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Dr. Martin Sr. : Well good morning, everyone. This morning is question and answer. Let me get started, we had a lot of questions come in. Now, some of you folks were on with us, we did Tony Jr. And I [00:00:30] did our Zoom question and answer for an hour. If you don't have Zoom, we'll replay this. Tony Jr. records it and we'll play it. I don't know where he puts it. I think he probably puts it out in an email or whatever. Because a lot of good questions, a lot of good questions. Tony went on a rant. See, I get to see my son rant on these Thursdays. He ranted. He was [00:01:00] ranting about, there was two things that got me ranting once and Tony Jr. ranting the other time.

Dr. Martin Sr. : About one question was asked about red meat. Is it bad for you? Well, Tony went on a rant. His blood pressure went up. I could tell. And then somebody asked me, well, the both of us, about nightshade vegetables being bad for you. Well, I went on a rant. I said, [00:01:30] "That came out in the 1970s when I was in school, studying nutrition and somebody came out with nightshade vegetables aren't good for you. They cause inflammation." Where did they get that? I've never seen that in my practice. 46 years. And you know what? I did a lot of radio TV over the years.

Dr. Martin Sr. : The other day I was teasing you a little bit about Elvis. Well, I was on Canada AM or at least I was scheduled to be on Canada [00:02:00] AM in 1976 and Elvis Presley had died the night before. And it's all live. It was a live show, Canada AM. I might did it several times by the way, that show. And I was to be a guest on the show and Elvis dies the night before. Well you could imagine, it took over the whole show. Guess what? Me and Elvis, I got [00:02:30] bumped. I got bumped. Of course. I still ended up doing the show because they recorded my segment and they played it the next day. But that's how long I've been around guys. And I had already been in practice for a couple of years when that happened. Been around a long time.

Dr. Martin Sr. : You guys are great. Thanks for asking a lot of good questions. [00:03:00] I might rant a little this morning and if I do, always forgive. Because sometimes my blood pressure goes up because I see something. Good questions. And you guys are great. Oh, Dr. Martin, can atherosclerosis be reserved. What is atherosclerosis? Hardening of the arteries. And you know what? I am going to dedicate a whole live on atherosclerosis. Because that's such a good [00:03:30] question. I want to leave it. Just tell you what it is. It's hardening of the arteries. It makes you a 100 times more susceptible to a stroke or a heart attack, but we're going to look at the why. Why do you get atherosclerosis? Can it be reversed? We're going to talk about that. Very good question.

Dr. Martin Sr. : And isn't that what we really want? Is if we're, and you know what? The problem with atherosclerosis, it's [00:04:00] often silent till it's deadly. I'm going to tell you guys what to look for in the silent times. How do you know if you're, because you've heard it many a time. That people, oh, they all of a sudden they have a heart attack out of the blue. They go to the hospital and they save their life. And then they do a dye test and they find [00:04:30] out, oh boy, you got four blockages. Or you have your carotid artery here is blocked up 99%. You're a time bomb. Why did that happen? What causes it? What you can do about it. I think that's worth looking at don't you think? We're going to do all things atherosclerosis. Good question. Thank you very much for it. Can it be reversed? And we'll look at it.

Dr. Martin Sr. : Somebody is asking, [00:05:00] is it okay to eat processed meat? We sort of touched on this in the question and answer because guys, listen to me. Just understand where I'm coming from. I think this is you'll put this into perspective. I am not, you have to understand because by the time this ends today, this podcast here, it will be a podcast. Thousands, 10, [00:05:30] 15, 20, 30,000 people are going to watch this today. You have to understand where I come from. I want to talk in more generalities. Now, listen, here's what I'm going to say about anything. You guys are smart. You guys I'm preaching to the choir here this morning. You guys are very intelligent and you know what to do. You don't need me to tell you what to do in a lot of things, but I am. Look, of [00:06:00] course, better cuts of meat are better than other cuts of meat. If you got a farm, okay. You know a butcher, okay. That's the best. Grass fed beef is higher in Omega-3 than fish.

Dr. Martin Sr. : All I'm saying is you guys know that, [00:06:30] if you can afford it, if it is convenient, whatever, but just understand where I'm coming from. When I say on the Reset, eggs, meat, and cheese, am I talking about Kraft Slices? Well look, if you're going to have a snack, better to have a Kraft Slice, even though it's probably not the best cheese, than to have a candy [00:07:00] or a chocolate bar. Because what I'm trying to accomplish is getting your insulin down. We've spent the whole week talking about insulin, insulin, insulin. Understand where I'm coming from. I love cheese curds. There's only one problem with cheese curds, you have to mortgage your house to buy them. They're expensive. They are. And I thank God I can afford them. [00:07:30] I love them. And I'm encouraging you, it's like meat, like deli meat. It's still better to have meat than to have garbage. Do you understand what I'm saying? Because some say, "Oh, Dr. Martin meat has got hormones in it and it's got this in it and whatever." Well, it's still stinking better than your crappy bread.

Dr. Martin Sr. : You got it? Because of insulin. You have [00:08:00] to understand where I'm coming from. Somebody said yesterday, "Dr. Martin, you're drinking out of a plastic bottle." Yeah, I get it. I like spring water. Am I a purest? No, I'm not. I speak in generalities. I'd rather you drink water than not drink it. For me, it's a habit. I get up in the morning, I like a nice, my first bottle of half a liter of water. I like spring water. [00:08:30] It's the best water. I drink a half a liter, it's very convenient for me. And I know, don't think I don't know yeah, there's plastic and Dr. Martin. But I'm not one of these people that go live in Costa Rica. I told you that story.

Dr. Martin Sr. : One of my patients came in one day. I'm leaving for Costa Rica. Oh, you're going on a holiday? Nope. I'm going there to live forever. [00:09:00] Well, it sucks to be the rest of us. I don't know about you, but can you go? Can you afford to go live in Costa Rica the rest of your life on your own little island? What about the rest of us? I'm talking to everybody. If you can afford organic, if you can afford the best, if that's a priority with you, I get it. I like that. And you guys are smart [00:09:30] enough to make your own decisions on that. You're so proactive. Good for you. And I mean that. I give you a high five. But some people come after me because I'm not pure enough.

Dr. Martin Sr. : Dr. Martin there's nitrates in bacon. Yeah, I know. But there's nitrates in your vegetables too. Yeah, there is. And there's pesticides and there's herbicides more on vegetables than anywhere [00:10:00] else and fruit. Unless you're growing, you got a vineyard in the back or whatever, for the rest of us, we go to the grocery store and that's who I am aiming at. When I talk in generalities, because if you've got a limited budget, a lot of people do, you have to understand I'm speaking to those people because I want to get them off the Titanic. What's going to kill him is insulin. It's going to kill them, not COVID. There I said it. [00:10:30] No. You got, anyway I think you understand me.

Dr. Martin Sr. : Oh, look at, Lucy says what is it? Your daughter, Lucy or whatever going to Costa Rica. Well good for them. I said to this lady, I said, "What about your family? Don't you have a family?" Nah, not coming back. Look, guys, I don't care about my kids, but my grandchildren, if I'd have known grandchildren were that much fun we'd have had them first. [00:11:00] I happen to have my grandchildren around me all the time. Ella, Lillia. I love those grandchildren. And I got a great granddaughter. She's only four months old, but she told me, I heard it, how much she loves her great grandfather. Oh great grandfather, I love you. I know. And I love you too.

Dr. Martin Sr. : Nah guys, listen. Anyway, I don't want to get stupid, but I get stupid sometimes. Just understand, just understand [00:11:30] where I'm coming from. That's all. I'm on your side and if you can afford to go to Costa Rica and live there the rest of your life well good for you. But what about the rest of us? My friend's daughter, Lucy says, "Okay, we'd better not all move to Costa Rica because it won't be Costa Rica anymore. It'll be downtown Toronto." True or false? You can't, not going to have everybody move there. [00:12:00] Guys okay. Good, very good question. What about processed meat? Eat it, it won't elevate your insulin. That's what I'm, you have to understand. That's what I'm aiming at. One trick pony is me. And the results we get are unbelievable. Unbelievable. And I'll put up my results by the way, against anybody's. I'll put up the Martin Clinic's results against anybody's. I mean that. [00:12:30] It's what I do. It's why I'm so passionate.

Dr. Martin Sr. : Nasal polyps. Well, I'm going to put this nasal polyps and nosebleeds because I got asked about that. What about nosebleeds? What about nasal polyps? Couple of things. One, find out what's causing them. Because nosebleeds can be a pile of things. The number one thing that I find with nosebleeds, even polyps, dryness. See your body overreacts. [00:13:00] Dryness in your home, humidify. You guys heard me talk about this. They showed it for COVID. They showed it for any virus. Do you know that you should don't get, I love central heating. Don't you? I love my gas fireplace. This morning, it's freezing. Central air, it's wonderful. Natural gas fireplace, wonderful. What [00:13:30] a tremendous thing. Problem is for a lot of people it's dryness and that makes you much more susceptible.

Dr. Martin Sr. : But here's what they've said. And I'm just going to remind you, here's what they've said about the COVID virus. Number one, and you guys heard it first on these podcasts, true or false. You heard it first here. I told you. And now it's well established that virus does not live in the [00:14:00] sun. Do you know that they have found no cases out of what? Millions? I don't know where it's been transmitted from outside. You know what? Who's the governor of New York, Cuomo. You know what he said? I saw it yesterday. He is shocked by this. You know what he said? Here's what he said. The vast majority of infection with the COVID [00:14:30] virus happened to people who were locked down. They were in their homes. Did you know that? He said it. I didn't say it. Get outside. Did I say that to you? I've been saying that to you. They should have taken every Canadian, put us on a stinking, the jets ain't flying anyway and flown us down to Florida.

Dr. Martin Sr. : I've gone over this with you. [00:15:00] And Arizona and California. They locked the whole stinking though they locked all those three states down and they got no COVID, almost none. And the only people you would think in Florida with their senior citizens, Florida's one of the oldest populations in the United States. Seniors, they retire there and they lived there and I don't blame them. Why do you think snowbirds [00:15:30] like me want to hit the South in the winter time? But guys, what they're showing, even the infection is happening in the homes that they want us to lock us into. Not outside. I texted, I sent an email to our mayor. Now he has no real power here because in Ontario it's the premier, but I wanted to give him my two pennies anyway.

Dr. Martin Sr. : [00:16:00] Best he hear from people and I understand where he's coming from. Believe me. He's not a medical person at all. And he's got the only person talking into his ear is the head of the health unit in Sudbury. And it's all the virus, the virus, the virus, the virus. And I've been talking to you about your immune system, your immune system, your [00:16:30] immune system. Nevermind the virus could, the virus is going to come back. It's never going to go away, in my opinion, it'll come back as COVID whatever. Viruses have a tendency to mutate very quickly. Wow. Yeah. That's why every year the flu shot, true or false, they have to change the vaccine. You don't get the same flu shot every year. Did you know that? They change it. Why? Because the bugs change.

Dr. Martin Sr. : Anyway, all I'm saying is, remember, if you don't [00:17:00] have it, go back, go on our website and look for mucosa. I talked about the mucosa. And even was it this week? I don't remember. I talked about the invisible shield, vitamin A, it protects your mucosa. But guys, even nosebleeds, polyps, earwax, look, there's other factors, but that's one of them. It's the dryness. [00:17:30] Not enough moisture. People, you know what? We work inside. We live inside obviously. And especially here in our northern hemisphere, man, the winters never end. They've never end. It's May the 8th, it's four inches of snow. And when you get older, they hardly get outside anymore. What did I tell you [00:18:00] guys, if I could get into the senior homes? I'd bring B12 and vitamin D. Why would I have to bring vitamin D with me? Well, they certainly are not getting it. Seniors are 99.9% of them are scared skinny of the sun in the first place. True or false? Brought to you by Johnson and Johnson.

Dr. Martin Sr. : I guess before they invented sunscreen skin cancer was deadly. No. [00:18:30] You're going to come after me. There's more skin cancer today than ever. Ever. Why? It's not the sun. The sun's not the boogeyman. It's indoors. We work indoors. Lot of us. And kids, look at kids today. My mother used, look, we were 11 kids in my family. Can I tell you what happened first thing in the morning on a Saturday morning and Sunday morning and whatever? You know what? [00:19:00] My mom used to kick us outside. But I don't blame her. Can you imagine having that many kids? And we played hockey 24 and seven. And then we played cops and robbers. We played hide and seek. We played football. We played baseball in every season. And when I was a kid, we came, I didn't sit around playing a video game.

Dr. Martin Sr. : You want to know why [00:19:30] there's so much even viruses? Viruses, love dryness. And when your mucosa gets dry. Anyway, anyway. Nasal polyps, put some moisture, get a moisturizer, get a humidifier and put it in your room. That's the most important place to put it as in your bedroom. Get that humidity up there. Anyway, I just wanted to talk about that.

Dr. Martin Sr. : Somebody was asking about [00:20:00] the Reset and weight gain. There's so few that want to gain weight. I'm, you know me, I'm a little bit of a comedian or at least I never quit my day job to become a comedian because I would have flunked out, but I like to tease people. When people come in, and sometime they're very dead serious. Of course they don't know me. And I'm a joker too, a little bit. [00:20:30] The odd time I get somebody in and they go, "You know what, Doc? I need to gain weight." I said, "Keep it quiet. Keep it quiet. Everybody else around here is trying to lose weight." Don't feel sorry for yourself because you can't gain weight. 99.9% of the population are trying to lose weight so they're not going to, oh, I'm too skinny.

Dr. Martin Sr. : They look at, and everybody else is, they're starving to death in order to lose weight. They don't feel [00:21:00] sorry for you. True or false? True. Anyway, of course I can help them to gain weight. I tell them, "Listen, the biggest, you know what?" And ladies, this is you. Ladies, this is for you. Hello? Linda, listen, this is for you. You don't eat enough protein. And osteoporosis is 100% linked to sarcopenia. You [00:21:30] know what sarcopenia is? No muscles. If you've got no muscles, you're not eating enough protein. Oh Dr. Martin, I eat chicken and salad, salad and chicken. I know there's no protein. Popeye did not get strong eating spinach. That was a lie from Kellogg's and the rest of the people trying to get, oh, don't [00:22:00] get me started. I get now I'm going to have my blood pressure come up.

Dr. Martin Sr. : Spinach. Spinach is glorified grass. Why are you living on that stuff, ladies? That's not good for you. You can't get no protein. You're not getting all your amino acids when you eat that. You better have steak, vitamin S. Ladies, you know how many times I've heard it over the years? Oh, my husband likes the barbecue, but you know what? To me it can't be [00:22:30] good for him. Yes it is. Yes it is. Anyway.

Dr. Martin Sr. : The Reset, if you want to gain weight. Look, the Reset per se, it was never developed for weight loss. I just, you got to understand that. Not that it doesn't help. It is, if you want to do weight loss, there's nothing healthier for you. It's not calories. It's not starving. [00:23:00] You wouldn't believe the testimonies that we have for weight loss, but I never created it for weight loss. You can use it for weight loss because it's the best. The Reset, the 30 day plan is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Hello? You're a human being, the Reset. I don't care who you are. I don't care what condition you have. It don't matter.

Dr. Martin Sr. : Somebody asked the question this morning, I was going to get to it, but I probably won't. [00:23:30] About hemochromatosis. You know what that is? Elevated iron. Now, ladies, mostly with you, you don't have enough iron, especially with menses. And especially because you eat the wrong iron. You're trying to get it out of your vegetables. That's not heme iron. H-E-M-E is heme iron. That's found in steak. That's found in hamburger. That's found [00:24:00] in roast beef. That's found a little bit in bacon, a little bit in pork. It's not in the vegetable kingdom. I'm sorry. It's not in the plants. Plants have iron. Spinach has iron, but it's not heme iron. And it's very poorly absorbed. Low iron and then higher iron. A lot of, especially men, but some women, but it's very rare in women compared to men. Men can get high iron. You know why? Their [00:24:30] carboholics.

Dr. Martin Sr. : It doesn't come from steak. Oh, my husband was told by their doctor to lower their steak because they have high iron levels. Now listen, that's not what happened. It's your liver. It's the suitcase. It's full. It's the Costco parking lot. Your liver, it's full. Empty it. If your liver is not working properly, you can build [00:25:00] up iron or heavy metals. Yeah. That's what happens. I go to the root of the problem. The root of the problem is, you know what? Sir, you're eating too many carbs. Your liver is all stuffed up with fat, from your sugars and your beer and your alcohol and your bread and your noodles and those things. That's what fills your liver guys, with fat. [00:25:30] It fills up the suitcase. You wouldn't believe how often I see this. Even in children, they got a sugar belly. And if they got a sugar belly, their liver is already starting to get full. Incredible, never used to see this.

Dr. Martin Sr. : When I talked about May the 11th in 1974, never. If I saw it once a stinking month. Today, it's crazy. We live in a different world, guys. This is why I talk about this all the time. We [00:26:00] live in a different world. We need to make adjustments based on the world in which we live. The clear and present danger is not COVID. We're missing the elephant in the room. Remember, I've been saying this. It is metabolic disorder. It is that the vast majority of Canadians and North Americans and people living in the USA, it's well over 80%. [00:26:30] 88% to be exact, have trouble with their metabolism. And the metabolism will give them cancer cardiovascular, atherosclerosis, we'll about that. Alzheimer's, diabetes, auto immune. It's all related to metabolic syndrome. It's not your genetics.

Dr. Martin Sr. : It's our food brought to you by the food industry who hooked [00:27:00] you. Who hooked us. Not only on lies, but they gave us sugar too. It came from the tobacco industry. They knew it. It was addictive and sugar takes a route up into your brain and you can't get enough of it until you get on the Reset and change that. It regenerates the brain. I'm so excited. It's not complicated. We found it. The solution. See why I'm excited?

Dr. Martin Sr. : [00:27:30] Susan says, "I like Friday's question and answer." Yeah because I hardly get to any of the questions. I do it every time. That's why Thursday's better because Brandy's the boss and she makes sure we're answering questions. And we get into the last 10 minutes and then we go rapid fire. We try and answer all the questions. Because I'm a ranter. You guys know that. And so is Tony [00:28:00] Jr. He's a ranter. We're rant. We get uptight. See. Hey, love you guys. But then, so you guys are, if you get a chance, share this with your friends, pass it around. Tell them to listen to our podcast. They can go and get the podcast downloaded automatically. Did you know that? How do you do [00:28:30] that? I don't know. Don't ask me. I like listening to podcasts by the way. I do. I listen to a lot of podcasts.

Dr. Martin Sr. : You can, these will become, these rants become podcasts. And people can listen to that. Martinclinic.com, martinclinic.com. You guys, look, I don't want to advertise too much. Love you guys. Talk to you soon. Remember I got a book coming out, the Diet Your Doctor Won't Share With You. They won't share this with you. I guarantee [00:29:00] it. It's too radical, but it's unbelievable. First, the first rough transcript is done. Did it. We're working on phase two of the book, cleaning it up. And doing some self editing before we send it to the editor. Love you guys. Talk to you soon.

Announcer: You've reached the end of another Doctor [00:29:30] is In podcast with your hosts, Dr. Martin Jr., and Sr. Be sure to catch our next episode. And thanks for listening.

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