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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone and welcome to another week, another good week, I think. We're going to have some fun this week. We've got some good studies that came out that I want to [00:00:30] pontificate about. And I got to answer a question because I saw two things. I'm going to mention two things before I get into a couple of studies this morning. People are asking me on the reset, "Can I use flaxseed?" And the reason I say yes, if you want to put a couple of tablespoons of flaxseed in your Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie, I got no problem with that.

I'll tell [00:01:00] you why, okay? You've got to understand my thinking because you're thinking there's a few carbs and flax, it's from the plant kingdom and we stopping all that. But it's almost like I'm thinking more of, it's like a supplement. You're taking a supplement while you're doing your ... You don't have to do it. I'm just telling you the reason I'm big on flaxseeds ... Put that in your smoothie. I'm not talking about [00:01:30] any other seed. I'm talking about flaxseed. Why is that? Because it decreases your estrogen, okay? It blocks extra estrogen. That's what I like about it.

The ingredient in the flax is called lignens, L-I-G-N-E-N-S, lignens. And what do lignens do? They block the extra estrogen. I like that because [00:02:00] we live in a crazy, estrogen-filled world. Every chemical that you can think of, its chemical makeup, your body thinks it's estrogen. From plastic to air fresheners to all these cleaners, every time I go into the grocery store these days or I go into any kind of store, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, I feel like screaming. Those are cancer-producing. I know you're trying [00:02:30] to kill the germs, but you're filling your environment. You're filling everything with cancer-producing estrogen, xenoestrogen, okay?

In this day and age, I will allow you. You don't have to. It's optional, especially if you're taking the hormonal formula already, then you don't need the flax, okay? People ask me about it. There's my answer, okay? [00:03:00] There's my answer. The benefits outweigh any carbohydrate. They're so little. I mean, it's not even worth talking about, but anyways, and that would be a couple of tablespoons if you want to take it. And that's the reason that I do it.

Now, there's been a lot of ... I think it was only one person asking, but then people were commenting, "Dr. Martin, what do you eat?" Good question. But I want [00:03:30] to tell you, first of all, okay, I married an Italian, okay? Does that give you good answers? Now, listen, I am ... and Rosie would attest to this, okay? I am a disciplined person. When I talk to you about low carbs, I'm a low carb guy. I'm not a no-carb guy, unless I'm doing the reset, but I'm a low carb guy. I'm a no sugar guy. I read every label and anything that there's added [00:04:00] sugar to, nee. It gets the big X in my life, okay?

I try really to practice what I preach, okay, and I mean that. When Rosie makes her pasta, oh, you want to die for her sauce, but I'm a meat guy. When I'm not doing the reset, I might have a few noodles, but I live on the meat. Remember that commercial with the little old lady? [00:04:30] I think it was ... I can't even remember. Was it Burger King or whatever? "Where's the meat?" I'm a meat guy. I bet you you'd have trouble finding somebody that eats more meat, more eggs and more cheese than me, okay? If you had a contest, you'd have a hard time over a period of a year to get a guy that eats more eggs, meat, and cheese than me. And I mean that.

[00:05:00] Look, when I preach the reset ... and we'll talk about it this morning because of a couple of studies that came out that are really fascinating. Guys, this works. This works. You are meant to live off the animal kingdom. Your body is meant that way. It's exactly [00:05:30] the fuel that your body needs. It's exactly the fuel that your body needs. And when you take, for example, a steak, put anything else up. Okay, liver. Put anything else up against it, anything. Bring me your best vegetable. Bring me the number one. Would it be broccoli? Would it be flax? [00:06:00] It don't matter. It can't compare. Nutritional value. That's meat. Your body ... Remember what the reset is. You're coming down carbs. You're coming down sugar. You're coming down. You're not having any crappy oils.

See, that's the difference between this and keto. Keto, [00:06:30] you're having some carbs and you're having some crappy oils, food that is like ... When they say it's low carb doesn't mean it's devoid of omega six. I don't want you eating omega six. Omega six is not in the animal kingdom. You get enough omega six in the universe. It's omega three you need for that ratio. There's [00:07:00] a reason I do this. There's a reason I do this, because it's the healthiest way to eat. And so do I eat this way? Yes, I eat this way. Do I have some carbs? Yeah. When I'm off the reset, yeah, but I don't have many. I don't.

I was kind of laughing because somebody said to me, "Doc" ... Well, I think ... I don't know if I read it this morning, but I've read it in the past. [00:07:30] Well, how do you know if you have metabolic syndrome? And by the way, a study just came out. This is why I'm talking about it now. This study came out, confirmed exactly what I said. Another study. Not even my studies, my clinical experience. In four weeks, you get rid of metabolic syndrome. Another study. I saw it on the weekend. [00:08:00] Was published last week. What is metabolic syndrome? Why is it that, "Dr. Martin" ... All I want to know ... When you give me blood work, here's what I want to know. What are your triglycerides? What is your HDL? Because then I can tell you if you have metabolic syndrome. You know how many people have metabolic syndrome, they don't even know it? Because nobody talks about it.

Doctors, all they can do is worry about cholesterol. You know why they worry [00:08:30] about cholesterol? Because they have a medication to lower your cholesterol. It doesn't make it right. It's not science. It's not. But they have a drug. Instead of, "Let's go to school and learn nutrition," because when you cut your carbohydrates out, you lower your triglycerides. If you lower your triglycerides, [00:09:00] you are lowering lipids that are in your bloodstream, fat in your bloodstream, dangerous. Not cholesterol. Bad lipids or triglycerides. You need cholesterol. And as your triglycerides go down, your HDL goes up, your good cholesterol.

Remember, the FedEx trucks, the Canada Post, the US Post, trucks on the highways of your blood vessels, cholesterol, [00:09:30] HDL. What does it do? It takes those triglycerides out of your bloodstream. I know this. It's science. It's important. If somebody said, "Well, how do I know if my liver empty?" Well, triglycerides, HDL. That happens in the first week of the reset, but [00:10:00] here's the two other things, okay? Triglycerides, HDL, blood pressure. That's metabolic syndrome. You've got high blood pressure? That's metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is food. It's not drugs.

Now, listen, please don't come after me and say, "Oh, Dr. Martin doesn't want me to do my blood pressure medication." I'll never say that. Look, unless you're under my care, and I'm not [00:10:30] in private practice anymore. I'm giving you generalities, but I'm telling you where high blood pressure comes from. Food. You weren't born with a lack of medication. I need this medication because I was deficient in it. No. The med that you need is food, high blood pressure. High glucose is another one.

And remember, [00:11:00] I'm a big guy on A1C. What is A1C? That's an average of your blood sugars, okay? And as our former guru of diabetes used to say, Dr. Kraft, what he used to say is the last thing to happen is diabetes. But you're a diabetic way before that. I used to have patients argue with me [00:11:30] and they said [inaudible 00:00:11:33]. I don't negotiate with terrorists and sugar's a terrorist. I don't negotiate. You see the sugar in your urine? Oh, I wish we still did that. You see the sugar in your urine? You're a diabetic. You're on the Titanic. And I used to be big, big preacher of that. Still am.

[00:12:00] It was the old-fashioned way of checking to see if you were a diabetic. They did it 2000 years ago, recorded in medical history. They smelled the urine for sweetness because your body's smart. It'll dump. Blood sugar's getting up? Oh, I took my blood sugar. It seems to be within normal range. Well, first of all, anywhere, Dr. [00:12:30] Kraft used to say, in the sixes is diabetes already. You better get it down. Any sugar in the urine at all is diabetes. Your body is getting rid of it. It's [inaudible 00:12:46].

High triglycerides, conversely, low HDL, okay? You don't have enough HDL. You got high triglycerides. [00:13:00] High blood pressure, higher than normal blood sugar, and again, not in the normal ranges. Normal don't mean nothing. Your A1C, if it's above 5.5 at all, I consider that you're a diabetic. And I know they use the word pre and so do I, but pre ... and here's another one, your waist. [00:13:30] You can be skinny, tiny, tiny, tiny, except you've got a belly and you can be very unhealthy.

I remember this in my hockey days. Played old timer's hockey for years. And I love hockey. I remember one time in my head, I'm going, "Jeepers creepers. I'm having a hard time bending over to tie up my skates," [00:14:00] bending over and, "Ugh, geez, that belly in there. You know what?" And I said, "Okay, Tony baloney talking to myself. It's time now. You've been eating too many carbs lately. Now it's time to get rid of that belly. And don't fool yourself." Now, this is my conversation to myself, because every once in a while, I got to talk to my ... Do you ever talk to yourself? Because what do we do as human beings? We love to rationalize [00:14:30] things, don't we? We justify what we do, but I'm talking to myself and I got a bad genetics for diabetes coming up my both ears. And I'm saying to myself, "Quit trying to fool yourself."

And that's what I love about you guys on the private Facebook group. Be honest. Be honest. It's all right. We love you. That's why that group is there. " [00:15:00] I'm really struggling." Okay. Join the cast of millions. You know how many people that I talked to over the years? They would never admit anything, especially men. "I'm all right. Nothing wrong with me." Oh, I could grab them.

In the office, I remember lecturing a guy. He just irritated me because he, "Ooh, there's nothing wrong, doc." He had sugar in his urine. [00:15:30] Every test that I did was bad, every test. And he's looking at me like I had two heads and he's, "I don't need that." I said, "Well, what do you have for breakfast?" "Well, I had oatmeal." His blood pressure was through the roof. I said, "You're going to stroke out any day now. You're going to have a heart attack." I had to [00:16:00] calm myself down in the office. I can still see his face today. He wasn't buying it.

I said, "Well, I'm telling you, I'm telling you." Don't tell me the story that your uncle lived until he was 105. Who the H cares? That don't mean nothing for you. People think that. "I got an aunt that lived, she was 110." Well, what's that got to do with you? Genetics. [00:16:30] Man, genetics don't mean much, you know that? They really don't. We live in a different world today. We're surrounded by carboholics. We're surrounded by sugar. We're surrounded by crappy oils.

We live in a different world. That's why I'm trying to help people every day. Yeah. I know. I tell my grandchildren, "Grandpa had cookies and ice cream too as a kid." "You did, Grandpa." Yeah, I [00:17:00] did. But I was eating 25 pounds of sugar a year. Now you're up to 200 because the food industry, they said fat makes you fat. And they found a drug to get rid of cholesterol or lower your cholesterol. What do you think emphasized? Then the whole world went for it. Okay. Must be true.

And the only way you can convince a doctor ... remember this now ... the only way you can convince [00:17:30] a doctor in the 1980s, when they came up with statin drugs, the reason they convince medicine was because they forgot to study nutrition. Therefore, they got duped. Did you see it the other day? Somebody posted it on our private Facebook group, a cardiologist. A cardiologist said, "Don't do keto. Not good [00:18:00] for you. Don't eat bacon and eggs. Not good for you." A cardiologist. I felt like saying, "Well, my grandchildren know more than the cardiologist about nutrition, even the young ones."

I don't want to be negative, but since when has a cardiologist got anything right? Salt bad. No, it's not. You need a balanced diet. No, you don't. You need sugar. No, you don't. [00:18:30] You need margarine instead of butter. No, you don't. You need cereal instead of bacon and eggs. No, you don't. You'd better Get your cholesterol down. No, you don't. You'd better get your cholesterol up and you better get your triglycerides down. They don't have a drug for triglycerides because it's food.

You put the food industry and [00:19:00] the pharmaceutical industry and you put them together, man, they're powerful. I'm going to venture to say 95 to 99% of the population do a little quiz with them. Fat bad. Fat makes you fat. Fat gives you a cholesterol. Oh doctor, I can't have more than two or three eggs a week. You know how many times I've heard that? [00:19:30] Boasting. I can only have two or three eggs a week. I'm cutting my cholesterol. And you know what I used to do in the office? I used to do this. Well, that's too bad because you got taught the wrong way. Let me teach you something new.

You ask my girls how much fun I had in the office and I love my patients, but I used to tease them, too. Seriously, you needed [00:20:00] to get the memo when you saw me. Here's the memo. Don't forget it. Fat don't make you fat. Got it. It don't. What does fat do, Dr. Martin? It's fuel, real good fuel. Now I'm talking about animal fat and you can even add coconut oil if you want and some fruit [00:20:30] oils like avocado. Avocado oil's good. Nothing like a steak, though. They don't make you fat because it ain't calories. And we've had 60 years of counting calories, 60 years of counting calories, 60 years of bad dietary advice. You know how many [00:21:00] calories is in butter, Dr. Martin? I don't care. And neither does your body. It doesn't. Calories. Who cares? Eat less, exercise more. We've had 60 years of that. Eat less, exercise more. No, it's not true. Do I like exercise? Yeah, [00:21:30] but I don't want you counting calories. Who cares? Count carbs. I don't even want you to count carbs. Just replace them.

But that's why I'm so passionate, guys. That's why I'm so passionate because there's so much nonsense out there. It's nonsense. It's not nutritionally ... It's not sound. But as politicians will tell you, [00:22:00] say a lie long enough and people will believe it because they don't think. They don't read. What I love about you guys, and let me pump your tires up, and I know because I see your comments. I see your questions. I see all of your stuff that comes in on the Facebook group. And I go to myself, "You know what? Here's what Dr. Martin says about you." [00:22:30] These people get it.

And one of the reasons, okay. And I just want to tell you this. People that have known me long enough know where I'm coming from. My goal, and one of the primary goals I had getting out of private practice and dealing with individuals, which I love ... You talk to my patients who actually came to see me and people from all over the world would come and see [00:23:00] me. I used to love them. I couldn't get over it how far they would come to see me. But my goal, and I used to say this to people around me, my staff understood this and whatever, I said, "Look, my ultimate goal is to talk to masses, not to individuals."

I love people, but I wanted to get out and get the message out to a larger audience because I said, "Look, it's not [00:23:30] that there were" ... There's so few that understand what I'm saying. And when I look at you guys, you get it. You get it, in terms of nutrition is the most important thing. I'm going to show you a study tomorrow. It's incredible what's happening in the world. And it's all been sort of covered over, covered over, covered over. You get it, but the government doesn't get [00:24:00] it. Politicians don't get it. The pharmaceutical industry doesn't get it. The food industry doesn't get it. They don't get it.

Is it willful, blindness? I have never seen such lack of courage, in my opinion, as we see today, lack of courage, lack of being open to even reading. [00:24:30] They're bought and paid for, politicians, by the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry is not your friend. They do wonderful things, but they're not your friend necessarily. Anyway, don't want to get too obtainable, but then I'm going to get metabolic syndrome. My blood pressure is going to go up. See, if I had one of those Fitbits or whatever, the [00:25:00] stupid smart watches or whatever, it'd be telling me to breathe. That's why I don't wear one. I'd be having to, "Hey doc, breathe." I don't want to know.

Okay, so we got a good week coming. We got a good week coming. Friday of course is question and answer Friday. Have you got a copy of our new book, The Metabolic Reset? Number one seller. Number one seller. And we appreciate that [00:25:30] and continue to pump it out. It tells you all the reasons we do what we do and we talk about what we talk about on a daily basis. It tells you the background of it. Gives you some detail in a written form, okay? So that book, okay, thank you again for making it the number one bestseller. We appreciate it very much. Okay. And if you're not a member of our group, our private group, our Facebook group, well, join and [00:26:00] get your friends and get your family, okay? Questions Friday. Question and answer Friday. Okay. Love you guys. Talk to you soon.

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