464. The Current Mental Health Crisis

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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. And welcome again to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great day. I'm titling this live here this morning, [00:00:30] soon to be a podcast, Not Thinking Past Our Noses. I started to mentioned this yesterday. We're going to talk about two articles that came out. One on national public radio and the other one in the Daily Mail United Kingdom and their headline is Lockdown is Deadly. The unintended [00:01:00] consequences of the lockdown.

Now, I could give you my thoughts and I will, but let me give you the combination of both articles and what they said. Here's what's increased, headaches, nausea, hair loss. People are losing their hair by the bundles. According to the articles, [00:01:30] thyroid, shingles, way up. We'll talk about that in a minute. Cold sores, way up. Stomach problems, way up. A huge increase in heart attacks. We talked about this, an enormous increase in depression, anxiety. Increase in suicides and overdoses.

It's like an epidemic here where I'm coming from of overdoses. [00:02:00] Dentists are talking about cracked teeth than TMJ problems with the jaw clenching the teeth. Allergies, auto-immune are up. One thing that's really gone up is the misdiagnosis of cancer.

Now, if this is your first time on, I'm going to share this with you, but for others, you know where I'm coming from. The problem in [00:02:30] medicine, as far as cancer, cardiovascular too, and a lot of other things is they're really more into what they call early detection, especially in cancer. I'm more into prevention. I'd rather you not get it. But I agree with them that people were scared to go to the hospital. You couldn't get a hold of your doctor [00:03:00] for a lot of people.

You might be able to have Zoomed with your doctor or FaceTime with your doctor or doctor on the telephone, and I guess that's better than nothing, but generally medicine, and I've been screaming about this from day one and God bless the infectious disease guys, okay? Public health officials. It's a pandemic and you [00:03:30] can understand if you're trained in pandemics like public health officials and infectious disease people like Tony Fauci, for example, that's their training.

They'd prepare for things like this. And to them, the virus is everything. It doesn't matter. It's everything. What bothers me is the lack of response. Now we're getting some, and it's certainly getting louder [00:04:00] now, but the lack of response from all other doctors, I'm just surprised that the American Psychiatric Association or psychiatry, whatever they call themselves, why the heck have they not made a huge announcement?

It's well-established, depression, anxiety, which was bad before March. It wasn't good before March, but [00:04:30] now it's horrendous according to these new studies. We're not thinking past our noses. Not that doesn't mean we shouldn't have taken the virus seriously. I've tried to keep you guys updated, what you can do. I mean the world says wash your hands, wear a mask, and whatever, social distance and whatever. I was talking [00:05:00] more about, let's build our immune system so that you and I, whether we get the virus or not, we'd rather not get it, but even if we do we'll be asymptomatic, mostly.

And these are just statistics, so don't beat me up. If you're under 80, you had about a 99 point something percent [00:05:30] recovery rate. You weren't going to die. And they talked about let's flatten the curve. They closed the world up. The world was brought to its knees by a virus. I told you many times, I'm not a prophet nor the son of one, because I certainly would have never predicted.

Tony Jr., he was much more of a prophet than his dad. I can tell you. He said, "Dad, they're going to... You watch what they do." I did that. They're not going to do [00:06:00] that. They did it. I never thought for a minute they closed businesses. And I got pet peeves too. When they closed the gym, that's the craziest thing in the world is to close gyms. But you see when the virus is everything, nothing else matters.

In our province here down South, there's still some areas now, you can't go into a restaurant. You have to eat outside. It's near the [00:06:30] end of October for heaven sakes. I don't know about climate change because we didn't get the memo in Sudbury or in Canada for that matter. I was looking on Facebook yesterday. My hometown, Timmins got a snow storm, lots of it. But that's not unusual. And it's coming to a theater near me because it's coming here too. And we're just a little bit south of them. [00:07:00] But here we are.

And let me just say something about cancer that you know. Medicine is worried about early detection, right? That's their training. I get it. They want to detect cancer early. I'm not saying I'm against it. But medicine is saying in general, this has been a disaster for cancer. And as I [00:07:30] explained, I think it was last week, "We ain't seen nothing yet, honey," Wait. In my opinion, breast cancers like a scourge in our society. It's unbelievable that one out of seven, one out of six women are going to get breast cancer. One out of four men are going to get prostate cancer.

And now because the virus is everything, [00:08:00] squirt, squirt, squirt. You're squirting, estrogen on your hand. All those chemicals are estrogen. Your body thinks it's estrogen and you're a woman and your body is going, "Woo-hoo-woo. Come here, estrogen. I like you. You and me get along because I'm a woman." The problem is it affects men too, because estrogen is a growth hormone. We're not [00:08:30] thinking past our nose. Constantly, constantly.

I know some people said to me online that, "Doc, I work in a hospital and I got to use this stuff all the time." I feel for you, man. Because you don't drop dead right away, but it's down the road. It's down the road. But we're already seeing anxiety, depression, [00:09:00] suicides, overdoses. It's crazy.

I'm going to tell you about... We're not thinking past our nose. Look, every, every study has shown. Kids, this virus, they swat it off like a fly. It doesn't hurt them. It doesn't affect them. We want to be so careful, and I get it. I [00:09:30] know. If you're an infectious disease doctor, you can't let go. You just go, "Oh, we got to watch. We got to watch." I know, but these kids got to live. My grandson was telling me last night. He said, "Grandpa, I'm so tired of wearing a mask all the time, all the time." What is it? Six hours or so. Whatever they spend in school, they have to wear the mask all day. [00:10:00] That's not normal for kids.

We're not thinking past our noses. What kind of anxiety? What kind of mental health issues are we going to see down the road? I told you yesterday. I'm a people person, but everybody to some extent is a people person. Some people less than others, but you're not meant to live alone. You're meant to smile. [00:10:30] I'm worried about kids. This isn't good for them. They canceled pretty well all their sports and they're just starting to start up and they put rules in place. It's craziness. But if the virus is up here and everything else is down here, that's what happens. We're not thinking past our nose.

So I talked to you about cancer because [00:11:00] of the amount of estrogen. And listen, cortisol, a little refresher, cortisol is your stress hormone. It was meant to have a part-time job. And the world is saying that not me. They're just confirming what I've been saying. There's nothing that will suppress your immune system more than cortisol. Why? Because it's the fight [00:11:30] or flight. Your body is not thinking immunity, it's thinking of running or hitting or fighting. Your immune system takes a hit because cortisol, it's to get you ready to, you're behind me, scaring me. I'm going to... The hairs on my back to my head already.

But it's not meant to go on because what does it do? It suppresses the immune system. We're not [00:12:00] thinking past our noses. You see, cortisol will take inflammation and it will pour gasoline on it. And I think we all know the effects of inflammation. It destroys blood vessels. It starts to change chemistry in your body. It affects yourselves. It decreases [00:12:30] your immunity. I'll just give you an example.

I talked to you about it. This is not my statistic. Shingles. You know what shingles is? It's the herpes virus, the chicken pox. When your immune system is good, you get the chicken pox as a kid. And your immune system says, "Now you see that there, Mr. [00:13:00] Herpes virus? Stay quiet and I don't want to see you. You're there, but stay quiet." But I always tell people with shingles and why it's an epidemic.

And the world is saying, not me, the world is saying that, "Wait, because shingles is like crazy today. Why is that?" Because I've never seen a case of shingles, I mean this, that didn't have the perfect storm to it. Meaning [00:13:30] stress. Long time. Not meant to go on for a long time. It's suppressing the immune system. Now, the herpes virus says, "I'm coming out." And without any warning, whoop ,it's there. And shingles is never any fun.

Cold sores. I saw somebody being interviewed on TV the other day, they had a little bit of a cold sore. They [00:14:00] get makeup and they try and cover it up. I said, "That girl is under stress. It's just part of the herpes virus." Your body keeps it down. But that's a big issue for viruses.

So the very thing, corona is what? A virus. That's why I'm trying to get your immune system always to be on guard, your T-cells. [00:14:30] So keeping in mind that we're not thinking past our noses. It's an unfortunate situation that we're in, but I'm preaching to you, be watchful, for family members, loved ones. They might be coming apart at the seams. We need to communicate with each other. I'm a big guy for going for a coffee, talking. [00:15:00] It's wonderful.

So what cortisol does, it really suppresses the immune system? Secondly, it creates an inflammation is already there. It will take inflammation and pour gasoline on it. I'll tell you something, especially in men. When men get heart attacks, generally their cholesterol is within normal limits. What [00:15:30] they get is they got a lot of stress in their lives and men, I'm talking in generalities are poor communicators, right?

In general, they're not communicators. They keep things in. That has a major effect on cortisol and cortisol creates inflammation, it can attack the heart. Nevermind what it does to cancer. [00:16:00] I think I mentioned this as we did. The breast cancer podcast in two sessions. Breast cancer takes off with stress. So we haven't seen nothing yet. Nevermind, the amount of estrogen. You go to the grocery store or whatever, I mean, they're spraying like I've never seen spray. Even at the restaurant.

You want to support the restaurants [00:16:30] like those tables, the virus, the virus, the virus, the virus, the virus, the virus, the virus, the virus. They're not thinking about what that does to you, to them. I feel sorry for people. They've got to clean and I understand it. I understand they're made to do it, but that's not good for you. I don't care. It's not.

[00:17:00] I told you about the poor little girl going into a shop. I don't know. I just got uptight. I felt sorry for her. She was wrestling me to put that chemical stuff. I said, "I got my own." As I pulled out my oil of oregano spray. I said, "You shouldn't be putting those chemicals on you." I felt sorry for the young lady. [00:17:30] She doesn't know. She thought I was crazy. Well, I had a mask on too, so she didn't know if I was going to rob the store or just go in to be a shopper.

We live in unusual times. Oh, boy. Use your own spray. If I can get the message out to you guys. Anyway, listen to this statistic. I read this yesterday. Cancer rates are skyrocketing [00:18:00] in people under 35. Well, an earlier statistics said that one out of three people in their lifetime will get cancer. They will get that diagnosis? One out of three. That's incredible.

We're certainly not winning the war on cancer, but this one was saying cancer rates are skyrocketing in people under 35. Wow. I'll tell you, food, [00:18:30] insulin. Young people are in a perfect storm. They don't eat well. They eat too many carbohydrates. Young people are up to 200 pounds of sugar a year. Young people are stressed. They communicate by texts. They never sit down and talk to each other.

My grandchildren laugh at grandpa. "No, I want to talk. I [00:19:00] can text, but I'd rather talk. I want to talk. You need to talk. It's therapy. There's no therapy in texting." But isn't that a crazy statistic? Cancer rates are skyrocketing in people under 35. They don't eat well. They've got elevated insulin. They got elevated estrogen, because of all the crazy chemicals. [00:19:30] They got elevated cortisol because they don't communicate. Then they're under a lot of pressure and it's a social media, social media, social media. Those young people are in a perfect storm. They're in a perfect storm. Cancer rates are going crazy.

Remember insulin and estrogen are growth hormones. And a lot of young people, they buy the lie. They [00:20:00] don't eat anything, but eyeballs. That's a huge mistake. You will not have a good immune system without eating eggs, meat and cheese. I'm sorry. You know what, Galatians 4 and 16 says, "Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?" I tell that the young people. Am I your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Sorry, I'm going to tell you the truth. [00:20:30] Not propaganda. I'm sorry. No, I'm not.

Okay, guys. Tomorrow is question and answer. Send in your questions. We'll try and answer all them tomorrow. If you're not a member of the Martin Clinic, private Facebook group, please join that group. It's a wonderful group. Share this. We appreciate [00:21:00] it. We're up to over 60,000 that follow us on Facebook. That is incredible number. We love that. Thank you so much for that, by the way. It's you guys. Who would I talk to if I didn't have you? Let's think past our noses. I know you do. I appreciate that. Love you.

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