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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. And once again, welcome to another live Doctor is In Podcast. Hope you're having a great day and we're going to talk about the natural flu shot here this morning, [00:00:30] okay. So buckle up. Here we go.

I don't want to put these necessarily in order, but I got to emphasize this, okay. You cannot undo a bad diet. You can't undo it. You can take all the supplements in the world, but if you've got a bad diet full of sugar, as I've often reminded you and remind you again. See that microscope back there? [00:01:00] It's amazing what you can see under a microscope. And I used to show patients this. You take a little drop of blood and watch it. It's still alive. It stays alive for a little while. I called that the old wild moments, okay. And that is when you saw the activity of white blood cells and you look at white blood cells and you go, oh my word. Aren't they smart? Really [00:01:30] fearfully and wonderfully made. Okay, you look in the microscope, you go, Oh wow.

Look at how your immune system works, because we would often see a parasite, either bacterial or whatever. And you literally could watch. You didn't always get a good show, but some days you got a tremendous show and you would watch white blood cells surround the parasite, chase them. [00:02:00] Listen, I think you can actually Google that if you want and watch a white blood cell literally chase a bug. It's like they're getting chased by the police. It was amazing to watch. It was kind of fun and I never got tired of watching that because I just would explain to the patient. Listen, look what your white blood cells do. [00:02:30] And then I would tell them, look when you take a teaspoon of sugar the white blood cells go to sleep. No studies have been done on that. They literally would just fall asleep right in front of you.

One thing you have to do in the flu season, and this is what's coming now. It's amazing how the flu season right, is really goes by the climate. [00:03:00] We don't see the sun. This is what's happening, much darker days and it's the way it is. So if you do nothing else, cut the sugars out. It's a great step to boosting your immune system because sugar puts white blood cells to sleep. That's the diet. I mean, I'll come back to diet in a few minutes [00:03:30] because I'm going to talk to you about positive things in the diet. But the negative thing is take sugar out of action.

We often talk about that in cancer and the PET scan. They give you a cup of sugar. Why? Because under the PET scan, that imaging, you take a cup of radioactive glucose and you light [00:04:00] up like a Christmas tree if you have cancer from your head to your toes. That's the fabulous PET scan. It's not for your pets. It's for you. It detects cancer like no other imaging. And I kind of got a chuckle. We got one here in our hometown in a big cancer center that we have here, but it took us years to get that. The government bucked it. They didn't like it. It's expensive, [00:04:30] but it's tremendous imaging, but you need cancer.

If you don't believe sugar feeds cancer cells, I don't know what to say to you. Some people I can't convince, okay. I don't know what to say. So eliminate sugar. This is the time of the year. I know we just came through Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving is coming up and the treats and the sugary stuff, and I get it folks. I understand we live on the planet, [00:05:00] but you got to try and diminish that as much as you can.

For the flu shot, the natural flu shot is eliminating sugar as much as possible. Why? That's I love the reset. There's no sugar at all. Now of course you knew what vitamin I was going to come up with first, right? So vitamin D, vitamin D, vitamin D. The darker your skin, the less vitamin D. I read a study. [00:05:30] I don't know if it was yesterday or whatever, but showed that the African-American population, 80% of them are low in vitamin D levels. You got darker skin, you need even more vitamin D, but 80% of the population in my opinion are low in vitamin D anyway.

I talked to a cancer patient and their doctor wouldn't do vitamin. I get your vitamin D levels. I'm very interested. [00:06:00] I want it optimized so find out for me what your vitamin D levels are. The doctor wouldn't do it, said you don't need that. And not all physicians are like that, but most physician all they think of is vitamin D is for your bones. Folks, that's 50, 60, 70 years old. Vitamin D is just for your... And I don't know what is it in this world that would not convince a doctor [00:06:30] to find out what your vitamin D levels are? For heaven sakes, the president of the United States of America who are surrounded by, you would think, the best doctors in the world. When he got COVID, they gave him vitamin D. It's well-established. Study after study after study, people that went into the ICU had low levels of vitamin D. It was a common [00:07:00] denominator.

Part of the flu shot is vitamin D. You need it. I'm going to tell you what I take, between 8,000 and 12,000 IUs a day, this time of the year for me. I can't tell you for you. I'll tell you what the vitamin D council recommends ,minimum 8,000 IUs. That's [00:07:30] the vitamin D council, what they recommend for the natural flu shot. And you might want to do the vitamin D wack-a-mola. If you feel like a cold's coming on, then there's a lot of research on getting the vitamin D. I think my son said it right. He called it the vitamin D hammer, 20,000 to 50,000 IUs a day.

I remember, I call him [00:08:00] a colleague, he was an MD, alternative medicine MD, Dr. [Rona 00:08:05] in Toronto. And he did a study, personal clinical study. They allowed them to do it. I think it was in either the Toronto General or Western Hospital there in Toronto. People that were on the ventilators with pneumonia, and he showed in a seven day period he would give them [00:08:30] 50,000 IUs of vitamin D a day for seven days. I think I'm quoting this study properly because I was at the lecture when he gave it. 10 got the vitamin D of 50,000 hammer a day for seven days and 10 on the ventilators that didn't get it. And the 10 that got it completely recovered within seven [00:09:00] days. That's a hammer, 50,000 IUs a day.

There's a lot to be said for vitamin D. And remember what vitamin D does. Your body is a human solar panel. I say it. I say it. I say it, but every cell in your body has a receptor. Every cell in your body has a receptor, a little antenna, and it says I need vitamin D. It's looking for it. Your T- [00:09:30] cells, your Navy Seals of your immune system, do not work properly without vitamin D. You need vitamin D.

Now, when you have eggs, meat and cheese, you get some vitamin D in there. Did you know that? You see D2, vitamin D2, is in the plant kingdom. D3, what your body needs, is in eggs, meat and cheese. Now I recommend, and again, [00:10:00] I'm just telling you me. I recommend you supplement with vitamin D, unless you live in Florida, even then. Ooh my Florida friends, listen, you're scared of the sun. I've never seen anything like it. Us Canadians, the border is closed. We can't drive down to Florida. [00:10:30] What did I say last year in Corona? Put us on cargo planes and put us into the sun. And they're finally getting it.

They gave the president of the United States vitamin D. I would be very interested to know what his blood work was. How much vitamin D did he actually have in his blood stream? [00:11:00] I'd be fascinated to know that, but if he's like the rest of the American population and Canadian, we'd be even worse. Remember how they came up with this originally? You know what it was, guys? With MS. If you live a certain parallel and above it, okay. For those who don't know where I live, where Sudbury [00:11:30] is to my American friends and all around the world, you go where's Sudbury? Santa Claus lives up here, the North pole. Come a little bit farther South. That's where Sudbury is. North Pole, Sudbury. It's beautiful by the way. And I'm originally from Timmins. There's the North Pole. Timmins, then [00:12:00] Sudbury, and the only people that live between Timmins and Sudbury are moose and bear. That's it. Do you think we live North? Yep. Only Santa Claus is North of us.

So guys, what they found out with MS is that people who had the lowest levels of vitamin D in the Northern hemisphere, had the biggest chance of getting MS, auto-immune. Must be a big factor. [00:12:30] I preached about that 40 years ago, the importance of vitamin D, even in auto-immune. And guess where MS is now found? Florida. Why? Two plus two is still four, guys. Add it up. Johnson & Johnson, don't go in the sun. It's going to give you skin cancer. It's bad for you. And the whole world [00:13:00] went hook, line and sinker. They took it. They swallowed the bait. They made the sun the boogeyman. And guess what? MS now is in the Southern hemisphere. And so is low immunity, because people, you got a vitamin. It's a hormone. It's not really a vitamin, but doesn't matter. We call it vitamin D. It's the sun.

[00:13:30] I told you, I know I'm getting off, I guess it's not off topic, but I'm going to rant for a minute, please. You would think the government, and I understand. I get it. I know what they're doing, but you would think the government of Canada and the United States would put their little noggins to use [00:14:00] and start distributing vitamin D to everybody, especially to our seniors. Give it to them. It's inexpensive. And you would think they'd do it. No, you know what they're looking for? A vaccine. You want to know how the pharmaceutical companies run the world? You will see it with COVID. Now am I against the [00:14:30] vaccine? You're not going to get me to say that. I'm not. I'm not saying that. You want to take it? It's like the flu shot. Don't ask me. I'm not commenting on the flu shot that you get at the pharmacy or your doctor's office. You want it? Go for it. I mean it.

I'm talking about what we know, natural, hundred percent, is vitamin D and vitamin D from [00:15:00] the sun is better than even the supplement is. It is. But good luck with that. Well, where I am. And my Floridian friends, if I could only convince you. Take the seniors, and they don't have to be butt naked, but put them out in the sun and undo the misinformation about skin cancer and don't burn. I didn't tell you to go burn in the sun and [00:15:30] don't put sunscreen on because you're not getting vitamin D.

Eliminate sugar. Get vitamin D. What's number two on the hit parade? Oil of oregano. I love oil of oregano. To the makers of oil of oregano out there, the manufacturers, you owe me money. Send [00:16:00] me check because I give you advertising all the time. You know silver, yeah silver's good. Oil of oregano is better. Antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant. I love oil of oregano. I just never seen anything better. At the first sign of a bug you make sure you take it. It is good for you name it and it don't [00:16:30] kill your good guys. You see, in nature, it's a natural antibiotic and antiviral. It don't kill your good bacteria.

I know people at the health food store, everyone, well don't take it because you don't want it because it kills your good, no it doesn't. It knows the difference because God made oil of oregano. Manmade antibiotic, and look guys, please don't come after me. [00:17:00] You know me and antibiotics. The greatest discovery of the 20th century were antibiotic. They have saved millions upon millions of people's lives. So please don't get the information wrong that I'm against antibiotics. I'm absolutely not. But we're talking about the flu and that is viral. And I like oil of oregano because it's antiviral and it's antibacterial. [00:17:30] Got it?

Number two. I'm going to talk about a couple of foods, or you can get it in food. Vitamin A, we talked about it yesterday. It's the invisible mask. I watched Joe Biden yesterday, okay. And he touches his mask and actually he just forgot and I don't blame him. [00:18:00] He coughed so he took his mask down and [inaudible 00:18:03] into his hands and then he put his mask back on. Guys, I don't know how you're never going to touch your face. I just don't know how you do it. Good for you if you can do it. I'm always playing with my face. I think it says beard. I don't know. I think I always did. Something for my hands to do.

No, but listen guys, [00:18:30] the best mask is vitamin A. Nobody talked about it with the COVID. I was surprised. Here's just my opinion because I can't say for a hundred percent for sure, but in Africa they didn't get COVID hardly at all. You would think in Africa COVID would have gone crazy. While one maybe is the sun. [00:19:00] I'm sure of it. The other one is they take vitamin A it's one of their vitamins that the kids are given there and whatever. I love vitamin A. Now look, this is me and understand where I'm coming from. There's some things you can eat for your immune system, obviously. One of them, in my opinion, is vitamin A. Now, I give vitamin A to some people when I'm very suspicious that they're low. [00:19:30] We developed a product that called Blood Boost. I got vitamin A in there, the best vitamin A and I am big on vitamin A if you need it.

If you're a vegetarian, if you're a vegan, I love you. Honest, I do. I don't agree with it, but I still love you. You need vitamin A. Carrots won't do. Carrots are not vitamin A. They're [00:20:00] a precursor. They're beta-carotene I get it. But for your immune system you need vitamin A. You need eggs, meat and cheese. That's how you find vitamin A in food. Plus another one, zinc.

Now zinc really got a lot of ink. How many people, really be honest, ever thought of zinc before COVID and part of the treatment, giving that malarial [00:20:30] drug, and they gave them zinc with it. I'm a big guy on eating zinc. Again, I put it in my Blood Boost. A lot of people don't eat right or a lot of people don't absorb things properly. And I get that. I understand that. Then they're vegetable eaters and they like that. And oh doc, I don't like meat. [inaudible 00:20:56] I feel sorry for you, but that's all right. If that's the way it is, you [00:21:00] got to supplement. You have to supplement. You got to, you're not getting it in food. Don't fool yourself. And I know you go online and you read, oh it's complete the plants and no it isn't.

So I'm big on eating steak, vitamin S, because it's got vitamin A and it's got vitamin D and it's got vitamin zinc [00:21:30] in food. I know. I know. I know, but that's part of your flu shot. I want you to eat vitamin S, steak. There's nothing like it. Okay, liver. But I don't like liver. Aren't you glad you know me? If you don't like liver like me, well at least I say it. It's fantastic for you. It is. I just don't like it. I'd rather have a steak. [00:22:00] I'm sorry. Hamburger's good. It's the bun that'll kill you. Roast beef is fantastic. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. So that's what you do for your immune system.

So here's another one that's very important for your immune system and a lot of people have trouble. 70% of the population estimated, get your sleep. You miss a night's sleep, it puts your [00:22:30] white blood cell activity to bed. Your white blood cells go to sleep, but you don't. All the repair and all that, but your immune system needs sleep. And once again, and I'll go over this, okay. Because we're going to do a session on sleep again, like I was saying to you, I think yesterday, that vitamin S, sleep. Vitamin R is rest, is what I classify it as because vitamin S is taken already. [00:23:00] It's steak, but you need rest because that's when you reboot your immune system. If you don't sleep, you don't get your real good sleep, please get a power nap. It'll recharge your batteries and recharge your immune system, proven. So vitamin R, rest, important for your immune system. It's part of the flu shot.

[00:23:30] Now I want to tell you what I do, very important in my opinion. I love Navitol as part of the flu shot. Now, why do I do that? Why do I like it? There's three reasons, but I just want to tell you immunity, okay. You know what nitric oxide is? Nitric oxide is a compound. The guy who discovered it, discovered it in 1980. So you can imagine, go back to my 1974 [00:24:00] graduation. I didn't even know what nitric oxide was. Now you know what was around as a medicine? Was nitroglycerin, dynamite. How many people were using a nitro pill, even in the seventies? If you had angina, what did that do? You took a nitro. You were getting angina attack, right? And you would take nitro. And what does that do? Explosion [00:24:30] in the blood vessels, your blood vessels would relax. Now the blood would rush to your heart. That's how nitro works. Now they use it in patches, even.

But in 1980, they found out that your body actually has nitric oxide. As you get older, your nitric oxide goes down. And by the way, when you are low in B12, [00:25:00] you don't make nitric oxide. See why I'm so big on vitamin B12? It really is part of the immune system because nitric oxide, what it does, not only good for your heart, it relaxes the blood vessel. They relax, now blood flows are, but what is blood, guys? Think. What is blood? It's [00:25:30] a river. The life of the flesh is in the blood. What does blood bring you? You know this. Oxygen. Yep, that's important. Everybody knows that. But what people don't think of so much is nutrients.

So the higher your nitric oxide is, woo, blood is flowing full of nutrients. Every cell in your body needs those nutrients. [00:26:00] It's why B12 is such an important vitamin. Unlike all the other B vitamins, B12 elevates your nitric oxide, so does Navitol. Listen to this. The higher your nitric oxide levels are, the more you have circulating glutathione.

Now what's glutathione? It's Velcro [00:26:30] that takes out impurities, which super boost your immune system. I don't particularly like glutathione orally. I never found it to be effective, but I like it when you boost it. B12 boosts glutathione, so does Navitol. It's part of my regime of supplements. Now I read somebody's blood work even this [00:27:00] morning, early this morning. They were extremely low in B12. It said normal on the blood work, but it was in the very low end. I hate that normal. It doesn't mean normal. You need optimized B12 levels, otherwise your B12's not doing you much good. You see where I come from?

Did I get it all that I wanted to talk about this morning? [00:27:30] Yeah, I think so, okay. So, oh oh, come on, come on. I had a senior moment. Probiotic, of course. It's part of your immune system. It's part of everything. You need a good microbiome even to absorb your vitamin D and your vitamin A. So very important to have a good gut. You don't want to have leaky gut. Leaky [00:28:00] gut is a diversion. It hurts your immune system. I can talk to you about cortisol too, because that diverts your immune system. That's why stress can be so hard on the immune system, but guys, probiotics I could have put up first there, right? Forgive me for being 68 years old. I like that in a way because I can use it as an excuse when I forget.

So guys, [00:28:30] that's your flu shot. Cut your sugars down. Vitamin D, vitamin A and zinc. Eat it or supplement. I'd rather you eat it, probiotic. I'm sure there's people going to ask me the question. What about vitamin C? Yeah. Drink your coffee and drink your coffee, absolutely. That's the best vitamin C. Anyway, I don't want to just continuously [00:29:00] preach. Vitamin C in terms of on its own, I'm not big on that. I like the true vitamin C with a multitude of polyphenols. I add vitamin C to our Navitol. Much better when it's amongst all of the rest of the polyphenols. Your body absorbs it better. I've proven that to thousands of patients over the years, but if you want to take vitamin C, I've got no problem with that [00:29:30] on its own, but the real vitamin C is coffee.

Okay, so share this. Share this with your family and friends, okay. And if you're not a member of the Martin Clinic Private Facebook group, please join and invite your friends to join. We love that private group and Friday will be question and answer Friday. So send your questions in, okay. So God bless you. [00:30:00] Have a great day. Love you guys.

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