484. How High Fructose Corn Syrup Lowers Vitamin D And Calcium

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Dr.Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. And once again, welcome to another Live here this morning. Hoping you're having a good start to your day. [00:00:30] I want to bring to you a study, just came out last week, on the dangers, again, another negative study on high-fructose corn syrup. Not good. And this one is disturbing in a lot of ways, because it was saying that dietary fructose, high-fructose corn syrup... And by the way, I just put this [00:01:00] out there. If any sugar is added to food, so when you read a label, you look at carbs, look at how many carbs there are, and then look at how many sugars there are, because they add sugar. If they've added sugar, the food industry uses high-fructose corn syrup almost a hundred percent. Don't be fooled by a different name on the label, oh, it's [00:01:30] natural sugar. Nah, it's high-fructose corn syrup.

And they can get away with that. The food industry gets away with that. They don't have to tell you what the sugar that they put in there. So it's never good. It's never good. And high-fructose corn syrup, this new study is showing that high-fructose corn syrup inhibits calcium absorption [00:02:00] and lowers your vitamin D. It's always interesting to me that one of the deficiencies that I think is probably one of the worst deficiencies that we have. We'll talk about another one this week. We're going to talk about the deficiency in omega-3, because a new study came out. But this morning, I want to talk to you about [00:02:30] what sugar does to a lot of things. One, we all know it's all negative. Nobody is sick due to a lack of sugar. Nobody is sick due to a lack of carbohydrates. And I'm really big on, if you do nothing else, cut out sugar out of your diet.

Some people have been able [00:03:00] to do that and they get rid of sugar, and what a difference it makes. But now, this new study is showing that even calcium that you need for your bones is decreased because of high-fructose corn syrup. Like it's crazy, man. And it's probably due, it's probably due [00:03:30] to the fact that high-fructose corn syrup decreases your ability to absorb vitamin D. Now, vitamin D, every person on the planet, your body is a human solar panel. Every cell in your body. Now we know this. We didn't know this 30, 40 years ago. Every cell in your body. People think of vitamin D and getting the sun and [00:04:00] it comes on your skin. Of course, you have to expose the skin, especially your arms and your legs, to absorb vitamin D properly.

But you have to think of what that sun is doing. The sun is penetrating your skin. It's going past the skin. You lay out in the sun. Think about this for a minute. You're thinking about your skin. And this is why most [00:04:30] people, and if you did a survey, you'd find out that most people are still very scared of the sun, because they're thinking of their skin. They're thinking of skin cancer. They're thinking that your skin ages in the sun. And if you were to talk to a dermatologist, they'd be the first ones to tell you that, that UV radiation is the worst thing you can do for your skin. [00:05:00] I disagree a million percent. Now, again, I'm not telling you to burn in the sun, but you have to understand that it's like if you... As a matter of fact, there's a place right here, just a couple of doors down, when I was out walking yesterday, I notice they got solar panels on their roof. It's collecting energy. The solar panels on the roof is collecting energy [00:05:30] to run their house, to run all the electricity in their house.

That's what your body is, guys. It's not just the skin. The skin is where the absorption takes place, but every cell in your body needs that sunlight to go in to the body and charge up your cells in your body. Every cell [00:06:00] in your body has a little solar panel. And it's looking for sun. It's looking for the sun primarily. And another thing is, remember what vitamin D. The vitamin D that your body uses, sun, the best source. Two, animal foods. Eggs, meat, and cheese, fish. [00:06:30] Yeah? Vitamin D. You got vitamin D3 there, not D2. D3. So understand that this is really, really important for your body.

Now, listen to what this study is saying. When you consume high-fructose corn syrup, soda, [00:07:00] chocolate bars, granola bars, almost any food you can think of... Even bread. They add high-fructose corn syrup. Why? It's cheap. It's very, very inexpensive. That sugar is made in the lab. It's made in these industrial vats and then put into our food system. It was discovered in the 1970s. It was made, not discovered. It [00:07:30] was manufactured in the seventies. The food industry. They found out a couple of things. One, it was very addictive.

There was a study that came out this week, or last week, that showed high-fructose corn syrup is eight times more addictive than cocaine. Eight times. You think the food industry doesn't know that? [00:08:00] You don't think their scientists, food scientists don't know that? Of course they know that. But this study is saying you're not even going to have good quality of bone, because you're not going to absorb your vitamin D. You're not going to absorb your calcium. You can take all the calcium you want. It's still the number-one selling supplement, [00:08:30] by the way. Did you know that? Calcium. And if you've been listening to me over the years, I don't tell you to take calcium. I want you to eat calcium. Calcium is meant to eat. That's why you eat eggs, meat, and cheese, because you got lots of calcium in there. Calcium is in dairy.

A lady asked me yesterday, online, " [00:09:00] Can Dr. Martin prove that they add sugar to milk?" Well, I didn't say that. I didn't say they add sugar. It's what they take out of milk that makes milk no good. You want to make milk white Pepsi? Take fat away. I'm not big on grocery store milk. It's overrated as a nutritious food. It is. Now cream, that's different. That's why I'm big on cheese, [00:09:30] because cheese is very, very nutritious, very high source of calcium. But even better, you see how God does that in food? You see, God didn't want you to take a calcium supplement. He wanted you to eat it. So when you have cheese or butter from the dairy industry, [00:10:00] when you have cheese and butter, not only do you get calcium, you get vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 takes your calcium that you're eating in your cheese and your butter, some in meat, and it drives it into your bones.

The problem is you cannot out supplement [00:10:30] or out eat in terms of dairy. And again, I leave milk on the side if it's in the grocery store. If you have a cow in the backyard, drink milk. Otherwise, you want something in your coffee, then put cream in it, because that's really what milk is. If you milk a cow, there's a lot of cream in there. You're really getting whole milk. So [00:11:00] the problem is, is a bad diet, a bad diet. High-fructose corn syrup.

Now, I'm going to give you my take on it. The study didn't say this, but I think this is what happens. When you have a diet full of high-fructose corn syrup, any sugar that's added, the average [00:11:30] North American is consuming 200 pounds of high-fructose corn syrup a year, 50 gallons a year, 50 gallons of soda a year, the average North American. It's crazy. Insanity. But here's my take. And we talked about this. [00:12:00] One of the things that high-fructose corn syrup does, remember what I've said, it don't pass go. Meaning that it's like Monopoly. It goes right to the liver. Fructose. Why do bears, on average, eat 30,000 blueberries a day? Because they're getting ready for winter. They're storing fat. Fructose goes to the liver stores [00:12:30] as fat. Remember the suitcase?

But one thing we learned, and this is something I didn't know before, on its way rapidly to the liver it changes your microbiome within your gut, especially the little lining that is made up of bacteria and [inaudible 00:12:53] cells between your gut and your blood. That's what we call leaky gut. [00:13:00] So high-fructose corn syrup has a huge, huge factor in leaky gut.

But number two, you know where your vitamin D gets metabolized? In your gut. Remember the solar panel? Every cell in your body. But where vitamin D, from the skin, when it comes in from the skin, one of the place it's metabolized is in your gut. But sugar, [00:13:30] high-fructose corn syrup, and one of the worst things you can do for high-fructose corn syrup is drink it. I talked about soda. You know what the number one fruit is in North America, the number one fruit? It's a drink. It's called orange juice. And number two is apple juice. Garbage. When you go through the grocery stores, [00:14:00] avoid the aisle that has fruit juices in it. Avoid that aisle.

What's the difference between orange juice and, let's say, a Pepsi? Nothing. There's no difference. They're both terrible. "Apple juice, Doc. It's apple." Yeah, I know, but it's a hundred percent fructose [00:14:30] and it's going to go directly to your liver and cause fatty liver. You're never meant to drink fruit. You're meant to eat fruit. God wanted you to eat it, not drink it. Man-made. Fruit juices are man-made. When you look at Dr. Martin's Perfect Smoothie, what do I talk about there? Protein, protein, protein, and then fat. Protein and fat. And [00:15:00] if you're not on the Reset, I give you a few berries. I'll let you have a few berries. Strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries. A few. It's not a fruit drink. It's a protein and fat drink. Goes up to the brain. Lowers inflammation.

But you see what happens in the gut. As the high-fructose corn syrup is making [00:15:30] a beeline for your liver, and that's why we see so much fatty liver today, up 300% in the last 20 years. It's one of the greatest factors in heart disease is liver. It starts liver disease first. You have heart disease, you got high blood pressure? You got problems with your liver. [00:16:00] Your liver is the suitcase. It's the Costco parking lot. And it's full. Imagine children having livers that are full with sugar. High-fructose corn syrup doesn't allow you to absorb vitamin D properly. You can't even absorb your calcium properly.

You want to know why there's so much osteoporosis today? Our diets. [00:16:30] By the way, in North America, per capita, we drink more milk than anywhere else in the world. Canada, even more than the US of A. We drink more milk than anyone else. But we got one of the highest rates of osteoporosis. Guys, it's not calcium. It's sugar. Sugar decreases your [00:17:00] ability to absorb calcium. Calcium doesn't do you much good if it's sitting in your bloodstream. The last place in the universe you want calcium is inside your bloodstream because that's what is part of forming plaque. Calcium. Hardening of the arteries. How do arteries get hard? Calcium. Because calcium belongs in your bones and your teeth [00:17:30] and inside your cells. Calcium don't belong in your bloodstream.

"Hey Doc, I got blockage." You got too much calcium that's not getting in to the bone where it belongs. That's why I don't like calcium supplements. They don't get to their intended destination. I would love to do a little teaching [00:18:00] to my physician friends. Quit telling your patients to take calcium. Get them to change their diet. Numero uno, cut out the sugars, get back in the sun. If you can't get sun, then get vitamin D in a supplement. That's the supplement you need, is vitamin [00:18:30] D. But you got to cut the sugars out. Isn't that significant? Think about that, how significant that is. 80% of the population, 80% of North Americans, oh, it drives me crazy. I talked to a patient the other day that can't get their vitamin D levels checked. The doctor just won't do it. "Well, you don't need that. [00:19:00] You're a [inaudible 00:00:19:00]." See, the doctor, in their training, God love them... I get a headache. Calcium equals bones.

So they get a man there,e or a woman even. And they're not thinking of osteoporosis. "I don't worry about you having osteoporosis. Therefore, I'm not doing your vitamin D levels." Oh, it's one of the most important tests that you can have done, because [00:19:30] 80%, even children, are low in vitamin D. And we know vitamin D is not just for bones. Yes, it is for bone. But what about your immune system? One thing we learned about COVID, one thing we know, 100% for sure, people that get sick have low levels of vitamin D. Why do you think it's so important? Your immune system doesn't even work without vitamin [00:20:00] D. Even insulin. If you're low levels of vitamin D, you're much more insulin-resistant.

We list it as a vitamin, but really it's a hormone. 80% of the population, might be even higher than that. Because people consume too much high-fructose corn syrup. [00:20:30] I know. You can't out supplement a bad diet. You can't out supplement a bad diet. I'm always telling people that. You just can't out supplement it. I have a whole chapter in my new book coming on [00:21:00] the idea of the diet. It's the first thing you need to do to help yourself. The first thing, not the second or third thing. I don't start with supplements, folks. I start with your diet. The major change you make for yourself is when you get the memo to cut sugar, [00:21:30] if you can, out, but certainly cut it down.

"Dr. Martin, how am I going to live without chocolate cake?" Then quit giving your kids or grandchildren chocolate milk. Ooh, milk is bad. Chocolate milk is terrible stuff. It's sugar on steroids. High-fructose corn syrup added [00:22:00] to milk. I know. But these are things and it's hard. I get it. Kids. It's hard. But be a good example. Be a good example. They'll get the memo. Kids are very smart. They're very intelligent.

So isn't that a significant finding, when you think about it? A bad diet, you can't even absorb your [00:22:30] vitamin D properly. You can't absorb your calcium properly. One of the biggest things on the Reset, guys, one of the biggest things on the Reset, and why I talk about it so much, because it's a 30-day program to turn your life around, turn the body around. It's unbelievable. Your body will turn in 30 days or less. [00:23:00] In the first six days of the Reset, you've emptied your liver. The liver just got a good cleaning, took all the junk out of it.

But I'll tell you, when I saw that study at the end of last week, I almost didn't have Question and Answer Friday, because I couldn't wait to tell you about this new study. And where have I seen it? In the mainstream media? [00:23:30] Nowhere. I mean, guys, this is earth-shattering. Earth-shattering. So if you do nothing else, cut the sugar down. If you have osteoporosis or osteopenia, which is the beginning of osteoporosis, [00:24:00] it's not a lack of Fosamax that you need. You're not deficient in Fosamax, which is a bone-building drug. You're not even deficient in calcium. It's because you're not absorbing your calcium because of your diet. You're a sugarholic. It's one of the biggest factor.

[00:24:30] The second factor is, most people in our world, because they take the lie of don't eat animal products, they take the lie of vegetarianism and veganism, and it's become part of their religion, personal religion. You're missing out. You're missing out on vitamin [00:25:00] D. You're missing out on calcium that you need from butter and cheese. You need to eat that stuff. You were meant to. And don't drink milk, like I say, unless you have a cow in the back. Eat cheese, eat butter. Much better for you. Tonight, I'm having vitamin S. Oh, it's going to be good. [00:25:30] And just when that steak is ready, last minute, butter on top. Let it melt right in that meat. I get the perfect vitamin K2 on top of vitamin S, steak. I'm getting vitamin D. I'm getting calcium, the right stuff.

[00:26:00] Okay, that was fun. I hope you had fun, too. Okay, guys, love you guys. Stay tuned. We got some new studies came out, exciting. We'll bring them to you. And if you have any questions, get them ready. We love you, guys. Share this with your friends, share it with your family. The more you share it, the more the algorithms, I don't know anything [00:26:30] about algorithms other than that's the word that somebody told me, the algorithms in Facebook. We're up to 65,000 people following us on Facebook. Get your friends to follow us. Get them to join the Martin Clinic Facebook group. Love you, guys. Talk to you soon.

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