462. The Myth Of The Mediterranean Diet

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Dr.Martin: Well, good morning, everyone, and welcome again to another live this morning, and hope you're having a great day. Good to have you on with us. So I'm titling [00:00:30] this The Myth Of The Mediterranean Diet. The Myth Of The Mediterranean Diet. If you Google the Mediterranean diet, it will tell you it's one of the most popular and the healthiest diet around. And I want to clear up a misconception about a couple of things this morning that I want to clear up.

So here's what Google says the Mediterranean diet is. It's [00:01:00] a highly plant-based diet full of fruits and veggies and nuts, whole grains. But that's not true. The Mediterranean diet is very high in dairy, eggs, meat, olive oil, fish. And again, and there's a couple of things. [00:01:30] Let me just put a couple of things out so you understand where I'm coming from. Am I against fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds? No, I'm not. God gave us two kingdom. The animal kingdom and the plant kingdom. And I'll tell you something. If people would stick [00:02:00] to those two kingdoms. It's actually in my new book. I actually have a whole section in the book called kingdom eating. If you eat in the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom, you will be healthy.

The problem is, I said there's a third kingdom. It's manmade. It's highly processed foods. [00:02:30] You would think whole grain, yeah. But pasta and noodles, most breads. We live in a different world. I really try and emphasize that. The most significant statistic, it's the scariest statistic that is at the forefront of all my thinking. If you understand that, [00:03:00] you'll get into this head here, Dr. Martin's brain. Everything that I talk about in nutrition is based on this statistic. When you understand that, you'll understand fully where I come from. Here's the statistic out of the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, a couple of years ago. I'd been saying it for years. But here's what they say. [00:03:30] 88% of the population in North America is metabolically unwell. 88%. Meaning, they are metabolically unstable. You got to put that in your craw, guys. Because when you read anything online and go to Google and whatever, I want you to do that, [00:04:00] you must understand, though, that the world that we live in today is different than the world that we used to live in.

88% of the population, and I believe it's over 90, by the way. I disagree a little bit with the CDC. We don't live in the same world that I lived as a kid. I always tell my grandchildren I had cookies and ice cream too. [00:04:30] Because grandpa's always talking about don't eat sugar. They know where I come from. And I'm not telling them not to ever eat sugar. They're kids and grandchildren. But we live in a different world. 80% of the African-American population, south of the border for me, are diabetic or obese. [00:05:00] And if you're obese, you're really a diabetic. Whether you get the diagnosis or not, you are a diabetic because you have insulin resistance, and diabetes is a disease of insulin resistance.

Your cells hate insulin. They resist it. And you need to pour more and more and more and more and more insulin in order to open up your cells. Insulin will do [00:05:30] the job until it can't. And that's what medicine has said is diabetes. But guys like me talk about... I use the word, I don't even like the word pre-diabetic. Because if you're a pre-diabetic, you're a diabetic. You're on the Titanic.

So if you have no problem with your metabolism, you'll get away with the Mediterranean diet. You [00:06:00] can eat from both kingdoms. You can eat eggs, meat, and cheese, dairy, fish. And from the plant kingdom, you can have your fruits and vegetables and grains. But we live in a different world. Most people can't do it. Their cells, their metabolism is defective. And when they have a fruit, for example... [00:06:30] Remember when bears, why they eat fruit? Why do they love berries or apples? Fructose stores fat. They're getting ready for the winter. Why do you think chipmunks, why do they think they love nuts so much? They go and hide their nuts deep in the ground. For what? Winter. Storing fat. I [00:07:00] know. It's almost not fair anymore.

But I'm not big on the Mediterranean diet. I'm not. And the reason is because it's not reality in North America. When the CDC says 88% of the population have metabolic syndrome, what they're saying is put your hand up, "My name is Tony, and I'm a carboholic." That's what [00:07:30] they're saying. They didn't say it like that but that's what it means, guys. If you're a carboholic, you don't get along, I told someone yesterday, you and carbs don't get along anymore. They're abusive to you. You have an abusive relationship. Maybe if you lived over in Europe, you could eat fruits and vegetables [00:08:00] and nuts and seeds and whole grains.

But remember, don't fool yourself and don't believe it over there because the Mediterranean diet is very high in the animal kingdom. Only Google, they have an agenda. I'm telling you. The food industry has a huge influence on them. And even a lot of my guru friends, [00:08:30] my colleagues, God love them, but they got this plant-based diet that's number one on the hit parade for them. A whole generation, young people. I'm telling you. It's unbelievable. They took it hook, line and sinker. Oh, I can't eat animals. Anything with eyeballs, I won't eat that. [00:09:00] As I've said it a million times, I'm going to say it again, that is dangerous thinking.

Three kingdoms. The animal, where you get cholesterol, by the way. There's no cholesterol in the plant kingdom. How in the world are you going to be healthy without eating cholesterol? How in the world are you going [00:09:30] to be healthy without eating saturated fat, dripping saturated fat? How in the world are you going to have a healthy brain without eating fat? Your brain is fat. You get called fat head, take it as a compliment. I know that rubs. It rubs. [00:10:00] It rubs people the wrong way because it's indoctrination. Say a lie long enough, say it, say it, say it, say it, and then people believe it. The world takes it. Oh, must be true. It must be true.

Guys, I tell you. Again, I have a whole section in the book that lies that we believe. [00:10:30] I watched it in my lifetime. I watched it in my lifetime when the cereal companies said, "Don't eat bacon and eggs. They got saturated fat and cholesterol. Eat our cereal. Frosted Flakes, Cheerios, whole wheat Cheerios. They're great. And look at the fat in bacon. [00:11:00] Look at it. Dripping with fat. It's no good for you." And then they said, "Well, yeah, but it's like bacon. Well, not only does it saturated fat, then it's no good for you, look at all the nitrates." What do vegetable have? Nitrates.

But if you say it long enough, people [00:11:30] believe it. Every day, every day, every day they say it. And then it becomes part of our craw. It becomes part of our life. I watched them liars, liars, pants on fires. The cereal companies. Big food. Kraft. They lie. Do they mean well? [00:12:00] Maybe. I don't want to tell you what their motives are because I can't read their hearts, but I can tell you what they did. I watched it. And in my lifetime. Born in 1952. I watched them make cholesterol the boogeyman.

And every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, I have to remind people that cholesterol [00:12:30] is not the boogeyman. You want to live longer? You need to have high cholesterol. I'm sorry. That is the truth. People with low cholesterol die young. Your brain is made up of cholesterol. Your cells, the cell wall, cholesterol. Your hormones, cholesterol. [00:13:00] But I have to explain it every day. You know how hard it is to undo that thinking? I had someone yesterday online, I don't even know who it was, "Can you give me some proof to bring to my doctor?" Well, good luck with that. Good luck with that. I hate to be negative, but good luck with that.

The best health care is self-care. [00:13:30] You like that quote? The best health care is self-care. Guys, gals, you're going to have to do this yourself. Don't wait for the world to change. I'm sorry. Don't wait. And I'm not telling you not to trust your doctor. You need a doctor, but [00:14:00] don't wait for them. "Oh, my doctor didn't say I was a diabetic. Therefore, I'm not a diabetic." Don't wait for an ultrasound to see if you got fatty liver or liver enzymes to be upside down. Don't wait for that. Self-care is the best health care. That's what I'm aiming at, guys. I'm aiming at you personally. [00:14:30] My followers. I love that.

Hey guys, don't think for one minute that I don't appreciate that you take time out of your busy day to listen to my rants. I appreciate it. What have we got on Facebook now? 60,000 followers? I don't take that for granted. But I'm not going to apologize. I am sorry. I will not apologize for [00:15:00] being, as some people would say, a quack, because I won't follow the agenda. I know what it is. They're trying to get you away from the animal kingdom. There's a whole indoctrination going on. I'm telling you. It's bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. And they'll repeat it a million times. They want you to eat the plant kingdom and not eat from the animal kingdom. [00:15:30] I'm telling you. Well, you guys get it. You will not be healthy. I'm sorry, I don't care what Netflix says. You're not going to be healthy. Well, you can eat vegetables all your life if you want, but you better take supplements every day and a boatload of them too, if you're not going to eat animal product. God wants you to eat from the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom.

[00:16:00] But coming back to what's going on in Europe, and it's changing, by the way. I'll tell you a country, United Kingdom is very unhealthy with the carboholics. And it's coming to a theater near them, the rest of Europe. Because the food industry is, these are major players, guys. [00:16:30] I said the other day there's two big ones, but there really is three. There's three big influencers in the world. Big, big, gigantic. The pharmaceutical companies, the food industry, and the social media. Huge. And their agenda is to turn you into a vegetarian, [00:17:00] or a vegan, and have very little, if none, animal product.

But I'll tell you, the Europeans today, they eat a lot of fish. They get a high, high, high levels of omega-3 compared to omega-6. In North America here, our omega-6 to omega-3 levels, which creates an enormous amount of inflammation, is about [00:17:30] 20 to one, 30 to one ratio. Omega-6 to omega-3. You get more omega-3, by the way, in a steak than you do in fish.

I have fish every day. Did you know that? I do. Every day, seven days a week, I have fish, in a capsule. Because I don't like fish. I wish I did. Guys, don't believe everything you see [00:18:00] on social media. I want you to think. Don't believe me either. Search it out. Use your 2%. That's [inaudible 00:18:12]. Every time I see 2% milk, I think of the size of our brain that we're using. We don't use a lot of our gray matter up there.

Remember the story I brought out last week? Let me just give you those statistics again. Like it was [00:18:30] craziness. Remember the amount of sugar? See, the Chinese can eat a little bit different than we do, because they compared three countries, China, Mexico, and the USA. So what did they see? Chinese had 26 grams, four and a half teaspoons of added sugar a day. Mexico had 92 grams [00:19:00] of added sugar. That is, what, 23 teaspoons a day of added sugar. You know what it is in the USA? 124 grams of sugar added every day. Every day, 124 grams, which is, what, 31 teaspoons. It's actually higher than that. 33 teaspoons of sugar every day.

See, the sugar's the new smoking. [00:19:30] In the fifties, there was very little cancer. Did you know that? People die. Big dent in the deaths was when they started using antibiotics. Greatest discovery of the 20th century. And then they found out by the early 1960s, holy moly, smoking's no good for you. Here's what makes me laugh. I don't know if this [00:20:00] makes you laugh, but it makes me die of laughing, is when I see someone who lowers their mask to have a cigarette. I tell you, I fall on the ground laughing. Are you kidding me? You're wearing a mask and you bring it down to have a cigarette. [00:20:30] Jeepers creepers.

I see these young people, they're forced to wear a mask, but they're having a Slurpee with about 30 teaspoons of sugar in it. Or they go to Starbucks, where my grandson used to be a, what do they call them, a barista, or? I don't know what they call them. They don't just call them an employee. They call them a barista. [00:21:00] My grandson used to tell me how he made those specialized drinks. He said, "Grandpa, if you saw how much sugar I had to put in there." Oh, wear are your mask. You destroy your immune system just by having that drink. Oh, I can't get over how crazy we are. We're crazy. Hey, you over there. Why don't you stop [00:21:30] smoking? That'll help your immune system like nobody's business.

So the moral of the story today, don't believe in a balanced diet. There's no such thing anymore. And 90% of the population can't have a balanced diet anymore. They can't, because they really are unwell [00:22:00] and they need to change their diet and have about 80%... Well, you know me on the reset, that's a hundred percent. But you got to flip it now to 80%. When you're metabolically healthy, once you've done the reset and fixed yourself, 80% of your diet should be from the animal kingdom.

You know what I think about the fruits and that today. "Dr. [00:22:30] Martin, it's a banana." You got metabolic syndrome. You and bananas don't get along. "Oh, Doc, an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Yeah, in the 1950s, that was true. But you can't live on bananas, you can't live on apples, and you can't live on grapes. I love grapes. I love bananas. I love apples. You see on my forehead here, [00:23:00] should be written, Dr. Martin has to be very careful of insulin resistance. My dad was a diabetic. I look just like him. And I got to be careful. That's why I'm so passionate about it.

Somebody asked yesterday, "Doc, what's your diet?" I eat a very high fat diet. [00:23:30] Protein and fat, very little carbs. I could live on bread. I could. I love bread. I don't live on it, though. I can't. I don't fool myself. I just can't. The doc, he don't get away with it. Neither do you, for most people. It's the most [00:24:00] important thing. Self-examination. Don't fool yourself. Don't fool yourself. Don't be deceived. I always try and rationalize. I live with an Italian girl, coming up on 48 years. My Italian stallion. I tell you, I could live [00:24:30] on my wife's cooking. But she's very good to me. She knows my weaknesses. I'd live on bread and pasta every day. I would. I love it. But I don't do it. I can't. I'm preaching to the choir, I know. Just be careful. That's all. Am I telling you you can never have another ice cream? I didn't say that. [00:25:00] I mean it. I just never have that stuff. I just don't. I don't do well with it. So you know what? I find if I just stay away from it. And I'm not miserable about it.

So the Mediterranean diet, Google has it wrong. It's not true. They're very high on the animal kingdom. Cheese, cream, [00:25:30] fish, eggs. They love that stuff. And so should you. Okay, love you guys. Appreciate sharing this. It really helps. And you know what? You make conversions one at a time. And you know what? It's amazing. It's amazing how people, when they get the memo and they're willing to change, [00:26:00] it really does make a difference. It really does make a difference. So we got some great things coming up. So we appreciate when you tune in every morning. If you can't, obviously, we turn these into podcasts for people that want to listen to them later, or they're working or whatever. They can't be with me at 8:30 in the morning. So good to have you on. Love you guys. [00:26:30] God bless you.

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