335. Q&A With Dr.Martin

335. Q&A With Dr.Martin

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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. Lots of good questions. You guys are great. Okay, so let's start. I just want to first start off by saying those who are starting the reset, [00:00:30] good for you. Real quick, 30 days to incredible things are going to happen in your body, okay? A lot of people think the reset is for a diet, for a weight loss, it can be. It can be. It's certainly one of the benefits of it if you need it. I had somebody ask me yesterday, "Well, I want to do the reset, but I don't want to lose weight." Well, no. You won't lose weight if you don't have to. [00:01:00] As a matter of fact, if you need to put on weight, you're going to be eating lots of protein and you will... Your muscle mass will increase. This is why it's so good for seniors, people with sarcopenia and osteoporosis.

Dr. Martin: This is wonderful. It's a big advantage to eating this way. So this is a 30 day program. I'm actually, I mean, an inch away from my first draft of a new book [00:01:30] that I'm writing, Tony, Jr. and I, and right now the title looks like The Diet Doctors Won't Share With You. We wrote a book years ago, what was it? I can't remember the name of... Secrets Your Doctor Won't Share With You, right? That was a big bestseller, really very high sales in that book. Secrets Your Doctor Won't Share With You. This is going to be The Diet Doctors Won't Share [00:02:00] With You. You won't get it from your doctors. You won't get this from nutritionists or whatever because they think I'm crazy. But this diet is unbelievable because of what it does.

Dr. Martin: I use it to... It started with diabetic patients. That's where I started using this and the results were incredible. So I started using it on metabolic syndrome, on people that... Look, 88% of the population, we've been repeating that statistic, [00:02:30] are metabolically unwell. High blood pressure, high levels of uric acid, fatty liver, belly fat, pre-diabetic or diabetic, and these are all metabolically challenged and it works. It's unbelievable. So if you're just starting out, well, good for you. We'll coach you through it if you're a member of the Martin [00:03:00] Clinic Facebook group, private group. If you're not, get get in that, because then we'll coach you through this diet. You're going to have questions, okay? You're going to have very good questions.

Dr. Martin: Stick to it. There's a reason for the foods and that's what I'm writing about in the book. Why did I choose these three foods groups? They're all animal product, eggs, meat and cheese. There's a reason, very nutrient [00:03:30] dense. It fixes your liver. You fix your liver, you fix your pancreas, good for the adrenals, good for your brain, good for your heart. I can prove it to you. To lower your triglycerides, dangerous fats. If you got trouble with triglycerides, you're a carboholic. It's as simple as that. It fixes that. Okay, so join our group and we will help you out, okay? [00:04:00] We'll coach you through it, okay? That's one of the benefits of the Martin Clinic Facebook group. Join.

Dr. Martin: Private group, you can ask any question you want. We're really good at answering questions, and if we don't answer them right there, I'll answer them on Friday or Thursday, whatever day we're going to do... Right now, I picked Friday for my Friday morning session question and answer, and then, and Tony, Jr. and I do with [00:04:30] our moderator, Brandy, we do a Thursday... So far it's been Thursday afternoon. Maybe we'll change that. I don't know. I'm not the boss, you know? Okay. So guys, good to have you on with us this morning. Let's go through...

Dr. Martin: There was a question last week that I didn't get to and I want to answer it this morning. Lymes disease. Doc, what do you think? Okay? Lyme disease. What's the treatment? I haven't tremendous protocol for Lymes, okay? Now, there are some people [00:05:00] that have Lymes, okay, which is a bacterial tick, okay? Usually comes from the deer population. They got infested with this tick and it's spread to mankind and you can sometimes get a bite and that's been transmitted and usually you don't always see like a butterfly bite on the body. But I've seen [00:05:30] them many, many a time. It started with that and some people don't get sick, some people can get very ill with Lymes.

Dr. Martin: It's just like somebody I saw online was asking the question about parasites, okay? Well, parasites, everybody has some parasites but they should end up in the toilet because if you get a parasite in your gut, you can get sick. But a lot of people, especially if [00:06:00] they have parasites around them, for example, you go to the third world or even into the Caribbean, well, their water and it's usually water, they don't have the cleanliness that we have, okay? They don't have the systems that we have. So but their bodies get used to being around these bacterial or parasites and they have an immunity to it. Otherwise, they'd be sick all the time.

Dr. Martin: So [00:06:30] Lymes, it's usually if you get really sick, it's a perfect storm, right? How many people have come back from, with a parasite from going to Cuba for example, on a holiday or somewhere in the Caribbean or they've gone over... I've treated many people over the years for parasites after they come back from Africa or whatever, right? [00:07:00] So let me get... Like I said, sometimes it's a perfect storm and you can get very ill or sometimes you don't even get sick. When you do get sick and you get very ill from Lymes, usually medicine... It's very hard to diagnose Lymes. It's very hard to specifically... There's very few tests that really determine that if you have Lymes or not.

Dr. Martin: But if you have all the symptoms like over [00:07:30] a period of time, you're very unwell and... Look, here's what I relate it to, Lymes is very... When you get really sick, it affects almost every area of your body, from your gut to your adrenals, to your thyroid because the adrenals has a big effect on the thyroid and you get an exhaustion with Lymes if you're very ill, exhausted. Medicine, they give you, usually if they diagnose it [00:08:00] or they're think it's pretty sure that there is Lymes, they'll give you an antibiotic. I understand that. It's a bacterial tick. My experience is that with Lymes and you're very ill, that the antibiotic doesn't clear it. You need to do many more things than that.

Dr. Martin: I'm not against the antibiotic. I'm just telling you that my protocol over the years has been multifaceted and the reason is is because [00:08:30] there are a lot of things that are happening. Man, I can't even remember how long ago, maybe three or four weeks ago I talked to you about chronic fatigue syndrome and how that break... You get adrenal exhaust... When you get adrenal exhaustion, it happens to at the level of your mitochondria within your cells. Now you're not even producing a good ATP. You're running on fumes and everything is unwell. Somewhat, [00:09:00] you are bedridden with this. I mean, literally can hardly get out of bed. You got brain fog, you are unwell. A lot of times, it affects the thyroid gland. You've got your gas pedal, your thyroid, your gas pedal in your car, your metabolism slows to a crawl and you can't sleep.

Dr. Martin: You get a sleep disorder even though you're exhausted or you're not getting a recuperative sleep. [00:09:30] You wake up in the morning and you think you got hit by a truck even though you slept. That's exhaustion, guys. With Lymes, I have a protocol. So I go after... Here's what I generally do and I'm not going to give you all the detail, but generally here's my protocol at the Martin Clinic what I've done, okay? One, I fix your leaky gut because I've never ever, ever seen a case of Lymes or parasites or [00:10:00] a fungal infection or whatever that when it gets into your bloodstream, you need to fix leaky gut. You need to fix that.

Dr. Martin: So obviously the probiotics diet, this is... Even the reset because when you have adrenal gland exhaustion, you need to do a reset. You need to... No sugars. Even though you might be craving sugars because your blood sugars are doing this during the day and you're very unwell. [00:10:30] I really, really coach these patients into you know what, no sugars. If you can do it, no carbs, zero, nada, none. Because what I mean in that is your cells, your mitochondria. I'm trying to get you to burn only high octane, 99% octane fuel, okay? Not to cheap 87 [00:11:00] at the gas station. You can run on that, but in order for your cells to regenerate, they need 99 and 99 is fat and protein and that's it and that's all.

Dr. Martin: Not easy, because you're not even feeling good, you're exhausted. A lot of times I've just given people my Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie with bone broth and 35% cream [00:11:30] and a few berries because they're not even... For some, they don't even have an appetite and the only thing they do crave for is sugar because it gives them a quick fix. It's like cocaine. Sugar is like cocaine because it takes the same... Cocaine takes a route to your brain. That's why you get addicted on cocaine because it creates a path, a pathway in your brain, and you know what sugar does, same thing. [00:12:00] So this was why the reset was... One of the reasons that the reset is so good for you because it takes that pathway to your brain and it repairs it, okay?

Dr. Martin: It's almost like if you walk on one area of your lawn enough times, you don't have grass growing there because your trampling on it, right? Well, what the reset does within four [00:12:30] weeks, it builds so the sugar can't take that same pathway. It repairs the brain. It's amazing. You guys know me, I'm so big on this food thing, but the only way it happens is if you go nutrient dense, every nutrient that your brain needs for repair. Because remember, if you have Lymes or whatever, parasites can get into your brain, guys. They travel in the bloodstream and can go [00:13:00] across the blood brain barrier and get into your brain. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean...

Dr. Martin: You know guys, can you see COVID? Anybody's seen that virus? Put your hand up. Other than the pictures you see maybe online. You had never seen COVID. You see the effects of COVID. But you don't see the virus, guys. Your eyeballs can't see that. Sometimes people are very skeptical. I've had people come in and go, "Oh, Dr. Martin..." [00:13:30] Not so much in the office, but no, "Dr. Martin. How can you get a parasite in your blood?" Are you kidding me? How do you get malaria? Because the Western world, they thought they got rid of parasites. You got a cat, there's a good chance you got parasites. Yeah, it sleeps on your bed. You're sleeping with the enemy. I know I'm going to get it now. [00:14:00] People love their pets. I know, but you're not supposed to sleep with them. Jeepers creepers.

Dr. Martin: No, but seriously, and people go, "Dr. Martin, how can I get a parasite?" It's amazing how you can get a parasite. But I always talk about building your immune system, right? I talk about building your immune system so that you can live with parasites so you can defeat them. Probiotics, vitamin D, it's sunny out today. Guests where Dr. [00:14:30] Martin's going. Outside. You know how I've been screaming that. Over all this thing. Get outside. Now they're agreed. [inaudible 00:14:39] they agree. Get outside. Open the parks, please. In Florida, they're opening the beaches. Best thing. California, they're not closing the beaches. It's craziness. You need the sun. You're never going to get rid of all the viruses in your life.

Dr. Martin: People that are scared skinny [00:15:00] of the COVID covert virus, scared skinny. You need to build your immune system because there's going to be COVID-20. There'll be COVID-21. There'll be COVID-22. It's coming to a theater near you. It's coming by. The flu comes back every year. The coronavirus is the cold virus with steroids on top of it. It's different, but it's still in the same family. [00:15:30] You need to build your immune system, guys. Lymes disease is same thing. I build up their immune system. I always find they're low in vitamin D. They're low in B12. We talked about that yesterday, that wonderful vitamin B12.

Dr. Martin: So, guys, this is me. I look at bacteria and viruses and parasites differently. It's not a matter of if you get a parasite, it's a matter of when you get a parasite. [00:16:00] You got an animal in your house. Dogs are better than cats. Cats have their litter, right? You have no idea what's in that box. Oh, man. See, for 40 years or whatever, I've always had a microscope. It's amazing what a 3,000 power microscope will show you. 3,200 power, [00:16:30] my newest microscope. You see things in there, guys, would scare the living lights out of you. That's why I remember a lady. You know me, I like to joke a little bit, but this lady, before she even saw me in the office, she said, "Dr. Martin, if you see a parasite, I don't want to know about it." I said, "You better turn your head. I'm looking at one."

Dr. Martin: You saw this crawly thing going through. It don't [00:17:00] bother me because I'm so used. But some people like, don't show me that. I don't want to see it. Okay, turn your head. You know what's worse than parasites? Yeast. Because this lady's asking, okay, we got a good question here about copper, okay? You can have high levels of copper in your body, but listen, if you have high levels of copper in your body, I'm going to tell you why you could have that. Again, [00:17:30] it's heavy metal. Guys, lead, mercury, cadmium, unbelievable how many people have that stuff in their body, from water, from the soil, from the environment, and unless you have a catastrophic levels, doctors don't even look at that stuff. They won't even test you for it.

Dr. Martin: I mean, they'll test you for lead, a kid can get lead and they might test them for it. But rarely do you ever [00:18:00] get a doctor testing for heavy metal. But heavy metals can get in your body, guys. But listen again, it's like anything else. It's not that they're good for you, but if you have a good immune system, you have... The number one organ that cleans out heavy metals is your liver. So whenever I see heavy metal, I aim at the liver and it's another reason. The best way to clean your liver, your best way is to do [00:18:30] the reset because if you empty your liver... Remember, remember you guys know this, your liver is a suitcase and it will get full of fat from your diet and fat don't make you fat and fat doesn't get stored in the liver. Sugar does. Carbs do. You guys know that.

Dr. Martin: So if you empty your liver of carbohydrates, stored glycogen, get rid of it. [00:19:00] Guess what your liver is. Your liver will filter all that garbage out of your body on its own. It's fearfully and wonderfully made. Your liver is so... It does 600 things, your liver. One of the things you need, are you listening? One of the things you need for your liver to function properly is cholesterol. 85% of the cholesterol your body makes is [00:19:30] made in the liver. There's a reason because cholesterol are the FedEx trucks, our Canada Post, our US Post, our UPS or the trucks on the highway. You know what they're doing? Cholesterol takes out garbage out of your body. It latches onto it.

Dr. Martin: Another reason that you want to do the reset is because when you are eating eggs, [00:20:00] meat and cheese, you are elevating your glutathione. What is glutathione? It's your master detoxer. Your liver makes it, but only when you're eating enough eggs, meat and cheese. There's a reason I do what I do, guys. You're not going to hear that, I was going to say anywhere else. This is stuff you don't really hear too much [00:20:30] of because people can't get over in their head the lies that have been taught about fat. They can't get it out of their head. The lies have been taught about cholesterol. Did you see the study I posted in the Martin Clinic Facebook group this morning? I posted it.

Dr. Martin: What did it say? If you take statin drugs, you're twice as likely, two times more likely to become a diabetic, and the number one selling drug of all time, [00:21:00] the Wayne Gretzky of all medication of all time, the number one sales of... Guys, you know what it is? Lipitor, a cholesterol lowering medication. Incredible, incredible. I've never written a book that I didn't talk about that. I'm writing this book and I have to talk about it again. I can't. [inaudible 00 00:21:26] can't help us because it wasn't based on truth, it was based on [00:21:30] nonsense, a lie.

Dr. Martin: Lymes, copper. You want to get rid of heavy metal? You need to have a good liver. You know what's good for getting rid of heavy metal too? Water, drink lots of water. Flush it out. Water flushes out your kidneys. It takes all the toxins, water, and nothing else is water but water. Remember that. Tea is not water. Coffee is not water. Coffee is good. [00:22:00] You know me. Vitamin C and tea isn't vitamin T, by the way. I tell people, "Why are you drinking tea when you can drink coffee?" I'm not against tea. I'm just teasing you, okay? Because if you like tea, I feel sorry for you. Why would you like tea when you can drink coffee, okay? I've been consistent. You have to admit. I've been consistent. People have been listening to me 25... Remember, I had a radio show for 20 years.

Dr. Martin: They couldn't get over. I used to... [00:22:30] Go back 20 years and coffee had a bad rap. I don't know if it came from the Mormons or whatever. Don't drink coffee. It's not good for you. People went with that. Oh, coffee. It's acidic. I used to say, "No, it's not. It's not acidic." Because your body has sodium bicarbonate, baking soda. It'll make it alkaline once you drink it. It's good for you. It's powerful antioxidant. Now don't garbage it up by putting... I was standing behind a guy, this is years ago, standing behind a guy [00:23:00] at a coffee shop and he was ordering a four by four, four creams. I don't care about the cream, but four sugars. No, that's not a good coffee. You can have cream. Don't drink milk.

Dr. Martin: Okay, now, facial hair. Okay, so copper, we talked about you can clean out the liver. Facial hair is no women's facial hair, right? Well, guys, remember where it comes from, ladies, too much estrogen, which elevates [00:23:30] your testosterone. Ladies, you need a little bit of testosterone, just like men need a little bit of estrogen. It's normal, okay? It's normal. We don't want much estrogen. Men, prostate. I always tell people, here's two things you've got to worry about for cancer. Two things in cancer, okay? One, insulin. It's a growth hormone, okay? If insulin is present in your bloodstream, it's a growth hormone. [00:24:00] What's the other one? Estrogen. Ladies, breast cancer. Men, prostate cancer.

Dr. Martin: Ladies, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, endometriosis, hair... You got to shave? You got too much estrogen. Knock it down. This is why we love our DIM, our hormonal. That formula was made. Knock that estrogen down, level it out. I'm telling you, I see it in ladies, women, [00:24:30] girls, eight years old, too much estrogen. We live in a world of estrogen. Every chemical, your body thinks it's estrogen, ladies. Men, us too. Now we're not as receptive to estrogen, but if you got prostate cancer, you got too much estrogen and too much insulin too. So the diet can knock your estrogen down. Very important, okay?

Dr. Martin: Facial hair is too much testosterone due [00:25:00] to too much estrogen. We see it so much because one of the things I talked about this yesterday is the birth control pill. The birth control pill, by and large is an estrogen horse. You know how they make the birth control pill? With horses' urine. You're not a horse, ladies. As my good friend, Dr. Fishman used to say, "If you start eating hay, then take horses' urine. Otherwise don't take it." [00:25:30] I mean, that was the father of hormones said quote, I'm quoting him. He said, "Look, a horse is 10 times bigger than a woman, and when you put people on synthetic estrogen, you got to be very careful of the side effects of that. You're playing with nature. You're playing with your body."

Dr. Martin: Look, what's a man going to tell you about birth control? [00:26:00] But I'm just telling you the side... They're well-established, guys. Well-established, okay? It's one of the reasons we have so much breast cancer. Listen, it's May 2020. You know what that means? 46 years ago, Dr. Martin graduated, 46, I've been in practice in May of 1974. Isn't that crazy? Starting my 46th [00:26:30] year. I know that makes me old. But you know what breast cancer rates were in the 1970s? One out of 20 Canadian women. You know what prostate rates were? One out of 20 Canadian men. You know what are today for men? One out of four men after 50 will get prostate cancer. You know what it is, ladies, for you, it's almost getting down to that one out of four. One out of six Canadian women, North American. It's every bit [00:27:00] as bad in the US of A will get breast cancer.

Dr. Martin: Why? Guys? you know me, I go backwards. What is it that we have today compared to when I graduated in the 1970s? Insulin, way too much sugar and they changed the sugar. The antichrist of sugars is high fructose corn syrup. That's in everything when they add sugar. That's what they use. It is synthetic [00:27:30] to the core. It is pure garbage. Worse than smoking, that sugar, in my opinion. So insulin and estrogen, that's what's changed. The birth control pill, all the plastics, all the fertilizers, the synthetics. Read a label on your skin cream, guys. Read it. Oh, it's got this, this, this and this and this. You can't even pronounce the names. [00:28:00] It's a chemical and your body thinks it's estrogen because it's a xenoestrogen and your body goes, "Woo, it's estrogen. Come here. Come here. Come on to me."

Dr. Martin: Guess what, ladies? It loves the most on you, the breast tissue, ladies, loves estrogen. Your breast cells loves estrogen. When they get a false estrogen coming near them, they go, "Come [00:28:30] here. I like you. Yeah." Men get prostate cancer when their estrogen... They become women more. A lot of men have more estrogen than their wives do at 50 years old. What does that do to the prostate? It grows. Anyway, I'm just telling you guys, I'm just telling you. It's craziness. You know what? I didn't even get half through the questions. I talked too much. But you know what? Guess what? We're on lockdown, [00:29:00] at least me in Ontario. I don't know where you guys are, but in Ontario they haven't even given us a date.

Dr. Martin: The medical officer of health here in Ontario said yesterday, I just read it, that he won't, they won't have a date until our numbers go down even more. Well, I'll tell you something, Northern Ontario, I don't know how we can flatten the curve because we never had a curve. We didn't have it. It never came. Anyway, I don't want to get [00:29:30] into the politics of it. What can we do? We don't run the thing. I don't run it. If I ran it, it'd be open tomorrow. Get out there. Your immune system, if you got a good immune system, you got nothing to worry about. Anyway. Hey, love you, guys. I wrote all these questions down so don't... I will get to them, okay? I will get to them.

Dr. Martin: So let me do one more. I'm going to do one more just because I see it. It's actually two questions, but I can answer [00:30:00] in the same one. Okay, one of them asking Dr. Martin, what about palm oil? Well, palm oil is a good oil. It's a natural oil that is very good for you. Margaret was asking, that was Claudette asking about that. Here's your good oils, guys. Butter, okay? Lard. There's good oils. Coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil. Don't touch canola. Don't touch grape seed. [00:30:30] Don't touch cotton seed. Don't touch that stuff. Those are seed oils. They call them vegetable oils, but they're far from vegetables and they're far from good for you. They're terrible for you.

Dr. Martin: Now, Margaret was asking about ketones, how about drinking ketones? Well, if you have palm oil and you put it in your coffee or coconut oil... Now this is a little bit, there's usually a blend of palm oil and coconut oil. They're called MCT, medium chain oils, and they burn as [00:31:00] ketones. They don't burn the same. They go right to your liver and they burn. Am I big on that? Not so much. Look, the reason I say it is because a lot of people... Bulletproof coffee, okay? You've heard of that? Well, bulletproof coffee is ketones and it goes into your liver and brain differently as a fuel. The problem is the problem. Don't rely on that without changing your diet. [00:31:30] I'd rather you eat than drink ketones and spend money that you don't need to spend.

Dr. Martin: But if you want to, you can, okay? Just make sure it's a good oil, okay? An MCT oil. It's a good oil. I got no problem with that. You can cook with that. I love olive oil. Guess what oil? Olive oil and bacon. Bacon has the same oil in it, oleic acid. I like the bacon better. Sorry. Is bacon good for you? 100%. [00:32:00] It free on the reset? Free. Okay, guys, love you guys. Talk to you soon.

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