anything good, please. You know what I'm going to do Monday? I'm going to answer your questions on Monday. I didn't get to any of them today. Oh, I got to a few.

I couldn't help myself, guys. I couldn't help myself. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. I know I'm preaching mostly to my choir [00:29:30] this morning. Okay? You guys have followed me all the time and I'm just repeating, but you know what? Every day I drink coffee and I repeat. Why? Because I like it, and two, it's good for me. So this teaching, it's true.

There's a verse in the Bible, Proverbs 22, I think. Get the truth [00:30:00] and never sell it. I like that. Get the truth and never sell it. Guys, I'm opinionated, but I'm giving you the truth about nutrition. The food industry, liars, liars, pants on fires. Generally. The pharmaceutical industry when it comes to cholesterol ... look, they've done some wonderful things. There are some drugs that will save your life, antibiotics included. So [00:30:30] am I against them? No, I'm not against them, but when they lie, I'm going to call them on it. It's been going on for so long. They might not even think they're lying. Seriously. I think they think they're right. I've got a lot of good doctor friends. Their medical training is cholesterol, bad. Cholesterol is bad. No, it's not. Cholesterol, good. [00:31:00] Triglycerides, bad. It's food, guys. It's not even your genetics. "Oh, Dr. Martin, my dad had a heart attack." Okay. Well, my dad had diabetes. That doesn't make me a diabetic. It makes me more susceptible, but you can override genetics. Food is medicine, guys. I got to pump it out every [00:31:30] day to you. It's medicine, especially in this day and age.

"Oh, Dr. Martin, you need a balanced diet." No, you don't. Balanced diet is overrated. That is the cry of the food industry and their dieticians. Balance. You don't need balance. No, you don't. You need nutrition. You need nutrients. When in doubt, eat from the animal kingdom [00:32:00] because that's what your body is made. That's why you have a gallbladder, by the way. You're not meant to live on salad. I'm sorry. You're not a cow nor a rabbit. You don't even have the enzyme. Oh, don't get me started. You don't even have an enzyme called cellulase. You don't make it. Must be a reason for that. Because you're not meant to live on salad, that's why. Rabbits [00:32:30] have cellulase to break down cellulose, which has come from salad, and cows do too but you don't. That ought to tell you something. You have a gallbladder, that ought to tell you something. It's meant to emulsify fat, animal fat. That's why you have a gallbladder. And that's why there's so many people losing the gallbladder. They don't use it.

Oh, anyway, [00:33:00] I'm over time and I didn't get to even a quarter of your questions. I promise I'll do it. Okay? I'll do it probably next week. Okay. I love you guys, I mean that sincerely. Just a couple of housekeeping things. If you haven't got a copy of our book, the Reset, Metabolic Reset, it's the number one selling book in ... I was going to say North America, but in Canada, for sure. That's you guys that have done that. [00:33:30] Thank you. Thank you very much. Beyond what we expected, believe me. Okay? Read the reviews on the book, it's tremendous. Okay, good for you. Thank you. I thank you for that. One.

Two. If you're not a member of the Martin Clinic private Facebook group, join, get your friends to join, get your family to join. Okay? You'll like that. Tremendous group. The testimonies on there are incredible. And guess what? [00:34:00] I read them. They're great.

Thirdly, share this teaching. You can just share it on Facebook. Okay? You know, for your vegan friends. Now, they might not like me but they'll learn to love me. Okay, love you guys. Talk to you soon.

Announcer: You've reached the end of another Doctor [00:34:30] Is In podcast with your hosts, Dr. Martin Jr. and Sr. Be sure to catch our next episode and thanks for listening.