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Dr. Martin: Well, good afternoon. And once again, welcome to another live, an afternoon edition. I've entitled [00:00:30] this today, "There's no magic bullet." Okay. There's no magic bullet. We're getting a lot of feedback, as a lot of people have started back on the reset as part of the New Year's resolutions. Such a good thing to do, such a good thing to do. And it's never too late. It's never too late for your body. Never too late. You get brand new red [00:01:00] blood cells every four months. All of your cells in your body are going to be replaced, even at 80 years old. Now, not going to be like you're 20. But it's amazing.

I was talking to a patient a couple of days ago and they had cancer, and I can't go home with them. And like I said, there's no magic bullet. There's [00:01:30] no magic bullet. It's going to be tough sledding. But this is a couple of years now that I hadn't talked to this particular patient. And he told me now that he's been cancer-free for well over a year. And every day he is bound and determined to stick to the plan, not to feed cancer cells with sugar. And he's been very, very faithful. But [00:02:00] there's no magic bullet, because for some people even on the reset, it's going to be harder. It's going to be harder. I saw an email to me, or was it a text? I can't remember now. But today even, that one of the people that had started the reset wasn't feeling that great getting lethargic, and they actually were developing some heartburn, and yet heartburn is a symptom [00:02:30] of insulin resistance. You would think that it would be better. But it doesn't happen overnight. It doesn't happen overnight.

For some it's rapid, for some it's a breeze. But very few. If you're metabolically unwell, if you're upside down, your hormones are out of whack, you've had high insulin for years and years and years, well you know what? It's going to be more for you. [00:03:00] There's no magic bullet, but I want to give you some tips today that will help you stick to it. Any change in your life that's worthwhile, might be simple, but it's not easy. Might be simple to understand. Partially my reset is simple because it's not a lot of variety of foods. Again, today [00:03:30] I was talking to my grandson and I was telling him the difference between carnivore and the reset. Am I against carnivore? No. Am I against keto? No. But I will make my case that the reset is better.

Because, remember I show you the illustration. It's bringing carbs and sugars down to almost [00:04:00] nothing. Effectively none. John, I think you were asking. You mentioned some kind of meat. I can't remember. But that it had total of about four grams of carbs. Well, it's almost impossible to get rid of all carbs. All I can say is, look, if you eat what I tell you to eat, you are going to have so little sugar and so little carbohydrates, it's not even worth talking about. Now, if you can be pure, pure, pure, [00:04:30] better, better, better. I've got no problem with that. But for generally in the masses, I just tell them, "Look, eggs, meat, and cheese." What kind of eggs? I don't care. What kind of meat? I don't care. Just lots of red meat, especially if you like it. And cheese. Well, what kind of cheese? I don't care.

And there's a reason that those three food groups are put together different than the carnivore, and different than keto [00:05:00] and the other new things that are out there. It's different. It's no good just to eliminate. That's one of the beefs I have with keto. You're lowering your carbs, but you're not necessarily increasing your fat, your healthy animal fat that your body craves. Every cell in your body thrives with animal fat. I was at the gym today. And one guy there befriended me, [00:05:30] because he's always picking my brain about nutrition. He's 75 years old, and his cardiologist had told him to lay off meat, and especially fat. Marbled, steaks or whatever. And the doctor, Harvard graduate apparently, very smart guy, was telling him something that wasn't. And I gave them the story about the Inuit. [00:06:00] It's a true story, by the way.

They were observed. And the Inuit don't get heart disease, and they eat nothing but fat and blubber. As a matter of fact, the muscle of seals or whatever, they feed to their dogs. They want the blubber. They want fat. Well they're right. And we have been wrong in our society for the last 50 years. And the proof [00:06:30] in the pudding is, look at our society today. People are generally, what is it? 40, 50, 60% of the population is termed to be obese. Heart disease is still the number one killer in our society. Cancer, very close number two. And Alzheimer's, type three diabetes, is number three. We're not getting healthier. And that's why I love this audience, because I know you're all in. [00:07:00] You're all in, you want to get healthier, and good for you.

Okay. So just before I get into a couple of points here, I get asked the question, I'm sure I will for tomorrow, question and answer Friday, I'll get asked this question again. I know it's coming, and that's all right. I mean that. Because I'm here to pump, pump, pump, and convince you that I'm right. I hide [00:07:30] behind my clinical experience, but also in my educational experience. And all due respect, most physicians don't take a lot of nutrition, unless they do it postgraduate wise, and good for them if they do. But a new study showed that high LDL people. Now, medicine is classified cholesterol, total [00:08:00] cholesterol. HDL LDL. Generally. There's more than that, but generally that's what they're concerned. And then they focus especially on the LDL. They go crazy if a person's LDL, low density lipoprotein, goes up. But it's not science, guys. It's marketing. Because they have a medication, statin drugs that can lower LDL. Statin drugs [00:08:30] lower LDL 100%, for sure. They will lower your LDL. So what?

You just can't get me excited about that. I can't because LDL is not even bad cholesterol. It's not. As a matter of fact, people with the higher LDL, especially when you get older, live longer. 75% of people that have a heart attack, 75% [00:09:00] have normal LDL. Normal. 75%. It's not even a factor. And we talk about it all the time that your triglycerides, your HDL, this is what I'm interested. This is what Dr. Martin wants to see in your blood work. And I know you're going to be under a lot of pressure to conform. Medicine is very, very difficult. [00:09:30] To change anything in medicine it's very difficult. It gets ingrained, it's taught in medical schools, and then it's reinforced. It's reinforced, reinforced by drug reps, by the pharmaceutical companies. They sponsor all the education. They sponsor this and they sponsor that. It's very hard to get a physician to change their thinking. It's very difficult, and I understand it, [00:10:00] but it doesn't make it right.

So like I say, I don't care. You can ask me every time if you want. "Doc, my doc says my LDL is too high. What should I do?" I don't care about your LDL. I care about you though. I do. And can I just say something else? And I mean this sincerely, sincerely, sincerely. If I thought statin drugs were beneficial, [00:10:30] if I thought statin drugs were beneficial, I would be telling you to take them. If you need an antibiotic, for heaven's sakes, take an antibiotic. It'll save your life. I'm not against it. I'm not a purist. That, "Oh, everything's got to be natural and you can never take a drug." Well, if you can live like that that's good for you. But you must understand that if you get hit by a truck and you got [00:11:00] chance of getting infection and sepsis and whatever, antibiotics will save your life. If I thought for one minute that statin drugs would do the same for you, I'd be the first one to push it.

But what I do want to tell you is that I know for a fact that 99.9% of all people when they lower their carbs and sugars and they up their eggs, meat, and cheese, EMC, EMC, [00:11:30] when they lower there carbs and sugars and up their EMC, their triglycerides go down and their HDL goes up. Like I showed you, was it this week or last week? The teeter-totter. The teeter-totter. So all I'm saying is, keep in mind, and there's no magic bullet.

Okay. Let me give you a few pointers that [00:12:00] I just wanted to point out on the reset and you doing it and ... Knowledge is very powerful, isn't it? Knowledge is very powerful. And this is why I am so excited to teach. I always taught in the clinic. I always taught. And then I had a radio show for 20 years. So I was always teaching and I love teaching, but knowledge, it's powerful. But it's not everything. See, implementing [00:12:30] that knowledge is far more important. Implementing the knowledge. You need to translate your knowledge into action. And I just want to reinforce that a little bit today because people, I get it. You're going through the reset, and even those who are not, but are planning on going on the reset, and I highly recommend it. I even gave an option of doing the reset for a week. You've already done the reset, and you just need to empty out [00:13:00] your liver. You want to do a detox? There's no better detox in the world than emptying your liver.

Your liver is the most important detoxification organ in your body. The kidneys, the lungs, yes too. And even your skin. But there's nothing like your liver. And you will empty your liver in your first week of the reset. That is a 100% guarantee. That's why somebody asked me today, "Well, I'm not feeling that good. Do you think [00:13:30] I should quit?" How many days are you been on it? Three or four? Not enough. You haven't emptied your liver yet. You have no idea how good it is for your body when you empty your liver. Get the gunk out. Get all that glycogen, get it out. Get all the fat, get fatty liver. You correct it. [00:14:00] It's amazing. There's no medication that will do it. There is no supplement that will do it. Like a supplement like milk thistle, for example. I always liked milk thistle. But you know what? It's not a substitute for the diet. No magic bullet, but this really works. This really works.

So knowledge needs to be applied. And every day I will give you more knowledge. [00:14:30] As long as the lord keeps me on the planet, I plan on doing these lives and podcasts. I plan on it. It's my job. It's my vocation. It's what I love doing. Now, you need to put it into action and you need to internalize it. You know what I've said in the past. Because I written about this in the past about the three Ds. Now I think I made it up, but somebody might say, "Well no, I read [00:15:00] that in 1914." Well, maybe you did. Desire, determination, and discipline. So knowledge, that's up here. That's good. But you better internalize it. Bring it that 18 inches down and say, "I now determine I'm going to do it." And then discipline is just that day to day, day to day, stick to it. So internalize it, put it into action.

Step [00:15:30] number one. The power of a habit. There is elimination, addition ... Elimination of the carbs and sugars, elimination of lectins, elimination of fibers. And in my book, I explain all of those reasons why I do it. You're eliminating gluten, you're eliminating cellulose. And I talk about in the book. [00:16:00] There's a reason I do that. And you're increasing your eggs, meat, and cheese. You're going to get a very high fat and protein diet. And it works. And of course, you've got to trust me a little bit on it. You internalize it, make it you and be determined to do it.

And then secondly, here's a very helpful thing. Visualize the end. Go to the end and say, "Wow, [00:16:30] my triglycerides are going to be down, my HDL is going to be up, my liver is going to be clean, my pancreas is going to be completely regenerated, all my inflammation markers are going to come down, my telomeres, my little wicks are going to lengthen." All those things are going to happen, all of them, in every one of yous, if you do it.

But the other thing that I mentioned in there is the reason that we [00:17:00] do 30 days. There's a reason for it. Some of the processes I just talked about, especially if you're a metabolic storm. You know what I mean? You've been messed up and unwell for many, many years. Thousands of patients over the years have benefited from the reset, but they needed that month. And some of them they felt so much better they continued on. But I just want to tell you [00:17:30] that it's worth it. Visualize the end. The Bible does this, because it speaks of set your affections on things above, not on things below. Think of the next world, think of heaven. And it tries to teach you that it's not pie in the sky. It's going to be a reality. And the reality is when you look down the road, every cell in your body as you change fuels, as you feel better, as your inflammation markers [00:18:00] go down, as your brain starts to regenerate. Even your brain cells will regenerate in 30 days, but the idea is you've got to stick to it. You got to stick to it.

And visualize. See the end, see yourself feeling better. Weight loss, see yourself with the weight loss. See yourself and your clothes fitting better, and people telling you how well you look. There's nothing wrong with that. Visualize that. [00:18:30] I think I was reading a book about a guy in the Nazi concentration camps, and one of the biggest motivating factors that kept him alive, quoting him, is that he said he could see himself once he got out of there, that he would tell the world about the atrocities of Nazi Germany. And it kept them going. It kept them alive. It kept him pumped up. In those [00:19:00] days they only had radio and he said, "Well, I'll be on the radio telling people around the world my experiences." And that pumped his tires, you see. And it kept him going. Visualize the future. Trust the process. Trust the process. You got to trust that. You have to trust that someone like me and thousands of people ahead of you have done this. Thousands.

And by the way, [00:19:30] thank you very much for making The Metabolic Reset book the number one selling book in Canada. You guys did it. Amazing. Trust the process. Trust it. Even in down times, because there'll always be people around you telling you, "No, it's not good for you. My cousin died because he ate eggs, meat, and cheese and he had a heart attack at 27," or something. There will always be somebody around [00:20:00] that's a Debbie downer. There's a lot of Debbie downers in the world. For 30 days, stay away from them if you can. Trust the process, visualize the future. See ahead what's going to happen. Be accountable.

That's why we developed the Martin Clinic Facebook group. Be accountable. Tell us that you're in, and ask your questions, and [00:20:30] don't be shy and put your testimony up. And can I tell you another thing? Brag. You got through your first week? Tell us on the Martin Clinic group. Because you'll get about 50 comments coming afterwards on the group telling you, "Well, good for you, Susie Q. Keep it up, buttercup." There'll be people that are pumping your tires because you're in our private group. People that know what you're going through and have been through a lot of it. [00:21:00] And they'll pump your tires up. Stay away from Debbie downer and get into our group and brag. Every little accomplishment is an accomplishment. Brag about it. I mean that. We'll keep you accountable Brag. Okay?

And I already talked to you about drowning out negativity. Just look. Just understand that there'll always be that in the world. There's always going to be that in the world. And [00:21:30] focus, stay with it. Transfer this. Your knowledge that you have and put it into your heart. 18 inches transfer. And make it part of yourself, because you know what guys? I'll tell you something. If you don't have your health, and I'm just going to say this. There's no magic bullet, but if you don't have your health man, Man oh man, life is tough isn't it? Life is tough enough already. But when you don't have your health and you're not well, man oh man. I made my living [00:22:00] doing this and I always had a soft spot for people that were exhausted, and were never well, and people couldn't understand them. Because a lot of people, you couldn't tell by necessarily looking at them. They looked all right, but they didn't feel all right. I saw a lot of that. Okay. So trust the process. Okay.

Tomorrow question and answer. Remember the books are selling again. We're so thankful for that. Question [00:22:30] and answer tomorrow. Join Martin Clinic Facebook group, invite your friends, invite your family, and invite them to sign up for the podcast and it'll come automatically to your smartphone. It'll let you know when there's a new podcast out. And if you want, give us a review of the podcast. That helps us too. We appreciate that. Okay. Love you guys, and talk to you soon.

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