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Dr. Martin: Well good morning everyone. We're going to do migraines and just my... It's a new study that came out. I want to bring that up, but I also want to go over everything [00:00:30] migraine, just so that anybody that gets headaches, which is a big part of the population... I put down nine or 10 things that I found over the years that were pretty common in migraine headaches, headaches in generally, but more specifically to migraine.

Guys, let's talk about migraines, okay? Let's talk about headaches. This is the study, so let me bring this [00:01:00] out first. They're showing that if you are lacking in vitamin K2 your arteries are stiffer, and that's one of the causes of migraines. This is with the study that was done. I found that fascinating, arterial stiffness due to a lack of vitamin K2.

How do you get K2? How do you get vitamin K2? Okay, there's K1 [00:01:30] and there's K2. K1 is in the plant kingdom mostly. It's in the plant kingdom. K1, when you ladies, you eat your salad, you get vitamin K1. What does that do? It keeps your blood from thickening. It thins your platelets out, and that's a good thing. That's a good thing it does. There's nothing wrong with that.

But what vitamin K2 does, and it's much more important [00:02:00] in my opinion, is it takes the calcium out of your blood vessels. It actually works more on... K1 works on your blood, K2 works on your blood vessels. It takes the calcium and the hardening of the arteries... You see, folks, the number one supplement still today in the world is calcium. I hate that. I never like calcium as a supplement. You ought to get calcium... You ought to eat your calcium [00:02:30] and take it as a supplement.

I know a lot of women take calcium because they think they need that for osteoporosis, but you don't, because when you take calcium in the supplement, I don't care if you take it with vitamin D or whatever, you don't need calcium, and plus it doesn't get to your bones. Eat your calcium.

You'll get calcium and K2 if you eat your cheese, if you have cheese, especially cheese curds, [00:03:00] the number one source, and butter too. The number one source of vitamin K2 is cheese. It keeps your blood vessels supple. It makes them pliable, vitamin K2.

People go, "Oh, Dr. Martin, like cheese? Cheese is no good for you." Who told you that? Cheese is very good for you. The only time it's not good for you is if you can't digest it, and some people... I always separate... You guys know me. I [00:03:30] separate cheese and cream from milk.

So when somebody says to me, "Oh, Doc, dairy, that's no good for you," that's not true. Dairy is very good for you. It's just when man gets ahold of dairy and he changes it. He took the fat out of milk, and what happened? It now became white Pepsi. It's when man plays with nature... Quit playing with nature. Cheese doesn't have... It has this much [00:04:00] lactose in it, very little. There's no sugar in cheese. That's why I'm big on it, plus you get vitamin K2.

Guys, I don't know how to tell you... I put vitamin K2 in our vitamin D, by the way, because K2 helps vitamin D even more, and you know what I think about Vitamin D. But, you see, calcium hardens your arteries when you take it as a supplement, and it's still the number one supplement today sold [00:04:30] in North America.

You've been sold a bill of goods. It's not true. You don't need it. Your bones need K2, because what happens is when you eat calcium... And you get calcium in steak too. Isn't that beautiful? But when you have dairy, which is a high source, okay, and I don't mean store bought, grocery store bought milk. Lay off, and even ladies and your yogurt.

Now you can [00:05:00] have some Greek yogurt if you want, plain, but you've been sold a bill of goods. Women are always worried about osteoporosis, and they should be, but the best way to protect yourself from osteoporosis is to eat your calcium and make sure your levels of vitamin K2 are good, and vitamin D.

K2, eat it. You like cheese curds? I love [00:05:30] cheese curds. Number one source of vitamin K2. So what they were showing in this study is that people that suffer with migraines are chronically low in vitamin... Not K1, in K2, vitamin K2. You understand the difference now between K1 and K2?

How do you get K1? In the plants. How do you get K2? In dairy especially, but you get vitamin K2... There's some in eggs, meat and cheese, but especially in cheese, [00:06:00] and especially cheese curds.

Guys, always remember something about me. There is always a method to my madness. I will explain to you why I usually go against the grain. If you look up cheese and 90% of the things on Google or whatever, they're all negative, because they don't know what they're talking about. They still got that in their head.

A lady asked me yesterday, or at least I saw it this morning, [00:06:30] but I think it came yesterday, and they had, "Dr. Martin, are you telling me I can have bacon every day?" Yes. Everybody wants to know what I eat. Dr. Martin, what do you eat? Steak, eggs. I probably have 50-60 eggs a week. Cheese. I love cheese.

I mean it, guys. Those are so good for you, it's so nutrient dense. It has everything in there. Somebody said to me again, " [00:07:00] Well, Dr. Martin," and I covered this last week, but I'll repeat it because you can get scurvy if you... You know what? Here's me, in practice 46 years, in me. I never saw one case of scurvy, and I had thousands of patients eating low carb. And even because of uric acid, with no fruit or so little... Guys, steak will give [00:07:30] you vitamin C. I told you that last week.

You see, if you keep your sugars down, if you keep your crappy carbs down vitamin C... I'm talking about the other vitamin C, not coffee. Well actually you can get the amount of vitamin C that you need... Even though it's not the ascorbic acid, you get enough of it when you eat right and you lay off the sugars. When you lower your carbs you don't need vitamin C hardly at all. [00:08:00] Your amount of vitamin C that you need goes up directly proportional to the amount of sugar you're eating. Am I on migraines yet? I talked to you about vitamin K2.

I want to talk to you about the other things that I found with migraines. I would do a workup with people and here's what I found almost without exception. There was a few exceptions, but almost without exception.

Number one, and not necessarily [00:08:30] in order of significance, just all of the things that I saw. The studies are showing now low vitamin K2. I had no way of measuring that, so I'd take that as important information, but it's not what I found for me, because of the testing that I did.

Here's what I found. Number one, why do migraines occur more often in women than men? It's almost 90 to 10. I mentioned that to you the other day too, [00:09:00] didn't I? What's 90 to 10? Ladies lives matter. Remember that? 90 to 10.

For gallbladder, I mentioned why do women get so much gallbladder problems? Why do women get more migraines? Because of hormones, estrogen dominance. It's one of the classic signs of you got too much estrogen compared to your progesterone.

Estrogen doesn't have to be through the roof. It just depends on where your progesterone [00:09:30] levels are. If you have estrogen dominance, a lot of times you get headaches, migraines. Estrogen is a beautiful thing. Ladies, you need estrogen. It makes you beautiful, but it can be a pain too when you don't have enough progesterone.

Secondly, dehydration. It's amazing to me, it always amazes me, every day, every day, every [00:10:00] day people would come into the office and they were dehydrated. I wouldn't let them have water when they came to the office and they often, "Why do you do that Doc?" Well, because I would want to see... They couldn't have water for at least six hours, but it was usually 10 or 12 hours by the time I saw them that they wouldn't have any water.

I wanted to see the viscosity of their blood, because a lot of people don't realize [00:10:30] they have very thick blood. They're dehydrated, they don't even realize it, because they don't have a light on top of their head that tells them they're dehydrated.

Wouldn't that be nice if we had a light, drink water, because a lot of people... Women, you're not as bad. Men are terrible for this. They're often dehydrated and they're so stubborn because they won't drink water. "Dr. Martin, I don't like water." Well suck it up buttercup. Your body is made up of [00:11:00] 70%... You're like planet Earth. Planet Earth, what is it? Over 70% of the Earth is water.

So is your body. You need water. You need at least two liters of water. This is my experience, two liters. For my American friends, 64 ounces of water every day, every day, and what you drank yesterday don't help you for today. You want to thin your blood out better than aspirin, drink H2O, and only H2O [00:11:30] is water, and nothing else.

Your body is smart. Your body has a mechanism. Your body knows what to do with water. Water goes directly... It's like Monopoly. It doesn't go all the way through your body and water is... No. Water goes directly to your bloodstream. Did you know that? It doesn't have to go through your... It's immediately absorbed, water, within seconds. You drink it, it's absorbed. It [00:12:00] goes right to your bloodstream for delivery from your brain to your toes.

That's why I call it vitamin W. You need it. Tea isn't water and coffee isn't water. I love coffee, but it's not water. Oh, Dr. Martin, it's 95% water. Doesn't matter. It gets filtered in your body differently, so don't fool yourself.

Mommies and grandmas, listen, get your [00:12:30] kids used to drinking water instead of crappy... You know what the problem is in our society today? We drink so much sugar in the form of... I see that crappy Gatorade and juice boxes and fruit drinks, even they go to the mall here... The mall has been closed for three months, but when I'd go into the mall I'd go... Often would just go and have a coffee and meet with people, or [00:13:00] my wife and I just go and have a coffee in the mall.

I used to watch people line up at the smoothie shop, the fruit... And they would have these smoothies. I felt like going and grabbing them out of their hands and saying, "Do you know how much sugar is in this thing?"

I like Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie because there's no sugar in it. You can put a few berries if you want, but there's no sugar in it. A lot of people, they think oh, it's healthy, [00:13:30] it's a smoothie. Be careful, with a banana in it, and then they put... Oh, it's pure fruit juice and all. No, that's all full of sugar. You might as well have two Pepsis, and then they wonder why they're not losing weight.

One, estrogen dominance. Two, they're dehydrated. The vast majority of people are dehydrated. They just don't drink enough [00:14:00] water.

Here's number three. They almost always had invariably elevated insulin. You know what sugar does guys? Sugar does a lot of bad things. But when you're eating crappy carbohydrates... And remember bread will be sugar in five seconds, so you might as well have a chocolate bar if you're going to have a piece of bread. Just understand that. Don't fool yourself.

You need insulin. So what is insulin? The problem with sugar [00:14:30] is it depletes your body of all the minerals that you need, including chromium, which helps to stabilize your blood sugar. Magnesium, and this is one of the deficiencies that I would see, is not only that they had high insulin, but they had low levels of magnesium.

They were low in magnesium. Why is that? Because when you eat sugar your body gets rid of magnesium. When you eat sugar your body gets rid of potassium. That's why so many people... [00:15:00] I talked about this yesterday, about the problem with the kidneys. This is where it happens, at the kidney level.

Sugar stresses your kidneys and it excretes important minerals that you need like chromium and magnesium and potassium and your B vitamins. You get rid of most of that stuff with a crappy diet. That's why you can't out supplement a crappy diet. That's what I tell people.

You got to start with your diet. [00:15:30] If you do nothing else, read your labels and cut the sugar out of your diet. You would be surprised how many people's migraines went away when we just lowered their insulin. It was amazing, because even then it helped with their estrogen. Guys, everything is connected.

Here's another thing that I saw, high levels of cortisol, how stress can make migraines. Amazing. High [00:16:00] levels of cortisol. Stress, it would affect them big time. This would be often a trigger for migraines. They go through a stressful period, even like a perimenopausal... Or not perimenopausal as much as PMS.

The hormones weren't balanced right. They're estrogen dominant, and these things have a cascade of... You know, domino effect. They [00:16:30] were often low in minerals and B vitamins, especially B12. Again, it's one of the things... B12, guys, lowers your homocysteine, which is almost like... Homocysteine is like a cloud. Cells have trouble communicating with each other if you have high levels of homocysteine, and B12 is so important.

B12 too, you [00:17:00] know what it does? You know what B12 does? It elevates your nitric oxide, so people would... This is another finding. They had low levels of nitric oxide. What do nitric oxides do? Just like magnesium does. Magnesium relaxes the blood vessel. Nitric oxide opens the blood vessels to get you more blood supply.

That's what they were talking about even in vitamin K2, is that you've got arterial stiffness so you didn't get the blood supply [00:17:30] into your brain especially.

Nitric oxide, what is it? Nitrogen. It's a substance that your body makes. Guess how you make high levels of nitric oxide? B12. Where do you find B12 in food? Steak, vitamin S, roast beef, red meat. It's not found in chicken ladies.

Somebody asked me... I get such a kick because the lady goes [00:18:00] on our Martin Clinic Facebook and she goes, "Why does Dr. Martin hate chicken so much?" I was laughing so hard because I say it too much, don't I? You poor ladies, I'm always picking on you, chicken and salad.

It's not that I don't like chicken, but here's what I answered to her yesterday. "Why would you eat chicken if you can have steak?" Chicken don't [00:18:30] have B12 guys. Anyway, chicken is good. It's protein. There's no carbs. Okay, it is good, but why would you eat chicken when you can have steak? That's how much I love steak.

Migraines, low levels of B12, low levels of vitamin D. Isn't it amazing? You are a human solar panel. I love the sun, especially in the morning. That's how you get your melatonin. [00:19:00] This is one thing that I've often said, is that people that get migraines have low levels of melatonin in their body. You make melatonin, by the way.

You often think of melatonin as a supplement, and yes, you can get it, but I'm not big on the supplement of melatonin. I find that it doesn't work after period of time. People use it for sleep, but melatonin is much more important than just sleep. Your body makes it from the sun. [00:19:30] Your body makes melatonin. It's so important for you, it's a powerful antioxidant.

Melatonin keeps you young too. It's a powerful antioxidant, but people don't understand it because nobody talks about it. That's why the sun... All this bad news about the sun, the sun, the sun. Don't get sun and put sunscreen... The second you put sunscreen on you're not getting melatonin, you don't get vitamin D and you don't get melatonin.

Isn't that interesting? You get melatonin in two ways, especially [00:20:00] in the morning sun. Especially in the morning. That's why even don't wear sunglasses. If you can get away with it for 20 minutes, don't wear sunglasses. You got solar panels in the back of your eyes. Did you know that? Let the sun get at your... Don't look right into the sun. You don't need to. You get vitamin D in your eyeballs too. You know me. I'm so big on vitamin D. Get your sun, for heaven sake.

Somebody asked me the question, "Well, Dr. Martin, you said get out [00:20:30] in the sun. Why are Floridians still got COVID and their cases went up?" Well, I'm going to tell you why. You know why? Because Floridians... Let me just be careful what I say, they don't listen. They get the sun 320-something days a year or more and they're scared skinny of the sun.

You go to the beaches in January, it's just Canadians there. People that live in Florida don't go to the beach. [00:21:00] They sit in their stinking air conditioning 12 months of the year. They don't get out. They don't get in the sun. Do you know that? Especially because the population in Florida is older, they're scared skinny of the sunny. Well, I don't want to get skin cancer. Oh, I go crazy.

You're a human solar panel. You need the sun. Every senior, I would cart them out and put them on the beach. They don't go. I'm not kidding you. The young people go to the beach, [00:21:30] but not the old people.

The second reason is they tested millions of people. The more testing you're going to do... Look guys, what's wrong with getting the virus? I want the virus. Did you know that? I want my immune system... I don't want to get caught up on this too much because you know I'm not going to finish with the migraines.

I'm not going to finish with the migraines anyways. I've only got to two or three points. But all I'm saying is, guys, you know what? They didn't get [00:22:00] the memo about how good the sun is for your immune system, and because it's so hot in Florida they stay inside.

At least us Canadians, because we don't get the sun every day, when the sun comes out we usually want to get out, although my generation, we bought the whole lie. We bought the lie that fat makes you fat and fat gives you cholesterol and the sun is the boogyman and cholesterol is the [00:22:30] boogyman, steak is the boogyman, especially my generation.

"Oh, my doctor said," well you're doctor doesn't know anything about nutrition. When are you going to understand that? They have to take my courses on nutrition to know anything. They don't know anything. They're not taught nutrition in medical school. No. I just got my blood pressure going.

So we talked about hormones, ladies. That's why you get them more often than men, these migraines, low levels of [00:23:00] B12, low levels of vitamin D, low levels... The study has shown they have very low levels of vitamin K2, estrogen dominant, low levels of magnesium, not only because they might not take magnesium, that's not the point. The point is you lose magnesium when you are on a high sugar diet. You lose your minerals, guys, and that will make you dehydrated even more. It's a cascade effect that you get.

[00:23:30] So what else did I see? Oh, leaky gut. Always found leaky gut. A lot of times migraines, they got leaky gut. There's a stomach connection. There's a gut connection to everything, by the way, leaky gut, leaky brain. Remember that? That was very common.

What else did I write down here? Oh, you know what I found too, and this is hormonal. I just want to tell you ladies, do you know about when you're on the birth control pill they're giving you estrogen? You know that? Almost all the birth control pills [00:24:00] are estrogen based, horses' urine.

Look, guys, I don't want to tell you what to do for your birth control. A lot of women were put on birth control because they had so much estrogen and they had estrogen dominant, they had painful periods and very bad PMS and the doctor puts you... But that's just like you're driving down the highway, you hear a knock in your engine, and let's turn the radio on. It doesn't fix it guys. It just masks [00:24:30] it.

The problem with the birth control pill is well-established. There's a lot of side effects, and one of them is migraines. One of them is migraines. I'm not telling you not to take... But if you take the birth control pill make sure you're protecting yourself from that extra estrogen. Because I don't want to tell you what to do and what not to do in that sense, ladies, for your reproductive health or whatever. Come on, I'm not telling you that. I'm just telling you... I'm on your side. [00:25:00] I just want to give you some information so that you can make some good choices.

Okay, I think I covered pretty well everything, birth control pill, leaky gut, estrogen dominance, low levels of magnesium, low levels... I didn't talk to you about DHA, but they were often low in Omega 3. High in cortisol, high in insulin, low in B12. Yeah, I pretty well covered everything. Okay, so that's good.

[00:25:30] Again, thanks for watching guys. I love you. We'll talk to you soon.

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