394. Steps To Be Metabolically Healthy Part 1

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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. So, okay. Let me read this statistic again to you. It is absolutely astounding, but we're going to talk about [00:00:30] how you get into that 12%. Now this is not my statistics. I think it's worse than this, but I'll stick to the 88% that the CDC has said are unhealthy metabolically. Okay? And that could include, and it's all due to insulin, by the way. If you're metabolically unhealthy it's insulin. It's not hormone. You can be unhealthy other ways, but 88% [00:01:00] of the population think about that. That is the most astounding statistic around. COVID don't mean nothing compared to this.

The ramifications of 88% of the population being unhealthy metabolically is a tragedy of the worst kind because it affects you and me. Not only if we're part of that 88%, [00:01:30] because 88% means that you are much more susceptible to the big killers, cardiovascular disease. Insulin, it's a death hormone. 88% of the population are metabolically unhealthy. That makes them at a much higher risk for cardio, cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes. We could add auto-immune, but we'll stick to the big four. [00:02:00] 88% of the population. It's incredible. No society could ever succeed. No society could ever flourish. No society could ever live through this without changing because of the astronomical cost to our society.

And people don't want to talk about it too much. No they don't. And politicians and the medical field [00:02:30] and the pharmaceutical companies and the big food companies, they don't want to talk about this. You know why? It exposes their underbelly. They're part of the problem. And maybe some of them don't realize it, but it don't matter. It's incredible. And so today, maybe tomorrow too, and some of these things you guys know by heart, but I want to reinforce it. My goal in what I do, my goal is to educate. [00:03:00] My goal is to coach. My goal is to get you into 12% of the population, get you into that category. No, there's no guarantees. Okay? You can get hit by a truck. There are some things you can't control. I know that, but this, you can control. This you can control.

88% of the population are metabolically messed up. That means their [00:03:30] insulin is high. They have belly fat. They have the start of fatty liver. They have high levels of uric acid, or just one of these put you into that category. 50% of the population... Listen, I read this to you the other day in the USA, but Canada is no different, okay? We're not different. We eat the same foods. So here it is. In the USA, 2018, 12% metabolically [00:04:00] healthy, just talked about that. 50% are diabetic and pre-diabetic. 50% of the population have high blood pressure. And now astoundingly, this is beyond belief that 50% of the population in Canada and the United States is obese. Obese. It's food. It's food.

So I'm going to give you, I've [00:04:30] got eight things, but I might add another one or two, but I just want to give you... And I am going to post this list right after on our Martin Clinic private Facebook group. Okay? So if you don't belong to that, join in on that group. Okay? I'm going to post some very, very simple things that will get you into that 12%. You can start today. You can start today. [00:05:00] You can get your loved ones if they're willing to start today, to change their life, to change the direction of their life, to get them off the Titanic and on to bigger and better things, health-wise. So eight things, that will do it. Repetition, repetition, repetition. So here they are, not necessarily in order of importance, because they're all important.

But number one is food, so I put [00:05:30] them number one. Eat red meat. Eggs, meat, and cheese, the good dairy. There's bad dairy, white Pepsi. Don't drink milk. Drink cream. You can have cream and you can have cheese. So understand that, eat red meat. If you don't eat red meat, you're just fooling yourself. And I don't care what indoctrination they're doing in our society today, Google red meat and you're not going to like what you [00:06:00] see, because it's all lies, guys. And some people, they just, they don't understand nutrition. So they buy the lie from Netflix to whatever, documentaries out. And even in the World Health Organization have been indoctrinated and sponsored this meatless craze, I call it. [00:06:30] Okay?

And the stock of this meatless craze is going crazy. But if you find out who's behind it, the Bill Gates Foundation, co-founder of Facebook, they're behind all this. There is a strategy to get people to avoid animal products. And I'm telling you something, guys, I know this doesn't make me popular, but I'm going to say it to you again and again, and again, [00:07:00] the people with the highest levels of cholesterol live the longest. And in case you've forgotten, cholesterol, 85% of it comes under your liver, by the way. Cholesterol is essential. 15% comes out of your diet and you must eat animal products to get cholesterol. You see, plants don't have cholesterol. So when they talk about the meatless burgers and whatever, [00:07:30] soy burgers and whatever, those are cancer burgers. Cancer burgers. Substitute sausage that you can buy at McDonald's and Tim Horton's and in your grocery store. They're cancer producing. There, I've said it. Soy-based products, driving up your estrogen, which is another killer in our society [00:08:00] today.

So you have to eat animal protein and, ladies, chicken has some cholesterol, but not much. I know you like your chicken. That's all right. Chicken is good. It's got protein, but you need red meat without which you get no B12, no heme iron, no L-carnitine, no L-arginine, no L-leucine. I hate to hide [00:08:30] behind the word science, because science has been hijacked these days. Science has been hijacked. Oh, it's science. Science has been hijacked by vested interest groups. And I'm going to be... You know me, and if you don't and you want to get to know me, I'm Mr. Consistent. I'm going to tell you and I said it, and I've said it, and I've said it, you need to eat red [00:09:00] meat. It's part of my vitamin, the Martin Clinic vitamin, vitamin S steak. No food in the world. Maybe liver. I don't talk about liver that much. It's just because I don't like it. I wish I did, but I don't. Okay? So steak, eat your steak.

So if you want to be metabolically healthy and you want to join the 12%, [00:09:30] you need to eat red meat and you need to eat eggs, meat, and cheese and cream. And part of meat is fish, of course. Right? Fish, I have fish every day in a capsule. But again, like I said, and I get it every week, so I'm just going to bring it out. Every week, I get people on our private Facebook group, are asking questions to the clinic, which we really appreciate by the way. "I'm so confused, [00:10:00] Dr. Martin. I'm so confused." Why are you confused? "Well, I don't know. My doctor wants me to get my cholesterol down and you're telling me to get my cholesterol up. I'm so confused." But don't be confused. Understand this and I say it in all due respect, doctors by and large know nothing about nutrition, by and large. They're not taught in medical school anymore. [00:10:30] They're not taught in medical school.

And if they are, it's brought to you by the food industry that would love you to be a vegan or a vegetarian. Yeah? And the pharmaceutical industry that hammers cholesterol, every chance they get because of the number one selling drug of all time, Lipitor based on LDL, so-called bad cholesterol. There's no such thing as bad cholesterol. Your [00:11:00] body can't live without it. Your brain can't survive without it. Your cells need it. And God doesn't trust you enough to eat enough cholesterol. That's science. 85% of your cholesterol is made by your body. And there's only really one bad lipid in your blood. It's a bad one. It's called triglycerides. It's not cholesterol. Triglycerides are not cholesterol.

There are three triglycerides, [00:11:30] three fat balls made from sugar. So you know this, and I reinforce it because I want you to get into that 12% of being metabolically healthy, to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Yes, reduce your risk, reduce your risk of cancer by eating the right foods. And I appreciate my choir out there that know these things. But I'm going [00:12:00] to pump your tires because this is important. In health, this is the most important thing. You need to understand this because the world out there has gone crazy. It's indoctrination. Folks, it's like a religion. Even to a lot of doctors, this is a religion that you stop eating animal products and getting your cholesterol down. It's craziness.

First day of medical school, you'll learn the importance of cholesterol. [00:12:30] You can't take biochemistry, you can't understand physiology without understanding the importance of cholesterol, but they've made it a boogeyman. A boogeyman. So one, eat red meat. Okay, you can have some chicken too, but don't live on chicken. It doesn't have enough cholesterol for you and you need eggs and you need cheese for many, many other reasons. You'll see it when you get [00:13:00] my book. The diet doctors won't share it with you. Coming to a theater near you. Okay? I get uptight. I get uptight as you can see. It's part of my workout when I get uptight because I start... I hyperventilate. When I see a lie, I don't know if there's anything that bothers me more is when I see lies. I can't handle it. And I think you know me enough by now.

[00:13:30] Okay. So number one, and I only got eight, so we're not doing it all today. I promise you that. If you want to be metabolically healthy, you have to eat red meat. You cannot be metabolically healthy, listen to what I'm saying, if you're a vegetarian or a vegan. You're not going to get cholesterol. If you don't get [00:14:00] cholesterol, you cannot be metabolically healthy. I'm sorry. You just can't. Now I work with my patients and people, I still will coach you. If you insist on being a vegetarian or a vegan, I will tell you what to do. But you can't take a cholesterol capsule. You can take an anticholesterol capsule in a pill, but I don't want you to do that. Vegetarians are a little better because they'll [00:14:30] eat eggs and they'll have cheese. The vegans won't have any of that. Anyway. See, my blood pressure went up. It's all right, it's coming down now. I'm not as excited as I was. Okay so that's number one on the hit parade, positive food.

Number two is the opposite in a negative sense, eliminate sugar. If you want to be metabolically healthy and join the 12%, [00:15:00] come join us. I want you to join me in that 12%. Join our club. Eat red meat, eggs, meat, and cheese, eat cholesterol. That's what I really meant. And two, get rid of sugar in your life. You don't need it. Sugar is poison. Sugar is toxic. Sugar is the new smoking. Get rid of it. We went from 25 pounds in the 50s, 50 pounds in the 70s, [00:15:30] and 200 pounds... A dump truck could come into my office here and dump 200 pounds of sugar in a dump truck or a large wheel barrel. That's what people are consuming in sugars today. And it puts them in a terrible category of being metabolically unhealthy.

So if you do nothing else, do those first two things, eat cholesterol, and two, avoid [00:16:00] sugar like the plague. Stop eating it. I didn't say that was going to be easy, by the way. That's not easy. It's in everything. The food industry found out when they took fat out of food, you take fat out of food, food don't taste good without fat. So when they went on their anticholesterol kick, you know what they substituted it with, sugar. And as I've told you many times in the past, the worst thing that happened in the [00:16:30] 1970s in terms of sugar is the food industry made a sugar in the lab and it's called high fructose corn syrup. And it's in everything, from ketchup, to peanut butter. Yes. Unhealthy peanut butter. I eat natural peanut butter, vitamin B, because I love it. Okay?

Salad dressings. It's in bread. It's in bagels. It's in store-bought muffins. It's in cookies. It's in [00:17:00] crackers. It's in everything. It's in cereals. So what do you do? Eat cholesterol and avoid sugar and 2.B... Okay, so 2.A was avoid sugar and 2.B is cut out your crappy carbohydrates. All of the foods that I just mentioned in that list, stop eating them. "Dr. Martin, I love my variety of foods." [00:17:30] Why? Variety's overrated. We live in a different world. I'm going to do a segment this week, I think called the new normal. Have you heard that word, the new normal? One thing I find out about government generally, when they implement something, good luck getting rid of it. And this is what scares me. I'm going to go up a little rabbit trail just for a second. I promise.

It scares me about the masks because it's going to be [00:18:00] the new normal. You're going to have to get used to it. Even, if there's no more COVID, "Yeah, but you might get another wave. So why don't we wear a mask now? Every time you go into a grocery store, or whatever, wear a mask and you get on a plane, wear a mask. Wear a mask." Well, okay, I see it. But you see what happens? When the government gets involved, they usually never take it away after that. They make it part of their DNA, even if there's [00:18:30] no virus around. But anyway, okay. I'm back from that little rabbit trail. Okay?

But all I'm saying is, we live in a very different world. We live in a very different world. So you might sense that I'm extreme. But to get into that little narrow category of 12%, you have to be extreme. You have to be disciplined in your food. You can't live out here [00:19:00] with, "I'm just going to have a variety of food." Variety is the spice of life. Have you heard of that? Not when it comes to food. You have no idea how many people a day, I tell people, "Will you stop eating that? Roping your diet," I tell them. It's kind of funny in a way, and you guys, again, I know you know me, so I always [00:19:30] ingest to some extent. I love teasing.

And I get people, "Doc, the reset. Do you really mean eggs, meat and cheese only?" Yes. I mean it. 30 days I've been eating bacon and eggs since I don't know, two years old. I still like bacon and eggs. Don't you? I don't get tired of it. I've been eating sausage since I'm a little kid. Do [00:20:00] I like them? I love them. I've been eating cheese since I'm a little boy. I didn't get tired of that. I still love it. Variety, no, not anymore. I guess in the 1950s, when we were consuming 25 pounds of sugar a year, variety, okay. Do you remember? Look, if you're not my age, go watch an old movie. Everybody was this big around. And the reason they got sick is because they smoked [00:20:30] like fiends. They didn't even know smoking was bad for them. They didn't. My dad was a doctor, he didn't know. Everybody smoked. They didn't understand it was bad for you. I know that's hard to believe. You have to be my age to know that.

I talk to young people today and they've been drummed into, and I'm glad they have been drummed into, don't smoke. I agree with that a million percent. But if you were a little boy in the 1950s or a little girl in the 1950s, [00:21:00] smoking was a part of the fabric of society. Whenever I watch movies back in the whatever, everybody's smoking. But I grew up in a house like that with my dad and mom. I told you the story of my dad going cold turkey. Just came home one day, I saw him do it. He said, "You see these cigarettes? It's the last pack." And they were full. He said, "I'm never going to smoke again." My dad went cold turkey, never had another cigarette [00:21:30] in his life. I didn't even understand what he was telling me. I think I was 10 years old. "Well, how can smoking be bad for you, Dad? Mom smokes, my brothers smoke."

Okay. But the world's changed guides. It's not smoking. Even though today, it still kills a lot of people. It's amazing. The new lung... I've said this to you before, lung cancer is still... Did you know that the number one cancer in Canada [00:22:00] in the United States is lung cancer? And you could say it's the environment, but I tell you, it's not. Although, that is a factor. We breathe in xenoestrogens and things like that, but that's not what it is. I did a podcast on that. And if you want to go look at it, it's what sugar does and vegetable oils do to your lungs. They create aldehydes, the same thing that smoke used [00:22:30] to do. So when you're having those meatless burgers, you're creating aldehydes because they're made with soy and vegetable oils, high, high levels of Omega 6 and it creates inflammation and aldehydes in the lungs.

Anyways. How many did we get at today? Two. Eat cholesterol and avoid sugar like the plague. If you do those two things you're well on your way [00:23:00] to getting into the 12%, I think it's less. I think it's only about 10 or 8%, but let's go with 12. You want to get into that percentage of healthy people? Do those two things. Eat lots of cholesterol. Someone calls you fat head, take it as a compliment. Your brain is made up on cholesterol. You think you need it? Yes, you need it. Okay. So eat it and avoid sugar, crappy carbs, 2.B.

[00:23:30] Hey, we got six more to go. I might even add one. If you want to be healthy metabolically, we'll do that tomorrow, Lord willing. Okay. So any questions, send them in, please. If you're not part of our Martin Clinic private Facebook group, you got to get into that group. Tremendous group. I will post these. I will post these in that group. Okay? So to be continued. Okay. Love you guys. [00:24:00] And I mean that. I just don't say that. You know that, hey? I mean it. I appreciate your attention. I appreciate the fact that you follow this series and you have no idea how much that pumps up my tires as I'm pumping up yours. Okay? Love you guys. And talk to you soon.

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